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Jason Scott (Scenesys ID: 329)
"Isn't the smallest chance of victory enough of a reason for us to keep on fighting? The world needs us, Rangers!"
Full Name: Jason Lee Scott
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: High School Student
Citizenship: Canadian
Residence: Angel Grove, Star City
Education: High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Power Rangers
Other Information
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 20 October 2008 Actor: Austin St John
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 86 kg (189 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


Jason Scott is a friendly and outgoing young man, a well-known martial artist around Angel Grove where he was born and raised. A local volunteer in his community, and someone everyone knows they could go to for help, be it on a school project, help with a task at home or elsewhere. It was during his high school years that he and four others were selected by Zor-Don to take up power coins and become The Power Rangers.

The Red Ranger has been active in Angel Grove for several years now, ever since large monsters started making appearances and wreaking havoc on the city. Not much is known about him, but he and the rest of the team are known to be heroes looking out for the city and the world.

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Jason Scott stands at a height that brings him a few well-placed inches into the 'tall category. With tanned Caucasian skin, his dark brown hair is cut short but is still long enough to have a bit of an unkempt wild looks as it frames his rounded face.

Right now Jason is wearing a short sleeved red plaid patterned shirt buttoned over a white under shirt it's tails tucked into a pair of Chuck Norris blue jeans that are held up by a black leather belt a pair of wolverine brand hiking shoes finishing the ensemble.


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Jason Scott is the son of Samuel Scott, and Beverly Scott, a local contractor and home maker, who raised Jason to be someone who understood responsibility and selflessness. Lessons that would help him well later in life.

Born and raised in Angel Grove Canada, his parents enrolled him in a martial arts class to help curb his energy and exuberance creating a love for martial arts that has stuck with him his entire life. Learning Karate, Iaido, and a plethora of other martial arts.

A popular student in school, Jason didn't have his own 'clique' but was at ease with a broad spectrum of his fellow students. Neither a jock, nor a nerd and never a bully, he came to have a reputation of being the one to stand up to the bullies if they reared their ugly head. His school years revolved around Martial arts, their tournaments, his school studies and his friends, later part time jobs were included.

It was close to his 15th birthday though that he and some other students happened to get trapped in a ravine that suddenly opened beneath them. Trying to find their way out led them to discover five 'coins' that glowed with a different color each, before finding a millions of years old spaceship, protected from the elements from the dirt and rock it had been embedded in. Inside they found Alpha 5, and awoke Zor-Don, the previous Red Ranger. Discovering that the coins had bonded with the 5 teens Zor-Don has trained the rangers to be protectors of earth.

That was three years ago. Since then Jason has opened his own Dojo, graduated high school, and has recently joined the Angel Grove Fire Department as their newest rookie his EMT training having been done during his senior year.


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Jason is a friendly and outgoing young man who genuinely has the greater good in mind. He is community minded and puts the well being of those who surround him before his own; particularly children.

He takes part in several extra-curricular activities on his own volition, from food-fairs to tree-planting for no other reason than making the world that surrounds him into a better place.

As is part of his nature as a team player, Jason is prone to giving credit where it is due. But beneath his confident and friendly demeanor, Jason has insecurities like everyone else. As well as a competitive streak that can sometimes rear its ugly head. Jason does have something of a temper, and when it manifests it is often cold, such as when he faces enemies like Rita and Goldar.

Jason is a born leader, being often the first to take initiative in anything in a group and feels a deep connection, respect, and loyalty to his friends, quickly gaining admiration and respect from others.


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Since Jason Scott first encountered the Red Power Coin and bonded with it changes have happened in his body. When not fully channeling the Red Power, Jason Scotts agility and reflexes have been boosted to the pinnacle of human capability. Normal thrown weapons and hand to hand attacks can seem to be coming in slow motion.

When morphed into The Red Ranger this is augmented further giving him the reaction speed and agility to be able to dodge bullets, flying debris and shrapnel with ease.

Since Jason Scott first encountered the Red Power Coin and bonded with it changes have happened in his body. When not fully channeling the Red Power, Jason Scotts durability has been boosted to the pinnacle of human capability. Small arms fire like that of a 22 will sting, but won't be able to penetrate, and knives might be deflected if not stopped before getting in too deeply. This in conjunction with his strength can allow him to punch through solid porcelain and masonry without hurting his hands or feet.

When morphed into The Red Ranger this is augmented even further. Larger caliber rounds up to 50 caliber anti-material rounds are stopped, some small caliber cannon rounds might even have a hard time injuring the man.

Since Jason Scott first encountered the Red Power Coin and bonded with it changes have happened in his body. When not fully channeling the Red Power, Jason Scotts healing capabilities has been boosted to the pinnacle of human capability. Small cuts, bruises and abrasions will heal almost instantly, and other more grievous damage might be healed within a few minutes while worse damage like broken bones might take hours to repair themselves.

When morphed into The Red Ranger this isn't enhanced any further.

Since Jason Scott first encountered the Red Power Coin and bonded with it changes have happened in his body. When not fully channeling the Red Power, Jason Scotts five senses have been boosted to the pinnacle of human capability. Sight, sound, smell, touch, and even taste have all been cranked up to 11. .

When morphed into The Red Ranger this power isn't further enhanced in any way.

Since Jason Scott first encountered the Red Power Coin and bonded with it changes have happened in his body. When not fully channeling the Red Power, Jason Scotts stamina has been boosted to the pinnacle of human capability. When unmorphed Jason can keep a steady run for long periods of time without tiring. He needs only sleep half as much as a normal human as well giving him more hours in the day to take care of the things he needs to.

When morphed into The Red Ranger this is further enhanced allowing him to fuel the enhanced abilities of his body. His stamina isn't limitless though, if the fight is tough enough, or long enough it will flag and waver.


Since Jason Scott first encountered the Red Power Coin and bonded with it changes have happened in his body. When not fully channeling the Red Power, Jason Scotts strength has been boosted to the pinnacle of human capability. Capable of lifting up to five tons, he is also able to jump long distances with a moderate running start.

When morphed into The Red Ranger this strength is further augmented, he can lift upwards of 10 tons.


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Fire Fighting:
Jason is a volunteer firefighter with the Angel Grove Fire Department AGFD for short. He's just started his training with the AGFD but it's something he's wanted to do his entire life, and it allows him to give to his community.

First Aid:
Starting in his senior year of high school Jason started taking classes to become an EMT as part of his goal to become a volunteer firefighter for the city of Angel Grove. Timed to be finished after he had graduated, Jason Scott is fully trained to administer first aid and respond to incidents in his civilian life.

Kree Technology:
Jason Scott and the other rangers have had near unfettered access to parts of a Kree ship. As such Jason has learned how to read Kree as well as use the technology on board. As a result, Jason is quite comfortable around technology that is much more advanced than earth standard.

Jason Scott is fully fluent in English, and Japanese, while knowing a spattering of French, Chinese, German, and Spanish.

Jason is a natural born leader, charismatic and confident. With a take charge attitude and a quick mine meaning he can look at a situation and come up with a plan of attack near instantly and without really meaning to people tend follow his lead. With few exceptions, Jason tends to listen to those he follows, weighing their advice against the needs of the situation.

Martial Artist:

From an early age Jason Scott was doing martial arts, at three years of age it was Budo-Babies at the local Karate dojo. Then in his tween years it turned into a mixture of Kickboxing, Katsujin-Ryu Karate, Eishin-Ryu Iaido. With his teen years adding Itabashi-Ryu bojitsu and Natsubara-Ryu grappling to his techniques. Things were shaping up for the young man to be an Olympiad to go to the Olympics to compete before the arrival of Rita Repulsa. Since then Jason has primarily left the tournament circuit claiming school and his own personal life have taken away the free time he had for such pursuits. Jason is an Olympic level martial artist, with multiple belts (Or their equivalencies) in the above-mentioned disciplines as well as having a passing knowledge of, judo, kempo, kyudo, taijutsu, and jittejutsu.


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Blade Blaster:
As the Red Ranger, Jason wields the standard Ranger sidearm into battle. A Blade Blaster, the Blade Blaster is a small high-tech dagger like weapon that can be converted into a high-powered laser gun. % R

Command Center:
Buried underneath a mountain near Angel Grove is an ancient Kree warship that houses the consciousness of Zor-Don and is manned by the android Alpha 5. The ship can teleport the Rangers vast distances globally and galactically, houses a training station, basic medical bay, the hanger for the Zords living quarters, and powerful computers, the damage to the ship primarily being in the missing star drive, other parts of the ship missing as well from when it crashed to earth.

Power Armor:
The Power Ranger armor is a manifestation of the Morphing Grid, while wearing the armor a ranger is considered 'Morphed' These Magi-tech marvels while boosting the wearers physical capabilities also come with a plethora of technological aspects a heads up display feeding active information to the user.

Power Coin:
Jason Scott is bonded to the Red Power Coin. This gives him access to the Red Ranger armor, Dino-Zord, Command Center, as well as other resources, the bonding with the artifact has also altered Jason's body, increasing his strength, speed, agility, and durability, further increasing these changes when he is morphed into his armor. The coin is both mystical and technological in nature, capable of emitting vast amounts of power, when separated from Jason it is capable of teleporting to him.

It would be hard to do, but someone with enough power, or understanding of the Morphing Grid could sever the bond between Jason and the Red Power Coin turning him back into a normal human being.

Power Cycle:
The Power Cycle is a very advanced motorcycle, capable of self-stabilizing and driving itself it can track the location of Jason and drive itself there if not utilize the teleportation technology of the Center to arrive at Jason's Location. To help keep itself inconspicuous the advanced bike is capable of limited morphing itself, changing it's look and profile from that of a standard cruising motorcycle to something much more high-tech looking.

Power Morpher:
Roughly the size of a belt buckle with the capability to hold and channel the powers of a Power Coin, the morpher is what allows a ranger to summon their armor to them. Though in times of great stress or need if the morpher is nearby a Ranger may be able to morph without it.

Power Sword:
As part of his Red armor Jason's right arm can manifest his armors primary melee weapon. The power sword. The sword itself is made of an alien material the blade tough and incredibly sharp capable of cutting through all manner of material. Jason can channel his own energy through the blade; increasing its destructive power.

The sword when combined with the other ranger weapons to form the Power Blaster becomes part of the spine of the weapon.

T-Rex Dinozord:
The mightiest of all Dinozords, weighing in at 28 tons and a rising a whopping 7.9 meters tall, the T-Rex Dinozord is a ferocious powerhouse. Likes the other Zords it serves as Earth's last line of defense against gigantic monsters. Using its mighty jaws and tail as weapons it can easily dispatch enemies the size of a battleship and with similar armor. Its eyes function as energy blasters, able to strike from a moderate distance, and it can emit a sonic disruption beam from its mouth (a Roar) so powerful it creates a seismic blast. The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord can also fall back on its tail like a kangaroo and use it to propel itself feet first at enemies and deliver powerful kicks.

Again, like the other Zords, it can operate in relative safety in the rural areas or the wilds but even there its mere presence irrevocably alters the land, leaving a trail of flattened footprints. It is agile enough to operate in a city, but its weight makes that problematic. It is environmentally sealed, allowing it to operate underwater or in space.

The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord remains underground in its hangar deep beneath Mount Tantalus while not in use and can be remote-controlled by Jason should he need to pilot the Dinozord in its Battle Mode.

Note: The T-Rex Zord will only appear in scenes approved by a member of staff.

The Rangers:
Just as important as all the other materials that Jason has access too, his greatest resource are his friends, especially the 5 that make up the team. He trusts them with his life and would give his life to help them.

Wrist Communicator:

Jason utilizes a Wrist Communicator a smartwatch like device, the watch is capable of interfacing with the Command Center giving him advanced access to the computers of the warship. Furthermore, it is linked with the center's teleportation systems allowing instant targeting to teleport the ranger anywhere he may need to go. While used as a communication device, the wrist communicator both encrypts and uses other means to secure the transmission preventing your average layman from being able to listen in.


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As the Red Ranger, Jason Scott has several natural enemies.

Rita Repulsa: Daughter of Master Vile, Rita is a powerful Sorceress who has set her sights on conquering Earth and ruling over it under her dark dominion. She would like nothing more than to kill or corrupt the power rangers
Lord Zedd: The Emperor of Evil. Rita's direct superior in the organization that she is a part of meaner and more powerful than Rita he has come to earth to see why Rita has failed so miserably.
Goldar: A powerful yet very overconfident warrior that serves under Rita and Zedd sporting golden armor, immense strength, and the ability to fly his loyalty to Zedd and Rita is unquestionable.
Finster: a henchman of Rita's he is a scientist and wizard creating the monstrous beings that they send to attack earth and Angel Grove. Weak physically he is extremely smart and devious.
Others: These are the main bad guys, but Rita and Zedd have other minions, and lackeys at their disposal. That's also not to say that others might not be turning their eyes to Angel Grove and the colorful heroes defending the earth.

Over Confident:
While in many ways Jason Scott is very mature for his age, he's still a teenager, in many ways he thinks he knows how the world works, and from that comes an over confidence that can rear back to bite him on the hand when he over reaches.

Ranger Oath:
There were three promises the Rangers had to make when accepting the Power Morphers.

(1) They are never to use their powers for personal gain. - The Rangers are here to save the world. They are to fight when needed and vanish when not. It is not a glamorous job, but a necessary one.

(2) They are never to escalate a battle unless Rita forces them to do so. - This is so they don't wreck everything on a whim. Sometimes annoying that they must react to Rita's aggressions and not take the initiative, but Jason has learned to deal with it - sometimes using the minimal force is good.

(3) Never reveal their identity. (See "Secret Identity.")

Jason Scott has a civilian life that he is trying to live. He has his mother, his father, friends, romantic interests, and bosses that he must interact with on a day to day basis. When Rita attacks, be it Putties, or your Monster of the moment this can interrupt his life, much to the detriment of his civilian life.

Secret Identity:
Jason Scott is not publicly known as being the Red Ranger. This is both to protect his family and friends and to provide him with the ability to live a normal life outside of the armor. If his identity were to be discovered it could cause major problems, from his enemies attacking him and those he loves, to possible earth government's and other shady organizations attempting to study or gain access to his powers or the morphing grid itself.


Jason Scott is a true hero, he gives of his own personal time and freedoms to help others and won't think twice before throwing himself into danger to protect/save others. This could potentially lead to him getting in over his head or being lured into a trap by his enemies.


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