The City That Never Sleeps

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The City That Never Sleeps
Date of Cutscene: 02 January 2019
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Shredder

11:49pm 12/31/2026

The Shredder crouches atop the pole which contains the famous ball that drops each year from New York City. The cold doesn't bother him, and the dark crimson cape billows gently to the right as the city looks up at him, though none of them see him. Behind the bright lights, advertisements, and countless distractions of musical sensations and frivolous banter of hosts, He could bellow at the top of his lungs and be just as hidden. Even most of those who have superior sight would have trouble noticing him between the blinding LEDs and the unnumbered distractions.

They look up to him, yet they do not know it. The city never sleeps, yet they are all in a slumber, unaware of the future.


All eyes turn up toward the dropping orb, pulsing as it descends. Laughing faces, ridiculous headware. The Shredder just watches.

The ball strikes the base, and an explosion of confetti and roar of the crowd announce the new year. Announce HIS year. 2027. The masses rejoice at his year's arrival, as they should, because this is the year that will change history.

(OOC: Happy New Year MUSH! There's going to be some exciting RP coming for those who are interested. Also, if you actually WOULD have seen Shredder up there, feel free to hit me up for RP about it!)