Prologue - Volthoom's Wrath

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Prologue - Volthoom's Wrath
Date of Cutscene: 16 June 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Green Lantern (Cruz)

Jessica hangs the phone up after a long and horrible conversation with her publisher. Her latest Fantastic Four book was an epic flop and was critically panned. She frowns - why is this one such a failure?

She opens the file and starts to skim through it, and then gasps as what she did. She had the characters turn on each other - fight each other, and wreck the starship they're on. She just stares. "I didn't write that..." she whines.

"Jessica..." croons a sinister voice. "Even your fans are going to forsake you. You'll be alone once more with no support. When's the last time your sister came to visit? She's getting tired of you too." She glares at the source of that awful voice - the eerily-gloiwng ring on her right hand. She's wearing normal clothes a moment, her 'hero' costume not having manifested yet. "You did this!" she hisses, staring down at the thing. The only answer she got from Volthoom, the ring, was a maniacal laughter.

She just sits there, tears streaking down her face. She must've had her mental state unbalanced by the damned evil ring and, in a state of terror-induced paranoia, wrote the end of the last book. She has no idea how to fix it. No idea what to do, she just knows - she has to find a way to get rid of that ring, before it bores even deeper into her. Her right arm is already covered in glowing green lines; Volthoom's roots sinking into her nerves, her arm - and they're even going up the side of her neck from her arm - obviously how it touched her brain.

How to get rid of an evil ring who wants to destroy the world? That's what she's thinking of even as the ring's maniacal laughter whispers in her mind.