The Sorceror's Apprentice

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The Sorceror's Apprentice
Date of Cutscene: 06 September 2017
Location: Latveria
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Doctor Doom, Madelyne Pryor

Victor Von Doom, ruler of Latveria, considers his time precious. And in this particular instance, he is tutoring his latest protege in the ways of magick. Though she appears to be little more than eleven years old, appearances can be... deceiving. In sorcery, he is a strict but fair instructor, knowing that in reality, you don't get a chance for a mistake. So he tries to minimize the chances for his young ward to make them.

Madelyne is a very bright child. But then, she has little that might distract her. No other kids her age. No contact with anyone but her mentor, her father, and what servants Doom allows her to interact with. And she so badly wants to make both Doom and Mr. Sinister proud of her, hoping for those little scraps of favor she can coax from two men often consumed by their respective desires and purposes.

So as she carefully chalks out the pentagram, her tiny mouth is bent into a frown of concentration as she carefully draws out sigil after sigil with a waxed stick that leaves a glimmering purplish substance behind, her long red hair bound up in a long plait at her back, bound by a small hair cilp bearing Doom's coat of arms, that goes well with the pretty dark green Latverian-style dress she wears, with white stockings to ward off the chill of the castle's old stone. She straightens up, then carefully steps out of the circle, her Mary Janes scraping the rocky floor carefully as she looks expectantly, hopefully towards the dominating presence of Doom. "I've finished, master."

Doctor Doom nods towards Madelyne, "Very good, Madelyne. Let me see." He moves over and carefully inspects the pentagram. Raising his hand, he channels eldritch energy into the glyphs, a test to see that the wards would hold. The pentagram flares to life with green fire... but the wards hold, the fire not escaping as Doom nods in satisfaction. "Well done, Madelyne."

The young girl watches, hands behind her back, leaning up on her toes a bit as she peers, perhaps a little nervous she missed something...but the moment the praise comes, she breaks into a big smile. "Thank you master!" the little redhead says, though she quickly hides it before Doom can turn back to see, trying to stay a bit solemn and serious. Doom can't abide pure childishness, after all. Especially not in his favored student.

Doom looks at Madelyne with a stern expression, "Careful that you do not lose yourself in the euphoria of success. That way lies failure, Madelyne." Still, for Doom it is a mild rebuke, and he says then, "Failure in the arts of magick is something that only can happen once, as you will never get a second chance. Which is why I have been strict. Because I must."

The petite girl bows her head obediently as Doom gently chides her. "Yes master." she says in her soft, high voice, a foot twisting slightly to scuff at the ground, before she dares to peek back up at the man in the metal mask, meeting his eyes unafraid. "I will not forget. I will not disappoint you." And in the child's own thoughts, she thinks: And I'll make you proud of me....