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Shang-Chi (Scenesys ID: 7087)
"Do not be trapped by the need to achieve anything. This way, you achieve everything." Frank Herbert
Full Name: Shang-Chi
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Martial Artist
Citizenship: Citizen of China
Residence: Mobile
Education: Private
Status: Dropped
Groups: Defenders, Martial Arts-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 38 Actual Age: 38
Date of Birth 04 July 1990 Actor: Bruce Lee
Height: 174 cm (5'9") Weight: 71 kg (156 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Silence.


Raised as a human weapon by his father, Fu Manchu, Shang-Chi chose the path of justice and peace rather than continue to serve evil. Philosopher, fisherman, warrior, poet, spy, hero: he tries to balance his combat prowess with a heart better suited to contemplation. Still, for all his peaceful disposition, he can be a ferocious foe against the corrupt and the cruel.

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Shang-Chi is a compact man of Chinese descent, fit and formidable. He has intensely black hair, cut with bangs and short on the back and sides. He has very classical Chinese features, with strong, broad cheekbones and almond-shaped brown eyes. He is handsome enough, with long lashes and an expressive mouth. He can shift between deadly serious and smiling ease in a moment.

When preparing for battle, Shang-Chi's gear tends to be minimal. He goes shirtless, his lean body striated with musculature and veins. He wears loose-fitting red pants and metal bracers over his wrists. Sometimes he goes shoeless, sometimes black boots, depending on the situation. He moves with cat-like agility and total physical control.

He has well-earned his title: Master of Kung-Fu.


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Shang-Chi is the eldest and chosen son of Fu Manchu, a powerful Chinese warlord, mastermind and villain. Seeing the potential in his youngest even as a baby, reading his horoscope and knowing he would be a great warrior, Shang was placed as a toddler in a complex and rigorous program of training and discipline. Combining virtual reality, in-person instruction and a degree of total focus, he was forged like a blade, every day, from wake to sleep, all the way through his teenage years.

Unfortunately for his father, some of the spiritual essence of the teachings behind those arts got through to Shang. And, while he was as formidable as intended, he possessed a conscience and a spiritual grace his father could not imagine or countenance. Shang-Chi turned against his father, refusing to be his assassin and, instead, working for law enforcement and intelligence to put an end to his reign of evil. Along the way, Shang-Chi found himself in the world of spy craft and espionage, a world that eventually lead him to America.

Leaving behind the world of covert operations, Shang-Chi now lives in New York City's Chinatown. He teaches kung-fu and does community volunteering, while living a simple and spare life in a small apartment of his own. And if, on occasion, the world needs the Master of Kung-Fu to help, he is always happy to provide his services.


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Shang-Chi is a man of incredible dedication, discipline and serenity. He has deeply absorbed the lessons of Buddhism and Confucianism. He is respectful, gentle to the weak, strong to the unjust and unfailingly compassionate towards the suffering of others. He has a great stillness of character, steady and unshakeable, and very rarely suffers from great passions or emotions. He lives very much in the moment, the now, and so he does not brood over past failings or dream too much of distant horizons. Instead, he focuses his attention where it belongs, in the only thing that truly exists, the present moment. He is, as a result, extremely attentive, a good listener and he is far more sophisticated than he often seems. To him, it's simply that most people overcomplicate the universe in their pursuit of their wants and desires. He has simply mostly purged himself of wants and desires.


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Chi Manipulation:
Due to his extreme mental discipline and focus, Shang-Chi is capable of focusing his Chi, his spiritual essence, to perform remarkable feats. Focusing his Chi can momentarily increase his strength for a strike, giving him an explosive force to his blows capable of punching even through plate steel or shattering brick. He can use his chi to make remarkable leaps, twenty feet or more in the air from a standing position. He can create focus to perform tricks such as snatching bullets or arrows from the air or other traditional martial arts feats. The key to these is they are momentary bursts, singular and discrete feats. He doesn't gain superhuman strength, he unleashes a superhuman blow. He doesn't have superhuman reflexes, but his focus and control enable him to briefly move as if he did. Chaining too many such feats is spiritually exhausting, however, and will leave him in a weakened state, so he uses them sparingly and only as needed.

Physical Control:

The evolution of Shang-Chi's consciousness has reached a point where he can choose to control the autonomic functions of his body. He can regulate his breathing to the degree he can hold his breath for nearly ten minutes. He can choose to shut off his capacity for pain in a wounded area. He can process bodily toxins and fatigue in such a way to give him unmatched stamina at the peak of human condition. This focus and control gives him remarkable aim and impeccable balance, every move of his body crisp and precise. He is a thing of beauty.


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Shang-Chi is an adept fisherman, both salt and freshwater. He engages in the hobby frequently, never keeps what he catches and enjoys using it as a meditation aid and method to help him achieve focus. It's also fun.

Martial Arts:
Kung-Fu shall always be Shang-Chi's central discipline, but he's experienced and trained in a wide variety of other practices. He's fluent in Tae Kwan Do, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Ninjitsu, Judo, Capoeira, Grego-Roman wrestling, and boxing, both Muay-Thai and traditional Western. He has adapted many of the moves and techniques of these other arts into his Kung-Fu style. In addition, his wide familiarity with different martial forms gives him a strong advantage in breaking down, understanding and countering the fighting styles of others. He can dissect someone, recognize their strengths, weaknesses and gifts, with only a few moments of analyzing their fighting style

Master of Kung-Fu:
Shang-Chi is among the world's most elite martial artists, trained almost since birth in the art of Kung-Fu. While he's well-versed in other disciplines, his fundamental base and heart remain with Kung-Fu, the traditional Chinese martial art. In terms of pure, raw skill and competence, he may have no equal, although every fight includes a variety of factors and rarely happens on perfectly even playing fields. His hand-to-hand prowess would allow him to go toe-to-toe with any elite martial fighter and have a chance at victory.

While not a formal doctor, Shang-Chi's understanding of the body and its functions make him a highly competent field medic and emergency aide. He can set bones, diagnose injuries, remove bullets, bandage, disinfect, even perform minor surgeries if someone has a grievous wound. While he's not capable of full operations or delicate surgeries, he has a broad knowledge of Eastern medicine and herbology rarely found in the West.

Shang-Chi has a remarkable aptitude for meditation and concentration. He can still his mind at a moment's notice and keeps himself constantly present in the moment. He has unshakable mental discipline and strength, making him both hard to psionically read, control or influence. He can remain unflappable even in situations of extreme stress and has a serenity and confidence that other people envy.

Shang-Chi considers himself a philosopher. He thinks deeply on issues of existence, morality, purpose and virtue. He enjoys having such conversations with others, laymen or scholar. He reads frequently on the subject and keeps up with any subject it touches on, from literature to quantum physics, as his roaming mind sees fit.

Pressure Points:
Shang-Chi is highly versed in human anatomy and especially in the manipulation of physical pressure points. By striking or applying pressure in precise nerve clusters, he can inflict intense pain, paralysis, numbing or even pleasure to a subject with a flick of his fingers. Rumors of a death touch are only that and using these abilities requires physical access and intimacy rarely taken without stealth. But he can still render a foe helpless with a simple pinch, much like the fabled Mr. Spock.


Shang-Chi is gifted at the art of moving silently and undetected. He has the stealth skills of any world-class ninja and perhaps more discipline and self-control than most such assassins. He knows how to trail a target undetected and how to break and enter a location without setting off any alarms.


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Shang-Chi is widely travelled and recognized within the intelligence and espionage communities. He knows people in multiple international law enforcement agencies and is on friendly terms with several 'spy outfits'. While he has made a few enemies there, for the most part he is widely trusted, relied upon and seen as an ally.


Shang-Chi makes a modest income as an instructor in martial arts and as a community mentor and organizer. It isn't much, but it's sufficient to his needs, which are few and far between. He has no interest in luxury.


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Shang-Chi's disdain for luxury and much of modern life can be an impediment. He doesn't have a cellphone and has limited understanding of computers. He's disconnected from popular culture and news of the day. He might not recognize a celebrity or well-known villain on sight the way others might. He will deny himself comforts, pleasures or even rewards for his actions. He can be hard to relate to and often finds himself quizzical at the behavior of others. Nothing about his life has been mundane.

Shang-Chi is a deeply ethical individual. He will not violate his ethics casually and strictly monitors and holds himself accountable for his behavior. Doing something 'out of character' is not something he does lightly or easily. While he attempts to be decisive in all things, moral dilemmas can be agonizing and paralyzing as he tries to navigate the right choice to make. In addition, he is an extremely merciful and generous individual and prone to give people the benefit of the doubt and give them a chance to redeem themselves. His faith in humanity is sometimes not particularly rewarded.

Fu Manchu:

Shang-Chi's greatest enemy will always be his father. While he's routed his sire's machinations on many occasions, Fu Manchu remains a potent and dangerous force in criminal affairs in China and most of Southeast Asia. He keeps a steady price on his son's head in excess of ten million dollars and there are always professionals willing to try for such a prize.


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Tournament: Shang-Chi vs. Sabretooth October 4th, 2018 Tourney: Shang-Chi vs Sabretooth
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