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Bjorn Arttursson (Scenesys ID: 30)
"By the cosmos, you sca... is that chocolate?"
Full Name: Björn Vörn Artursson
Gender: Male
Species: Enforcer
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Electronics Repairman
Citizenship: Andromeda Galaxy, Iceland, United States of America
Residence: Bjorn's Electronic Services, Flatbush, Brooklyn
Education: Collective Conscience
Status: Shelved
Groups: {{{Groups}}}
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: 64
Date of Birth 7 June 1961 Actor: Hafthór Björnsson
Height: Variable (213 cm) Weight: 2,000 kg
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: "Unstoppable" by Sia


Björn Artursson is a nice if unusual man, as it clear to see he is not quite normal. He runs Björn's Electronics Services, a small business in Flatbush, Brooklyn. At times, it keeps odd hours. He is friendly, full of energy and vigour, despite his apparent age, and often well received by people in the neighbourhood. As far as the world knows Bjorn is a high school dropout who managed to do good for his self. But that's what the world knows. In truth the story is much stranger. An alien race that believed in, and valued, honour, obedience, truth, and most importantly justice made a new alien species made from melding Klyntar and Phalanx together to create a new species they called 'Enforcers'. The Enforcers were supposed to assimilate others into a hive mind that was essentially a living sapient crusade to spread and enforce their ideals. Luckily for the world, after coming to earth, this entity decided that forcing people into a Hive Mind was not completely the right way to go about things, and even thought it went ageist his progenitors' ideals after running into Björn. So now he does his best to maintain a secret identity while being a hero and guiding the world to a better tomorrow.



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This man has thick busy eyebrows that sit above piercing golden eyes. Slicked back white hair with a beard and moustache combo, frame a ruggedly handsome face. His mouth sports unusually large canines that show whenever he smiles or opens his mouth. But he is also a towering figure of a man at two hundred and thirteen centimetres. His body is nothing short of herculean as golden leathery skin tightly hugs the cords of massive powerful muscles, spread throughout his form. Making his strength obvious almost regardless of what he wears.

Currently he wears a tight dark blue t-shirt that conforms to his body, while a relaxed pair of black jeans covers his lower half. He wears a pair of leather bracers, each with a golden plate that has had a tribal sun etched into them. His thick boots seem to be made of polished chrome and stylised into a segmented armour.


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Björn Vörn Artursson was a fairly ordinary person. He was the son of Artur and Adriana, and was born in Iceland on 7 June 1961. He always had a love for fantasy and knights. His family was relatively poor, but despite this they were always trying to help others, which would have a lasting impression on Björn.

During his teenage years he would become a high school dropout and begin to wander the country, learning more of the world's past, as well current events. It seemed every year the world was breaking more and more and he wanted to bring a bit of good back to it. While not easy, he essentially became a travelling worker. People often fed him in return, or gave him old tools to use on his travels as payment, though he didn't require it.

As he entered adulthood, he began to join peace rallies and protestors to try and help people in need, such wanting to improve the lives of mutants who faced oppression. This has even landed him going on several missionary trips. Of course with all the turmoil, sometimes the rallies became violent and he would find himself fighting, running and trying to survive. But it never stopped him from continue to actively support these groups.

It wasn't until much latter that he, and the people around him, realised he was a metahuman. As he got older, his hair began to grey and turn white as expected, but he maintained the vigour and vitality of youth, as well as the general visage of a man in his prime. It was the first time he began to face discrimination because of his differences. However, he saw no reason to change how he acted or what he did.

By his fifties, more heroes began to surface in the world. Although he was still 'young', he finally decided to settle down in Brooklyn, where he took a job as a dock worker, as well as opening a small time repair shop in Flatbush called Björn's Electronic Services. But like many people, his life took an unexpected turn, one that originated from space.

Deep in the Andromeda Galaxy, there was a militaristic society of aliens who valued honour, truth, and justice with a fanatical zeal. They wanted a way to spread their ideology quickly and efficiently. And would justify any means of doing so.

To that end they turned to science. Both the Phalanx and Klyntar had physiologies that could be useful to their cause with some modification. They combined the two, and after some modifications made a new species they called an "Enforcer" that was supposed to assimilate people into an ever growing collective conscious in order to take over entire worlds. This collective conscious would be dubbed "the Crusade".

Several of their people were reprogrammed to become paragons of their ideals, and served as the basis for the Crusades' primary personality. However, a mistake in the programming process made it this new being did not feel compassion, resolve, or anything. Even their ideals they hoped to instil were nothing more than it going through the motions, rather than truly believing or even thinking. It was if its collective conscious was fractured. A being with no sentience is not truly alive.

Believing that assimilating another member of their own kind would not work, their experiment was sent to earth. They believed that the humans' primitive world would provide a good testing ground. They also believed the addition of a human joining with the collective conscious of their creation could make it into a new fully realised sentient being.

On earth, everything else was left up to chance. The techno-organic goo was condensed into a ball and hurled down to earth. Fate would have it that the ball would land in Björns' home. Startled, Björn examined the ball before it suddenly turned into a goo that enveloped and quickly integrated with him. In a matter of hours, Björn became more than just part of the collective conscious. He became the Crusader.


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The gestalt collective conscious is often referred to as the Crusade, while Björn refers to himself as Crusader. His personality, as a gestalt being, is formed from the core aspects of his parts. He tends to have a noble but down to earth and relaxed style of life, but puts 100% into everything he does. Weather it is acting as a heroic protector, meeting new people or just having fun, his best foot always comes forward. Crusader also follows his own code, one that he would find hard to deviate from. He is known to have a fondness for fantasy, space, the knightly code, often going by his own. Crusader will always give living entities respect upon first meeting them, and is no stranger to sacrificing for others benefits. That being said, in sharp contrast to this, is the fact that he can be a ruthless and merciless person when innocent people, friends and family lives are on the line. Though he enjoys fighting, he tends to look for solutions that result in the least amount of violence and conflict, and would be hard press to kill unless he felt there was no other way.


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Crusader is able to assimilate organic and technological subjects and incorporate them partially or fully into his being. This can allow him to obtain, gain or upgrade abilities, regenerate, gain mass and knowledge, and increase the strength of his collective conscious "the Crusade". He may unabsorb any subject at his discretion, as his body can save the 'original build', but only for a few days before it becomes preeminent. Crusader may also integrate with a subject by bonding with them on the molecular and / or cellular level as a lesser for of assimilation, allowing him and the subject to access each other as needed. This also has the disadvantage of subjects potentially being removed from his body more easily. Assimilation and integration can be resisted such as those with a strong will power or extensive healing capabilities. One can safely assume he has assimilated a variety of technologies commonly found on earth as such flashlights and power tools.

Crusade can perceive, understand, control, as well as generate electronic, digital, and radio signals at varying frequencies within a 300 centimetre radius. This essentially allows him to interface, reprogram, hack, or use any technology within his radius so long as it can utilise such signals. If an object is broadcasting such signals he can detect and manipulate that item as long as he and the subject's broadcasting ranges overlap. He is able to 'read' a devices output without ever seeing a screen. Many early to even late 2010s technologies are generally easy to manipulate, but more advanced security programming in advanced tech can provide troublesome or even impossible.

Crusader can sense, absorb, alter, and shape electricity to his will. Any electrical feat he performs is powered by what he has stored and cannot be up kept from outside sources. His body can produce about 120 kilovolts of power, but he can safely store up to 2 megavolts. Using this power he can create plasma coating on himself or object he holds, hurl lightning, power equipment, create bright flashes, or even make tangible electromagnetic force fields. This power can be used to repel, attract, and manipulate some objects, mostly metal. This includes himself, granting him the ability to fly. He is immune to electric effect as he just absorbs the power. His stored and produced energy acts as his stamina. At minimum storage levels, he can exert himself for about 6 hours, while at maximum storage levels he can extend himself to as much as 5 days depending on how he uses his energy. He otherwise has no need to rest or sleep, but may choose too.

Note: Absorbing energy will not immediately restore his stamina, unless it is a significant amount.

The Crusade has assimilated one of their alien artefacts known as a holodoc. This gives him the ability to recall and store information and memories he has obtained almost perfectly, weather it is audio, visual, or text. He has the ability to project holographic images and video of anything he has stored or imagines. It is however unfit for disguising purposes as anything projected is quite clearly a hologram.

As Björn constituted matter is made of a techno-organic liquid alloy, his existence is at least partially digital. This allows him, or other to digitally examine his structures, memories and powers in great detail. This code is found throughout his body and contains his core personality traits and memories. His resistance to cybernetic attacks is on par with security found at advanced technological companies.

The average Klyntar, at ten kilograms, are able to fold in on their selves to become very, very small, or store large bulky objects such as a camera, within themselves even while acting as a skin tight suit on a Host without impeding movement or seeming to gain mass. Björn still retains this ability but at an enhanced degree due to being significantly larger than his ancestors, at 2,000 kilograms. As such, he can carry a variety of things within him, including other people and still maintain the size and shape he was in. He cannot get as small as his ancestors, only being able to reach the size of a baseball, provided he is not carrying anything.

An active ability, as long as he has access to organic or technological materials, he can fully regenerate from any incident so long as at least a shard of his matter survives. If he is integrated with a subject this extends to them to some extent. This allows him to repair tech with his own matter or heal organic entities of their injuries. Cuts heal within seconds or bones within hours. He can also regenerate limbs and vital organs (brain excluded) by acting as a proxy while they heal. Speed is dependt on the organic matter that is available, but normally takes at least two weeks.

Klyntar are often born with one or two abilities unique to them, and this has been passed onto Crusade. He is able to map his surrounding through a combination of his physical senses and some psychic ability. This can be as small as a corridor to areas as large as cities, making him an ideal navigator. This ability is passive and happens at all times, except when inhibited by outside means. The larger the mapped area, the more general his information becomes.

Björn does not have any traditional sensory organs, but can instead taste, see, feel and smell and hear with his entire body. He is able to see 360 degree and in total darkness. His is able to obtain the chemical compositions of things he touches, eats or smells, like pheromones. His sensors also allow him to record temperature readings, heart rates, and changes within the air. In tangent with his holodoc ability, he can record information that he can analyse at more suitable times.

Crusader is able to rearrange and alter the colouring of his constituted matter. As such he can shape shift into almost anything he can imagine. Allowing him to liquefy, stretch, deform and alter colours to blend in. He can sprout extra limbs or tendrils, useable wings, tools, shields and even weapons like guns and swords. He can change his voice simply by altering his structure. He does have difficulty copying people unless he works for several hours to get it right, practices or has assimilated the subject priory. This is especially true of female subjects. His forms tend to have blue, gold and / or white on them. Often when he forms clothes they tend to resemble a sheet of material with a metallic or polished sheen to them instead of stitched cloth, even though he is capable of copying material.

Born body is completely composed of techno-organic metal goo that he often refers to as 'cellnites', a combination of cells and nanites. His composition makes it so that his entire body acts as both muscle and brain, and correlates directly with his mass. As such he is considered to have at least genius level intellect by human standards, as well as above peek human reflexes. Björn has no need to breath, but may process breathable gases for any being he integrates with. He also has no need to eat except when he is regenerating to his preferred mass. At his current mass he is able to lift and carry upwards of 50,000 kilograms.

Björn can control how solid his body is, changing from liquid to solid or anywhere in-between at will, making him highly durable. He can survive in the vacuum of space and in the immense pressures of the deep. Energy blasts and explosive, though capable of hurting him, may not put him down immediately. He is capable of tanking weapons and bullets up to, but not including tank piecing rounds. His alloy can withstand temperatures of up to around 1875 degrees Kelvin.


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Every Crusade needs a leader, and one with such skills was assimilated. As such he has the experience, skills and charisma to be able to lead various groups of people. He is also an experienced navigator and pilot when it come to sailing through space or travelling on a planet's surface.

The Crusade was meant to be able to fight for their ideals if needed. As such he is experienced in hand to hand combat, sword and shield, and in particular the spear. Crusader is also trained in the use of various firearms, though much prefers the use of 'pistol style' ones.

When you travel through space, you tend to learn a lot about it. Björn has knowledge of several alien empires and groups such as the Guardians and Shi'ar Empire, as well as various planets and forms of wildlife. Though as many space faring races use translators, he only has only really knows his own native language. Of the Earth's languages, he knows Icelandic, English, and German.


One part of the Crusade was actually a shipwright, a person in charge in repairing, fixing, and even building various alien ships. Over time this knowledge and understanding of advanced alien technology along with his powers has given him the ability to design, create, repair, or upgrade other forms of technologies such as digital watches or shock grenades.


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Despite having a ship, Crusader does still try to maintain and have a civilian life on earth, as he does consider it his home for now. As such he owns and runs a gadget and electronics repair shop in Flatbush, Brooklyn. It also doubles as a secondary home. The shop is equipped with all sorts of electronic parts and tools, including alien ones he keeps in back, away from customers.

Borgi is Björn's pet corgi, and serves as a reminder that he or at least part of him is, or was, human, and serves as his constant companion. While Borgi really is just a regular dog, he is none the less very well trained.

Well as much as he enjoys assimilating technology and mimicking it, fact is having parts of one's self destroyed, hacked, etc. can be painful or uncomfortable. And powering the mimicked tech takes stamina. As such he is no stranger to keeping a few gadgets on hand such as weapons, utility tools and field disruptors.

Note: In planned events, it will be established what he has on hand before to avoid pulling things out of thin air.

Solrisi is the name of the spear he made to work with and be attuned to his powers. He can sense and locate the spear from kilometres away, easily channel or discharge excess electricity through it, call it back to his side, and even have it shock unauthorised wielders. The spear is also used to communicate, control, and even teleport onto his ship from a distance. The spear is as durable as he is. It is designed as a slashing spear. As such, is has a long broad spearhead that can be used for stabbing or slashing. It is two hundred and seventy-five centimetres long, with sixty of that being the spear head. The shaft itself can shorten as needed, enabling it to become a sword or simply a spear of a different length. Downside is that it could potentially be used against him, or used to take his ship if one got past its defenses.

The Starpiercer is Björn's techno-organic ship, and as such is made of a similar stuff as he is, as well as having similar abilities. The Starpiercer is able to assimilate technology only to upgrade itself, but may integrate with anyone. It is also able to shape shift in order to enter different modes - offence, defence, speed, and stealth. The ship is capable of travelling in space, underwater, and in the sky. It is not a particular large ship, but is able to comfortably house 13 people. It is in essence a mobile home, though it has the adages of a small lab, med bay, faster than light engines, navigational systems, communications, small weapons, and equipment one would expect on an alien vessel, plus the A.I. needed to handle such things. When Björn integrates with the ship, he in essence becomes the ship.

Note: The Starpiercer is usually kept in a barn in Hempstead, Nassau County.


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Moral issues aside, assimilation does have some risks. Particularly strong willed individuals that the Crusades' collective cannot overpower will bring disharmony on the collective conscious. Or worse usurp control. Of technologies, assimilating and then mimicking unfamiliar technologies can open him up holes in his security or even more serious problems such as being blown up.

A throwback to his Klyntar heritage, the right chemical concoctions are able to eat away at his organic metal alloy, or even make him submissive, allowing others to control him should they 'wear' Vörn. Additionally, he can be put into a death like coma or actually die from a high concentration of dopamine inhibitors or vitamin C. He is attracted to certain chemicals found in chocolate.

Cyberpath are particular troublesome, as that have the possibility of controlling him physically and mentally. And depending on how well trained the cyberpath is in their ability, even temporally alter Björn's Life Code. A cyberpath could in theory read and implant thoughts in Björn's head much like a regular telepath.

Powerful electromagnetic pulses can have severe affects on him. They are able to weaken or outright disarm many of his technological powers. In addition, strong enough ones can cause him great pain and even knock him out.

His genetic structure is just as much physical as it is digital. The digital aspect of his life code very much affects his physical self. For example he can be reprogrammed to be act completely human with no access to his powers, or completely robotic with no access to his emotions. He can be rendered sick, have his memories altered, alignment, behaviour, or loyalties changed, and a lot more. They could make him a sleeper agent. In essence, if you're able to access his life code, are able to program well, then you can make him do it. However the effects are only ever temporary, as such if the code is not updated or maintained he will return to his former self in time. How long though depends on how well the code is implemented, and like a virus his own life code his eventually adapt to fight this and other similar programs.

Being made of an organic liquid alloy is not all good. He is able to be trapped within magnetic force fields very easily. Or become attached to powerful magnets (such as those used to lift cars) and essentially unable to move. Some of his sensors and powers become weakened or outright won't work depending on the strength of the magnet.

Despite being techno-organic and not need to eat or breathe, it is still possible to poison Björn. This is because his cells and nanites still go through Osmosis. What this essentially means is that he can get drunk and be sickened by toxic gas, poisoned water, or 'ingesting' toxins. It might take a longer time or need a larger dose. In essence, if it is harmful to an organic, it is harmful to him - the exceptions being substance that are a by-product or part of technology, or has assimilated a subject that is resistant or immune to the toxin.

While difficult, it is possible for him to overcharge on power. This gives him a nearly overwhelming urge to absorb more power. While there is a boost to his abilities, they become increasingly more dangerous. At this point it is also possible to short circuit him with water. Beyond that if he keeps absorbing power he will eventually blow up as he cannot physically contain that much energy anymore.


Crusader understands he was created with a purpose, as an ongoing experiment. He even knows many of the details. But he can't help but wonder if he will someday be considered a failed experiment and terminated, or perhaps taken away from the place he now calls him.


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Just Another Super Villain Attack May 20th, 2017 Summary needed
Life Ship Down May 8th, 2017 Summary needed
My Closest Friend--My Greatest Foe! May 8th, 2017 Summary needed
We're Not Gonna' Take It May 7th, 2017 Summary needed
Carnevil Carnage Pt2 May 6th, 2017 The final day of the Jokers Carnevil is at hand and what heroes will put a stop to his dastardly plan.
Sage Advice May 5th, 2017 A junior hero advises another junior hero on how to be a hero.
Mind Over Matter May 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Medic Medic! May 4th, 2017 Summary needed
New Friends May 4th, 2017 Summary needed
A-Hunting We Will Go May 3rd, 2017 Summary needed
High Sea Travisty! April 30th, 2017 Summary needed
The Bear and the Girl April 30th, 2017 Summary needed
A Battle with the Joker April 29th, 2017 Summary needed
Ready, set, FIGHT! April 29th, 2017 Summary needed
LexCorp Launchpad 2025 April 29th, 2017 Summary needed
The Hall of Just Us. April 28th, 2017 Summary needed
The Warning April 27th, 2017 While entertaining Bjorn, Autumn gets a visit from some Mobsters.
Park Days April 27th, 2017 Summary needed.
Collect Call to Hell April 26th, 2017 A Cat, an Oni and a Crusader crash a demonic party, and everyone gets covered in garbage. Hooray!
Centrally Parked April 26th, 2017 Summary needed.
In the Light of the Moon April 25th, 2017 Summary needed.
Insert Cliche Bar Title Here April 25th, 2017 Summary needed.
There's A Row In Spanish Harlem April 24th, 2017 An old man, two cats, and a mouthy mouthless Brit walk into a ba--er, an alleyway. All hell breaks loose. It's just Sunday in Harlem.
Rooftop Meetings April 24th, 2017 Summary needed.
AHHHHHHHH! April 21st, 2017 Summary needed.
Bust a Move....or rather a burger April 20th, 2017 Summary needed.
An Average Night in Newark April 19th, 2017 Summary needed.
What Colour Do You Bleed April 18th, 2017 Summary needed.
A School Tour April 15th, 2017 Storm asks the young Rogue to give a tour of the grounds to some newcomers.
On the Waterfront April 15th, 2017 Batman, Red Hood, and Crusader take on a cell of Watchdogs who've abducted mutant teens, including Melter ... with a guest appearance by Aquagirl!
Moral Dilemma April 14th, 2017 Wherein Dragonfly navigates a difficult moral dilemma whilst talking to Crusader about his future.
A Question of Who April 13th, 2017 Crusader and Dragonfly discuss dual natures
IceBreaker April 11th, 2017 Holly and Bjorn discuss the attack in the park.
Not on My Turf April 10th, 2017 Dragonfly and Crusader search for criminals robbing electronics stores in the area
What Chocolate April 7th, 2017 After the attempted robbery at the Mint, Crusader and Dazzler meet. A bag of dropped chocolates mysteriously disappear!
Central Park Confrontation April 7th, 2017 A lovely afternoon ruined by villains!
Metropolis Robbery April 7th, 2017 An attempted robbery at the Metropolis Mint! The heroes rush in to foil the caper.
Art and Small talk April 7th, 2017 HOlly has a little run in with M'gann and Crusader after the events of the bank.
Crusader Quarantine April 5th, 2017 Jack-In-The-Box confronts Crusader about the danger her presents to Earth.
Trouble down in Mutant Town April 4th, 2017 Crusader and Rory Sakura meet, in the process facing off against a criminal.
Foiled Plans April 3rd, 2017 Gambit seems to be interested in nefarious deeds at Bjorn's electronic store.
A day in Flatbush April 2nd, 2017 Rogue and Gambit visit Bjorn's electronics shop.
Two Men Walk Into a Bar... April 1st, 2017 Crusader and Chamber randomly meet in a bar.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Reflections Cutscene September 3rd, 2017 Summary needed


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