Thaddeus Ross

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Thaddeus Ross (Scenesys ID: 7863)
Full Name: Thaddeus Ross
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Secretary of State
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Washington, DC
Education: National War College
Status: Dropped
Groups: Thunderbolts
Other Information
Apparent Age: 63 Actual Age: 63
Date of Birth 26 March 1964 Actor: Sam Elliot
Height: 185 cm (6'1") Weight: 111 kg (245 lbs.)
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC


Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, a soldier-turned diplomat, who made his name by being decisive and quick in his actions. This is true not only on the battlefield, but in his personal life and the political arena, as well. Ross is a dutiful man who has set his sights on making sure everything fits within the proper order of things and that rogue elements are not given free reign to simply do as they please.

He has formed the Thunderbolts to help with this primary goal, to bring superheroes under the government control and protection they need to do their job, without being vigilantes and working towards benefitting not only his goal of instilling proper order, but also to take vengeance on Bruce Banner/the Hulk. He does not forget or forgive slights, and that is one that he will see resolved, or die trying.



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A tall, sturdy man with white hair, bright blue eyes, and a bushy mustache. While he is wearing a suit, it is obvious that the man has a military bearing.

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Born to a military family in New Hampshire, Thaddeus Ross was destined to follow in the family tradition and embraced it wholeheartedly, graduating top in his class from his military prep school and near the top of his class at West Point. After being assigned as an infantry officer in the 82nd Airborne he earned his Special Forces tab in short order and when given the opportunity transferred to Special Forces. In both units he showed an aptitude for aggressive, effective action, moving quickly and striking decisively. This earned him the nickname "Thunderbolt" a name that stuck with him throughout his career as he moved up the ranks, gaining the attention of his superiors, and in one case, the daughter of one of them, Karen Lee, who married the young Thunderbolt. The two eventually had a daughter, Elizabeth.

When he was a lieutenant general, Ross was put in command of Desert Base in New Mexico, where the military was studying the weaponization of gamma radiation that was being supervised by Dr. Bruce Banner. The young doctor irritated Ross in multiple ways, firstly that a civilian academic was in charge of a military program, and secondly the young doctor was interested in Betty. These issues, combined with the legitimate threat the early Hulk posed to others, caused Ross to hunt the Hulk/Banner with his trademark ferocity. While he never succeeded in fully stopping the Hulk, the general made a name for himself, especially in the efforts within the government to rein in the metahumans to work within the system as opposed to outside of it.

This recognition matured after Ross' retirement when he was nominated to be Secretary of State. His nomination sailed through the Senate and with some effort was able to get a budget line in that allowed for the renovation of a small abandoned military base to serve a set of heroes dedicated to serving the government's interest. Among his first recruits was Helmut Zemo, an individual he met not long after Helmut's arrival in the US. The soldier was selected for the new unit, nicknamed the Thunderbolts. Another was Dr. Karla Sofen, a genius psychiatrist specializing in PTSD and military-related mental health, and who actually brought Zemo into the project. June Covington was brought on board for her skills with understanding metahumans and their health. Other names, most with less-than-reputable pasts, were soon added, to ensure that they were reliant on the government for their freedom and fortunes.


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Duty and patriotism. These are the two things that drives Secretary Ross. He dislikes people acting outside of the system or going rogue. You play by the book and do not get in his way. He is a relentless bulldog and if he wants something, he is darn well going to get it if it is the last thing he does. This makes him a little obsessive, but also dedicated.


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While Ross preferred to be in the field, he knows his way around an office, having needed to play the political game to get into flag rank and then into the State department.

Ross is a decorated officer and former special operations soldier. He is well-trained with a variety of weapons and has no fear of using them or anything similar to them. While older, he is still in good enough shape to beat up on individuals a third of his age.

While trained to be a killer, Ross has learned that warfare is only an aspect of diplomacy and as the man in charge of the US' diplomacy, has shown adeptness in political wrangling, both domestic and foreign.


You do not become a general or senior diplomat by being unable to strategize. Besides his post-grad work at military institutions, Ross has experience in the field and in office working on not only military strategy, but geopolitical strategy as a whole.


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Ross makes a substantial amount of money just from his pension, on top of being the Secretary of State. While this is not enough to make him one of the wealthiest people in the world by any measure, it is a comfortable living at worst in one of the more expensive places to live. He has the ability to buy anything he needs, and with proper planning almost anything he wants that he can not get for personal use.


Due to his office, Ross has access to a substantial amount of resources, both monetary and otherwise, that he can call on to deal with problems. Because sometimes you just need a helicopter gunship to solve your problems.


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Ross hates the green monstrosity, and Bruce Banner. The former gave him a black eye in his reputation, and the former not only stole his daughter's heart, but broke it and corrupted her.

Thunderbolt is protective of his daughter, despite her poor choices in life.


No real powers or resistances outside of the human realm.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Test-Driving the New Lab June 7th, 2019 Summary needed
A Very Brief VIP Tour May 14th, 2019 Helmut Zemo gives Secretary Ross a brief tour of the Thunderbolts' base, and a progress update.
Reunion of Old Soldiers May 2nd, 2019 Natasha and Bucky reunite for a talk about the past


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