Smash and Grab

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Smash and Grab
Date of Cutscene: 05 August 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Punisher

The Villa assault was a disaster, in most senses of the word. The target had been alerted to Punisher's interest, and he had lost some hardware in the retreat. The only silver lining being he took out most of the Maggia force. Whoever the speedster was... that was an issue for another day.

Today, the Lou Cattaneo situation would be resolved another way. He had gotten rid of most of their force at the Villa... but he was still keeping to his routine. Going to a coffee shop after being attacked... the man was arrogant. The drone had followed him along his usual route, making sure he made no detours. The intersection just before the shop was the ideal candidate for the interception, and Punisher had brought the Battle Van just down the block.

"Frank, he's coming up the street now." Microchip informed Punisher over the transceiver. "Get it going.... now."

In the drivers seat of the Battle Van, Punisher brought up the local map on the touch screen, then gunned the engine and turned onto the street. Within moments, he had more than enough speed to make the hit total the car on the right side, leaving the left side -where Lou would be- fairly untouched.

Though the Punisher wouldn't cry at all if he managed to break a few limbs along the way.

"Two degrees right, Frank." Microchip continues, giving minor adjustment for the change in driving of Lou's driver.

Cars honked their horns as the Battle Van darted right through the intersection... and right into the Sedan where Lou and his two bodyguards were. The almost sickening sound of twisting metal could be heard for a block or more as the Battle Van turned the entire right side of the car into slag, crushing the passenger side -and the person in it- instantly. The driver was 'lucky' enough to be knocked out, so when the Punisher stopped the Van and went around to put a bullet in his head, he never felt it coming.

Lou on the other hand... could see the black trenchcoat and white skull vest of the Punisher as he crouched down and stared him in the eye. "You and I have unfinished business, asshole." The closed fist of the Punisher knocked him out immediately after, allowing him to undo the seatbelt and pull the man out of the wreck. Seconds later, and Lou was blindfolded and tied in the back of the van as Punisher pulled away and started to drive off.

"Grab complete, Micro. I'll see you back at the safehouse."