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Tek-9 (Scenesys ID: 9113)
"Laughing is like a disease, you can't help but do it when you die."
Full Name: Liang Shuang Xie
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Assassin
Citizenship: Hong Kong, China
Residence: Belle Reve Prison, Louisiana
Education: Kowloon Triads
Status: Shelved
Groups: Suicide Squad
Other Information
Apparent Age: 33 Actual Age: 33
Date of Birth 15 March 1994 Actor: Jet Li
Height: 170 cm (5'6") Weight: 55 kg (120 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Hijack" by mc chris


Raised in the slums of Kowloon, Tek-9 is an accomplished contract killer, trained in a fusion of Chinese circus arts and his lineage's centuries old origin as Tibetan martial artists. After his capture in America while attempting to rally support of a conquest of the his home syndicate, he was placed in the Suicide Squad program after being responsible for several prison riots and murders without any apparent guilt. A regimented, rigid perfectionist when not in the field, he holds himself and others to an exceptional degree of expectation, becoming a dervish when moving into the field as a martial artist, acrobat, and dancer. Fighting with his hands, knives both hidden and visible, and a sword, his name 'Tek-9' was earned from his three-point technique, a triple stage assault reproduced with any of his combat techniques by design, three rapid strikes capable of puncture with precise force in rapid sequence.

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The Chinese Triad known as "Tek-9" wears a ragged black jacket with long sleeves past his long fingers, gloves on his narrow pianist's hands. His hair hangs around his head, with a pair of goggles over his eyes and a rictus grin on his face. A latch-up white shirt is worn over his chest, a strap across his shoulders holding a scabbard in place in his back with a Chinese dueling sword held in place. A belt is visible beneath his long jacket, with knives criss-crossing it, available for his use at his leisure. He wears a pair of black pants with broad bottoms, his jacket ending just above the knee, his feet clad in black boots that are occasionally visible beneath the large bottoms of his pantaloons.


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Tens of thousands of years ago, in the highlands of Afghanistan, at the thaw of the ice age, hunter-gatherers learned to farm, and civilization began to spread in all directions, villages cropping up, shaman storytellers charged with hunting, gathering, and raising young, replaced by priests, charged with war and peace. In the mountains of Tibet, temples were carved of rock from above humble villages in lush trees and fertile jungles, not a thing wanting for life here. In the privacy of the high mountains, away from invaders and within reach of trade, soon the Silk Road passing out of the Jade Gate and Merv rising up to the north, the west trading with the Fertile Crescent and the Arabians and Judeans and Caucasians, the Indians to the south and the Han to the east, enlightenment came in the form of games disguised as contemplation.

There was not much to do, once civilization had come to form, these temples and monasteries and methods of sustenance, so entertainment had to follow, and it was discovered that a clever show could teach one much about higher arts, a game in and of itself. Martial arts developed, the most lethal brutality with the tighest and narrowest rules for continuance of civilization with this weapon. Meditation, feats of speed and strength, and games of the mind. Lines of monks came into being, Llamas, spreading to Nepal and Bhutan and India. Wares came to into Tibet from the Silk Road, and many traveled here, seeking what they all called enlightenment: the trade of death.

Tibetans monks soon became bored with the high level of acclaim they had at having bred themselves for ritual combat, merely for the sake of passing the time in safety. A new game was brought to them, that of state: thieves and gangsters and bandits, were becoming spies and generals and scholars. To play these games, the monks began to branch off from Tibet, to bring their minded thought, disguised of course as harmless riddle and religion, out into the world. One such line found themselves in China for centuries, joining circuses and Triad gangs and even plying their trade as elite assassins for warlords. This line, one of many, passed secrets from father to son, of martial arts and Tibetan forms of ritualized training and meditative combat and even the commonalities of grifting tricks from the core of the world, finding themselves in Hong Kong, at the turn of the century.

Demoted into poverty by the British for their status as criminals, they lived in the slums, Kowloon, a family of elite assassins, forced out of any form of wealth and starved among the poor, to keep them humble for fear that they may find themselves courteous to play a game known among the British, however with the lethal result of the death of an envoy of poor tongue and perhaps also taste. But as China returned to control of Hong Kong, they rose in the ranks of the Triads, become the chosen hand of many Tong gentlemen and envious ladies to work as carnival assassin, the most inventive hitmen known to that shameful and small corner. They were known as the triple chancers, this family, with a technique from their earliest inception in technique: a three pronged rapid strike, of any variety, one after the other, with puncture force and lethal precision. A knife, a sword, a foot, a finger, a fist, an elbow, even a head or a toss. It was a circular meditation strategy for combat, when the chakra was opened to fight, with a posture movement in the mind to have, instead of a pair of yin and yang, the conscious and the unconscious, a start, a finality, and a finish, from the reflex, the mind, and the will, before ending.

This family, the triple chancers, were represented in the private ledger thusly: as a circle, with a trio of black paisleys with white trim, moving around in a circle until a in the center.


One of these triple chancers was born into Kowloon, and heard of the wars beginning to become open, of vigilantes and villains, great men and women of powers and skills and namesake, so amazing. In Madripoor he found out about them while on business for a contract, and decided to travel to America to become one of them, to take power and become a leader among the gangs of Hong Kong. He wished to get rid of the hierarchs of Hong Kong, the levels of wealth and sophistication among the societies that kept him poor, as his family had been kept poor for ninety-nine years of Chinese rule. In honor of these 99 years, and of course the machine pistol with the triple shot burst that matched his signature technique, he took the Triad name Tek-9, so the Americans would recognize him. He gathered up his wares of death, humble knives and swords and flares and clothing, and hopped a freighter bearing carpets from a cheap factory in Indonesia, after navigating south of course on fishing boats and catamarans.

He found himself in America, New York City, and rapidly became a notorious hitman. After placing himself on the black market as a major name, he was eventually apprehended, and placed in the Raft. After several murders and riots occured, all involving brutal and humiliating deaths, the prison informants indicated that Tek-9 was the inmate linked to all of the dead prisoners. Moved to Belle Reve Prison in Louisiana, he was drafted for the Suicide Squad program, and received the bomb in his skull, being outfitted with his gear and preferred hitman uniform.


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Tek-9 is a rigidly ordered perfectionist, trained in a martial arts form thousands of years old from the most ancient orders of monks known to man in Tibet. His family line has picked up the cons and grifts of the Old World, from the Silk Road, over centuries in China in the circuses, the gangs, and in the intrigues of state. This particular descendent of the assassin monks found himself growing up in Kowloon, Hong Kong, China, despising the hierarchies and rings that controlled his life as a Triad hitman, instead preferring the freedom of petty gangs, violent trade, and shows of vice and force befitting a man of the poor, a commoner, instead of the rich Tong that manipulated the petty and low gangsters growing up in the slums.

When working as an assassin, Tek-9 is chaotic, his rigid training unlocking to allow him to release his tension in shows of acrobatics and dance, with his martial arts style focusing on empty hands and feet, blades, and his sword, his meditative system unlocking to disrupt his natural yin-yang that keeps him prepared and trained. His grifts, thievery, and confidence games come into play as odd postures among the commoner meant to move about the hallmarks of wealth and society, a low man's lyric operating as a carnival thief with his weaponry until he reasserts his meditative stance and closes his chakra once again, winding to non-combat.

Tek-9 thinks of his own personal line centuries into the future, driven mad with rage and work ethic to protect it, blind with fear to the interpretation of others to him and his friends in Kowloon, but further driving himself in Belle Reve captivity under Suicide Squad to earn his freedom to return. He has come to think of his service as a hidden blessing, picking up valuable field training, the isolation of the prison giving him ample time to meditate, harden, and of course, develop new types of tricks from observing the others in the prison and in the field. Tek-9 is very hard on himself, and his squadmates, but shows apt empathy for those not affiliated with him, even victims, due to his innate phobia of displeasuring others to the legacy of his peers.


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Circus Arts:
Tek-9 is a professional acrobat, dancer, magician, stuntman, animal expert, and pratfall expert. He uses this skill as movement in combat, with erratic and unpredictable movements controlled by acts of pique and fancy instead of predictable precision and logic.

Tek-9 has the benefit of thousands of years of confidence artistry skills gathered from around Mesopotamia, Caucausus, Arabia, Central Asia, India, Tibet, and China, of varying states of modernity. He works as a posture confidence artist, placing himself in a social position unusual and preying upon the complacent with movements that take advantage of their bewilderment.

Kung Fu:
Tek-9 practices a specialized form of Kung Fu that has labeled his family as 'triple chancers' in the Chinese underworld for centuries. Besides all the standard throws, blocks, circles, strikes, punches, kicks, lunges, leaps, and grasps, he can move any of these attacks in triplicates of three, with deadly precision and a concept of a start (lie), a finality (kill), and a finish (intent), the blows performed with incredible precision and puncture, reflex, mind, and will. The appearance of this triad of strikes is a false statement coming from a balancing move, a mental intent to deliver the true blow, and a finish through willpower's assertion to mark the intent of the beginning. These moves, can be used with weapons as well.

Tek-9 practices a specialized form of meditation, consisting of a posture shift into release to adjust his lungs with a binding move possible with his bloodline's build, involving the knitting of the shoulders together and a pump to the heart and lungs from the combination of motor function and cardiovascular stimulation. This movement releases his meditation, which keeps him rigid and void of emotions, into a loose and passionate state of release where the tension (built up by periods spent inside the position and practicing the deliberate form of position itself) is employed in battle. The longer he has spent in this state of trained, disciplined order, the more explosive his combat techniques will be. The unique purpose of this meditation, a normal conveyance among many martial artists, is the cycling triplicate awareness, between reflex, mind, and intent, moving in a circle as he fights and expressed through his triple-blow system with body or weapon.

Small Melee:
Tek-9 carries a number of small weapons, such as knives, pronged blades tipped with venom in his glove palms, needle daggers removed from his belt, and flares hidden beneath his sleeves. He can use them alongside his kung fu and swordsmanship.

Tek-9 carries a Chinese dueling sword, used predominantly for extracting himself from situations where he is over his head. He prefers to keep the close personal style of kung fu and small weapons in tandem with his circus dance, but if necessary he will draw his sword and remove himself from combat by forcing distance with his blade and establishing a perimeter of motion. He can use his sword with his martial arts and melee weaponry in close connotation.


Tek-9 has mastered ancient forms of thievery such as pick pocketing, burglary, lockpick, location drops, appraisal, climbing and diving, and silent movement.


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Suicide Squad:

Tek-9 has the Suicide Squad as his home, and despite the many drawbacks, has the support of Belle Reve's medicine and of course, the parole granted from membership, and any experience he may happen to attain to enhance the training for his line, children or cousins, he may pick up from observation.


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Agency X:
Tek-9 is a drafted member of Agency X, and has to obey American government imperatives, and risk his life on life threatening missions he is hardly equipped for, even with his level of skill as a contract assassin. He relishes the chance, however he has no supernatural powers to speak of.

Tek-9 thrives on order, and if his personality submits to anarchy, he becomes unable to function. He must either be in the rigid position of peace and one, in his meditative focus, or be in the complex sets of patterned chaos of combat, the release of his focus to release the tension from the tight order. Anarchy, the lack of both order and force, is an anathema that makes him severely depressed.

Cranial Implant:
Tek-9, as a Suicide Squad member, as a cranial implant beyond his control in his skull, linked to Suicide Squad command's remote access.

Tek-9 has picked up a system from the Middle Orient, west of Afghanistan, wherein his legacy is his prime concern, adapted as a way of blending in as a professional mercenary went his ancestor left the mountain fortress paradise of Tibet. He constantly worries about his legacy as others see it, a method of driving him into blinding frenzies of work, motivation, and technique, over the course of his life. This has been honed to a near maniac state, since it has been applied as a single individual.


Tek-9's mind is home to thousands of years of trade secrets that are just meant for his particular family and their affiliates, gathered painstakingly as part of a Tibetan monk game of adventure and exploration. Regardless of where he is, he regards the world as his oyster, but this is the pearl he seeks to keep from his fellows.


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