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Sky Lynx (Scenesys ID: 7597)
"Everyone needs a modicum of intelligence, and with me here, they shall receive it!"
Full Name: Sky Lynx of Iacon
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Lieutenant Commander
Citizenship: Autobot Commonwealth
Residence: Iacon (Iacon Province, Cybertron)
Education: Autobot Academy
Status: Retired
Groups: Autobots, Cybertron-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 15 June Actor: Nolan North
Height: 1,526 cm Weight: 31,348 kg
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: "Legends Never Die" by Against The Current


Intimidating to enemies, and either inspiring or irritating to allies, Sky Lynx is an instantly recognizable Autobot due to his dragon-like primary form and his very pompous personality. With armor that withstands extreme temperatures, claws and fangs that can shear most metals, weaponry that can melt or shatter the rest, and his ability to split into two, means few can ignore his presence. His secondary duty as transport is supported by his alt-form as a space shuttle. Among autobots, Sky Lynx is respected for his duty as Lieutenant Commander and often the only air support the Autobots will receive in battle. He takes this duty seriously, going to great lengths to retrieve injured warriors, on the surface of Cybertron or below it, splitting into his bird and lion-like halves as needed. Beliving his plans better than others, he will often rush headlong into dangerous situations. Truly, someone defeating him in combat? Pah! Impossible.

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Standing over 50 feet tall, Sky Lynx is a combination of a transformed space shuttle and it's carrier, morphed into a very massive metallic looking dragon. For ease of description, please direct your eyes to this glorious image of Sky Lynx in all his glory.


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Everything starts with a Spark. For the Autobot that would come to be known as Sky Lynx, it was evident early on that they were not going to be a typical native of Cybertron. Even their protoform walked on four limbs, had wings, had a tail, and was more bestial than a typical mech. After their development completed, they found a shuttle and carrier, scanned it, and thusly developed into the shuttle and carrier hybrid that could transform into something reminiscent of the dragons of legend on Earth. ... Not that Sky Lynx knew of the planet nor this legend. It was simply the will of his spark that led to this development.

Highly intelligent, charismatic, he blew through his education at the Autobot Academy with flying colors, leading to the development of his pompous, even bombastic, personality. However, his ego is reinforced by his strength, ability, and intelligence, which led to him swiftly climbing through the ranks of Autobot leadership before settling into the rank of Lieutenant Commander, subservient to few. A place he enjoyed greatly, which he will point out at any opportunity if so given the chance.

With the onset of the Great War, Sky Lynx has become a battle-hardened veteran that is able to supply aerial support in most of his modes, the only exception being the lynx lower half. A flurry of military victories against his enemies has only stroked his ego further while any defeats are swiftly blamed upon logistics, lack of personnel, or others inability to follow his plans and orders to the letter. NO DEVIATIONS!

After the disappearance of Optimus Prime, and leadership transferred to Ultra Magnus, Sky Lynx has continued to act in the best interest of the Autobots and the people of Cybertron as a whole. Decepticons are NOT to be trusted and he will NEVER listen to what they say, nor care about their plans or problems. They are mechs to be defeated, destroyed, and scattered to the corners of the cosmos. There is no other use for them as their tyranny knows no bounds, so believes Sky Lynx.


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Long, long ago on a world far far away, a spark was created that resulted in an Autobot that started out as a determined, intelligent, and loyal member of society. It was when he -realized- that he was these things, larger than most, surprisingly powerful, and blew through the Autobot Academy with flying colors, that his personality inflated to the point people 'know and love him for' at this time. 'Commander Modesty' indeed!

Fast forward from those early days, long before man crawled across the Earth to current day, and Sky Lynx is a battle-hardened veteran that has been a warrior of the Autobot cause for as long as he can remember. Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander despite his 'charismatic' personality has only served to fulfill his thoughts of self-importance. Even with his well known attitude, his loyalty is unwavering. Those calling for aid in the Great War will find Sky Lynx will rush to their aid, wielding tooth, claw, tail, and weapons to provide support, and then transport thanks to the carrier-portion of his body in his alt-mode. YOU BETTER THANK HIM FOR THE ASSISTANCE!

In all honesty, there's no breaking Sky Lynx's will, He'll not be swayed by the words of any Decepticon or anyone that he considers an enemy, and he will LOUDLY explain why he feels this way to those that fight against him. If he actually suffers a defeat at the hands of an enemy, there is ALWAYS a reason for it that isn't his own personal failings. Someone didn't follow his orders to the letter. He was outnumbered, outgunned, anything but himself.

On that note, Sky Lynx's temper can also be very short when it comes to his plans and people following him. Discovering insubordination will cause an ire to rise that other Autobots fear. It isn't that Sky Lynx wants to rule through fear, but if his temper is another tool to ensure people listen to his -superior- orders and plans, so be it.

In summary: Sky Lynx is pompous, but there's good reason for it. He's a potent leader, a capable fighter, and a great tactician. He prefers to give orders than take them, and will advise loudly if he's the one to be ordered. If he gives an order, it would be best that you follow it, otherwise someone may find that encountering his short temper can be very frightening. Do you really want to upset a 50 foot tall robotic dragon? Doubtful. Be grateful that he is helping you and be sure to thank him for it as well!


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Due to having an alternate form of a shuttle, and often employed by other Autobots as a transport, Sky Lynx's carry weight varies based on what form he's in. When in his Shuttle-Carrier form, he's capable of taking on 1000 tons (between personnel and cargo) and can still leave orbit.

When Sky Lynx is in his primary form, he's can only take flight while carrying 100 tons, be it by hand or by jaw. If he remains on the ground, he can lift nearly 1000 tons with his limbs, or around 200 tons with his head and jaws.

Cybertronian: Cybertronians are advanced long-lived artificial life-forms. They have several innate traits across their 'species'.

Spark: The Spark is a Cybertronian's soul. These Sparks are essentially eternal with only certain things that can snuff out a Spark. Cybertronians normally keep their Sparks in a special casing in their chests, but certain forms of cryostasis can also preserve them.

Durability: Cybertronians are very durable, made of living metal, and capable of surviving nearly anything so long as their Spark is protected. This makes their race durable against damage. Superficial or even structural damage can be repaired relatively easily. Due to not being organic, oxygen is not needed other than ease of verbal communication so they can survive in space. For Sky Lynx in particular, his size is his advantage when it comes to soaking damage. He is an aerial tank on the front lines and significantly heavy weaponry will be needed to bring him down. Explosive and Armor Piercing attacks will work best.

Perception: Cybertronians have a large suite of sensory capabilities built into their visual and audio spectrums. They can perceive many things at once, including some that are hard to discern by other beings.

Endurance: Even advanced machines need to rest. Special circuit slabs are used to optimize their rest periods, but they can 'sleep' without their 'beds'. It's just not as restful or efficient.

Energon: Cybertronians require sustenance in the form of Energon. They can make use of other fuel sources (such as fossil fuels) but they get the best results from Energon.

Unlike most Autobots, Sky Lynx is capable of flight in both his primary and alternate mode. When in Shuttle-Carrier mode, he can push up to just under mach 1 but no further, and less with cargo. In his primary, dragon form, He can fly at about 100 miles per hour in a straight line. On the ground he can sprint at 60 miles per hour.

Cybertronians are able to project a holomatter avatar roughly 100 meters from their current position. They use this to interact with organic races while maintaining their cover. The holomatter avatar has substance and can manipulate other objects, but its strength levels are rather low. A larger holo image requires a larger expenditure of energy and concentration.

In Sky Lynx's case, he also possesses a drone that extends his holomatter avatar range out to a full kilometer. This drone has no combat capabilities and is most often used in areas where his shuttle alternate form isn't suitable as camouflage. When damaged, similar to other holomatter avatars, it can cause a backlash to Sky Lynx can overload his circuitry and require recovery time.


Nearly all Cybertronians are capable of transforming into an alternate form. Sky Lynx's alternate form is that of a space shuttle and an attached carrier that acts as a transport space for other people. The carrier can be left behind if needed.


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In his alternate form and primary form, Sky Lynx is capable of pulling off significant feats of agility in the air despite his size. The way he's constructed allows him to tolerate massive g-levels and he's very capable at evasive maneuvers as a shuttle or in his primary form.

Due in part to his size, and due in part to being part of the Great War for the majority of his life, Sky Lynx is a potent combatant that knows how to use his size to his advantage and has enough experience to know how to think outside the box with it as well. He may fight like a giant dragon, but he's also smart about it rather than trying to just brute-force his way through a battle.


Sky Lynx is commonly employed as a transport by the Autobots and their allies. As a result, he has a high amount of experience with maintaining supply lines, knowing where equipment needs to go, and just how to get it there so that enemies won't be able to intercept. He's the first person anyone should talk to when trying to determine logistics of any sort. More often than not, he'll suggest he should just take any and all important deliveries himself, but he's fully aware that he cannot be in two places at once. If he will not be able to see a shipment to its destination, he will be able to determine just how to do it very quickly.


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As a high-ranking member of the Autobots, Sky Lynx has access to all of their resources, bases, and communications channels. This is the primary way Sky Lynx has access to the energon he needs and a place to rest that can accommodate his size.

Sky Lynx is a Cybertronian with two structures. His spark is housed in the upper 'shuttle' portion of his frame while the 'carrier' portion can act as either a transport section or can detach and transform into 'Lynx', though this is a secondary form that is more like a drone and extension of Sky Lynx's body where his shuttle portion cannot access or is not needed.

While one may think a 50 foot tall dragon-mech of a Cybertronian may not need a lot of weapons, war demands that Sky Lynx be armed well enough to deal with enemies of all kinds.

Laser Blasters: Deployed below his wings these blasters are like machine guns for the lasers that they fire. Most effective against lightly armored targets, they are meant to do damage through quantity over quality and their accuracy is only as good as Sky Lynx's ability to aim them. While these are primarily used in aerial battles, Sky Lynx has been known to make strafing runs against land based targets if the opportunity presents itself.

Plasma Cannon: Also considered a 'breath weapon' by some, the plasma cannon located within Sky Lynx's jaw produces a massive beam of high temperature plasma when fired. This is his most powerful attack, but it can only be used a maximum of three times within a 24 hour period, and is typically reserved for massive threats that either are large in size or extremely well armored. If the weapon is used more than this, the weapon and it's component parts may over heat and be damaged.


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As Sky Lynx has been a part of the many wars of Cybertron for so long, his form is instantly recognizable due to it's size and unique construction. His presence is inspiring to his allies and can be terrifying to his enemies, and for that reason he is often a primary target of powerful Decepticons when he enters the field of battle. Anyone that force Sky Lynx to retreat, crash land, or otherwise be removed from combat should be recognized for their achievement.

To function, Sky Lynx must absorb energy. Ideally this energy comes from a source known as Energon. Other sources can be used, but are far more inefficent. Energy must e taken in on a regular basis, otherwise his functions will slowly deteriorate to the point where he may go into a stasis lock to maintain his spark, but be incapable of doing anything else.

Through his early ease passing through Autobot Academy and extensive experience as a veteran of the Great War, to call Sky Lynx overconfident may actually be considered an understatement. There are few that match Sky Lynx's size and strength. Combined with his swift mind and intellect, only a select few will succeed in attacking him. However, even in defeat he finds other reasons to blame. Surely -he- did not fail. That notion is ridiculous!

Cybertronians are known as a terribly war-like and destructive people. They are seen as heralds of destruction and are persona non-grata on many civilized planets. They have been at war with themselves for millions of years and shows no signs of coming to a conclusion. Even if peace came to Cybertron today the many worlds of space wouldn't really believe it. Instead they would wait to see the next Cybertronian war begin.

Sky Lynx is fairly well known for his inflated sense of self among the people of Cybertron. He's loud, he's pompous, he prefers to give orders than receive them, and he will advise -very loudly- if he disagrees with someone over something. Just don't refer to him as Commander Modesty if he's nearby. He hates that nickname.


Push his buttons, disobey his orders, insult his intelligence, do anything to draw the ire of Sky Lynx and discover that his temper truly has no limits. Decepticons will often bear the brunt of his rage when it appears, but Autobots are often wary of irritating the 50 foot tall dragon-like mech. Just a swat from one of his limbs can cause significant damage. To his benefit, Sky Lynx tries very hard not to lash out at his allies and in a rare case of humility, will accept punishment when it happens.


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