10739/City Fall: The Outsiders

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City Fall: The Outsiders
Date of Scene: 14 January 2020
Location: Central Park, Manhattan
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Zorro, Doctor Octopus
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    Central Park after dark is never really a wise move. That said, the violent crimes have been down as of late. Or at least, the ones reported are down. There's always some, but since the Foot declared they were watching the city, it's less than it used to be. Probably because the Foot has a tendency to murder everyone who commits a crime without their permission, and those murders...well, they are more of a missing persons report.

    The moon is mostly full, and peeking through the misty clouds above on the brisk night. The silence of the park is shattered by the pop of a pistol. A few more pops follow it. Something foul is afoot no doubt.

Zorro has posed:
Tonight Zorro was on patrol in Central Park. True, the Foot Clan has either taken control of or driven many of the city's criminal element under ground, but Zorro wasn't taking any chances. Besides, he was still looking out for ways to harm the Shredder's tyrannical hold on the city, being ever vigilent for any signs of his Foot Clan ninjas. He was currently walking down one of Central Park's many trails, his black cape bellowing in the wind as he did. Suddenly, gunshots rang out, breaking the quite night. Zorro eyes narrowed as he pulled out his rapier and started to jog towards the shots, ready for the fight that would follow.

Shredder has posed:
    The flash of barrels are soon visible, and then they fall silent. As Zorro grows closer, a woman can be seen, the front of her blouse torn, back up against a tree with her eyes wide. What she is staring at is dark, flashes of steel. A man yells out, as his hand is stabbed into a tree by a kunai. Five other men are in similarly dire situations, and a sword pierces a second one, silencing his complaints. Their enemies are difficult to see, movements in the shadows as one of the remaining men lights up the scene with a few more gunshots, briefly illuminating figures in the trees.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
"Predictable, as always." Otto sneers in the night as the night vision goggles pick up more of the ninjas. A titanium grey tentacle appears in the nighttime trees. Then another. Another, all using the trees and ground for fluid movement as another tentacle suddenly shoots out to grab at one of the visible ninja's as Otto tries to SLAM them into a tree for kinetic force. "They're fools using the shadows. Light them up!" Otto orders of those in his command.

For Zorro, it'd be the first time seeing Doctor Octopus in action. For the Foot soldiers, they know the face of Doctor Octopus well. He's been at war with them for months, now... and no one seems to be able to actually /get near him/ for the most part to actually do damage, even with firearms.

Zorro has posed:
Zorro was having a hard time seeing what was assailing the men, but knew it was Ninja's due to the weaponry being used. This was conformed by the arrival of Doctor Octopus, who seemed to be targeting the ninja's. Once Doc Oc began his attack, Zorro charged into the fight, sword drawn.

Shredder has posed:
    A ninja tucks to the side as the tree is wrecked by the tentacle, falling from the tree less gracefully than might have been intended. As Otto makes his announcement, a flurry of shurikens pierce the air, heading for the man who controls the tentacles.

    Another ninja lands in front of Zorro. Small and agile, the figure looks up at him from a crouching position, and then darts forward, producing to komos as she tries to dive beneath his legs to hook his ankles with the blades.

Zorro has posed:
Zorro sees the ninja coming and, much to the surprise of anyone watching, leaps out of the way. Zorro then grins and says to the ninja," Nice try senorita! Now En Garde!" He then began to trhust his foil towards the female ninja, aiming to hit non-lethal parts of the body.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
The shurikens are expected. These tactics have been used against him for weeks now, and Otto is nothing if not a strategic genius. Two tentacles come up and immediately form a barrier which the shurikens bounce harmlessly from, chattering to the ground in front of himself as the other two tentacles still to keep Otto himself stable.

Within moments, those two tentacles rush out, aiming for visible ninjas in an attempt to grab by the legs and slam them together to take them out of the fight. Meanwhile, Otto himself begins to lower to the ground, trying to bring the other two tentacles to bear on the Foot patrol.


Seems like the psychopathic doctor /really/ likes the sound of his own voice.

Shredder has posed:
    The young ninja facing Zorro takes the thrust to her left bicep, causing a physical recoil, but she doesn't make any sound to go with it, instead returning by leaping forward with a double footed kick to try to clear him back in lieu of her injury.

    The two ninjas that Otto finds himself attacking are caught, and as they are slammed together, they are at least unconscious from the blow, dropping their weapons.

    "I know they said that," Bebop's voice comes from slightly down the path, "But the boss said if we can catch that octopus guy, we'd get a bonus. And I totally heard him," he declares.
    "Yeah, I guess that's a good point," Rocksteady says as the two stroll into the carnage casually. "It's way too dark out here." He reaches into his pocket, pulling out a road flare.
    "Where'd you get that?" Bebop asks as Rocksteady strikes it, casting long shadows on the combat as another of the initial gang is dropped to the ground next to him. "When we were in the sewers yesterday, that construction guy said I could have it if I left him alone."
    "You left him alone?"
    "Nah, I took it and dunked him in that nasty water," Rocksteady answers, eliciting a chuckle from both of them.

Zorro has posed:
Zorro lets out a teasing smile smile at the ninja as she recoils. Once she does the kick, Zorro surprisingly rolls out of the way and quickly gets back up. Zorro then says to her," Nice try Senorita! Now you must go to sleep." He then tries to punch the ninja in the back of the head with his free hand.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
"Oh, are the Foot bringing more of their pets out to play?" Otto inquires, that arrogance he has on full display as the two tentacles carrying ninjas are suddenly flung at the two mutants, before they themselves sweep down and try to get around the two mutants legs to try to lift them as one other tentacle braces against the ground.

A spare tentacle is at standby, in case of surprises, as Rocksteady and Bebop both are suddenly locked in long range combat with their target.... even as the three groups of thugs and enforcers battle it out around them.