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Silver Surfer (Scenesys ID: 1689)
"I am not a god. I have never created life... but I have lived. That is enough. So I will fight to preserve that same opportunity - to love, to dream, to soar among the stars -- for all those yet to come. Many lives will be lost in the battle ahead -- but their efforts will ensure that some remain to remember their deeds. And, like the gods, the will truly live forever... even after they are gone."
Full Name: Norrin Radd
Gender: Male
Species: Zenn-Lavian
Theme: Marvel (SFC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Zenn-La
Residence: Mobile
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 58 Actual Age: 58
Date of Birth 30 July 1969 Actor: Shemar Moore, Voice Laurence Fishburne
Height: 193 cm (6'4") Weight: 102 kg (224 lb)
Hair Color: Bald (black) Eye Color: Silver (blue)
Theme Song: "Silver Surfer(NES) BGM 1" by Tim and Geoff Follin


On Zenn-La, there is no crime, there is no disease, there is no hunger, there is no poverty, and there is no want of any kind. Galactus would have seen the end to their utopia, save for the efforts of Norrin Radd. He approached the Devourer of Worlds, and bargained for its continued existence. Zenn-La would be spared, but Radd had a terrible price to pay. He gave up Zenn-La. He gave up being Radd. He was imbued with a fraction of the power cosmic. He would serve as a Herald of Galactus. But just as he once pled for Zenn-La, another would plead for their own world. Radd turned on his master, and as punishment, he was banished to that wretched little planet. In time, he was able to escape. Now he rides the cosmic waves as the Silver Surfer.

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Silver, smooth and almost fluid in its movement, encompasses the tall man before you. Kind eyes on a soft face, but eyes that burn with Power Cosmic. His is well-built, neither bulky nor skinny, and aside from an androgynous bit of modesty, he is devoid of clothes.

At his side is a board, long as he is tall, deeply reflective and covered with the same silver material.


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Silver Surfer was originally named Norrin Radd. He lived a peaceful life on the plane Zenn-La with his beloved Shalla-Bal, having been raised as an intellectual. He yearned to explore the stars, becoming restless even as happy as he was with his work, and his lover. Fate would grant Norrin his wish but at a great cost, as eventually the entity called Galactus, devourer of worlds, arrived at Zenn-La. The planet would have been destroyed had Norrin Radd not offered himself in service to Galactus in exchange for him sparing Zenn-La. Norrin Radd was forced to say goodbye to Shalla-Bal, to his people, to his planet, to his entire life.

Galactus transformed Norrin into the Silver Surfer, reborn now as the Herald of Galactus. Silver Surfer served his new master for years, seeking out planets for Galactus to consume. He was given enormous power, nearly godlike in potential, however his abilities still pale in comparison to his Master, who commanded absolute obedience from him. Silver Surfer's memories were also erased, causing him to forget about his former home, and as such his duties to Galactus were all he knew. He would at times ask Galactus about his origins but his master would refuse to comment, stating that his only concern should be sating Galactus's hunger.

Eventually Silver Surfer was attacked and captured by an alien bent on controlling Galactus in order to destroy the universe. The alien entered Silver Surfer's mind, hoping to uncover the means by which to control Galactus. But instead of finding the knowledge he sought, he ended up temporarily causing Silver Surfer to remember his life as Norrin Radd. Silver Surfer was able to escape the alien, and found his master, demanding that his memories be restored. Galactus told Silver Surfer that he was out of line. The only reason Galactus spared Silver Surfer for his defiance was because he had located a planet on his own that he could feed on. This planet was populated by billions of beings, and Silver Surfer once again found himself pleading for the fate of another world, just as he once pleaded for his own Zenn-La.

Silver Surfer tried to stop Galactus from consuming the planet, and succeeded not because he was able to overpower his former master, but because Galactus decided that he wanted to trap Silver Surfer on this planet, making it his prison as punishment for defying him. The planet was surrounded by a powerful barrier and Silver Surfer's powers were nullified. He was forced to wander the planet alone as his appearance made him unwelcome and shunned. The barrier was mysteriously destroyed after some time, allowing Silver Surfer to escape after his powers were restored.

He has since learned that Zenn-La has been moved by Galactus. Silver Surfer is searching for his home and his beloved, encountering strange beings, and adventures along the way. He is dedicated to freedom, and ensuring that others are free from bondage, and slavery of any kind. With his memories restored he can live by the virtues and teachings of peace that he was raised with. His interference with other worlds has been limited as of yet, taking some of the wisdom of the Watchers to heart. His power is great but he knows it is not his place to interfere with every planetary conflict he encounters. Greater threats like Galactus loom over the universe, and it is those foes who are more likely to force his hand. But for now his long search for his home continues..


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The Silver Surfer values freedom above all things. He believes that everyone should be free and when he sees people enslaved he is compelled to free them. He prefers not to use violence to achieve his goals, and there are many times in which he can resolve a matter peacefully, especially since he can turn weapons into mere paper weights. But if he is forced to engage in combat he will not shy away. He does not directly interfere with planetary politics when he encounters a new world, however he will free slaves or the oppressed where he finds them, which can at times cause him to indirectly interfere with a planet or civilization's politics, or way of life. However as a rule he does not consider himself a universal hero as such, but he does try to do good where he can. More often than not he will not consider it his place to influence a civilization's course. His attention is shifted when threats on a galactic or universal scale present themselves, otherwise he is less likely to intervene. He dearly loves his romantic partner Shalla-Bal and will never stop looking for her and the planet Zenn-La. Overall he has a very educated and wizened sounding vocabulary, speaking to others respectfully and tactfully most of the time. His primary goal is to find his homeworld and reunite with Shalla-Bal.


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Silver Surfer has not aged since being transformed by Galactus. As such he does not have to worry about time as he wanders the universe.

The Power Cosmic:

The Silver Surfer wields "the power cosmic", which allows him to absorb and manipulate the ambient cosmic energies of the universe. He is able to increase his strength to incalculable levels, even to the point of parting a large crack in the Earth after he was swallowed up by an earthquake. The true potential of his strength is unknown.

This power also makes him almost entirely indestructible, having been shot at by missiles, bullets, attacked by incredibly strong creatures, and even falling into a planet's atmosphere, all unscathed except for some aches and pains in the latter case. But generally he is unharmed by all but overwhelming force, such as the power of Galactus. He is able to navigate through space at near limitless speeds on his board. By utilizing hyperspace and dimensional barriers he can move faster than light. Once he accelerates beyond light speed he enters hyperspace.

He is also able to analyze and manipulate matter and energy as needed, and restructure or animate matter using his power. He can also transmute elements as needed, such as turning a powerful ray gun blast into rain. He is able to heal even the most grievous wounds, disease, and ailments, however he -cannot- bring back the dead to life.

He is able to revive and evolve life on a planet wide scale if he wishes, allowing him to accelerate the development of a planet's formation of life, or heal a devastated planet (This would weaken him severely, not to mention it would be rare for him to do this unless he caused widespread devastation to a planet by accident). He possesses the power to change his own shape as needed, and the shape of other matter or beings.

He can create illusions to fool enemies, which can allow him to peacefully resolve conflict so he can escape, or help others escape. He can fire energy blasts as an attack if he is forced into conflict. These blasts are very powerful, able to lay waste to entire battlements, weapons arrays, and star ships with little effort. Obviously there is technology powerful enough to resist these blasts. He was not able to harm Galactus with his energy blasts for example.

He also has limited telepathic ability and is able to influence a being's emotions and sensations, but given the high value he places on freedom, he is not likely to do this unless there is need since such an ability could violate someone's free will (Not to mention that it would require PC consent).

The Silver Surfer does not need to consume food or drink, nor does he need to sleep as he is sustained by the energy around him, such as retrieving energy from a star or other matter, and converting it into energy, similar to what Galactus does but on a much smaller scale. Of course he only takes what he needs and does not harm anyone or anything in the process.

He is also immune to extreme temperatures that would kill other life forms. He is also immune to most radiation and is able to survive in a vacuum environment, which is why he is able to travel through space and hyperspace. He does not need to breathe after all.

He is also capable of forming and manipulating energy constructs, manipulating gravity, absorbing and discharging most forms of energy, and he is able to phase through solid matter to escape, move through obstacles, or pursue an enemy. He also has powerful senses which allow him to detect objects and energy even light years away, and to perceive matter and energy on a subatomic level in terms of detail.


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Silver Surfer was educated in the sciences and has an understanding of various branches of science. While he is not a researcher, or inventor, this knowledge helps him apply his powers in the most effective way, and it also aides him as he travels through space, and to other planets.

Silver Surfer rarely has to fight hand to hand but when he does he can more often than not hold his own by sheer physical strength. If he is fighting someone of similar or greater strength he is not an expert fighter, he does not have any martial arts training. He knows the basics of fighting and brawling simply due to experience. His might is in his power more than his skill.


Silver Surfer is well versed in the philosophies of his people and they guide him daily. He often ponders the mysteries of the universe and of life in general.


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Silver Surfer does not use money, he does not string together networks of contacts, but he does have allies of sorts. He is on good terms with the Guardians of the Galaxy, mostly due to their run ins with Thanos. Thanos being an arch nemesis of the Silver Surfer, has naturally brought Silver Surfer into contact with the Guardians before. He cannot call them at will, they do not work for him, however they have mutual interests and they may call on each other to help avert a galactic or universal threat.

Silver Surfer is also an acquaintance of a being named Mantis, who although from Earth, has encountered Silver Surfer before. They worked together when the Elders of the Universe tried to destroy the universe in order to become its' new rulers. It is certainly possible that they may encounter each other again one day if another threat reunites them.


The Silver Surfer travels the universe on his board which he can call at will if he is separated from it. It is what allows him to fly through the air, through space, or through hyperspace. It is as indestructible as he is, however if it is damaged, or destroyed by some extremely powerful force, the Silver Surfer can repair it, or even recreate it by his own will. It is made of the same material that his skin is made of.

He is also able to use this board as a projectile weapon by directing it remotely at an enemy, and it is also capable of temporarily absorbing, or imprisoning an enemy, however this is not done often. The Silver Surfer values freedom above all else and would not do so unless there was no other choice. The board is controlled by the Silver Surfer's thoughts, it is an extension of his will.


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Silver Surfer has encountered various powerful enemies as he has wandered the universe in search of his homeworld. These enemies include Thanos, worshipper of chaos and death. This Titan native seeks to wipe out all life. Silver Surfer has encountered this being more than once, finding Thanos more than a challenge each time. Thanos has enough power to fight Silver Surfer toe to toe and even win. This makes him incredibly dangerous.

Other enemies include Reptyl, a reptilian being who hates all mammals, and who is able to survive in the vacuum of space, and who possesses great strength of his own. His tendencies to cause suffering and death have drawn Silver Surfer's attention before. While Reptyl is not as powerful as the Silver Surfer, his abilities are strong enough to challenge him. Another enemy of note is the being Tyrant, who was created by Galactus who has a great hunger like his creator. This being would enslave the entire galaxy if he could, and he once possessed an intergalactic empire long ago. Tyrant's power is far beyond the Silver Surfer's, and it was only by Galactus' intervention that Tyrant has not destroyed him. When Tyrant gets out of control, Galactus has the power to stop him. It is not because Galactus cares about SS, or anyone else for that matter, it is because Galactus needs the universe to exist to feed his hunger. That Silver Surfer or anyone else in conflict with Tyrant, was coincidentally "rescued" by this intervention was sheer luck. Tyrant could easily destroy Silver Surfer otherwise.

On one occasion the Silver Surfer came into conflict with the Elders of the Universe, who once attempted to destroy the universe in order to eliminate Galactus, and by default become the new rulers of the universe. Silver Surfer thwarted them with the help of a being named Mantis, who he briefly worked with at the time.

These beings are simply the ones whom the Silver Surfer has encountered so far. Their interests clash with his own, and as such he finds himself in conflict with them the most as they are powerful enough to warrant his attention. But the universe is a big place and the Silver Surfer certainly has not met every evil force whose goals involve mass enslavement and destruction. Silver Surfer will be duty and moral bound to fight them, even if they are more powerful than he is.

Silver Surfer must replenish his energy after extended use of his powers. Indeed as powerful as he is, his energy is not self sustaining, and he must convert matter into energy to replenish himself. This energy is usually taken from stars. If Silver Surfer does not replenish his energy, he will weaken, and fall unconscious. That would make him vulnerable and helpless before an enemy.

Also enemies who are powerful enough to drain cosmic energy from him will have an advantage.

Not only is Galactus profoundly beyond Silver Surfer in power, but Galactus could take away Silver Surfer's power if he wanted to, leaving him a normal Zenn-Lavian again. This is unlikely to happen since Galactus left Silver Surfer empowered as a curse, however Galactus is Silver Surfer's greatest foe and his greatest weakness.

While Silver Surfer does not see it as his place to interfere with any civilization's culture, politics, wars, or evolution, he has happened across individual people who may be involved in such matters. He has helped such people on occasion if they are in danger and if he is in the immediate vicinity, especially when he has indirectly caused them to fall into danger, even when he himself stands to lose. He would even sacrifice finding his homeworld if it means rescuing someone he has put in danger. This can derail his primary goal, which is to find his people again. It could potentially put him in peril as well depending on the enemy in question.


Silver Surfer is known in many solar systems after having served as the Herald of Galactus. He was once an omen of doom for any planet he encountered, as he would be leading his former master to them soon after. Even though he no longer serves Galactus, there are beings who know what he looks like, and they know who he once served. As a result he is hated by many who have lost their planets to Galactus. Silver Surfer is someone they can blame since Galactus is not much for listening to those whose lives he has ruined. Silver Surfer at times faces rejection, hate, and scorn. He is shunned and unwanted in some places. Even where he is not known, or where some have forgiven him, the stains and scars of his past haunts him.


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