Tough Love

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Tough Love
Date of Cutscene: 23 April 2017
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Star Shimmer

It's been a really good day for Autumn. Sure it was raining a little, but today, things just have felt so much nicer. She's had a confidence in herself that she's not felt since she was a little kid running around in the dresses her mom would get her. What made today so good for her? Well, today was the first day she really went out as her self. She wasn't wearing the crazy trench coat. She wasn't dressed Androgynous. She was wearing girl's clothing. HER Clothing. Its absolutely amazing how the right clothing can make you feel good. The image in the mirror wasn't some boy, It was her. Autumn. The Real her. The only thing missing was a little makeup.

She's been upbeat most of the day. She went to the nursing home with her guitar. She sang and played for the old folks who were thrilled. She was complimented on her outfit and even her confidence. One of the elder ladies pulled her aside and told her "Don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't pretty because you are!" She gave her a big hug and then again right before Autumn left. The next stop was the dollar store. She bought up some makeups so she could just try different things. It was exciting. Her heart was souring. It felt as though nothing could bring her down.

Finally, she is home. Taking her things and setting them on the couch, she happily moves over to the fridge, gets out a big bottle of water and takes a long sip of it. She grabs a remote hooked up to her computer and hits a button. Some music starts playing. With a smile she simply flops down on the couch and begins fishing out some of her new lipstick. A quick motion across her lips and they are passion pink.

There is a knock on the door. "Hello?" She calls out. "Sorry I didn't think the music was that loud." She stands and walks to the door to find... Her Dad. Immediately her heart sinks. She begins shaking as she looks at him. "Dad?" She frowns.

The man is sober thankfully. He looks her over. "Makeup now? And a dress? Taking this a little far ain't you?"

She frowns and shakes her head. "Is that why you tracked me down and came here? To pick on my outfit and makeup?"

"No. I didn't come here to fight with you. I came here because, Your mom...Your mom and I want you to come home. I'm sorry for what happened. I was drunk and you... you just wouldn't see reason. You're still not but... We still want you to come home."

She frowns. "That's not an apology, dad. That is you passing the blame on alcohol and on me. I love you and mom with all my heart. It's why I didn't call the police or anything. A friend helped me out with this place. I was encouraged to inform the police but I didn't because I love you."

"You're right but you have to admit, you are just as much to blame for it happening as me. I mean if you had just accepted that you are a boy and let nature take its course it never would have happened." He smiles to her.

Autumn just stops. She looks down at the floor for a few moments. She's heard this before. She's heard it and backed down from her father. This time is different. This time there is something in her heart that she didn't have before. Something that has been stifled for so long. Her gaze goes up and meets his. "No. I am not going to admit that. I am not to blame for what happened. Dad, I am a woman. I am not a little boy. I am not ever going to be a grown man. I am female. I love you, but if you can't accept this I am going to cut off all communication from you. Dad. I need you to support me and accept who I am. If you can't love me enough to do that then... I'm going to need to do what I need to do for my own physical and mental health."

Her father is silent. He just looks at her with a frown. "If you will go to school as a boy and graduate as such, I won't interfere with your medicine again."

She shakes her head. "Dad, I love you but no. I'm not a boy." She frowns and bites her bottom lip. "Tell mom I love her. I may visit but I am a woman. I'm going to finish the year as my true self. I'm going to graduate as my true self. I am going to be Valedictorian as my true self. Thank you for coming and thank you for the apology. I'm not going to move back home. I'm going to graduate, and then I am going to accept a Job Offer I've been given with Ferris Air." She looks at him, hoping he can accept it.

He frowns and just shakes his head. "I don't suppose I can just drag you home and make things like they used to be."

"No. What the heck!? No! Dad it wasn't good before! It was bad! Very bad! What you were and are doing is a form of abuse. I'm not going back to that dad. I love you but I can't."

"If you loved me or your mom, you'd come home. Love is just a word to you that you like to throw around. You don't know what it is. When you figure it out, you will be welcome to come home. Until then. Don't ask us for anything."

Autumn freezes. Those words hit like a truck. They cut through her like a knife and burn like a fire through her very soul. "If you loved me, you would remember that I am your child, Regardless of gender. Dad, I know what love is. I've spent years, hating myself. That is changing, I am learning to love myself. Today is the best I have felt since I was a child." She frowns, "I'm asking you to let me go now. Can you love me enough to do that at least?"

The man frowns and sighs. "Goodbye Donald. I love you." With that he walks away. Not another word spoken.

Autumn closes the door behind him. She turns off her music, flops on her couch and just cries.