Rude Awakenings

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Rude Awakenings
Date of Cutscene: 06 November 2019
Location: A random house in Queens
Synopsis: A man sits down for family game night but things are off.
Cast of Characters: Phantasm (Drago)

It's there at times. The faint echoes calling for him.

His home is intact and it is almost time to gather around the table for an entertainment packed family game night.


He turns his head, looking to the smiling face of his mother. "I'm coming," he assures, approaching the kitchen table to take his seat, " He smiles, looking down to the clue board and to the cards facing down. Taking up the clipboard and pen, he starts to mark out his cards on the sheet. He squints, frowning. His eyes are acting up. He's having trouble reading the text on the sheets but he manages having played this so many times. Man, maybe he needs glasses.

The oven and stovetop cooking the large meal warms the room. His mother, pulls out a pie, setting it down on a trivet before taking the oven mitts off, setting them aside the stove. "Its so good to have you back with us. It's been too long since you've last seen us."

Tommy nods, setting the cards face down. "It is nice to be back home." He agrees, "I missed you guys. Things have changed quite a lot."

"Oh yes. We're quite excited about Abby's new addition coming soon."

Tommy chokes a little, looking away from the table before eyes resting on the stove. "It seems a lot warmer than normal."

"Nonsense, Tommy. In order to cook food you have to stand a LITTLE heat."

Giving a nod, Tommy turns to look back to his mother and freezes, looking to the shrowded figure standing behind her. Eyes gowling and jagged teeth showing. And yet NO ONE ELSE has noticed this thing come into the room while he looks away?

There's confusion from the others as they catch on but a sickening feeling fills Tommy's stomach.

"Wake up." The figure states.


"I said Wake UP!" The figure snaps again as he lunges at Tommy, mouth open and claws extending.


Tommy wakes up in a sweat. "What th-?" The statement doesn't complete as his jolted self starts to notice his surroundings, "N-n- ABBY!"


The disheveled man watches in horror as their dream home turns into a nightmare before his eyes. Tugging the blanket around his shoulders a bit tighter, Tommy looks over to his pregnant wife as she is wheeled into the ambulance, looking to the crew, "Can-"

The question is answered before he can finish, "Passenger seat up front. "

He starts to walk over, feeling a bit numb and still confused. How are they still alive?


A pair of eyes upon a field of purplish black plumage sits on a rooftop nearby, watching as the ambulance rides off.