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Reflector (Scenesys ID: 8005)
"See and you can know, know and you can destroy."
Full Name: Reflector
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Reconnaissance
Citizenship: Decepticon Empire
Residence: Kaon (The Badlands, Cybertron)
Education: Primary Programming
Status: Retired
Groups: Decepticons, Cybertron-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 2 April Actor: Chris Latta (Voice)
Height: 411 cm Weight: 845 kg
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "Photograph" by Def Leppard


Reflector loves to observe things: vegetation, architecture, topography, and particularly, his comrades' mistakes. His ability to find fault in others is unmatched, even among the Decepticons. Reflector waits for someone - friends, foes, and otherwise - to make a mistake, and then takes advantage any way he can. He's particularly fond of blackmailing fellow Decepticons when he notices them shirking their duty, or making some other error that would require punishment from their supervisors. He has highly-developed infra-red vision that can record images in darkness, through camouflage, and at great distances. In spectral camera mode, he can generate flash explosions which disorient and temporarily blind opponents.

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Reflector has a fairly unobtrusive robot appearance, good for someone that enjoys lurking in the background and recording all the ways others around him suffer. He is primarily Decepticon purple in color, with grey for his arms, upper legs, and back structures that poke over his shoulders a bit. His head is a grey face with purple helmet, and optics that glow in a gleefully malevolent red. The only real break from that color scheme is his chest, which features an inverted trapezoid shape that is a contrasting green color.

The more unusual aspect of note is that this describes not one robot, but three that are always not far from each other. Like the cybertronic equivalent to triplets, each standing just under 15 feet in height. They are identical in that regard, other than the one that appears to be the lead of the trio has what resembles a closed camera lens in his midsection.

Their alternate mode is a purple and green camera with telephoto lens extension. Yes, their. The three robots combine to make one device, that can size itself for use by Cybertronian or other smaller races. Smile for the camera, and kiss your secrets goodbye.


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Reflector is one of those guys no one is really sure precisely where he was sparked from, and he prefers it that way. The less enemies and even allies know about him, the better. It makes it easier for him to broker information and use it against anyone else he can, and use his exceptional infrared vision to see details others would not. Especially when most are distracted by the 'three robots in one' aspect to pay attention to the real Reflector. Very few Cybertronians realized two of those robots are just doppelgangers made to act slightly different as part of the deception, those that did learn are either his superiors, or victims to worried what he might know to ruin the ruse. The doppelgangers and his overall nondescript form made it easy for Reflector to just blend into crowds, or conceal his small alternate mode, and watch. Learn. Find how to ruin another's life, and either report it to his superiors, or use it to his own gain.

His skills at reconnaissance and being able to pick apart the habits and psyche of his victims to find their weaknesses is why Megatron chose Reflector to be one (three? Does Megatron know? Maybe, but also knows how useful the trick makes him/them perhaps.) of the Nemesis crew. He and Soundwave would be instrumental in profiling whatever worlds the Decepticons would eventually set out to conquer... Except for the fracas with the Ark happened, and like everyone else upon the ships Reflector ended up in stasis for an inconceivable amount of time. When the Decepticons are finally reawakened on Earth, his spectral camera alt-mode is reformatted to resemble a professional photographer's camera. At least on the outside. It's perfectly inconspicuous, and the way the doppelgangers appear or recall when he transforms, if it's even seen makes it appear as they are three in one form.

Reflector's entire existence is a deception of some kind, more so than the average Decepticon. And he, and they, have learned to use that very effectively.


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Misdirection. Manipulation. Reflector puts the 'deception' in Decepticon more so than most of his would-be allies. His entire presence is a trick to mislead foes and even his own comrades, using his ability to produce two doppelgangers of himself to perpetuate the idea that he is three synchronized robots. Reflector even makes his body doubles act slightly different at times to give credit to the ruse. One will often act a little more dense than the other two, and the other is more likely to have a bit of attitude and voice less favorable opinions to keep aggravation directed away from the true 'core' Reflector. Three pairs of optics also means Reflector can watch more, cover greater ground, and compile what he learns through them together. His doppelgangers can't stray too far apart, but it's enough to dissuade the notion they -have- to be together directly. The doubles rejoin him when he transforms into a camera, and appear as he transforms back into robot mode, furthering the illusion that he is robotic triplets. It's an elaborate ruse, meant to keep enemies and allies alike guessing. Is that the robot that saw them do something they shouldn't? Or the other one? In a fight which one do you shoot at? Just more of the deceptive games this Decepticon plays.

It's those mind games that Reflector does revel in. He loves seeing victims squirm under pressure, not knowing how much he knows and what he's going to do with it to ruin their lives. The same is true even for his own allies. Reflector has no problem with blackmailing and extorting other Decepticons if he can get something juicy on them. He doesn't want to lead like some idiots aspire to, that would be too much attention. But he definitely enjoys being in a position of power, and if he can't manipulate you himself Reflector will gladly sell out what he knows for his own gain as well as the good of the Decepticon effort. That is one of the contrasting differences between Reflector and Soundwave. Soundwave is just as observant and manipulative, but typically hordes information until he can use it for the cause as a whole and in support of Megatron. Reflector is much more likely to be petty, to use something just to coax someone into doing what he wants, and concoct his own schemes to get the information he needs outside his duties to the faction. He wants to be pulling the strings of as many as possible, and know that they try to resist him at their own risk.

Information is power. It can ruin empires as easily as it helps build them. Reflector knows this, and reveals in how much confusion and distrust he can sow through it. Then get it all recorded so he can use that to farther his cruel intentions. Don't want your friends to know about that thing you did that nearly got you in trouble? Don't want Megatron knowing the Autobots ruined his plan because you didn't keep your post? If Reflector knows, and has the proof, he can make your life miserable if you don't bend to his will. And use other information to pay off those that would care. If something goes wrong and he gets in trouble, he lets one of his doubles take the fall. Regenerating a new one does take time and energy, but it's favorable to getting his own aft cannoned. The only Decepticons Reflector won't readily cross are Megatron, because it's more beneficial to stay in his grace and reap the advantages of it; and Soundwave, because his peculiar sensory abilities can root out that Reflector is not the trio he pretends to be and would ruin a lot of the ploy he's built up around himself. Safer to keep Soundwave on his good side, and work with him instead of against him. You know. The one thing Starscream NEVER learns. Some people are just better to not cross. Anyone else? All bets are off. If Reflector can get something by extorting, blackmailing or humiliating you, he will definitely attempt to do so.

At his core, Reflector is driven by his curiousity. He wants to know everyone, everything they did, and everywhere they did it. Every little detail, ever scrap of information, every piece of visual evidence he can find. He is as cruel as he is manipulative, enjoying making others suffer. Especially in ways that are more than physical. Scarring the mind and breaking dreams is much longer lasting, and more satisfying. He has honed his ability to analyze the traits and habits of others, to pick apart their psyches through observation, and find their weaknesses or other exploitable flaws. But sometimes, Reflector... just observes. With all his observation skills and senses he enjoys the rare moment of just watching the world around him as much as he does spying on others and picking apart social habits. A picturesque landscape, natural wildlife, architectural displays; it doesn't matter, Reflector can appeariate it's visual appearance and stimulation in the same way humans fascinate over fine art. Reflector can appreciate the visual world around him for its own beauty... And at least have a record of it after the Decepticons have their way with whatever world has become their latest victim. Nothing lasts forever, so he will enjoy the sights for what they are now.


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Durability: Cybertronians are living alien robots; essentially sentient free-thinking super-AIs in mechanical bodies. They are physically more durable than average organic species and do not require many of the same necessities to live, allowing one to survive in space or other harsh conditions more readily than biological lifeforms. Advanced construction and alloys make them resistant to common human weaponry, but they can be damaged by military grade and technologically advanced weaponry. However they are also, as long as parts and resources are available and their spark is still active, be repaired from even extensive damage. While not physically as imposing as other Decepticon soldiers, Reflector can and will use his doppelgangers as body doubles to shield his primary component from harm whenever possible.

Spark: What other races consider a lifetime is a mere drop in the temporal bucket for a Cybertronian. As long as their spark is active and stable they can live for millions of years, essentially immortal outside of their spark being extinguished or otherwise lethally destroyed. Only Reflector's main body, the one with the camera aperture, contains a spark though it is linked to the doppelgangers to control them in a realistic 'alive' manner. Individuals that can directly sense or otherwise interact with sparks would be able to determine Reflector's triplicate ruse.

Enhanced Perception: A Cybertronian's natural visual and audio sensory spectrum is wider than that of most human-like races, allowing them to detect things and minute details that typical unaided senses may not. Reflector is capable of recording anything any of his doppelgangers see and hear, assisting him/them in the collection and processing of information over a wider area. An operator using his camera mode will find the view and the resolution of any pictures taken and printed from it to be of exceptional clarity compared to an earthly camera.

Stasis: A Cybertronian does not sleep like an organic being does. Rather they go into a stasis mode not unlike a computer debug mode, and do so less often than a biological being would require. While a circuit slab is ideal for a full recharge Reflector's function and habits keep him away from facilities for an extended period, and he has learned to utilize stasis wherever he may be able to stash himself in alt-mode to rest between missions when necessary and keep his processor functions stable.

Energon: Cybertronians subside on a substance of highly efficient fuel called energon. While one does not need to recharge as often as most biological lifeforms, one can still 'starve' in the sense of not having enough energon to operate, typically resulting in debilitating stasis lock. A Cybertronian can intake other fossil fuels and those processed from them, but their bodies converting it into energon is not entirely efficient and they will need to recharge more often than from fully processed energon.

Transformation: Unlike most Cybertonians, Reflector does not have a vehicular alternate mode. Instead this form is a spectral camera, a Cybertronian media recording and surveillance device, that has had it's external appearance reformatted to resemble a professional photographer's camera. Mass shifting allows him to make his alt-mode small enough to fit in humanoid hands or large enough for most Cybertronians to operate, and anything amidst that range. When he transforms Reflector can recall or release his body doubles as needed, giving the illusion that three unified robots form the single device.

Reflector possesses the ability to generate two body doubles of himself, identical in appearance other than they do not have the camera lens aperture in their midsection. They have most of the same traits and abilities (except those using the aperture in his midsection). They are linked to his spark in the primary body, allowing him to puppet them and even extend traits of his own persona into them to give them some distinct mannerisms. This perpetrates the deception that Reflector is three synchronized robots, and allows him to operate over a wider range than other solo recon agents. Reflector will often use his doubles as body shields and diversions from his true core unit's activities. If a doppelganger is not nearby when Reflector's core transforms, it will simply disappear to the confuse of others, because he can only generate them in robot mode.

In spectral camera mode Reflector can generate potent explosions of light, like a super-sized flashbang grenade. The eruption of light is extremely disorienting, temporarily blinding and confusing victims that do not have protection against such disruption. In robot mode Reflector's core unit can project a photostatic haze from his aperture to disorient foes, or utilize like a light-based smokescreen to cover their retreat.

To make up for his lack of a mobile alternate mode Reflector has flight capability in the form of leg jets for travel in robot mode. Although only capable of subsonic speeds it is more than enough for him to get where he needs to go to do his dirty work.

To farther facility the nature of his alternate mode in recon and spy missions Reflector is equipped with a holomatter projector that can produce and control a hard-light holographic avatar of a human or other humanoid being. This projection has a limited radius of a hundred meters from him, but as the avatar is often carrying the Reflector camera in some matter this is usually not an issue. Because of his skills in detail and mannerism analysis Reflector can often imitate a member of a species with a short amount of observational research.


In addition to the better than average Cybertronian senses Reflector has a highly developed infra-red vision. Because this sight does not rely on the visible light spectrum he can see in complete darkness. He has an extremely high chance of detecting a target through physical or optical camouflage with it, and while not as proficient as true x-ray vision he can see through materials that do not entirely block infra-red wavelengths with considerable clarity. This infra-red vision is also what protects Reflector and his doubles from being blinded by his own flash bomb and light disruption abilities.


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Reflector is one spymaster that doesn't seem to require elaborate cloaking or stealth abilities. His unassuming camera mode is easy to overlook at face value, and his capability to analyze traits and behaviors assist him in manipulating locals into carrying him around, and in keeping his act with a holomatter avatar authentic enough to blend in. His robot mode is generic in comparison to other Cybertronians, allowing him to fade into the ranks and crowds with ease, utilizing his doppelgangers to appear commonplace much like the Seeker body model is.

Reflector thrives on the manipulation of others, both to fulfill his duties and for his own amusement and profit. His preferred method is to collect incriminating evidence and use that to blackmail his victims into doing what he needs done, or photograph something humiliating and threaten to ruin their reputation with it. He is also willing to broker information, selling something he knows for something else he needs to find out. Reflector can also be more subtle in his manipulations, taking advantage of his observation skills to pick apart a victim's habits and psych and use that to gloat, intimidate or trick into doing something he can farther take advantage of.

Reflector excels at observing others and recording everything he/they see. He picks up on traits and habits quickly, and breaks those down to deduce their possible flaws and weaknesses in addition to gathering incriminating evidence. This artful dismantling of psyche aids him in finding more ways to manipulate others, put his blackmail and extortion materials to best effect, and in general sow chaos and confusion amongst the enemy ranks with his misdirection and confusion tactics. His body doubles possess most of the same abilities as he does (though some are weaker), increasing both his range and the points from which he has to gather information from. Very little escapes his scrutiny.


It is more than just an integral part of his function, it is the closest thing Reflector has to a hobby. Not everything is deception and spy games, he is quite capable of enjoying a scenic view or an artistic pose for what it is, and capturing that essence in his pictures. Granted not all his views on substance and beauty are standard, as he finds the humiliating acts of his allies and the visceral aftermath of conflict as appealing as any famous art piece.


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Everything Reflector learns, photographs and records he keeps. No tidbit of information is too small or too obscure to not possibly be useful in the future. And he is very unlikely to ever forget. When he needs to analyze and aggregate his stores of information quickly he can utilize his doubles as additional processing power, diverting lesser data sorting and cataloging to them so he can devote to his primary analysis.

It's true that because of his manipulative methods Reflector is not one of the most beloved members of the faction. But he is loyal to Megatron and Empire, and has plenty of dark secrets on other members that aren't so keen with the state of affairs. Those more willing to cross Megatron (HI STARSCREAM) have to keep in mind that mechs like Reflector and Soundwave are usually watching the commander's back and giving him the lowdown on those not keeping in line. Between those three aspects Reflector can usually get what he wants out of the non-command ranks, and convince others to help him in his schemes when necessary. I'm sure you can tell what we really mean by 'convince'.

If a world has a media network, especially a public and social one, you can bet Reflector has at least one of his noses poked in it. Infiltrating hubs of such networks, like a news outlet, is one of his favorite methods of learning about a society and amassing information. As well as the fact that reporters and investigators can often get into places the average civilian cannot. Or he might just find you online and troll the smeg out of you in figurative front of others. He is that kind of mean jerk.


Reflector's primary weapon is a photonic rifle, which can also be replicated by his body doubles. It fires beams of photonic energy as lasers, and can produce a light burst that, while not as potent as his other flash abilities, can still disrupt a weaker target's visual senses. He also possesses a weapon that applies a chemical coating that reacts to infra-red light, making a target easier for him to see and track. Each of his units can also deploy a convex riot shield to help disperse smaller firearms and energy weapons, primarily used by his doubles in functioning as his bodyguards/shields.


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Reflector is often a priority target on the Autobots' list of dangerous enemies. Not because he's a high ranking officer or mighty warrior, but because of the potential power held in his information gathering and extortion operations. He's dangerous to the Autobot faction as a spy and reconnaissance specialist, an unpredictable opponent with the triplicate ability, and arguably more dangerous to other worlds if he can hook his blackmailing fingers into influential members of society. War is fought with more than guns and soldiers, and Reflector is a crucial cog in the Decepticon warmachine that would cause difficulty for his faction if removed.

All Decepticons know how to fight, but Reflector is a spy and informant first and foremost. Even as a trio he is an average combatant at best, relying more on his abilities and the natural durability of his species. Reflector will have a hard time with any foe he can't overcome with his manipulation or deceptions.

Reflector is driven by his desire to know about everyone, everything they've done and everywhere they've done it. Or to just find a scenic view to record and enjoy. This overt curiousity, combined with his tendency to be working on his own in the field for recon or spy missions (other than his body doubles), has the potential to put Reflector into situations he isn't capable of completely handling, and it's usually his own fault for being too nosey.

Reflector is supremely self-assured in his skills and abilities, and the capability to keep others under his control with manipulation and blackmail. He can overestimate his ability to conduct larger and more elaborate schemes, and is at a definite disadvantage when he comes up against someone that can't be easily emotionally or morally manipulated, or is somehow resistant to his optical disruptions (i.e. blindness).

Reflector is deceitful, manipulative, and all too willing to exploit most others, ally and foe alike, to obtain his own objectives. While not blatantly defiant and rebellious as some Decepticons (Starscream for example) he doesn't always bother to conceal his true motives because of his overconfidence. Mostly because he doesn't want to take over the entire faction, sparing him Megatron's immediate wrath, he just wants to maintain his position in the higher echelon of the faction to farther use others for his purposes. Most of the time. Doesn't stop others from trying to undermine or outright ruin his schemes for their own sake, and Autobots will typically be more wary when they know Reflector is around. A lot of Decepticons just simply don't trust them farther than they can punt them outside of his assigned duties, but he is really REALLY good at what he specializes in, making it worth tolerating his sneakiness to a point.


Strong telepaths, technopaths and others with powerful mindreading magic or powers have the potential to uncover Reflector's true nature to a degree. They would be able to sense that there is one mind in control of the three bodies, and not the three synchronized but individual robots he portrays himself at. This mainly means they can tell which unit is the true Reflector and not be so easily fooled by deceptions with the doppelgangers.


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