Star Sapphire's Costume Contest

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Star Sapphire's Costume Contest
Date of Cutscene: 22 July 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Star Sapphire

"Hi. My name's Star Sapphire. I'm a superhero, and if you're a woman watching this video, then I need your help. Let me tell you why."

Star holds up her right hand, fingers up, knuckles facing the camera. Her ring is on prominent display. "This ring is one of the most powerful tools in the universe. It comes from a far-away planet where they developed tools to utilize emotional energy to do wondrous things. We'll probably edit in a clip here of me showing off." She grins wryly at the camera, like she's letting the audience in on a secret. Like they're buddies. "This ring is powered by love, and I know how that sounds, like a bunch of hippie garbage, but it truly is. Understanding love and keeping it in your heart is how this ring works. Without that, it's useless.

"I'm not the only Star Sapphire. I'm one of a corps of remarkable people who have a proud history and an intergalactic mission of promoting love as best we can. This uniform I'm wearing is a connection to that history and a commitment to our message..."

As she speaks, Star Sapphire stands up, and the camera pans back to take in her appearance, then zooms in and slides down her body with more than a little male gaze. The skintight latex, the thigh-high boots, the cleavage that goes down past the belly button: the camera takes it all in as Star Sapphire continues without pausing, "...and I'm proud to wear it. This design symbolizes something. It leaves my core exposed, my heart exposed, the vital arteries in my thighs exposed. It does this to say, 'I am vulnerable. I will take risks. I will put myself out there and let you see me as I am, because I want to be open with you.'"

Here Star Sapphire pauses, waiting for the camera to pan back up to her face, before she says with wry ruefulness, "And the women out there, you've probably noticed that this message doesn't really fly on Earth. That no one is going to take that message away, because the world we live in is one where a woman's body is a subject of entertainment and amusement first, and a vessel for an important and unique person second. Where our clothes are decorations to sell us to an audience for their pleasure. I love my costume, but it's not getting the job done. It's not saying what it needs to say.

"And that's why I came to you for help. That's why I told you about myself and my mission. I want you to be involved in helping me better represent you. The Daily Planet, curtesy of Lois Lane, have agreed to help me reach out to you, and to help you reach out to me. I want you to help me redesign my costume in a way that sends the message of openness and vulnerability but that takes into account the sexualized context of the society we live in. Will you help me, please?"