The Return of Two-Face

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The Return of Two-Face
Date of Cutscene: 18 November 2018
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Two-Face

After closing hours in the Fifty-Fifty Club.

Many of Two Face's gang meets up in an upper office to look at the profits of the club. Harvey and his girls are doing bookkeeping and accounting for the club, as well as ordering new booze, food and the like for the patrons, and planning the events for the next week. They're all pretty happy to see Harvey Dent doing well for himself, despite their shady dealings before. However, Vinny walks his way in.

"Hey Boss. Look at dis." and he puts a newspaper in front of Harvey, where it shows the Fifty-Fifty Club as one of the premiere hotspots in Gotham.

Harvey manages to let himself grin at the news, but his eye catches another article right next to theirs....and almost reflexively, he reaches for his coin, as his smile lowers to him clenching his teeth, as if he's fighting himself.

"Boss? You sure dats a good idea?" Vinny says, just as Harvey flips the coin....end over end it flips through the air....until it lands on the paper.

Harvey twists his head....and the girls begin to back up.

"Gather up the rest of the gang. It's time we made him pay for what he did." Harvey says in a very low, gravelly voice. "Open up our stockpiles of weapons and ammunition. It's time we finished what we started...."

One of the new people, Ian, stands up. "Mister Dent! You just got out of Arkham! You can't do..."


Ian falls to the ground, dead, and Harvey's ebony M1911 is smoking from the barrel. "ANYBODY ELSE HAVE ANY OBJECTIONS!? GET TO WORK!" As the gang begins following Harvey Dent's orders, Harvey turns to the pair that had run the club up to now. "Girls...I'm going to ask you to take care of the Fifty Fifty Club for me a bit longer. And it's better that you don't know what's going on." And the two girls nod their heads in acknowledgement, but also in fear. But he'd been good to them. Those that had been loyal to Harvey Dent were usually taken care of. They knew this.

But one of the girls knew what this change meant...and what caused she looked to the newspaper....

And saw the name of Rupert Thorne...

And Harvey's Coin right next to his name...

X side up...