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Warbird (Scenesys ID: 1614)
"To kill and die in service to the imperium."
Full Name: Ava'Dara Naganandini
Gender: Female
Species: Shi'ar
Theme: Marvel (SFC)
Occupation: Bodyguard/Warrior
Citizenship: Shi'ar Empire
Residence: Knowhere
Education: Warbird Academies
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 28 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 1 January 2003 Actor: ???
Height: 165 cm (5'5") Weight: 48 kg (106 lb)
Hair Color: White (Feathers) Eye Color: White
Theme Song:


A warrior bodyguard from the Shi'ar's decorated Warbird group, Ava is now banished having failed at one of her missions. She seeks a way to regain her honor while still honing her bloody trade.

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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Ava'Dara, is quite striking, with her long white hair that's not quite hair, but a network of feathers that go down in lenghty bits that reach the small of her back, and wave in a decent enough breeze. She wears a specialized black carbo-tainium weave helmet that covers part of her face and juts off with five specialized spikes, each that house a piece of her equipment that displays communication and telemetry type data directly to her. The woman's face is strong and angular and a bit long, her thin black eyebrows usually furrowed over her pale eyes with what appears to be crying black mascara halfway down her cheek. A crooked nose, indicating a couple of breaks in more than a few fights rests over tight shallow redish brown lips. Her shoulders are covered in the same high technology material pauldrons, that are of the same material as her head piece, with white frame at their edges. Indicating her class and rank in the Shi'ar imperium. She wears a single vanity piece, a black chocker with a horned skull on the front. She's kept sightly with a specially made top that wraps around her back and covers her chest while revealing and distracting lesser individuals with her toned and athletic body. The black and white theme presists. The pauldrons continue down her arms with sleeves and gauntlets that go from above her elbows to worn and scratched gloves, giving her arms the greatest defense on her body. From her shoulders and beneath her hair trails five long strips as a cape, meant to give the effect of wings, a style the Shi'ar favor. Her pants and armor from her knees down are heald up with a battle skirt covering her thighs and hips, held in place with a belt looking like it's made of miniture skulls from various small featureless races with a red gemstone at the centermost piece. Attached to the belt is a cross sheath behind her back, made to hold two swords that can be drawn independantly or simultaneously. This is a warrior in space.


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Ava was born into a world of violence, violently. Being a Shi'ar, she was technically a test tube baby, a successful embryo planted into the womb of an alien race that was never biologically designed to give birth to Shi'ar babies. Ava tore through her surogate mother at birth and was quickly attached to a feeding nipple in a war factory. The girl was building weapons before she could walk. She was assembling tools of death and it became so ingrained in her that her first word was 'recoilless'. For the majority of her life she was handling weapons of all kinds and trained in the ways of combat and how to use the weapons, and even use her body as a weapon, but she had a defect. She was creative, she liked to draw. It was a deviance she kept hidden from all her trainers, employers, and masters. It was after she had become a warbird, a warrior of the Shi'ar imperium, a force to keep the empire alive and on top of the galaxy that she was sent on a mission to erradicate a hive of rebels. These rebels were slaughtered by her with predjudice, it was easy until she came upon a child, drawing. The woman recoiled and hid the child away, taking them to a forrest and setting them free with a warning. Ava was caught and quickly exiled when she would not give up the child's location. So with the clothes on her back, and a slightly damaged vessle, Ava was sent away from the Shi'ar empire but was given a location by a friend in secret to a place she could start over in. Knowhere...


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Ava is a warrior, she savors the idea of a fight, going so far as to being pushy to those she think would give her a decent tussle. She is sometimes over confident in her abilities as a fighter as she hasn't had enough experience with fighting other warriors. She is also quite forward with her words, some would say she wears her heart on her sleeve or is brazzen, but she just isn't two faced and is often direct.


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Shi'ar Blood:

Ava is Shi'ar, meaning she is stronger than a human, by some degree, able to lift over a ton with some effort, but still able to bench press it. Her species is also much more potent than humans, able to go for twenty times longer than a human in any activity. They however aren't that much faster, able to use their strength to reach higher speeds and jump higher, but not reflexively faster or anything like that.


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Hand To Hand Combatant:
Ava is capable of using her body, limbs and head as a weapon to defeat her targets and foes. She's a strong fighter with years of martial training capable of besting many in the Shi'ar armies, but she is young and still somewhat inexperienced, and she certainly still has room to grow. This includes the use of swords, spears, and many different kinds of martial weapons.

Warbirds are exactly that, they're taught how to fight in the air, space, and even on the ground in vehicles, and with many different interfaces out there in the wide galaxy, the Shi'ar were wise enough to teach her how to adapt to the controls before her, as long as she has enough limbs and eyes, she's able to fly what she's in at an effective level. While not the best pilot, she'll survive most entanglements, at least.

Ranged Weaponry:

The woman is also more trained in how to deal with foes at a distance, capable enough to use a throwing weapon, or impromptu ranged attacks, her forte is in small arms and rifles. Hand guns, automatic weaponry and sighted long barrels are all taught in the Warbirds program, and she's never shy to use a gun in a knife fight.


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She also has the armor she was wearing at the time of her exile, with plenty of skin exposed, and her extremeties covered in advanced metalworks, Ava is exposed and yet very armored at the same time. Yes she's aware of the dichotomy of her clothing, but that's how the Warbirds are.

She has an illrepaired Shi'ar craft that is in desperate need of an oil change, a new paint job, and about half of one of the stabelizers and some extensive engine repairs. It's a little handicapped right now and she'll have to earn some credits to pay for repairs of all kinds.


Ava has with her two swords, granted to her via the Warbirds program, along with a hand blaster, a varriable fire assault weapon, and a scoped long barrel slug thrower. These are the tools of her craft that she smuggled aboard her exile craft.


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Ava is exiled from her home, and life style, meaning she's having to start over as a no one and likely in a place where several were affected by her kind in some negative way. She's totally alone as she's sworn off contact from her one remaining friend in the empire just to keep her safe as well.

Socially Inept:

Ava thinks artwork is not only childish, but deviant, so she'll lash out at those that do art, and she'll actively avoid being caught appreciating anything for it's asthetics. It's so bad, that the Shi'ar brainwashing is almost like a mantra that she'll tell herself in order to 'fix' herself mentally and become a better warbird.


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