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Soundwave (Scenesys ID: 8316)
"Cries and screams are music to my ears."
Full Name: Soundwave
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Spy
Citizenship: Cybertronian
Residence: Decepticon Imperial Headquarters, Kaon (The Badlands, Cybertron)
Education: Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology
Status: Retired
Groups: Decepticons, Cybertron-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 12 February Actor: Frank Welker (Voice)
Height: 544 cm Weight: 1,885 kg
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "Every Breath You Take" By The Police


Behind his impassive expression, Soundwave is as cold and ruthless as they come. He cares nothing for right or wrong, for the advancement of a cause, or for the welfare of his fellow Decepticons. All he cares about is information, and he acquires it any way he can. He spies on everyone, from the lowliest Autobot scout, up to Megatron himself. He hoards information the way a miser hoards gold, sharing it sparingly, if at all. No one knows what the true purpose behind his obsessive data collection is, but all fear him for the secrets he keeps.

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Standing at almost 18 feet tall, the humanoid mechanical organism Soundwave strikes an imposing figure, colored mainly in blues and silvers, with red and purple highlights, his face is an impassive blank plate, with a crimson red visor, broad shoulders leading to blocky arms, his chest is wide with a seam running down the center the bright purple insignia of the Decepticons emblazoned on the silver breastplate. His legs continue the blocky design of the robot.


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Soundwave was forged in the days of Functionalist Cybertron. Growing up on the streets of Cybertron Soundwave found himself an outcast, and a freak of nature. Gifted with telepathic capabilities, and extremely powerful hearing that only grew more powerful as he aged. Unable to function properly due to the sensory overload Soundwave found himself homeless a barely-coherent derelict driven to the brink of insanity by his uncontrolled powers, which bombarded him with the thoughts and emotions of all around him.

It was in this state that Ravage, Buzzsaw, and Laserbeak found him. Ravage, smelling some decency within him elected to share with Soundwave the secrets of control he had learned years earlier mastering his own enhanced sense of smell teaching the young Cybertronian how to focus. Some time later Soundwave was sent to the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology to further control his abilities and hone his outlier skills. Upon graduation, he was sent to oversee a mine, taking his three robot friends with him, living there til the mine was closed down and automated, returning to Cybertron destitute and back to the streets.

While on the streets Senator Ratbat made an offer of employment, the Senator seeing a political use for Soundwave's telepathy. While disgusted by the senators Functionalist attitude towards his friends, he accepted the job, for the position, and opportunities it afforded him.

It was while working for the Senator that news of underground gladiatorial fights came to light, and Soundwave was sent to meet with the champion. Megatron of Tarn. It was during this fateful meeting, that his life would forever be changed. Impressing Megatron during the meeting with how Soundwave treated his Recordicon partners, the champion invited Soundwave to read his mind. There Soundwave found Megatrons ultimate goal. Equality among all Cybertronians, it was then and there Soundwaves ultimate goal in life was found, the true focus of his purpose. Pledging himself to Megatron soundwave has been the Decpticons communications officer, and spymaster ever since. Fighting alongside Megatron as the centuries have passed.


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Cold, calculating, emotionless, this is what Soundwave comes off to be to others, millennium of tight self control due to his powers giving him this façade. Underneath it all though, Soundwave is an idealist, believing in the equality of all Cybertronians, and in the grand vision of Megatron. Loyal to a fault to those he deems friends.


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Soundwave is also capable of turning into various types of media player, (Boom Box, iPad, Smartphone, Laptop) Something small innocuous that's easily carried by his Holomatter avatar.

Soundwave is capable of interfacing with almost any computer network, wirelessly, or by producing cables that can plug into a computer directly allowing him to bypass most security measures. Even military grade encryption can be broken by the spymaster if given enough time.

In all of his forms Soundwave is capable of flying. This flight is via reaction less methods leaving no sort of exhaust, and can be sustained long enough to take him into orbit of a planet if needed. In the gravity and atmosphere of a planet this tops out at around 250mph in space this thrust can help him reach about 20,000mph when not having to deal with the gravity well of a planet or atmospheric drag.

As a spy, and spymaster Soundwave has put much thought, time and effort in his Holomatter generator. It is both capable of projecting a humanoid appearance of his choosing, but can also be used to modify the color/texture of his alternate modes allowing him to mimic the coloring of a popular tablet PC. The maximum range Soundwave can transmit his holomatter avatar is roughly 100 meters though at that distance it can be a strain.

Like other Cybertronians, Soundwave is capable of mass displacement. When he transforms from one form to another. Usually this allows him to shrink down to the size of an innocuous portable media player of some sort. (Boombox, Tablet Computer, Smart phone) It is possible for limited mass displacement without transformation, but it uses a large amount of energy and is quite uncomfortable.

In his robot form Soundwave stands a little under 17 feet in height, broad and blocky in build, he is super strong, incredibly durable, and can move faster than one would expect from a robot of his size and bulk. In this form he is capable of lifting upwards of 70 tons.

Mounted on Soundwaves right shoulder is his most powerful weapon, a multi-purpose cannon, generally used to emit super powerful Soundwaves that can cause incredible damage to organic, and inorganic matter, it can also be used to disorient organic and Cybertronian life, causing vertigo. Soundwave is also capable of firing dense blasts of energy from the cannon as strong and damaging as a Battleships naval guns.

Soundwave has a highly evolved sense of hearing, capable of hearing the sound of a needle tinking against glass in a hurricane. In the past this has been quite the hindrance, until he was trained to be able to focus his sense of hearing by his friend Ravage.

Soundwave is an extremely powerful telepath, capable of reading both the minds of sapient/sentient robotic life, as well as organic. With boosting equipment he has been able to project telepathic nightmares across the globe of Cybertron. He is unable to modify memories with this power, nor control the minds of others. Soundwave only gets the surface thoughts of beings within 50 meters of him, and is only capable of deep scans by physically touching the person he is trying to read. The only exception to this is his Recordicons, the mental bond with them is much deeper allowing him to be able to communicate with them across vast global distances and his automotons that he can remotely control using them as remote control avatars of himself.

This is a consent based power, requiring consent of the target being red.


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The great war of the Cybertronians has been going on for millennium, and while he may not be as great a combatant as Megatron, or other martial minded Decepticons he's no slouch in a fight.

Soundwave has a formal education, having graduated at the top of his class at the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology. He is capable of modifying Cybertronian body parts, as well as other lesser technologies for his own ends, or upon the orders of Megatron.

Soundwave is a master hacker, if given enough time coupled with his data-link powers to be able to bypass all but the most heavily encrypted data and computer systems.


Soundwave is a master spy, capable of infiltrating into most places by assuming the form of innocuous everyday items used by the beings that he is observing.


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Using his training from the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology Soundwave has created several drones, no bigger than a cube-satn, they are programmed with limited AI functionality, Flight, and the capability of rapidly deploying from orbit to the surface of a planet. Generally outfitted with a holomatter generator to disguise themselves in space, they can be used for orbital surveillance, and many also hold pieces of gear obtained by Soundwave and other useful technologies he has developed.

A dual edged sword at best, Soundwave has access to the Decepticons, and their varied abilities, coupled with the secrets he has learned during the war it generally means he can coerce cooperation if he can't gain it willingly.

Soundwave is one of Megatrons lieutenants and one of his most trusted allies. As such it gives the Decepticon a wide abundance of means to his and the Decepticon means.

Buzzsaw: is one of Soundwaves scouts, and longest friends and allies. Capable of flying at high speed and pulling off precision maneuvers. Highly intelligent and armed, he is one of the best spys in Soundwaves network.

Frenzy: A small humanoid Recordicon, Frenzy isn't about causes, or ideals. He is in this all for violence, fear, destruction and mayhem. Living for a fight, and lusting to destroy, he's the first one in on a battlefield and the last one out if capable, capable of creating sonic disruptions from his torso that disrupts the flow of electrons.

Laserbeak: Another flying scout of Soundwaves, Laserbeak prefers to avoid the frontlines prefering to lurk in unseen corners and inconspicuous places, gathering information he can relay back to Soundwave.

Overkill: A dinosaur shaped Recordicon, Overkill is simple minded, reveling in excess. Sometimes this helps such as when his endless tirades and theatrics distract his foes in combat, but other times can work against him, causing him to look silly or foolish swinging and blasting at a fallen foe long after the fight has ended.

Ratbat: A bat shaped Recordicon, Ratbat was at one time a Senator on Functionalist Cybertron, a benefactor for Soundwave, until the revolution came. Greedy, and looking out for only himself, Ratbat carries sensors that allow him to detect and evaluate the quality of fuels of various types, and can process many different fuels to power himself, (From hydrocarbons, to energon)

Ravage: A feline/canine Recordicon, and somewhat of a Mentor to Soundwave, Ravage has a super powerful sense of smell, efficient and deadly, his only weakness is bright light which can temporarily blind him.

Rumble: Your basic street punk, Rumble is a humanoid Recordicon, not the most subtle of Soundwaves spies, but what he lacks in discretion he makes up for in sheer violence and gumption.


Secrets and information are the currency that Soundwave lives by. Over the centuries he has learned a lot, squirreling away those secrets and hidden knowledge to be used when the best opportunity alerts itself.


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Autobots was a derogatory term used to mean automatic robots, individuals that had no wherewithal and no chance at self determination. After the Decepticon movement began, Optimus confronted the senate and declared himself to be one, redeeming the derogatory term and taking it on himself to create this group as what we know today as Autobots. Little did he know he'd be creating a faction to directly oppose the efforts of the Decepticons. Today they are a united front presented against the tyranny of the Decepticon way.

To function, Soundwave needs to absorb energy. The energy can be from a wide range of sources, but ideally Energon. He must imbibe regularly or his abilities will deteriorate and his defenses lower. If his energy stores drop too low, he'll revert to stasis lock to maintain life functions but nothing else.

When Soundwave first joined Megatron he was hopeful, for a Cybertron where all were equal in each others eyes. He doesn't fully share the Decpticon outlook on organics, and this can show itself in his actions on rare occasions. It's too late though for him if he's honest with himself. He is loyal to Megatron, and as such, the means will justify the ends.

Won't it?

Soundwave is unquestionably loyal to Megatron. Not the Decepticons, not Cybertron, but Megatron and his vision for their home planet. This can blind him to the ultimate consequences of his actions, and in hindsight can feed into his guilt.

Though the actual Sentio Metallico (body/skin) of a Cybertronian is non-ferrous, much of their gear and weaponry are made of lesser materials and so are easily manipulated by magnetic powers or devices.


Soundwave doesn't look down on his diminutive robotic friends, considering them partners, if not out right family. This could be an Achilles heel if figured out by others.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Transformers: Awakening! July 2nd, 2019 Megatron awakens the Decepticons and retrieves his fallen soldiers. Unbeknownst to him Arcee has awakened too and will soon help as many of the others as she can. Having left with his Decepticons Megatron is unaware that his enemies will soon be reviving as well.


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Preparation July 3rd, 2019 Summary needed


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