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Doctor Doom (Scenesys ID: 130)
Full Name: Victor von Doom
Gender: Male
Species: Magician
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Occupation: Monarch of Latveria
Citizenship: Latveria
Residence: Doomstadt, Latveria
Education: Empire State University and Various Mystic Masters.
Status: Dropped
Groups: Hench, Mystic Arts, Fantastic Four, Light
Other Information
Apparent Age: 39 Actual Age: 39
Date of Birth 27 July 1988 Actor: Arnold Schwarazenegger
Height: 188 cm (6'2") Weight: 102 kg (224 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Doomsday" by MF Doom


What has to be said about Victor Von Doom, otherwise known to the world at large as Doctor Doom? Renowned in both the fields of science as well as the occult, his knowledge and intellectual drive is only exceeded by his pride, as clearly the world would be far better off under his leadership. Sadly, the rest of the world fails to see it that way, but Doom will persist. Because eventually, Doom knows that he will be proven correct.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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The figure which you happen to be beholding stands exceptionally tall, well over six feet in height. Barely anything is often seen about what Doom actually looks like. But at those rare times when one can get close to Doom, they will notice that he has brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Everything about this man's appearance is clearly designed for intimidation and deigned for absolute authority. Encased completely in metallic armor, strangely akin to that of a famous Avenger. Covered in head to toe in dark grey armor. With bright glowing green repulsers at his chest, hands, and feet, with glowing eye slits on the helmet. A green hood and cloak drape from his shoulders all the way down to his feet. His face is covered with a metallic mask.

This man could only be the one and only Doctor Doom.


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Victor von Doom grew up in poverty among the Romani of Latveria. After the death of his mother, Victor discovered she had been a sorceress, and he dedicated his life to learning magic and science in order to create a better life for his people. For a time, this meant traveling to the US to study at Empire State University.

While at university, Victor met Reed Richards, who became Victor's nemesis after pointing out flaws in a machine that Victor created to talk to the dead. When his attempt to use the machine failed and exploded, injuring and scarring his face, Victor was expelled--and he blamed Reed for it all.

Victor wandered the world for a time until he came upon a monastery where he found peace...for a time. He mastered all the monks could show him and then forged a suit of armor in which to reside, where he was reborn as Doctor Doom. Doom returned to Latveria and successfully staged a coup, gaining power and authority so that his people could be free and he could rule as he saw fit.

Since that time, Doom has regularly clashed with a number of other heroes and villains across the world, most notably the Fantastic Four. In each case, Doom has believed his goals were just and his path the correct and righteous one. He has yet to be utterly defeated, and Doom knows the day will come when the world will see that his efforts in Latveria can benefit all mankind--so long as it occurs under his rule.


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Victor von Doom is a more complex individual than many might think, but the central feature of his personality is his sense of self-importance. He cannot bring himself to admit that he is weak or wrong in any way, his ego motivating him to try and realize the greatness he believes is his inheritance and due. As a result, Doom believes that everything he does is justified, as his greatness would not lead him to any sort of folly. Anyone who disagrees is accordingly an enemy, whether it is a threat to his achievement or an otherwise powerless critic of his doctrine. Of course, it is a testament to Doom's ego that he cannot even recognize the irony of his dwelling so long and dedicating so many resources to proving his self-proclaimed greatness.

However, Doom is not wholly without compassion. To those who embrace his stance, Doom is obscenely generous (or at least, he believes he is): he strives to make sure such supporters are well taken care of, even though it is a given that they should recognize and respect, if not fear, his might. He does not court their favor--he merely acknowledges their acceptance of the 'truth'.


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Dimensional Travel:
Among the spells Doom can cast is the opening of portals to other dimensions so that he and others can enter them. However, he refrains from doing so often--as the inhabitants of such portals might potentially travel through them as well. (Staff-approval only)

Indomitable Will:
Doom's driving force. His determination and will might as well be made out of Adamantium. Maybe even something stronger. When he sets his mind to something, not even hell literally freezing over has made him reconsider or stopped him from trying to advance. He has challenged the world's best sorcerers and telepaths to try and take over this mind.

They failed.

Or at least the ones he challenged did. Nevertheless, he is extremely impervious to mind-control, mind-altering drugs, and telepathy. He has suffered truly agonizing levels of pain and refused to even let out a single grunt.

Of course, his willpower is his ego. His pride. The Will of Doom is nothing to scoff at....and it's one of the reasons why he's one of the most dangerous men on the planet.

Doom's psionic abilities have absolutely nothing to do with his knowledge or skill in the mystic arts, nor through metahuman means, but through the constant improvement and dedication of enhancement to his mental capabilities.

Hypnotism: Learned from the Tibetan Monks that helped iron-forge him into what he is, Doom knows a few ways to hypnotize people. Either with that menacing stare of his or with various small contraptions or sleight of hand movements. Only really works upon eye-contact.

Doctor Doom is one of the greatest authorities of magic the world has ever known. While he's not the Sorcerer Supreme, he's a solid contender. First taught by his mother and later master sorcerers like Morgana Le Fay, Victor eventually began to learn to draw his powers and knowledge from other entities. Becoming a master in the Dark Arts of magic, he draws almost all of his magic might from the deals he's made with demons and dark lords, namely the Hazareth Three. By using words and hand gestures, Doctor Doom has the power to wield the distortion of reality known as magic.

Doom is powerful enough with magic to cast a myriad of spells. He can create blasts, beams, weapons, etc, that at their best? Are powerful enough to cut/blast through incredibly hard metals, but you won't see them penetrate ultra-metals like Adamantium or Vibranium. He is skilled in elementalism as well, capable of calling down lightning and creating blizzards with extreme ease. It is perhaps, with magic, that Doom is at his strongest. He has faced the likes of incredibly powerful foes like the Avengers and held his own against, and perhaps with equal measure claimed half-times victory, over them.

Doom is skilled enough in healing magic to heal his own crippling wounds. All he needs to do is speak an incantation of dark magic to make it so. However, this method of healing has its price.

In terms of defense, he can craft immensely powerful shields that have (at it's maximum) withstood the blows of beings like Thor, though these particular shields tend to drain Doom of his energy, and thus can only be held up for brief periods of time. About 3-5 minutes, give or take. In terms of more mundane acts that he can perform with magic, Doom can levitate up to about 1,250 ft tall (the size of the Empire State Building), Use minor telekinetics (e.g allow up to three people to levitate with him, summon something to his hand from across the room), speak Telepathically with anyone in the country (About the size of Latveria itself). Doom can lift curses, though he's unable to lift a curse that's, say, created by an incredibly powerful demonic or supernatural entity like Dormmamu.

By channeling his dark magic, Doom is able to summon various demons from Hell. While these creatures can only do what they are specifically instructed to do, they have an innate weakness against light-based attacks, and they have an immunity to fire. They can be killed and defeated in the same ways that one would kill a human. They have VERY sharp claws that can cut through steel and they rely on sheer numbers when attacking, akin to a frenzy. They can each individually lift about two tons. Lesser Demons, as it were. When summoning these lesser demons, Doom, at his best, can summon thirty. They are of average human height.

Doom, through strength of will but at a cost of great energy, can also summon terrifying demons from the Abyss. Though he can only summon a maximum of five of these demons at a time, and needs about a day to recover before he can attempt to summon them again. They are large, about 8 ft. Tall. They are powerful, able to each lift Ten Tons. They are immune to fire of any kind, though they can still be killed just like their lesser counterparts. They also have sharp claws, but they can also breathe fire. Very potent, much more dangerous.

All in all, these demons can also just generally cause havoc, and might be more a detriment to Doom himself rather than his enemies.


Through Science and Magic, Doom has learned to teleport himself to different places of the world with little effort.

Science: Doom has a short-range teleportation device that allows the particles making up his form to essentially dissassemble then reassemble him at another point. His max distance is only about a mile though with this kind of device. No doubt he has a longer-range device schematic lying around somewhere.

Magic: Doom can use magic to teleport as well with the same mental attitude as Science. However, with Magic Doom can teleport himself anywhere on the planet, regardless of distance. The only catch is that the farther the distance, the more exhausting the act of the trip will be and he needs to know -exactly- where he's going.


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Fine Arts:
Doom is an accomplished painter and pianist, having spent much of his childhood practicing so as to achieve greatness in technical form and execution of his chosen arts. While some critics have suggested that Doom's work appears to lack some passion, he nonetheless continues exercising his visual and musical skills.

Doom is the King of his own nation, is impossibly wealthy, is athletic, and is extremely intelligent. He knows how to use it to his advantage. He knows how to twist his words to sound the most menacing that even some heroes would rather just avoid him than enter a straight up showdown with him.

Because everyone knows that Doom - always - makes good on his word.

Martial Arts:
Doom is an experienced combatant. Taught by the Tibetan Monks and some of the greatest warriors known to man, he is experienced in multiple fighting styles. Both empty handed and with melee weapons. Most notably, he has immense knowledge about pressure points and nerves, able to strike with pin-point proficiency to defeat an opponent swiftly without dragging out the fight. In one instance, where he was trapped in the far past, he killed a lion with a single blow.

Just as he has exercised his mind to its limits, so too has Doom actively and regularly trained his body to its peak level of ability. Beneath his armor, Doom is very healthy and fit, able to run and move quickly and deftly, capable of pushing his endurance to its limits, and as strong as a normal human can be.

Super Genius:

The most dangerous weapon a man will ever possess is his mind. Doctor Doom is that man. In sheer intelligence alone, Victor Von Doom is one of the greatest minds on the planet. With multiple (albeit Latverian given) PhD's and MD's in various scientific fields, including but not limited to: cybernetics, biochemistry, and physics. He's created an immense number of inventions while also performing mental feats that seem to be next to impossible. He's built time machines, machines that give people superpowers, and even machines that serve as his personal decoys: Doombots.

He's stopped people from disintegrating, solved world problems (namely for the sake of his beloved Latveria), and can even seemingly cure incurable conditions with science alone (physical deformities). With his mind, Doom seems to be able to have a path for success no matter what uphill battle he happens to be facing.


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Armor (Defensive):
Doom's armor consists of a plethora of defensive capabilities to keep him safe and just as able to withstand punishment as he is able to dish it out. Interestingly enough, its non-magnetic.

Enhanced Durability: The suit is made out of a high-strength titanium alloy. It is extremely strong, capable of taking punishment from people with superhuman strength and keep its wearer unharmed while the suit itself is undented. Its effectively bulletproof and is even durable against most energies. Missiles and explosives will only put a black mark on the armor from the explosive residue. Its very strong, but it can still be picked apart by continuous assault.

Force Fields: Perhaps the armor's greatest defense. While Doom cannot attack while the force field is up, it can encompass a maximum of an eight foot radius and can survive blows from beings like the Hulk and Thor. Its extremely tough, but continued offense can wear the force field down and eventually, break it.

Energy Adapter: Doom's armor is built to be strong and be advantageous in a fight. The suit can absorb energies that are blasted against it to essentially give a small boost to other parts of the armor. For example, if blasted with an energy beam, the armor could put that energy towards the strength enhancers, letting Doom lift 55 tons instead of his usual 50. There is a limit, however, and the suit can be overloaded with energy and thus explode).

Space-Capability: Doom's armor can survive in space, water, and toxic environments without fail. Of course, in these situations, Doom's armor switches to internal oxygen, which is solar powered in toxic and space environments, and switches int oa secondary mode while underwater, working akin to a fish's gills.

Splinters of the True Cross: Doom's armor is inlaiden with splinters from the true cross. This makes it extremely difficult to unholy supernatural creatures to attack him. Even for a creature like Dracula, it would be agonizingly painful to even touch him while he wears the armor.

Self-Impervious: Doom specifically made his armor to be unable to be affected by his own inventions. Which means weapons of Latverian origin don't work on him.

Armor (Miscellaneous):
The Armor has certain capabilities that don't fall into offense or defense and is mainly just useful.

Solar Absorption: The suit is solar powered, with a core that is akin to a miniaturized nuclear reactor. It keeps everything running in a very analogue sort of way.

Flight: The boots and hands of the suit use thrusters to allow Doom to fly. He can fly up to 150mph. Pushing the system can allow him to fly up to 200mph, but the thrusters will burn out during such maintained flight, causing Doom to fall rather gloriously to the ground in such an event. It should be noted that Doom is not agile in his flight.

Vision & Sensory: Doom's faceplate can see into the infrared and has telescopic vision. The helmet also gives Doom some level of enhanced hearing by using an amplifier. Though of course, this can backfire on him.

Video Communicator: A holographic device on Doom's wrist that allows him to communicate with anyone regardless of distance, so long as they are on the same planet.

Armor (Offensive):
Doom's armor consists of multiple offensive capabilities to offer him a very versatile attack capability.

Enhanced Strength: Strength enhancers allow Doom to lift up to 50 tons.

Concussive Blasts: Beams of energy that can be fired from the hands, chest, or faceplate(when its not being worn) of the armor. It can be non-lethal at lower levels, but extremely lethal at high. At high, it has the possibility of hurting or knocking someone who has invulnerability unconscious and can burn through most metals, except the ultra-hard ones. At low, it could take down an average person with average durability pretty easily.

Ionic Blade: An Ionic Blade can emerge from the back of the hand, just above the knuckles. It is extremely sharp, and can cut through even titanium, since its essentially energy fashioned along the blade's edge. It cannot cut through adamantium or vibranium.

Magnetic Polarity Controller: A simple device installed in the armor's fingertips that allows Doom to essentially manipulate magnetic metal on a small scale. He's not near someone like Magneto's level with this, but he can control magnetic metal up to 30 tons. Anything more than that, and the controller will short-circuit and be unavailable.

As a Monarch, Doom has multiple connections, usually with other royals and high political figures that he can, at times, call favors upon. Though that doesn't mean they will answer the call positively, if it all, its a nice thing to have.

Diplomatic Immunity:
Victor is the sovereign and absolute ruler of Latveria. Because he often travels to foreign nations for peace talks and technology exchange, Doom has diplomatic immunity. He does not answer to the authorities of the nations he visits. The Latverian Embassy is foreign soil.

Doctor Doom's decoys. Created to look and act exactly like Doom (armored) himself. They are fully designed and capable to even trick the likes of experienced telepaths and even those who are very familiar with Doom to think they are the -actual- Victor von Doom. While they have relatively the same abilities as the real Doctor Doom, they are sent in Doom's stead when Doom has no desire to go somewhere himself. Especially if combat will be a necessity. They've been used to fake his death (unintentionally) on very many occasions.

The nation of Kasnia was conquered by Doom three years ago. Since then, Doom made it a protectorate of the Kingdom of Latveria. He can call on them, should he ever have the need for manpower or resources.

The Kingdom that Victor rules. Victor Von Doom is the King of Latveria and it's absolute ruler. It's through Latveria that Doom has the resources that he needs; whether it's the incalculable wealth, extra hands to build his machines, or simply a place where everyone can look at him and know that he's right all the time. It definitely serves his ego well. Not only that, but the people of Latveria -love- Doom! They see him as a wise ruler who always looks out for their well being...which is actually true.

The Light:
Doom is a founding and Council member of the Light. He has access to all of the Light's resources and can even (at times, begrudginly) ask other members of the Light for assistance and make use of the Organization's agents.

However, he also knows that the other Councillors of the Light have their own agendas and goals, and calls upon them only as needed, though he works with them closely.


Despite the wealth afforded to him by Latveria, Doom is a respected scientist and inventor, having created a vast multitude of inventions that he has patented. His personal net worth is quite literally in the Billions and it rises with each appearance and new invention he puts out into the world. Doom can essentially afford any equipment he might need.


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Devil's Bargain:
Upon his mother's death, Victor made a deal with the Devil called Mephisto. The deal entails that once a year, Doom may travel to Mephisto's realm and challenge him for the soul of his mother. If Doom wins, his mother's soul is free.

But if he loses, the people of Latveria will grow to despise him even further than the year before.

While the people of Latveria treat their beloved ruler the same as they always have (with reverence, respect, and love), how much longer will the people love Doom with this deal in place?

Doom's greatest weakness. The best way to manipulate or take advantage of Doom is to play his ego. Doesn't matter at all if it is meant to be positive or negative in it's intention, for he'll be paying -very- close attention to those who do so, much to his detriment. While Doom plans for nearly all contingencies, he can never resist boasting his victory or responding to threats or even attempting to appeal to his own perception.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Doctor Doom has gained a considerable number and variety of enemies and rivals who seek to bring him down for just as varied a set of motives. For the most part, Doom does not concern himself with paying much attention to them unless he must--but many of his opponents work unceasingly to stop him.

Doom keeps his word. He holds himself to a higher standard of social etiquette. He won't attack someone if they have no means of defending themselves and is actually very amiable if someone wants to reasonably discuss something with him. If one questions his honor, Doom will rise with rage.

Just as Doom's homeland is one of his most treasured and versatile resources, so too is it among his greatest weaknesses. Doom has a genuine care about every single Latverian under his rule and care, providing a stable government where no sickness is present, starvation is nonexistent, and crime is a thing of the past. If Latveria were in danger, no matter what Doom is doing at the moment, he will immediately rush to the aid of his also happens to be the quickest way to get Victor to the stage of royally pissed off.

Mister Fantastic:

The greatest of Doom's enemies and his only intellectual equal. Reed has been Doom's bane throughout all of his life. From when they went to the University together to inventions to opposing each other's ideals...Reed is the only individual who has, time and time again, taken advantage of Doom's flaws and plans to shift the tide. Richards is the thorn in Doom's paw.

One of Doom's sole goals in life is to prove, once and for all, that he is better--in every conceivable way--than Mister Fantastic and his rabble band.


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