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Trini Kwan (Scenesys ID: 815)
"My dad always believed that physical and mental strength should go hand in hand."

"Sabertooth Tiger!"

Full Name: Trini Kwan
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Dominion of Canada
Residence: Angel Grove, Star City
Education: Angel Grove High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Starling-OOC, Power Rangers
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 9 August 2009 Actor: Thuy Trang
Height: 163 cm (5'4") Weight: 50 kg (110 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Eye of the Tiger - Survivor


Trini Kwan, the girl always on the move. Having been bounced around all over Canada the last several years, she is now finally settling down in Angel Grove - hopefully. Quickly making herself popular with her passions for the environment, athletic pursuits, and martial arts, she is making friends, though always holding back just a bit in case her mom has to move and rend her social fabric again. Right as she starts feeling comfortable, the earth started to rumble, and being an "overbearing and overemotional human", she was chosen along with four others teenagers to become the Yellow Power Ranger. She, along with her fellow Rangers, fight the evil of Rita Repulsa and her endless army of goons. Nobody knows that she is the Yellow Ranger, the bearer of that much power...

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Desc (Trini):
Trini Kwan is a young woman with Asian features with straight black hair that falls down mid-back and striking dark brown eyes, tied back with a yellow beret. She stands at a mundane height of 5 ft 4 inches, and is bristling with energy. Her dark eyes glisten with kindness, and she often has a smile on her face, especially when encountering hew things.

Trini has a slender but athletic physique. On her torso she wears a yellow V-neck short-sleeve shirt with black stripes around the sleeves and hem, a bit tight across her bosom, which leaves her middriff bare, that shows a hint of a six pack. Her arms are slender but have hints of muscle, and her fingernails are painted yellow. Around her right wrist she wears a smartwatch.

Her hips are slender and she has decent hips, giving the hint of an hourglass figure. She wears yellow jean shorts with a button fly that only go halfway down her thighs, leaving her semi-muscular legs mostly bare. On her feet she wears white tennis shoes with yellow shoelaces.

Desc (Yellow):

Standing before you is the Yellow Ranger, whose identity is shrouded in mystery. Covering her head entirely is a shining helmet, shaped like the face of a Sabertooth tiger. Two fangs jut down over a reflective black visor, as if gazing through the tiger's 'mouth', and underneath lies a silver faceplate, molded around the mouth area.

She wears a yellow bodysuit that covers her entire body, with armor woven into it for protection - with white diamonds around the torso. The suit is very form-fitting, molding to her bosom. Her arms are covered completely with yellow, with white gloves with yellow diamonds.

She wears a white belt around her waist - the buckle bearing a small Sabertooth-Tiger coin. A yellow short skirt dangles from the belt, which only serves to make the Ranger bodysuit more feminine, with a white border. Her muscular legs are cloaked in more yellow, with simple white boots to finish the outfit, the tops of which have more yellow diamonds.


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Trini Kwan was born the only daughter of Frank Kwan, a third-generation Chinese chef, and his wife Iseul, a real-estate manager and Korean immigrant, in Toronto, Canada. The eldest of three siblings, with two younger brothers named Frank and Jun, Trini was always expected by her parents to be excellent and do great things, bring them great pride. And her name, short for Trinity, proved to be accurate. From a young age, she excelled in her academics, showed great athletic capability and martial arts progress (her uncle Howard being a master), and showed an interest in things like activism, especially for the environment. As what was thought to be an exceptional child, people put their expectations in her. Her parents, her teachers, her tutors.

But the pressure got to her. Trini seldomly pursued her interests because she was too busy pushing herself in her studies and training, and had little friends, which wasn't helped by her mother's job leaving them to move frequently to new properties in different towns. The worst was the two years bouncing through Quebec where she had to learn French just to be able to talk to some people. Trini never had long-lasting friends, for she never stayed still long enough. As she got older, the expectations on her were increased. Then her father went overseas to volunteer in hospitals in Vietnam, and it was just her and her mother.

Finally, her mother got a promotion, and moved to Angel Grove in British Columbia, and she was promised that, for the first time in years, stability. Even with her father still on the other side of the world, she tried to settle into a new routine. She eventually made a few friends, but kept her heart guarded - not knowing if this dream would turn into a nightmare. Finally having a chance to spread her wings, she let her environmental side come out, and did her best to help clean up the nasty parts of Angel Grove, and found a dojo to continue her mastery of Mantis Kung Fu.

Then - one day, exploring a quarry of a former dump site, she and four of her friends (Jason, Kimberly, Billy, and Zack), ended up finding an alien starship buried under a mountain - and got recruited to be a team of superheroes - the Power Rangers. Reluctant at first, she accepted once she saw just what this ship had to offer. Becoming fast friends with Alpha and Zordon, she endeavored to learn all she could about this new power, and the alien influence in her life.

Sworn to secrecy, this only made Trini's life more complicated - for she would have to bug out of situations for the weirdest reasons when Rita decided to be a problem. She is managing to balance her life with the help of her friends, but her family knows something's different, and she can't say, so there's some tension there. The new friend to the group, Tommy, is welcome (after the whole unpleasantness with being evil), but now as a team of 6, the Power Rangers are better than ever.


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Trini Kwan is a kind and compassionate girl, though sometimes a bit depressed, but that's slowly fading along with the length of her residency in Angel Grove. She is easily the second-smartest member of the Ranger team, and able to translate Billy's 'nerdspeak' for the other Rangers, and often helps Billy with building devices. She cares a lot about the environment and has ran campaigns to save historical sites and clean up garbage disposal areas. Never resting, she is always busy doing something - martial arts, studying, school, stopping Rita, the environment - she seems to be untiring. She does have a few fears - she is acutely acrophobic, and the fear that her family will be used against her is prevalent. And she has to do her best to be careful so her family doesn't find out that she's more than just a normal girl, and especially that she's one of the Power Rangers. She is a peacemaker, but not afraid to fight if necessary. And she often serves as the 'glue' that holds the Rangers togther, even when there's personality clashes.


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Trini was always athletic, very agile and maneuverable from a lifetime of martial arts and sports. Bonding with the Yellow Power Coin has made her reaction time extremely fast, even when not actively using it. She can catch an arrow fired at her, and can do some impressive movement feats.

When morphed as the Yellow Ranger, her reaction time is so fast she can dodge bullets as well as evading shrapnel, debris, and other such attacks.

Trini was always resilient and has managed to keep from severely hurting herself even on her many athletic endeavors. Once bonded with the Yellow Power Coin, Trini's durability has become even stronger. Things that would minorly wound a normal person won't even hurt her at all - and she can even take punishment from Putties and other superhuman entities without being badly wounded. The backlash of her own super-strength doesn't faze her either. Even small-caliber gunfire is not very effective - will bruise but is hardly lethal.

While morphed, this is even stronger - of course, part of being morphed is being coated in a literal suit of armor. Even large-caliber rounds might not do much damage against her armor.

Like many teenagers, especially those who are very active, Trini has got in her fair share of scrapes and injuries. She never let it get her down, and quickly bounced back. One of the many gifts of the Yellow Power Coin is a healing factor that can almost immediately heal minor injuries - and even major injuries like a broken bone would only take a day or so to repair instead of weeks.

Though this healing factor is not enhanced by morphing, the fact that she's covered in armor does help mitigate injuries.

Already having an athlete's build and having ran long distances as a normal human, Trini's stamina is even moreso now that she has the Yellow Power Coin. She can run continuously for long periods of time and can occasionally sprint over 20 mph. One useful side-effect of the Coin's blessing is that she doesn't need as much sleep, letting her get more work done. It takes a lot of exercise to wear her down - or several Putties.

As the Yellow Ranger, she has the energy to do the superhuman feats necessary to defeat the forces of darkness. She's not inexhaustible - a prolonged fight or a brutal one can still tire her.


Though nothing extraordinary, for a teenage girl Trini was already decently strong from all the physical training she performed. This was magnified on bonding with the Power Coin, to be the very best humanity can offer and a little beyond. She can jump long distances with a running start, able to lift up to 4 tons of weight, and is able to bend metal with a punch or to shatter porcelain without even trying.

The Yellow Ranger's strength is literally superhuman when morphed, doubling her strength to be able to lift 8 tons. Her punches and kicks deal devastating blows, and her Power Daggers can be thrown for brutal effect - or can be used to literally cut through armor. A Ranger at full exertion is a force not to be trifled with.


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Trini is naturally athletic, due to years of martial arts and physical fitness training, and is built focused on stamina and agility. She can run for long distances, has a good amount of stamina even before becoming a Ranger, and enjoys volleyball, scuba diving, motorbiking, and basketball. She once helped her school win a trophy on the basketball team.

Trini is very passionate about the environment. It's one of her passions, and she often starts fundraiser drives to clean up nearby parks, plant new trees, and deal with issues like the old sewage plant. She has a big heart for animals, especially rabbits - one at a local petting zoo named Mr. Loppsy really tugged at her heart. She often will volunteer at animal shelters, trying to find every critter their home, and has a beuatiful flower garden starting at her house (hopefully she'll be there long enough to see them blooms.)

Trini is a straight-A student and doesn't find high school very challenging. That's why she often channels her energy into other ventures - she has tutored her fellow students when they're struggling. She is always eager to learn new things and the wealth of information available through Zordon and Alpha have her very curious - she has a great idea of how Kree technology works now, and is fluent in that language.

Trini is easily the second-smartest member of the Ranger team behind Billy Cranston. She often helps him with his inventions to get them functional, and often 'translates' his technobabble into words the others can describe. Though not really an inventor, she can help see such things to fruition.

Martial Arts:
Trained from a young age by her uncle, a martial arts master, Trini is a skilled user of the Northern Praying Mantis style of Chinese martial arts. A style that uses defense to empower offense, a core use of it is deflecting direct strikes with one hand, and then using the other to quickly and accurately strike at a vital area, such as a pressure point or a vulnerable location such as the eyes. Speed and rapid attacking is emphasized, and use of technical strikes with the wrists, arms, elbows, and knees is often seen, as well as complex footwork. It's not a style of strength, but finesse and technique. She doesn't always need the Power Daggers to defeat Rita - but she can use them as katars for that added... punch.

Raised in a household of Chinese immigrants, Trini was raised speaking both Chinese and English. Having moved all over Canada over her childhood, especially a few years in Quebec, she also picked up French, and has decided to hone all three languages to become tri-lingual.

She is also able to 'translate' Billy's technobabble into common terminology that her fellow Rangers can comprehend.

Being that the Command Center is a ship of Kree origin, she has asked Zordon and Alpha to start teaching her the alien language - for no other reason than the joy of knowledge.

Natural Leader:

Though not chosen as the leader of the Ranger team, Trini has often led other smaller groups. She has been in the Big Sister program to serve as a role model for young kids, and has ran theater productions, picnics, carnivals, talent contests, and the like. Preferring to stay behind the scenes, she's seldomly acknowledged for this role, but is happy to be able to help others. She has also served as the 'den mother' at times for her fellow Rangers, resolving squabbles that occasionally happen before they blow up into potentially team-rending arguments.


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Blade Blaster:
When morphed, Trini has access to a generic Ranger sidearm known as the Blade Blaster, which functions as a combination long dagger and a personal laser blaster. It's a decent weapon, though is most effective when used in conjunction with other Blade Blasters, and is outshined by Trini's personal Power Daggers in most situations.

Command Center:
Trini has access to the Command Center, a massive alien ship that houses the mind of the alien Zordon, as well as his assistant, the artificial robot Alpha 5. The Command Center houses a training station, a basic medical bay, a port for the Dinozords, and a powerful teleportation network that allows the Power Rangers to travel wherever they may need to go, often but not always used through their Wrist Communicators.

The Sabertooth-Tiger Dinozord is a giant, practically sentient robot in the shape of a Sabertooth tiger, which is bonded to Trini via its Power Coin. About 13 meters tall, it is the fastest of all of the Dinozords, capable of running at breakneck paces, and has a tail that functions as a laser-cannon. Both the Dinozord's fangs and claws are incredibly sharp and strong, adept at grappling, and the tail can be used as a blunt force weapon if necessary.

While it has some manner of primal sentience, and is capable of being called to Trini's location (to which it arrives via running), it is incapable of any intelligent communication and cannot act of its own accord. If the Sabertooth-Tiger Dinozord's bond is severed from Trini while in use, it has a chance of going uncontrollably wild.

When combined with the other Dinozords as the Megazord, the Sabertooth-Tiger Dinozord becomes the right leg.

Note: This is a plot-only power. The Sabertooth-Tiger Dinozord will only appear in scenes approved by a member of staff.

Power Armor:
While morphed, a Ranger is completely covered in a suit of armor. Trini's is yellow and white as the Yellow Ranger. Though it looks like spandex, it is a skintight nanoweave that can take a lot of punishment. Part of the suit is a helmet - Trini's has a motif of a sabertooth tiger, with the 'fangs' at the edges of the visor. The visor has a heads-up display with various sensor suites to help her detect various things on a battlefield. The 'eyes' of the tiger molded into the helmet can serve as powerful helmet headlights to illuminate the area. Lastly, the suit serves as life-support for hostile environments like space or deep water.

Power Coin:
Bonded to Trini after contact with it and it choosing her, the Sabertooth-Tiger Power Coin is the source of Trini's supernatural abilities, and has a metaphysical connection to her that is near-impossible to sever. Dormant until bonded (bonding when it finds a warrior that suits it), the Power Coin may release energy on a scale difficult to measure, capable of generating heat to melt metal. This almost always only happens when in the presence of Power Rangers. The Power Coin is also capable of teleporting to her position if separated, but cannot bypass wards or high-tech defenses. It can also assume one of multiple forms, ranging from an ancient gold coin to what is practically a small crystalline disc.

Trini can only normally morph with the Power Coin when under extreme stress or duress. However, with the use of a belt-attached object known as the 'Power Morpher', she can transform at will by inserting the Power Coin into it. It activates by a vocal recognition ('Sabertooth-Tiger!'), but this can be bypassed if absolutely necessary, at the expense of taking longer to transform. Only Trini is capable of morphing with it, but it can be stolen from her and does not possess any teleportation abilities. It cannot be removed from her when morphed, however.

While incredibly difficult and almost unimaginable, it is possible to sever Trini's bond to the Power Coin or even destroy it, which will immediately remove all of her supernatural abilities and turn her into a normal human being, as well as make her incapable of controlling her Dinozord.

Power Cycle:
The Power Cycle is a very advanced motorcycle, capable of self-stabilizing and autonomous driving. It can track the location of Trini and drive itself to her - or the Command Center can teleport it to her location. It is extremely fast and maneuverable, and has limited morphing capabilities to blend in to its surroundings as any kind of motorcycle. Generally hers will be yellow, her color.

Power Daggers:
A pair of yellow daggers, these are the personal weapon of the Yellow Ranger, and her most potent for on-foot combat. Trini can at-will coat them with energy, allowing them to perform incredibly potent slashing strikes and cut straight through steel like a knife through butter. Additionally, they are built to be easily thrown with devastating force, and will return to Trini's hands with a flick of a wrist, making them suitable projectile weapons. She affectionately names them her 'Dino Daggers'. She can change their hilts when needed to serve as katars (a form of push dagger) to make her punches that much more devastating.

When combined with the other Ranger weapons, the Power Daggers form the outer barrels of the Power Blaster.

Wrist Communicator:

A watch-like device that is used as communication between the rangers, as well as with their support at the Command Center, the Wrist Communicator can be used at almost any distance and seamlessly connect as long as there is no interference. It is possible, though difficult, for other sources to get access to the frequency of the wrist communicator, and their communication with it will also benefit from this.

The other function of the Wrist Communicator is that it is tapped to the Command Center's teleportation network, allowing practically instantaneous teleportation to the Command Center at-will, as well as to any location that the Command Center can lock-on to (which includes most public locations on Earth, as well as possibly other planets, though interplanetary travel takes a delay and may require heading to the Command Center first).

Of course, smartwatchs are all the rage these days so these devices don't create the intrigue and interest they might have in past decades.


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Trini has an issue with high, open spaces, such as cliffs, chasms, and similar. She has difficulty fighting on or climbing cliffs and similar high objects, and the longer she's wall-climbing or higher she is during a superjump, the more uncomfortable and prone to mistakes she gets. If forced into a high location with a chance of falling, she'll be unsteady and prone to desperation, and have difficulty rationally responding. This does not apply to super enclosed locations high in the air, such as her Zord, a skyscraper, or a plane, as long as she is surrounded on all sides.

Trini has a a big heart and is very compassionate to all living beings. Nature itself, animals, friends - even awful people. She often champions environmental protection and the welfare of animals. Pollution and animal abuse are very heart-wrenching for her, and Rita, knowing this, sometimes like to prey on this red flag and causes her grief over it - especially Mr. Loppsy who once became the monster Warbunny.

The enemies of the Power Rangers are legion. Rita Repulsa, the wicked sorceress (and perhaps one-time Green Ranger) lives on the moon and often goes after the Power Rangers by sending her minions, Putty soldiers, or various monsters. Squatt, Baboo, and Finster are her minions, and Goldar is her lieutenant, a skilled golden warrior with the face of a monkey. And there are rumors of someone even worse than Rita - a horrific sorcerer named Zedd...

Forming Friends:
Trini, always being on the move due to her mother's job, has a hard time forming lasting friendships - the fear was always in the back of her mind that if she built something up, that it'd be crushed when they had to move again. Her Power Ranger friends are different for she can go to them wherever she ends up, but other than her fellows, there's always the risk of having to move again. Though she was promised not anymore - she has a hard time opening up to those who aren't in her little group.

Ranger Oath:
There were three promises the Rangers had to make when accepting the Power Morphers.

(1) They are never to use their powers for personal gain. - The Rangers are here to save the world. They are to fight when needed, and vanish when not. It is not a glamorous job, but a necessary one.

(2) They are never to escalate a battle unless Rita forces them to do so. - This is so they don't wreck everything on a whim. Sometimes annoying that they have to react to Rita's aggressions and not take the initiative but Trini has learned to deal with it - sometimes using the minimal force is good.

(3) Never reveal their identity. (See "Secret Identity.")

Secret Identity:

The Yellow Ranger is a secret identity, and one that Trini is willing to protect no matter the cost. Willingly revealing her identity can be grounds for forfeiture of her powers, so says Zordon. She will make foolish decisions or lame excuses to protect her identity or give others doubt about it. She is not allowed to tell _anyone_ her secret, not even her family and non-Ranger friends. This can cause tensions for her actions and excuses might make no sense to those who aren't in the know. Someone finding out the truth and going after those she loves is her second-greatest fear.


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