Trouble Brewing in DC

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Trouble Brewing in DC
Date of Cutscene: 24 November 2017
Location: Washington, DC
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Magneto

The silver haired man steps onto the metro train and looks at the phone in his pocket with a soft sigh. Erik rereads the text and rewatches the attachment that was sent to him. The older man sits down and sighs softly to himself before as the train moves on towards the next station in line. The trip to Washington DC was a chore, but a necessary move for the man to make.

Magneto seeks justice, not only for a single mutant, but also for an entire community, a race, his race. Too many mutants have been not only used by humans to achieve their goals in business, but now there is proof that a mutant was killed by a man in order to keep his position secured. This is not something the old man will abide.

As the train pulls into the next station, the handholds and the support beams suddenly begin to shift and move to push everyone else out but the old man sitting in the front car and prevents anyone else access to the public transport. Next the car unhooks and starts to move down the tracks on it's own. The conductor is doing everything he can to prevent this, but he is encased in a metallic shell and moved from the control room of the train car and spit up out on the landing along with the rest of the passengers.

Erik stands up, and with a motion of his hand, a piece metal floats through the air and rests in his hand, reforming into a familiar shape. The master of magnetism lifts his re-made helmet up and onto his head, obscuring his face and his thoughts with a smirk as the car smashes through the concrete and is birthed out of the ground in order to fly through the air like a brick does not.

The silver and red metal train car continues up into the air until the whole thing is seventy five feet up in the air and moving between the buildings on the path towards 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.