Rising Tide

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Rising Tide
The Rising Tide has gotten their hands on parts of what SHIELD calls "The Index" - their list of superhumans, their powers and their identities (that they know about), and will be leaking bits and pieces to the wider world.
Base Info
Plot Scale: Epic
Plot Runner(s): Hawkeye (Barton)
Co-Runner(s): Quake
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Alfred Pennyworth, Arnim Zola, Black Queen, Black Widow (Romanoff), Captain America, Darcy Lewis, Daredevil, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Elektra, Film Freak, Gregory Stark, Hawkeye (Barton), Iron Man, Lex Luthor, Melinda May, Mon-El, Nick Fury, Oracle, Power Girl, Quake, Red Robin, Redstar, Sabretooth, Shadow, Shadowlite, Shatterpoint, Slipstream, Supergirl, Vindicator, Wolverine

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Title Date Scene Summary
Rising Tide: Red Solo Cup March 1st, 2018 May supervises Skye's self-medicating. Girl has good taste in liquor.
Rising Tide: Aftermath- The Mission's Burden February 27th, 2018 Red Robin wants to talk to Agents May and Johnson about the Rising Tide. Things do not go as anticipated; Red Robin asks Agent May for greater information on mutants.
Rising Tide: Smoke and Mirrors February 26th, 2018 Summary needed
Tidepool: Calling in a Favour February 23rd, 2018 Skye calls for her lawyer: Matt Murdock. They talk, and Matt soon discovers that things just aren't adding up. Still, he's sending a contract by in the morning for her to sign.
Tidepool: Determining Futures February 23rd, 2018 Director Fury finally comes to spring Skye and right her records with SHIELD. She gets a promotion to Field Agent, but no answers about her past.
Tidepool: Once a Traitor... February 20th, 2018 Summary needed
Rising Tide: Mutant Town Aftermath February 20th, 2018 Summary needed
Rising Tide: In the Wake of the Tide February 20th, 2018 After the battle at Blackgate, Elektra takes a wounded Matt back home to heal and other older wounds are opened in the process.
Rising Tide: Blackgate Breakout February 19th, 2018 Blackgate experiences its lrgest prison break in history! Our Heroes arrive on the scene to put a stop to it and run into complications none of them could have expected.
Rising Tide: Mutant Town Under Siege February 19th, 2018 Mutant Town falls under siege from a weirdly coordinated attack by anti-mutant groups. And they got their hand on a power dampener to boot! But don't worry, not everyone is helpless without their powers.
Tidepool: Endgame February 19th, 2018 The Benefactor makes his move. SHIELD drops in. Chaos ensues. Genus gets away; Karl doesn't. Skye gets.. arrested? Hey, she wants a lawyer! Get me Nelson and Murdock...
Tidepool: Beginning of the Endgame February 18th, 2018 A meeting before the end! Skye, May and Clint meet to discuss the end of Skye's undercover operation. There is also ramen and salad.
Tidepool: With Two You Get Eggroll February 17th, 2018 Skye meets with Oracle as the Tidepool mission heads towards Endgame; brings her up to date; and asks a favour before making a sudden realization about Karl. Takeout was had.
Rising Tide: Neighbourhood Watch February 16th, 2018 Summary needed
Tidepool: Don't Give up on Me February 16th, 2018 Clint to his old place, gets pizza and something he didn't expect.
Rising Tide: The Umbrage of Youth February 16th, 2018 Red Robin learns that SHIELD has a mole in the Rising Tide and could have saved lives and and mitigated the global communications black out. Agent May gets chewed on by a person young enough to be her grandson. Tim Drake's last vestiges of naivetéé begin to fall away.
Tidepool: Madripoor Fallout February 15th, 2018 Miles and Skye meet to talk about things after Clint and May shoot up the Hilton in Madripoor (backdated)
Rising Tide: A Little February 14th, 2018 Elektra has a 'visit' with Genus of the Rising Tide, and 'convinces' him that he wants to stay on her good side, all while investigating if Rising Tide knows about Daredevil.
LexCorp Foundation: Rising Tide Edition February 13th, 2018 Summary needed
Tidepool: Turnings February 13th, 2018 At a secret meeting, Skye introduces Fury to Genus, and an allegiance is formed for the future of Rising Tide... once they live through this mission, that is.
Rising Tide: Alpha... Assemble February 12th, 2018 Alpha Flight has a special meeting to save the world.
Rising Tide: Party in Medical! February 12th, 2018 Tony is in the medbay but a consultation must be done on the Rising Tide crisis. So everyone ends up there.
Rising Tide: Old School Tech February 11th, 2018 Captain America and Black Widow return to an abandoned Hydra base in Sibera in the hopes of using old technology to deal with the current Rising Tide situation.
Rising Tide: Speed Call February 11th, 2018 Three monsters of business come together about the Rising Tide being in their way.
Rising Tide: An Offer They Can't Refuse... February 8th, 2018 Lex Luthor offers a mutually beneficial arrangement to the Rising Tide; unofficially.
Rising Tide: Unexpected Guests February 7th, 2018 Momento and members of the Rising Tide set up for their big hack, only to have an unexpected guest spoil their plans.
Tidepool: Before the Storm February 5th, 2018 Rising Tide meets. Plans are made for Skye to take over and truths about her past are revealed.
Tidepool: After the Hack January 30th, 2018 Skye meets with Genus and ends up shooting /another/ SHIELD agent.
Rising Tide: Talking about Rising Tide January 29th, 2018 Drake, Lar and Kara talk about the government and hot girls and why both sometimes can't be trusted.
Tidepool: Ripples on the Water January 24th, 2018 Summary needed
Rising Tide: Contact January 6th, 2018 An old contact of Skye's from the Rising Tide makes contact with disturbing news. Plans are set in motion.


Title Date Scene Summary
Rising Tide: Board Meeting at CMS February 10th, 2018 Summary needed
The Tide Rises - The Year of Truth December 31st, 2017 Summary needed