The Awakening

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The Awakening
Date of Cutscene: 11 December 2018
Location: Siberia
Synopsis: Omega Red is awakened from stasis
Cast of Characters: Omega Red

Former Soviet Union Research Facility
Western Siberia

A layer of dust covers the various instrument panels and furniture in the bunker. It does not look like anyone has been inside this metal room for decades. Monitors that once gave off a sickly, green glow sit idle and black. Even the emergency lights in the ceiling have long-since burnt out. Yet one piece of equipment still buzzes softly with the hum of electricity. In the centre of the room is a large, glass box. The top and sides are covered with a thin sheet of frost to go with the dust, making the interior impossible to see.

With a hiss of air rushing into the room, the metal door is pried open by four individuals. Dressed in black with their faces covered, they haul the heavy door open, despite its groaning protests, with a screech of metal-on-metal.

"<We've found it, Master,>*" one of the figures speaks into a small communications device attached to his sleeve. He pauses, getting his orders, and then turns to his fellows.

"<Bring them.>*"

A group of men and women of various ethnicities are pushed into the room. Some are in business suits; others in regular street clothes. All of them look terrified.

"<On your knees.>*"

A few of the group kneels near the glass chamber. A few more need to be helped down by a well-placed kick to the knee. In the end, though, they all find themselves prostrate before the chamber.

"<Open it.>*"

Four of the dark-cloaked figures move to the chamber. A series of clangs follow as the clasps holding the lid on the chamber are opened and tossed to the side. Then, with grunting effort, the lid is lifted slightly and slid far enough to the side to give access to the inside, but not enough to fully remove it. The figures then step back and wait.

There is an audible gasp from one of the kneeling men as a silver tendril slinks along the edge of chamber. It worms its way along the edge of the box before suddenly striking out and wrapping itself around the neck of the closest kneeling figure. There is a shriek of surprise and fear as the tendril lifts its victim off the ground just as another of the silvery whips rises from the box to ensnare another victim. The two fall to the ground with a thud as a white hand reaches up and grabs the side of the box. Another series of shrieks erupts as the tendrils strike out, again and again and again.

When it is done, the corpses of the men and women brought in lay on the cold, metal floor as the whip-like tendrils retract and slip back into the forearms of the white-skinned man standing in the chamber.

"Who summons Omega Red?"

(* - Translated from Japanese)