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Omega Red (Scenesys ID: 7386)
"Who has brought me back from the dark domain of death? Who has summoned, Omega Red?"
Full Name: Akardy Gregorivich Rossovich
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Occupation: Serial Killer / Mercenary
Citizenship: Russian
Residence: Mobile
Education: Military Training
Status: Dropped
Groups: Hench, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 20's Actual Age: 63
Date of Birth 21 January 1962 Actor: Oleg Taktarov
Height: 210 cm Weight: 193 kg
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Red
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Arkady Rossovich was once a member of the Russian Special Forces. After a failed execution for murder, he was forced into the Soviet version of the Super Soldier Program, which transformed him into the killing machine Omega Red.

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This man is tall with chalk-white skin and long, blond hair pulled up in a topknot. He wears a suit of red body armour with white shoulder pads, a white belt, and knee-high white boots. There are a number of pouches on his armour that run from the shoulder pads down to the belt. The also has a number of pouches along its length and its buckle is a red omega symbol. His gloves are red and styled high up the outside of his forearm. His eyes are an unnatural red colour that glow faintly. A red headband is wrapped around his forehead with a large, white omega sign displayed in the middle.

The man's physique is reminiscent of a body builders. He appears to be very strong and muscular. There is a whole in his skin at each wrist, just above his gloves. These holes are mostly covered by a flap of skin.


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Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich was born in Novorossiysk, USSR. Arkady was always a violent man and so it was of little surprise when he joined the Spetsnaz, the USSR's border control commandos. Arkady worked in various small cities and towns on the borders of the Soviet Union. Eventually, he was assigned to a remote town in Siberia. It was there that Arkady would meet his fate.

During his time in the Spetsnaz, Arkady secretly raped and murdered a number of young girls when he had the chance. However, the town in Siberia was too small to hide Arkady's activities and he was eventually discovered. Military justice was rather swift in the remote areas, at least, and Arkady was hauled out to be executed. The Spetsnaz did not want to take any chances and so they shot Arkady in the head. Rather than kill him, however, the shooting triggered his latent mutant abilities and Arkady survived.

Unable to kill Arkady, he was instead formally court-martialed and inducted into the USSR's version of the Super Soldier program. For years, Arkady was tortured with painful cybernetic enhancements that turned his skin white and gave him increased stamina, strength, durability, and reflexes to go along with his enhanced healing. Without access to adamantium, the USSR used carbonadium - a less durable but flexible imitation - to give Arkady, now known as Omega Red, whip-like tentacles and body armour. The carbonadium was also radioactive and began to poison Omega Red. As a result, Omega Red needed to drain the life force of others in order to keep the carbonadium from killing him. The carbonadium also made it difficult for Omega Red to fully control the 'death spores,' pheromones that can kill any organic life after prolonged exposure, his body could produce.

It was this limitation that ultimately led the USSR to deem the Omega Red project a failure. Omega Red was never fully activated before he was placed in cryogenic freezing. With the fall of the USSR, Omega Red became a buried relic of the Cold War.


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Arkady Rossovich has never been a nice man, even before he became Omega Red. He was always violent and deadly with little regard for the living, regardless of who they may be. This has only intensified since becoming Omega Red. Not only has he become much more deadly, but also driven by a need to kill in order to keep himself alive. The living are cattle.

Omega Red does not respect many people, and he is not loyal to any set of ideals. His condition makes him easy to manipulate, however, and he will maintain a form of loyalty to anyone who is able to help him with the carbonadium poisoning he is suffering from. He is very strong-willed, and so, while he may take orders from another, the way in which he performs his duties may not be quite what was expected of him.

Omega Red is a cold person. He does not make friends. He does not engage in mindless banter. He is focused and somewhat relentless in the pursuit of his goals.


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Omega Red's body produces pheromones that are lethal to other organic life forms. These pheromones are constantly produced, although Omega Red has control over their release by storing them within his body. Doing so, however, will cause the pheromones to damage his body. As such, Omega Red must secrete them. While he is not completely immune to the pheromones, they do not damage his body nearly as much as when they are being contained. The rate at which the pheromones damage the target's body depend on three factors: the endurance, health, and proximity of the victims to Omega Red. Normal humans are generally incapacitated or even killed within a minute of exposure, while beings with exceptionally strong healing abilities may last up to a few hours, although they may be extremely weakened by pheromones.

OOC Note: This power will still follow the normal consent rules for PCs. The pheromones will leave PCs weakened, not killed, unless it is in an approved plot.

Omega Red's body has been enhanced using cybernetics to give him increased strength, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes. At his base, Omega Red's strength allows him to lift approximately 10 tons. His body does not tire as easily as normal humans and he is able to operate at his full capacity for a day before he becomes fatigued. Omega Red's durability has allowed him to take, while completely unarmoured, repeated blows from superhumanly strong opponents without taking any damage. Omega Red's agility and reflexes are also enhanced to peak human levels. In addition to his base abilities, Omega Red can further increase his physical attributes by draining the life force of others. The stronger the life force he absorbs, the more Omega Red can enhance himself. For example, he was able to lift 50 tons after absorbing the life-force of an exceptionally powerful mutant. Using this as a base, Omega Red could increase his physical attributes about five times their norm.

OOC Note: Theoretically, Omega Red's strength could be limitless, if he were to absorb a strong enough life-force. For regular, non-plot RP, five times normal will be considered the maximum.

Omega Red can heal injuries such as deep punctures or cuts in a few minutes. He was able to survive being shot in the head before he even underwent the process that transformed him into Omega Red. If Omega Red is able to supplement his healing using absorbed life force, he is able to heal even faster, and recover from higher levels of damage.

Both Omega Red's death pheromones and the carbonadium tendrils in his body are slowly killing him. To counteract these, Omega Red has the ability to absorb the life force of humans. In order to absorb another's life force, Omega Red needs to grapple them in his tentacles. The process can kill a normal human being in a matter of seconds. Once Omega Red has drained the life force from his target, he can use that energy to either increase his physical attributes or his healing factor beyond their normal limits.

OOC Note: This power will still follow the normal consent rules for PCs and will only weaken, not outright kill PCs outside of approved plots.


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Omega Red is bilingual in English and Russian, the latter being his native language.

Omega Red has been trained in by the Soviet military in armed and unarmed combat. He has been able to defeat the likes of Cable and Wolverine in the past in hand-to-hand combat. Omega Red is also extremely proficient in the use of his tendrils as melee weapons, specifically in the form of whips.


Omega Red was trained by the Soviet military in combat and military tactics. While not a tactical genius, he is able to formulate and implement workable plans of attack and counterattack, as well as recognize military strategies that are being used against him.


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Omega Red's has a suit of red body armour made of secondary adamantium. Secondary adamantium is extremely durable, although it can be broken by exceptionally strong individuals, such as Thor. The armour has protected Omega Red from being thrown for miles without any injury. The armour can also withstand attacks from exceptional weapons, such as Wolverine's adamantium claws, although repeated strikes can eventually penetrate it.

Carbonadium is the Soviet's attempt to create artificial adamantium and is virtually indestructible by normal means. Vibranium; weapons made of adamantium, uru, or other such materials; and beings of exceptional strength, such as Thor, Hercules, or Wonder Woman could damage carbonadium and, with enough time and effort, break it. Carbonadium is much more malleable than other metals of similar strength, and can be used to bend and twist like a whip while still retaining its strength. It is also radioactive, with the radiation it gives off being capable of slowing the body's ability to heal. This includes advanced healing factors. The only device known to be capable of producing carbonadium is the Carbonadium Synthesizer, which was lost during the process that created Omega Red.

Since being awakened from his cold storage, Omega Red has been employed by the Foot Clan, a multi-national ninja enterprise. While Omega Red does not have command over members of the Clan unless expressly provided by their master, Shredder, he can access safe houses and information provided by them.


Omega Red has had carbonadium tentacles implanted into his body which he can use as offensive weapons and as a conduit for draining the life force of his enemies. Omega Red's coils are virtually indestructible, although vibranium; weapons made of adamantium, uru, or other such materials; and beings of exceptional strength, such as Thor, Hercules, or Wonder Woman could damage and, with enough time and effort, break them.


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Omega Red is a 6'11" Russian with white skin, visible cybernetic implants, and glowing, red eyes. Needless to say, he stands out. It would be very hard for Omega Red to be subtle about an operation and any witnesses who saw him could easily provide a description that would point right at him.

The carbonadium in Omega Red's body is slowly and constantly poisoning him. As a result, he must regularly absorb the life-force of other humans in order to survive. Because his life-force absorption also helps to increase his physical properties, the carbonadium poisoning serves to constantly weaken Omega Red. If he were denied the life-force of others, it would eventually kill him.

Much of Omega Red's increased physical attributes stem from the cybernetics implanted in his body. Anything that can suppress his cybernetic implants will severely weaken Omega Red, although he would still maintain his death pheromones, healing, and life-draining abilities.

Omega Red is unable to control the production of his death pheromones. His body produces them constantly. He is able to store them in his body, for a time, but they slowly begin to damage his body the longer her contains them. Eventually, Omega Red must release the pheromones in order to keep from killing himself.

Omega Red wants to cure himself of his carbonadium poisoning. Anyone who can promise to cure him could lure Omega Red onto their side, regardless of his former alliances. Since he would be much stronger if he did not need to continually use the life-force he drains to counteract the carbonadium poisoning, he is even more eager to find a way to prevent it.


Omega Red's abilities are especially suited for fighting organic enemies. They are decidedly less effective against robotic or other non-living enemies. He still has his strength and durability, regardless of his enemies, but he also loses one of his greatest assets when he cannot utilize his death pheromones.


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The Awakening December 11th, 2018 Omega Red is awakened from stasis


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