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Windblade (Scenesys ID: 1058)
"I am a child of the Titan Caminus. I am the speaker for the Titan Metropolex on Cybertron. And both are my home. I have only begun to fight."
Full Name: Windblade of Malleus
Gender: Female
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Titan Mechanic
Citizenship: Autobot Commonwealth (Caminus Colony)
Residence: Nyon (Iacon Plateau, Cybertron)
Education: Caminus Academy
Status: Retired
Groups: Cybertron-OOC, Autobots
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 11 October Actor: Kristy Wu (voice)
Height: 484 cm (15'11") Weight: 718 kg (1580 lb)
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Confident" by Demi Lovato


Windblade is capable of great feats of courage. As the Decepticons unleashed destruction upon Cybertron and the galaxy, she was called into action from her home colony of Caminus. When given the opportunity to join the Autobot cause, Windblade jumped at the chance. The Autobots were more than happy to welcome her into their ranks. Her near-telepathic link to the titan Metroplex is a remarkable power that holds untold potential.

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Desc (Alt):
A mostly-red jet is before you, with black highlights. Her nosecone is white with black highlights - her cockpit is lined in glass and seems to have room for two humans to fit inside. Her body is slender and compact, extrmeely aerodynamic. Her wings stick straight out from her body tipped in winglets, with two large fans mounted halfway down that can rotate in any direction. She has engines in the back with a compact tail assembly.

Desc (Bot):
Before you stands a very tall robotic female. Her head is crowned with a golden headdress, and she has a simulation of short black hair above her face. Her face is white, but she has a blue highlight on her forehead like a tiara. Her eyes glow light blue - under her eyes, she has intricate red facepaint. She has a slender nose and painted red lips.

Her neck is white like her face and segmented, leading into a red collar. Her body is mostly black metal with red highlights. Windblade has a curvy chest, denoting her femininity, in red curved plates. She has gray shoulderpads, and then black upper arms - which shift with blue glowing nodes at her elbows to red forearms. The sheath to her Stormfall sword is stored in her right arm. Her wrists are blue and she has black hands. Her alt-mode's red wings jut up diagonally from her back, a large fan visible in each one - black with glowing blue highlights, that taper off and show black winglets.

Her Autobrand is placed on her stomach. She has a red groin-plate that is even visible on the back. Her legs are long and slender with black thighs. Her knees faintly glow blue - her calves are encased in more thick red metal with what looks like thrusters on the front, a simulation of boots. Her feet are shaped like high heels with a spike behind, and a large toe in front.

Desc (Holo):

A young Asian woman is before you. She has short black hair, bound up in a ceremonial metal headdress. Her face is painted white, with red markings around her eyes, in a Kabuki-like style. She has green eyes, and red painted lips.

She has pale skin visible on her neck. She is wearing a blue furisode-style kimono decorated with flowers with a wide belt around her curvy chest. The sleeves are flowing and shift to a red fabric also flower-marked. Her hands stick out with red-painted fingernails. The kimono continues on down to her feet, which she wears red-thonged sandals.


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Windblade awoke in the hot spot in the core of Caminus, and soon assumes the form of a femme with a jet form. She was indoctrinated into the Way of Flame, the primary religion of Caminus, and learned sculpting as she was growing up. She made some good friends with some of the other femmes that were about her age.

Along the line, her mental prowess was discovered and she was taken to a special Cityspeaker academy where she went to the brain of the Titan Caminus and learned to communicate with him. Learned to connect, and learned to speak to other bots. She eventually mastered the skills, and donned the markings of Caminus on her face to show to the world that she was a Cityspeaker officially, and joined those who worked with the Titan to help run their energy-ravaged world.

This is when everything changed as a Cybertronian dropped out of the sky on them. Contact was re-established with Cybertron, and the Autobots, learning of the special talent of Cityspeaking, were asking for help with their Titan Metroplex. Windblade and a few others went to Cybertron - and in exchange energon supplies were given in return as payment for her services.

Cybertron was unlike anything she has known. An ancient war-ravaged world, and very much still at war. Caminus is peaceful for the most part - some arguments but nothing like this eternal factionalization. Regardless, meeting Optimus Prime, a figured venerated as a deity to the young Windblade, made an impression, and she accepted the Autobrand. She is staying on Cybertron to aid Metroplex in his recovery.


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Windblade is honest and trusting, believing the best in everyone. She has been trained to fight when necessary - but she doesn't like doing so. Her main passions are her Cityspeaking, sculpting, and flying. Though she does feel a bit... claustrophobic on Cybertron; because some parts are too dangerous for her to go to. She does respect authority - and tries not to cause waves in Cybertron's... delicate... political landscape.


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Cybertronians are advanced long-lived artificial life-forms. They have several innate traits across their 'species'.

Durability: Cybertronians are extremely durable, made of living metal, able to sustain combat damage from her fellow Cybertronians up to 30 ton force. (Though her wings are a bit more fragile.) This makes their race durable against damage. Superficial or even structural damage can be repaired realtively easily. Due to not being organic, oxygen is not needed other than ease of verbal communication so they can survive in space.

Perception: Cybertronians have a large suite of sensory capabilities built in in the visual and audio spectrums. They can perceive many things at once, including some that are hard to discern by other beings.

Spark: The Spark is a Cybertronian's soul. These Sparks are essentially eternal - only certain things can snuff a Spark. Cybertronians normally keep their Sparks in a special casing in their chests, but certain froms of cryostasis can also preserve them.

Endurance: Not even adanced machines can go forever without rest. Special circuit slabs are used to optimize their rest periods, but they can 'sleep' without their 'beds' - it's just not as restful or efficient.

Strength:Being large beings made of metal, even the average Cybertronian is capable of exerting large amount of force, able to lift and manipulate around 25 tons.

Energon Efficiency:
The denizens of Caminus had a severe long-lasting energy crisis, and have modified themselves and their Sparks to run on a lower frequency. This means that though Camien 'bots aren't quite as powerful as their homeworld brethren, the sustenance they ingest will last a lot longer. They are a culture of conservation, considering energy weapons to be an unnecessary waste of power - they generally focus on melee. A side-effect of this frequency shift is that their personal energon stores are blue instead of the usual violet, most often seen when taking damage and they're 'bleeding'.

Windblade's VTOL fans are useful for more than just taking off. They are a wind-based weapon that she can use in alt-mode while flying. She can even use her fans while in bot-mode while stationary for they are forward-facing on her body from her wings that stick up. She can use these fans to create powerful gusts of winds to blow foes away - or a wind vortex to suck things towards her. Or rapidly change between the two at will. Windblade can even point her fans straight down to lift herself off the ground even in bot-mode where she isn't as aerodynamic, but she can't truly fly without transforming. The fans are capable of lifting a metric ton (1,000 kg or 2,200 lb) - which is a little more than Windblade's weight, so she can carry some cargo.

Holomatter Avatar:
Using built-in holomatter projectors, Windblade can create a holomatter projection up to 100 meters from her position that can more easily interact with organic species. The avatar has substance and can manipulate objects but with a strength level more in line with a small organic species such as humans. Windblade's lower-energy lifestyle inhibits the use of larger avatars.

Windblade's avatar tends to be an Asian woman wearing a kimono, with the markings of Caminus on her face (which happens to look like Kabuki makeup). She can even use her touch-telepathy through this avatar, though at a reduced level.

Windblade is a Cityspeaker, an honored position on her home colony Caminus - the ability to communicate with Titans like Caminus (the Titan who gave himself for his colony so they named it after him). This is beyond just reading and studying the light patterns flashing over a Titan's brain module; it is essentially telepathy. She is touching the mind of the Titan... literally, communing with them and their thoughts. There's just a lot of thoughts for the mind of a Titan is HUGE (literally and figuratively). In a time of great need, she can mind-meld fully with the Titan, becoming one - but this is a very draining experience.

These talents are not restricted to Titans. Or even Cybertronians. She can extend her mind into any being she is in physical contact with, forming a telepathic communion. She can share her thoughts, repair mental damage, help with psychological trauma, or create a full mind-meld, mingling minds. Generally, Windblade will not use these talents maliciously; the title of Cityspeaker is sacred to her and she would never use it for psionic assaults.

Her telepathic skills also gives her a general idea of the minds around her, and mental defenses against telepathc intrusion. It would be very difficult for another to get access to her mind without her knowing about it... or to sneak up on her.

This is a consent-based power.


One of the main special quirks of Cybertronian anatomy is the ablity to transform, to take on two different forms, widely known as bot-form (the humanoid) and an alt-form.

Windblade's alt-form is that of a VTOL jet, with tilting fans that can help her take off vertically. She can travel at a velocity of 600 MPH but is incapable of going supersonic. However, fast travel is not her speciality. She is exceptional at maneuvering. She has a cockpit that has some free space - able to carry two humans or equivalent, or one human and some cargo.

Windblade's bot form is a somewhat curvaceious female with her wings sticking up from her back, the VTOL fans prominently displayed. She wears a ceremonial headdress and special facial markings in honor of the Titan Caminus, to signify her station as Cityspeaker.


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Artistic endeavors are very valued on Caminus. From an early age, Windblade enjoyed sculpture, shaping raw chunks of metal into shapes - often focusing on Solus Prime. She has continued to refine this skill, often creating various sculptures of abstract objects or statues of her friends when bored, stressed, or lonely.

She has also been recently practicing using her fans to make music. She's still refining this talent, but she's getting better at it.

Part of Cityspeaker training includes a heavy dose of diplomacy. They have a unique skill, that of interacting with Titans. Thus, being able to interact with and deal with diverse and varied cultures is a necessary skill. A Cityspeaker on the job is essentialy an ambassador of Caminus; she bears his markings on her face in homage.

Melee Combat:

Like most of the denizens of Caminus, Windblade has discarded ranged weapons in favor of melee. She has extensively practiced various melee combat arts, and specializes with her Stormfall Sword. But she knows how to punch and kick with the best of them, use her tessen for some defensive plays, and even uses her fans' wind-gusts to keep her foes off-balance.


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Though new to Cybertron and unfamiliar with the war, all of Windblade's contacts were Autobots. Thunderclash, the one who re-discovered Caminus; Metroplex, the Titan whom she is speaking for; and Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and (in her eyes) a divine figure. It is natural that she would join this group and take their brand. The Autobots welcomed the new arrival into their ranks, and she can call on them for help.

Diplomatic Shuttle:
Being an ambassador from the colony of Caminus, Windblade has a small but speedy diplomatic shuttle at her disposal, called the Flame of Caminus. It is simply meant for transport across the stars using FTL - it has minimal weapons and shielding, but has a cloaking device - it was more energy-efficient to hide than fight. It has seating for four normal-sized Cybertronians (counting the pilot) with a small cargo bay built in. She stashes the Spectrospear inside this shuttle when not needed. The shuttle is labeled with the emblems of the Caminus colony; it is not marked with either Autobot or Decepticon signage.

Windblade's main purpose on Cybertron is to assit the ailing Metroplex. She does her best to speak for the Titan who is a bit worse for the wear - who's being lived in as a city for some on the Iacon Plateau.

Way of Flame:
The primary religion of Caminus is the Way of Flame, that believe that the Thirteen Primes and Primus are gods - and chief among them Solus Prime, who had the Titan Caminus' loyalty. Windblade was devout in this faith... which causes some awkward situations with Optimus Prime - whom her faith considers a deity.


Windblade has several melee weapons that she uses in battle.

Stormfall Sword: Her most recognized weapon, a light-purple energy curved broadsword that she uses to great effect. It is capable of cutting many types of objects, damaging Cybertronians, and can even deflect some laser weapons. It has a turbine built into the hilt that can be revved to increase its power. The sword is capable of being split into two thinner energy blades, but the turbine in the hilt has to be separated, so it can't be used dualwielding. She can mount these thinner blades onto the wings of her alt-form to use them while flying.

Tessen: The ceremonial headdress she has mounted to her head is actually a secondary weapon. A fan-like physical blade weapon that she can use to deflect some smaller weapons fire or as a close-quarters melee weapon. She doesn't often use the tessen or even call much attention to it, so some foes can overlook it.

Spectrospear: An emergency weapon that she has stashed away for special occasions. She doesn't often carry this weapon because... it's gigantic. The weapon is six meters long, making it literally taller than she is, with a devastatingly sharp and wide spearpoint. Energy can be channeled into this colossal weapon to activate the ability it's named for - allowing for temporary invisibility. She can shroud herself for about five minutes, and after which there is a half-hour cooldown. Of course, a shorter use time means a shorter cooldown proportionately. She would only really consider using this for devastating crises like a rogue Combiner - she'd have no real way of carrying it with her in alt-mode.


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A severe energy crisis has overwhelmed the Caminus colony. The denizens had to adapt to survive. They modified themselves and their Sparks to subsist on a lower frequency - thus they were more 'fuel-efficient' - not needing energon as much. But this required sacrifices. Ranged weapons were the first to go, as well as wide-reaching computer systems other than the Titan Caminus' systems itself. Other energy-intensive techniques were abandoned as well. Born after this started, Windblade has known nothing else.

Cybertronians, though extremely advanced and living entities, are still machines and have some downsides to this fact. They are metallic though nonferrous. There are several diseases that can affect them (though nothing in similarity with organic issues). They are not indestructible - if their Sparks are damaged, it can cause death.

Though new to Cybertron and not a combatant in the Great War, Windblade's reverence of Optimus Prime, respect for life due to her faith, and the mission that sent her to Cybertron - healing Metroplex - sided her with the Autobots. She took their Brand as a homage to the Prime. This would probably mark her as an enemy to the Decepticons - though few would probably recognize her at first.

Raised in the Way of the Flame, Windblade is a devout follower of her faith, and always believes the best in anyone. This... isn't always a good thing, especially on the factionalized, war-ravaged Cybertron. Her idealism might not survive long in such an environment.

Cybertronians are basically persona non grata to the galaxy at large, having a reputation as savage warmongers. Protests that Windblade is young, and from a differnet world, would probably fall on deaf ears. Some Cybertronians have done despicable things to others after all. The distinctions between them are not of much interest.


Windblade is young. Born within the last few hundred years, she is intelligent but lacks a personal view on the long bitter history of Caminus' woes, or of the Great War on Cybertron. She can easily find herself in a situation without a point of reference, causing confusion.


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