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Rorschach (Scenesys ID: 1946)
Full Name: Walter Kovacs
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Lunatic
Citizenship: American
Residence: Fort Tryon Gardens (Washington Heights, Manhattan)
Education: High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Street Level-OOC, Gotham-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 47 Actual Age: 47
Date of Birth 12 April 1983 Actor: Jackie Earl Haley
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 84 kg (185 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Man In the Box" by Alice in Chains


A madman in a trench coat, Rorschach stalks the fringes of the underworld, picking off the stragglers and striking fear into the hearts of the mighty. Unrelenting, mysterious, indefatigable, he never compromises and plays no favorites.

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A haunting figure lingering in the shadows, Rorschach strikes fear into the hearts of the cowardly. His face is hidden behind a white mask smeared in blobs of black ink that seems to swim in front of the eyes, a mesmerizing pattern that gets more uncomfortable the longer it's stared into. It ripples and oozes over his head, eerie and uncanny. Featureless and anonymous, his voice has a gruff, hissing quality. He sometimes wears a battered tan fedora on top of his head.

Rorschach wears a full-length trenchcoat, often belted at the waist, over a tattered brown suit. His hands are gloved and often thrust into his pockets. He has an upright and unbending posture. Broad shouldered and around six feet tall, he can be an imposing figure in close quarters (and has little respect for personal space).


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Walter Kovacs grew up in a slum, the son of a prostitute. He never knew his father. His mother was abusive, addicted and degraded in every conceivable way from Walter's point of view. He hated her until the day she died, killed by one of her clients in the grungy apartment where they lived. Walter ended up in foster care, limping his way through high school and into a job at a textile mill after graduation.

While working, he became obsessed with a local missing woman case. His obsession lead to him solving the case, but too late: he found the woman's grisly remains, fed to the dogs of her killer. Mentally scarred, he took a swatch of fabric from the dress he'd made for her and fashioned his first mask.

Rorschach has never been a big hero. He's existed on the fringes, a rumor, a boogeyman. He finds the lowest of lowlives and makes their lives hell. He'll let other people save the world. He'd rather watch it burn.


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Rorschach is a deeply disturbed individual. He has a antisocial personality and a general disdain for the human race. He's repulsed by other people, alienated, untrusting. To him, the world seems as if it is constantly teetering on the brink of collapse. He sometimes hears voices or sees things that make him think the end is truly nigh. And it should be. He is callous and disengaged. He has no quality of mercy, no compassion, no soft side to be exploited. He lives and breathes hate and he turns that hate on the wicked and the damned.


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Rorschach possesses no known superhuman powers.


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Rorschach has no formal training, but he's never needed training to hurt people. He has a vicious and efficient fighting style. He fights dirty, always, gouging, going for weak spots. He's skilled at joint manipulation and grappling. He likes to choke people, headbutt, put knees in the groin. He is almost feral in his intensity and meticulously swift in his motions. For all he lacks training, he is very efficient and highly effective.

Rorschach is particularly good at improvising on the fly. He's an expert at using his environment to his advantage. He might throw a hot cup of coffee in someone's face. He might wrestle a man down in an alley and use a nearby garbage bag to smother him unconscious. He might make a homemade bomb with a microwave and a pressurized can. Everything in the world is a weapon, as far as he's concerned, and he's even more savage if he's cornered.

Rorschach is an expert at putting people to the question and would have fit in well during the Spanish Inquisition. He isn't averse to torture, knowing how to hurt someone just enough to persuade without doing permanent damage (although he isn't afraid to do permanent damage if it suits his purposes). He is without mercy and relentless in his questioning, more than capable of wearing someone down with long-term enhanced interrogation. He's also just generally good at putting the fear of God into a scumbag to make torture unnecessary.

Rorschach's a fairly decent detective. He knows how to put together clues, follow trails and interpret evidence. He knows the right questions to ask and knows where to look for answers. He's definitely an old-fashioned gumshoe without much use for forensics or science, focusing on his gut and human nature as the best methods of detection.

Pattern Sense:
Rorschach has a particular gift for recognizing patterns, for seeing things that other people just don't see. He can have particularly sharp insights that can seem like impossible leaps of logic, but he's almost always right. He's good at finding the proverbial needle in the haystack, the disruption in the pattern - and he knows just how to tug to make the whole thing unravel.

Rorschach is a natural urban predator. He's adept at finding shadows and alleyways, staying out of sight and sneaking up on others. He's good at escaping, knowing the back routes like the back of his hand and always having a plan to escape. He's capable of following even experienced operatives undetected and can stay unmoving and hidden in shadow for long periods of time.


Rorschach has tremendous personal willpower and resolve. He is difficult to read or control through psychic means. He is highly resistant to torture and forced persuasion. He has the ability to ignore pain and fight through even when direly wounded. He is a creature of unrelenting purpose, impossible to reason with, and his purity of conviction is truly one of his greatest strengths.


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Rorschach often has a variety of tools of the trade at his disposal, usually thrust into the pockets of his coat. Most notably, he has a grappling gun, taken off the body of another vigilante years ago, enabling him to fire a line and scale up the side of a building or rappel down from above. He carries brass knuckles, a stun gun, lockpicks, a glasscutter, a pocket knife, basic bandages and antiseptic. He keeps zip ties to secure criminals and might have other odds and ends of guerilla warfare on him. Nothing fancy, nothing hi-tech, just the grungy edges he needs in his bitter war.

Rorschach received a disability benefit as a result of his mental condition (even if his identity is unknown). He also works odd jobs under the table and does menial tasks here and there. He doesn't make much, living in a dingy and unsanitary little apartment that he can barely afford. But he mostly just uses it as a place to sleep anyway.


Rorschach's mask is of his own design and shows a hint of genius in the madness of the man. He has thick puddles of ink sealed between two pieces of latex, one white underneath and one transparent overtop. When cinched over his head, the surface tension created causes the ink to ooze and writhe across his 'face' in eerie and uncomfortable ways, often intimidating or disquieting those who deal with him.


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Rorschach is categorically insane. He likely suffers from multiple mental illnesses that make his behavior unstable, his socialization terrible and his reliability nonexistent. He makes other people uncomfortable, in or out of costume. He doesn't care, but it certainly has its costs. Of course, his mind also torments him and makes him suffer in a variety of ways. He just thinks he deserves it. He can grow obsessed with cases and be unable to let them go. He can be lost in the seas of his own delusions and even lose track of the real world in which he lives, becoming fully disassociated.

For all his viciousness and experience, Rorschach is a mortal man, with all the frailties thereof. He doesn't have any super powers or healing factor or invulnerability. He doesn't even have a lot of fancy gadgets or technical tricks or allies to back him up. He's just a man.


Rorschach doesn't compromise. He sees the world very much in black and white terms. Subtleties and grey areas tend to either bother him deeply or simply slip by his perception entirely. He will stick to his guns even against his own best interests.


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