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Shockwave (Scenesys ID: 7537)
"Clarity of thought before rashness of action."
Full Name: Shockwave of Tarn
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Military Operations Commnader
Citizenship: Decepticon Empire
Residence: Kaon (The Badlands, Cybertron)
Education: Academy of Science and Technology
Status: Retired
Groups: Decepticons, Cybertron-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 3 August Actor: Corey Burton (voice)
Height: 517 cm Weight: 1,758 kg
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "Vide Cor Meum" by Patrick Cassidy


Shockwave may appear to be loyal to Megatron, but in reality he serves only one master - pure logic. Behind his emotionless face rests the mind of a brilliant strategist and mathematician. He calculates constantly, and enforces his solutions through the precise application of the vast power of his laser cannon. Left arm shoots a wide range of electromagnetic armaments from explosive gamma rays to super-hot infrared particle beams. He is capable of flight in both laser cannon and bipedal modes. However, he is often confounded by innovative or emotional thinking.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Nearly 17 feet (517cm) tall, the Cybertronian is designed with hues of purple and silver. His head doesn't even have spectre of humanoid, as it is a oblong structure with a single glowing red eye. The left forearm ends in a large energy cannon.

Alternate Form:

A massive 35 foot long energy cannon. It lacks a base suitable for landing, instead relying on thrusters to hover or fly about.


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Millions of years ago, prior to the Great War of Cybertron, Shockwave was a senator and scientist who worked to protect outliers from the Functionist that held sway in the senate. Secretly using the Academy of Advanced Technology as a front for his activities, he was responsible for retrofitting several Cybertronians with Matrix chambers. When he was discovered, his waning influence was not enough to protect him from the wrath of the Senate, who sent him to the Institute for Empurata. This punishment left bereft of his face, his left hand, and perhaps worst of all; his emotions and thus his morality.

It was believed this would render Shockwave compliant, however it was simply a matter of logical conclusion that he would cooperate with the senate until the right time came. Thus, when Megatron rose to power, he joined the Decepticons and helped to overthrow the corrupt government of that time, serving the military commander of the Decepticons, second only to Megatron himself. When the Ark left Cybertron, Megatron left Shockwave in charge of the Decepticons remaining on the planet.

Since then, Shockwave has - amidst fighting wars, leading his people, and making truces to stave of a complete catastrophic collapse of Cybertron - been actively engaged with disassembling and understanding the ancient technology of his planet as well as other civilizations, with the hope of reversing the devastating effects of the war and its attrition of Cybertronian life. In the course of this research, he has seeded a number of secret places on Cybertron with energon. He has likewise developed the technology behind the triple changers, and had a hand in the creation of the micromasters.

Shockwave has also been searching for the Ark and Nemesis; should the crews of those ships reappear, he'll be prepared with a strategy to deal with them. In particular, he is convinced that Optimus Prime and Megatron's reappearance will incite a final war that will spur their civilization on toward that complete catastrophic collapse he's been working to prevent. Much more efficient to have them done away with entirely.

For now, there is a truce in place; it's a cold war sort of truce, with sparse fighting and intense plotting for each decisive advantage against the Autobots. He refuses to join them due to irreconcilable philosophical differences. He maintains peace with them so Cybertron isn't completely destroyed.


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Shockwave is intellectually one of the greatest minds in the universe, capable of incredible leaps of logic, profound computational insights, and effective leadership via strategic planning and calm management.

Unfortunately, he is also entirely bereft of emotion, morality, and compassion. If he grants mercy or imitates compassion, it is purely because it is the most effective, logical means of getting what he wants. While this lack of emotion can see him inflict horrible tortures on others, it also means he's just as likely to engage in compromise or negotiate peace if it's the logical thing to do.

Goal oriented, Shockwave is often forming plan after plan within plan. He is neither stubborn or capricious; he will drive relentlessly toward achievement unless and until it's obviously no longer the optimal path or the best, logical decision.


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Originally designed as a chamber to hold a Prime Matrix, this specialized chest compartment has been since modified to store and adapt alternative energy sources for Shockwave's use, to include radioactive materials. While its uses are manifold, it tends to present certain complications (+wea Fuel).

Whether it can still contain a Prime Matrix is anyone's guess, though if it could it may bear forth interesting and/or dangerous complications. (This is intended as a potential plot device, subject to staff approval of +job submission.)

Durability: Cybertronians are physically more durable than most organic species, and do not need to breathe in the same way. This allows them to survive in space without additional protection or equipment. Their construction tends to be resistant to light human weapons such as most civilian grade ballistic weaponry, but heavier military grade ballistic weapons and advanced weaponry can damage them. Fortunately, when damaged they can be repaired as long as their spark is still alive.

Enhanced Perception: A Cybertronian's visual and audio capabilities cross multiple spectrums and over a broad range of frequencies, allowing them to detect things that aren't normally detectable by other beings.

Spark: Cybertronians are effectively immortal; they are easily able to live millions of years unless their spark is extinguished by some outside force or influence. Even death by old age or cybercrosis can be averted. Sparks are typically contained within a special casing in their chests, but can survive out of the body in cryostasis.

Endurance: Cybertronians still require rest, though far less frequently than other races. Ideally, they use circuit slabs to get the most out of their rest cycle. Personally, Shockwave is able to exert himself physically or fight for days before requiring rest, or if engaging in more intellectual efforts he can go for up to two weeks without requiring a rest cycle.

Energon: Cybertronians require sustenance in the form of Energon. They can make use of other fuel sources - such as fossil fuels - but they get the best results from Energon.

Transformation: Nearly all Cybertronians are capable of transforming into an alternate form. Shockwave's alternate form happens to be that of a massive flying energy cannon.

Shockwave's energy blaster is a powerful weapon; he has command over the full electromagnetic spectrum, allowing him to emit beams of energy in a wide variety of forms. In his alternate (cannon) form, the blast is capable of outright killing multiple Cybertronians caught in its beam (a feat performed in the comics). It's slightly diminished in robot form, but Shockwave has precise control over the energy output and frequency in either form.

Shockwave is capable of lifting roughly 70-75 tons, but his lack of a left hand might complicate matters.

Shockwave is one of the rare Cybertronians capable of flight in both robot and alternate form through the use of jet thrusters. He's capable of Mach 1 speeds in cannon form, but is restricted to sub-Mach speeds in robot form. While he is slightly faster in space than he is in an atmosphere, he requires a vehicle for interstellar travel.


Shockwave is one of the greatest minds in the Galaxy, with his cybernetic systems rivaling logic processing power and speed of the most potent computers or organic minds in existence. Coupled with his lack of emotion, he is able see patterns and come to conclusions without clouding by irrational, emotional responses.


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As a Cybertronian, Shockwave is of course highly trained in the art of war. On the field, he is a significant threat both in hand to hand and at range due to his training and his energy blaster. There are few on Cybertron that can face him in hand to hand combat and survive, roughly equal to Megatron or even Optimus. Grimlock, on the other hand...

His fighting style is one of precision and efficiency. His attacks are calculated for maximum impact, effect, and efficiency. Fortunate, given his energy output can be problematic (+wea Fuel).

Shockwave is an effective leader in spite of his lack of empathy and emotion. He rules and directs based on logic, which means he doesn't fret details that might upset another more emotional leader. His intellect and logic lends toward efficient, effective tactics that do not waste resources needlessly, including the lives of those under his charge.

A corollary to Shockwave's skill and mastery of technology is his ability to create, modify, and re-purpose complex software programs, including Artificial Intelligence. As a result, he's not only able to hack advanced computers and security systems on Cybertron and elsewhere, but he is able to 'recondition' Cybertronians and other AI lifeforms by hacking their systems and rewriting them.

Sentient AI and tech-based lifeforms are able to resist and even break free of this reconditioning, and are able to be helped by the efforts or encouragement of others. This latter use requires consent and/or a +job submission to staff for plot.

Shockwave genius intellect and lifespan has allowed him to master a vast number of sciences; he has a grasp of the laws of our universe rivaled only by the likes of ancient gods and other powerful entities.


Shockwave has mastered the theory, creation, and practical application of Cybertronian technology as well as those of other cultures (including a few lost because Cybertronian wars wiped them out). Indeed, he is frequently engaged in experiments to further his own knowledge as well as advance his species, and is responsible for the creation of the Triple Changers and had a hand in creating Micromasters. He is able to adapt and advance any technology he comes across, given time and resources.


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Shockwave is the leader of the Decepticons on Cybertron, and as such has access to the full resources of that faction and its territories. Additionally, due to the wars there are vast regions of Cybertron that are either devoid of cybernetic life or devoid of sentient cybernetic life. These areas can be explored and plundered for lost resources if necessary.

Shockwave has had millions of years to engage in research not only for the sake of knowledge but most obviously to benefit the 'War Effort', or the restoration of Cybertron. As such, he has access to a vast amount of experimental tech that's currently not in use and in various states of completion.

The nature of these experiments are as varied as their purposes; Weaponry, Cybernetic beasts, and more.

Shockwave has seeded a number of secret locations across Cybertron with Energon as a long game hedge against the eventuality of energy shortages. The effects of energon over such a long time has created materials with unusual properties that have yet to be investigated, let alone put to use.

This is intended as a plot device with staff approval to discover the properties and uses of these materials via approved plots.


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Shockwave's high energy means he tends to make his fuel consumption very inefficient, which he typically compensates for by storing radioactive materials and other energy sources in a specialized chest compartment, which tends to present other complications. His risk analysis of this scenario tends to find it worthwhile, but a breach could have him forced to retreat.

As 'cybernetic' entities, Cybertronians can be susceptible to malicious code or hacking attempts made by those with sufficient technology and skill, the effects of which could mimic illnesses, loss of bodily control or even what amounts to 'mind control' for a Cybertronian.

While Shockwave is certainly able and willing to manipulate others based on their likely emotional responses, it's still a gamble that can cause him setback or loss. It's the irrational response that throws him off; lacking empathy and emotion himself, his calculations are just that. Cold, computational analysis based on statistical data. This is less an issue with Cybertronians than it is with other races; be they lesser known, more chaotic, or more prone to irrational decisions.

While logic is normally considered a strength for Shockwave, it can be used against him. If his opponent is able to point out a flaw in Shockwave's plan, introduce previously unknown vectors, or otherwise call his logic into question, Shockwave can be forced to concede defeat - or at the very least withdraw to reconsider his next move.

Broadly, Cybertron is known throughout the Galaxy as bringing death and war everywhere they go due to the Autobot/Decepticon war. Because of this, while they may be cautiously welcomed in places of scum and villainy such as Knowhere, or Sakaar, they are usually shunned by any civilized planet that knows who they are.

Personally, Shockwave is a known Decepticon leader. As such, he is likely open to hostile reactions from any Autobot or Autobot sympathizer or anyone who has an axe to grind against Decepticons in general.


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