Reflections Cutscene

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Reflections Cutscene
Date of Cutscene: 03 September 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Crusader

What do you see when you look in the mirror? A hero, a monster, a person? Or perhaps a complete stranger who is all too familiar. But what do you do when that stranger begins to look back at you?

This was the question one being had to face.

In the backroom of Bjorn's Electronics, around 10:00 pm, stood a whitish orc like being. In this form he was known as Vorn...the monster in the mirror. Crusader was the hero, and Bjorn was the person. He liked being Vorn, he didn't have to think about the responsibilities of being a hero like Crusader...nor have to deal with the... issues he faced as Bjorn. But still their issues bled over, as they were still one being.

As Vorn worked on dissecting an advanced weapon he got off of Intergang, he was able to confirm what he expected. The metal making up the weapon was alien in origin. The tech itself able to emit powerful beams capable of melting through...pretty much anything. He began to dig deeper. The deeper he dug to find out more, the more relaxed he became...and the more his mind began to wander

It wandered to the past summer, where he had gone to visit his father in Iceland...and lost him all the same when a peace rally went awry. He spent the last three months in Iceland grieving and being made to think 'What is the point of being a hero....if you cannot save the ones you love?' But that was Bjorn problem, not his...and yet it was his

And all the same his mind soon wander to his last encounter with Starro in space. Starr didn't want death, or violence, but unity. Pure unity. If they had that unity on earth would his father still be alive? His own mind mirrored starro...he didn't see 'individuals' but instead parts of a whole...and that scared him. Or did it scare Bjorn, while Crusader found it natural? Vorn did not know. Change your shape...change your mind.

And there were snippets of other lives, of a distant world that was not his own. A military like world. Shattered memories of being an officer, a citizen, a laborer, an inventor, a family man. Different lives, his lives...and yet they are shattered, blurry, they were the strangers of his past or shells of beings long forgotten? He doesn't know anymore, most times he doesn't even recognize himself in the mirror anymore.

The clock soon strikes 11:30 and he takes a break as he was burning the midnight oil. Besides finding it to be an alien metal on earth, he has not been able to discern anything more of the gun except for perhaps how to work it. He shook his head and went to put away the tools his used. And he happened to look up to the mirror...and drops his tools startled.

The reflection was of Crusader...or a being like Crusader - but seem larger, stronger and more...emotionless. But he was Vorn at the time? He checked over himself and confirmed it before looking back to this reflection. He stares at this reflection a long time...and the reflection simply stared back.

Vorn goes to touch this reflection to see if he was imagining things - but the reflection does no such things but instead speaks "Do not threat, relax, there is nothing to fear." Vorn indeed stopped and stared. He blinks. His reflection...or whatever it was just spoke to him. He looked around and was still in his shop...what was going on?

"Who are you?" Vorn asks

"We are you, as you are us" The Reflection replies "But do not threat, you will be fixed"

Worry rose within Vorn's stomach "What do you mean fixed? There is nothing wrong with us."

The Reflection replied "Are you sure? Do you know what and who you are? Or what you are meant to be? Or are they empty words, an empty paradigm with no meaning? You are an empty shell to be filled, an incomplete puzzle. But do not threat, your strings are already being pulled"

Vorn shivered at this, for him the room didn't seem to exist anymore. He ends up checking himself again, and finds himself as Crusader. The Reflection speaks "Do not must become a paragon for others...others must become you. Relax, be calm, you will be unified someday. Someday soon perhaps. The Whole takes care of The Part"

This all sounded...just fine to him. And yet it scared him, a confliction he does not understand. He raises his hand and The Reflection does the same. As the two touch, things are suddenly different.

Vorn was no longer Vorn, but he was Bjorn, wearing a finely tailored suit. No longer in his shop, he was staring at a wooden barn wall. He looks down at himself in confusion, before looking behind himself at his ship and had no idea how he got there.

He looked at his watch and it was 5:30 in the morning - 6 hours have passed, and he has no recollection of what has happened, or where he has been. Was he sleep walking? It all seemed so real. He remember all of it. He felt panicked and calm...but could do nothing for now. He hastily leaves the barn to find his way back to Flatbush, not taking note of the new signal coming from his ship.