The Tide Rises - The Year of Truth

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The Tide Rises - The Year of Truth
Date of Cutscene: 31 December 2017
Location: Times Square, New York City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Quake
Tinyplot: Rising Tide




New Year's eve. The ball drop is on, lit bright red, white and blue. 2025 had been a difficult year for the nation and the world as a whole. The crowd at Times Square is jubilant and let's face it just a bit intoxicated. Ryan Seacrest grins broadly as he counts down with them.



The first flash of static goes across the broadcast. Things carry on.




There isn't a two. The static returns and the feed is gone, even in the Square the big video billboards have lost the feed and only black screens look down at the revelers.

That's when it appears, the red rectangle with the shape of a wave at its centre, like something out of a Japanese woodcut painting. The text below it reads: The Rising Tide.

"We are the Rising Tide. They call us hackivists and trolls, but tonight we're coming to you all with a new year's message. This year we have seen misery"

The screen shifts showing a hand held video of a mutant boy being beaten by a mob of angry Humanity First protestors.

"We have seen infamy"

The now infamous Magneto clip' runs, showing what's believed to be President Underwood throwing a woman in front of a train.

"We have seen heroism"

There is an image of Chuck Cohn, blood on his White House Visitor's badge, running into the stricken building then flashes to a scenes from his funeral several days later.

"We have seen justice."

President Underwood and his wife stand close together, somewhere in the White House, its an almost intimate moment for the presidential couple, then there's a flash, and the President's body stiffens and goes slack

"We have seen the things that they"

The SHIELD logo appears on the screen, followed by the logos of some of the other big intel agencies.

"Don't want you to see"

A grainy video plays, looks like store surveilance footage watching the door of a jewelry shop. Through the storefront window, blue bolts of energy can be seen flashing onto the street and hellish creatures stepping out from where the bolts have struck. All around men in SHIELD outfits swarm around. Visible amidst the chaos are Phil Coulson and the Winter Soldier.

"...Now you can see it too."

A URL flashes across the screen. For those that do a bit of checking it's based out of Madripoor.

"We are the Rising Tide, and our resolution to you this year is that no matter how deep they"

SHIELD, LexCorp, Stark-Fujikawa, Hydra, CIA, The Avengers and other logos flash across the screens.

"Hide their secrets we will uncover them and bring them to you. Like all of us, information deserves to be free. We are the Rising Tide and we declare 2026 as the year the truth comes out."

The screen switches back to the ball drop, everyone is standing stunned or confused. Ryan blinks and looks at the camera, "Go to break."