What Died in Bere

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What Died in Bere
Date of Cutscene: 12 November 2019
Location: Second Floor of Shaw Studios
Synopsis: Nick asks Wade who the new guy is. And experiences the horror of Hellboy's candle choices
Cast of Characters: Phantasm (Drago)

Location: Second floor of Shaw Studios - After Hellboy's visit.

Hey Wade we got a bit of a- Oh GO-! What died in bere?!"

At the horrified, nasaly tone, Wade Shaw looks up from his desk to the younger, darker haired man pinching his nose as he stands in the doorway. He gives a slight smile at the sight. Yes. Share in the horror that Hellboy left behind. Misery does indeed love company.

"Nothing. That's a scented candle."

Nick grimaces, "I hop u kep da receet. I can- no." Defeated by the smell, Nick retreats from the doorway to take gasping breaths from the much cleaner smelling hallway. "GOD WADE HOW CAN YOU WORK IN THERE?!"

The blonde chuckles, getting up from his desk. Indeed. How can he? He steps around his work area, feeling glad that he at least swept away all the salt that was left on his desk earlier. The night is weird enough. "Poor candle choices aside, we still have work to do." Wade answer, glancing down as he steps to Nick's side. His attention shifts, looking over to the agent quietly standing off to the other side of the hallway, observing. "And no I did not keep the receipt."

"You got cheated." Nick surmises, looking up at the studio founder. "Anyways, you got some weird business meetings if it involves burning a rotting corpse scented candle."

"Did the smell get all the way down to the session room or was there another reason you needed to come up?" Wade asks, opting to change the topic.

Nick got the hint. Dropping the topic of corpse candles he glances towards the agent standing off to the side. "Another security guard?"

Wade fights back a grimace as he looks to the agent. "Oh yeah, kind of."

"Kind of?"

"He's actually here for you. "

Nick's glance shifts from the agent, turning back onto Wade, eyes narrowing, "What?"

"He's- actually- here- for-"

"I KNOW what you said," Nick snaps, "I'm wanting more of an explanation."

"Then you should have said 'Why' "


"It's for a gig okay?!" Wade snaps, grabbing at a random excuse, "I'll give you the details later once I get all of them but the one clear thing I got so far is that you need to get a low profile for a couple of days. For them."


"A Gig. " , Wade repeats, taking a deep breath, "It's a thematic thing. Just... go with it, please?"

Nick grows silent, studying his friend's face. "...Is the gig worth it?"

Wade nods quietly.