Somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains

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Somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains
Date of Cutscene: 21 November 2017
Location: Carpathian Mountains
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Talia al Ghul

A ruined castle overlooks one of the many passes through the mountains. While the upper works are in shambles, the lower works have been under renovation for quite some time. The current owner made the arrangements prior to their untimely demise, solely as a contingency. A contingency that now must come to fruition.

After her death, Talia has gone underground. Literally. Death has never been much of an inconvenience for her family, not with her father's access to certain mystical secrets. In fact it usually offered new opportunities. She still doesn't know the organization to managed the assassination, at least not yet, but anyone with the skills to assassinate the daughter of Ra's al Ghul needs to be handled carefully.

There are more pressing matters to attend to first, however. In a large, underground chamber Talia sits upon a tall-backed chair that some might liken to a throne. Dressed simply in a white hooded robe of fine silk, she waits for those who she has summoned. Five figures enter, cloaked in orange as deep as the autumn leaves. Skeletal masks hide their features, if not their voices. She waits a moment longer before addressing them.

"Your instructions are on the table." A finely-manicured hand gestures towards five large, sealed envelopes. "Locate the target by any means necessary. Use local assets to make contact and draw him out. Tag, but do not engage. Do you understand?" Five heads nod in unison. Red lips pull back into a smile.

"Go, then. Go and find my son."