The Missing Murphy

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The Missing Murphy
Date of Cutscene: 01 May 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Star Shimmer

The flight home from her first flight in a plane was exciting. She was coming down from a mountain of joy that stretched higher then Everest. Absolutely nothing could upset her right now. Everything just felt too good.

The sound of Pink Floyd's Mother rang out as she walked into her apartment through the window. Autumn picked up the phone and answered. "Hey mom! You will never believe this! I actually have a job lined up for after Graduation!!! I'm going to be moving to Metropolis! Can you believe that?!"

The voice on the other end is shaky and slightly distraught. "Dear I really wish you'd come back home. Your father... I can explain everything. He won't do it again. I promise."

"Mom, No. There is nothing you can explain. He was drunk and he beat the tar out of me. Let me guess, If I wasn't so different he would never have done that." Autumn comments in a sarcastic tone having already done this with her dad.

"Actually Yes. Autumn you have an older sister. She was different. Very different. She was a mutie. Her body was like a bat! We sent her to a lab with the hope that they could find a way to make her better. Your father is still hurt by all of that! When you started acting like a girl, he was afraid you were going to be a freak like your sister. I was just afraid of losing you."

There is a long silence from Autumn's end. A thousand thoughts race in her mind, chasing each other like a pack of rabbits. "I... I have a sister?"

"Yes you do. We just don't want you to be so weird."

"I have a sister, and you never told me about her! Mom! You taught me that Family was so important! That Love was the most important thing we could have! MOM THESE WERE YOUR WORDS!! YOU DID THIS!?!" She begins tearing up over the whole thing. "Mom, You gave my sister to a Science lab! YOU GAVE MY SISTER TO A SCIENCE LAB!? Do you have any idea what they would do?! MOM THEY EXPERIMENT ON MUTANTS IN THOSE PLACES!!!"

"We just! We wanted what was best for her! That's all. We wanted her to have her best chance!" Her mom snaps back.

"No. You and Dad wanted a 'Normal' Life!!" Autumn sighs and rubs her the back of her head. "Mom, You and dad deserve each other. I love you both but... I need time away from you both. I'm going to find my sister. I am going to make sure she's alright. Then I am going to finish the school year and graduate. If you honestly meant everything you said about love and family, Come to my graduation. If not just don't bother. I'll be moving to out of state afterwards. I love you and dad but right now... I really don't like you. I dunno how you could do this to your own daughter."

"I didn't wa..." *click*