The Girl With the Purple Flames

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The Girl With the Purple Flames
Date of Cutscene: 28 January 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Redstar

Mr and Mrs Mattius sat on either side of their daughter's hospital bed. The girl was pale and asleep, her black hair spread out across her pillow. A monitor beeped silently with her vitals while an IV kept her comfortable. After waiting for her to wake they were finally rewarded by a little moan.

Cassandra Mattius had been on of the first girls kidnapped. She was the girl in High School everyone wanted to be and everyone hated. Perfect looks, perfect grades, everything about her except how she treated others was near perfect. She had been chosen by the demon Pride as host. Cassandra opened her eyes and frowned.

The hospital ceiling confused her. Then her mother and father were there, gently hugging her. Pain wrapped around her stomach and she cringed, "Stop!" She commanded, pushing them away weakly. As she did she realized something. "Where is she?!" She asked, startled, trying to sit up and only falling back with a cry of pain. Her parents, confused, closed in again.

"Honey, you had major tummy surgery, you need to lay down." Her mother said, gently pushing her back.

"Take it easy, Cassie," Her father said with concern.

"But she's gone! She promised so much and she's gone!" Cassie began to cry as she desperately tried to feel for the demonic presence. She had been the only one to welcome her possession and the power it brought. "SHE'S GONE!" She wailed as a nurse and doctor entered.

"Miss Mattius, please calm down. You'll rip open your stitches!" The doctor said, nodding to a nurse who began to set up a syringe.

The girl on the bed stilled and look at the doctor with hate. Then her mother and father. "You killed her!" She spat even as the medication the nurse injected into her IV began to hit. Cassie's eyelids dropped and she began to fall back to sleep.

~Not gone. Not dead. Recovering. And so should you.~ Said a weak voice from deep within her mind. As Cassie fell towards sleep she smiled, relaxing totally, and letting the medications take her away.