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Cinnamon Buns and Secrets!
Date of Scene: 25 March 2020
Location: Queens Center Mall, Jackson Heights
Synopsis: All it takes is a single bump to bring a group together. Concerts are advertised, secrets are spilled, and cinnamon rolls are had. If one thing can be taken from all of this, be it that pixies are not subtle.
Cast of Characters: Volt, Shadowcat, Pixie, Doctor Strange, Shannon Lance

Volt has posed:
The weather has finally started to make a turn for the warmer, and Drake is thoroughly enjoying that. Being a West Coast native, the heat is his natural habitat. And after spending a little more than a year in New York City, he can honestly say he is not a fan of its comparatively frigid weather. But he's taking this turn for all it's worth, sporting a more relaxed ensemble today. Not pictured is his general unease at how quiet things have been in the Titans Tower. A skeleton crew is all that's left after everyone else seemed to have their own respective emergency appear at the same time, pulling them in all directions of the world; in one or two cases, galaxy.

A little mall time should help. Make things feel a little more natural, provide a nice distraction. He drifts towards the food court, but finds himself caught by the aroma of frosted cinnamon buns. Every time he comes to these malls. Every. Darn. Time. Truly they are his kryptonite.

Almost pivoting on heel, the young man faces the counter at a small distance with a contemplative purse of the lips.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pride. yes, Shadowcat, Blackbird. She's actually needing things from the mall. She's at least texted Pete this time that she's heading out and got here fairly uneventfully. She's footloose and fancy free, with her choker and Star of David part of her wintry outfit today. It's not summer, so winter clothing it is.

Looking over the mall. Kit has a list in hand. Shopping. Groceriees. New celllphone because hers likes to die. Hang out at the mall.

That's her plan for today.And oh she wants to enjoy herself. Nobody needs her to guide them, or, worse, try the 'I want to be an X-Man' career path. No. Just. NO!

So she's here, and enjoying the mall already.

Pixie has posed:
Whee, trip to the mall! Just what the doctor ordered..Err..Or someone did. ANYWAY, Megan has arrived, eager to find some costumes for the upcoming spring concert. Now if she can actually FIND said clothes for her cute new number as a member of the Tinx! Because of course.

So she hums and sings and practically dances around, peeking in here and there, and totally about to crash into Drake or Kitty or who knows who else. Because she's totally distracted on her headphones and not paying attention to where she's going!

Doctor Strange has posed:
The Doctor, Stpehen Strange, has arrived. At the mall. Raising an eyebrow in a quizzical look of utter helplessness, Strange was staring at the guide at the entrance to the mall, with the store listings in neon green and blue on a white background. "Now where was that suit and tie...the old one, with all the custom designed...hmmm..."

Today, Strange wasn't in his mystical accoutrements, but in a blue pin stripe suit, red tie, and yellow kerchief in his pocket, and black leather shoes. His sunglasses were in his right hand, tapping his leg in a solide beat, while his left was scrolling through the store listings. So far, he hasn't noticed anyone familiar.

Volt has posed:
Everyone is looking particularly normal today, even the one whose name is legitimately 'Strange'. Everyone, that is, except the happy-bopping mutant set on a crash-course with Drake; the latter caught in a combined tractor beam of scent of anticipatory taste.


Shoulder meets shoulder, and he's staggered out of his reverie with a startled yelp. But he manages to catch himself with a half-step, turning quickly with hands raised to catch any other potentially stumbling bodies. That is, ideally at the upper arms or shoulders. "Easy!," he faux-scolds, mirth already behind his tone. No, being bumped into doesn't merit aggression or put a dent in his positivity.

What does earn a beat is the girl's appearance. Brightly-colored hair is no longer really unusual. Pointy ears, however, are. Mutant? Meta? He's clearly studying them for a second. It isn't subtle.

Those vivid green eyes zip to her dark blues. "Y'okay?," he asks, still wearing a small smile.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's mantra for malls can be summed up in a few words. Buy things, Stay out of trouble. It's not 'Buy things. Get tackled by fairy'

See. Kitty's looking bemused for a moment at the carefree...hey, wait. Isn't that Megs? What's she doing here, anyway? Kitty looks amused by the carefree girl. Up until shoulder meets shoulder.

Concern flits across her eyes as she smirks.

"So, Miss Gwyn" Kity says in that 'I am a teacher and counselor' voice. Or at least that's how she starts. Her voice softens as she looks around. "Is everyone okay?"

Good question, Kit. Good question. "You know dancing is for gymnasiums, not malls, correct?" she asks Megan with a look, somewhere between annoyance and amusement. Kitty can still be amused while annoyed, it seems.

See, Kitty's here for a reason. Ah snap, there goes her phone. Do mall even have payphones...? They better. Cause no way in Hades Kit is going to phase into the big box tech stores...

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn meeps as she bumps into Drake and totally falls back on her butt..Or she would have if he hadn't caught her by the shoulders (dont tell her this, but she can be a clutz at times!). "Ooh, I'm sooo sorry! I totally wasn't watching where I was going!" she giggles, totally running on waaay too much sugar.

"Ooh, I'm okay, thanks! err, I haven't been to this mall before though, I'm looking for this super cute pop culture store that sells..Pop cultury stuff! Umm I think they're called Pop Topic?" she beams, all pointy ears and pink hair and all. Hey, at least the wings are well hidden beneath her green jacket. And hey at least her white tank and black jeans are more or less normal. That cute pink backpack with glittery butterfly wings popping off it are totally not hiding her love of certain magical creatures though.

Oh hey! And there's Kitty! And Dr. Strange! Whom she still hasn't reported to! "Hii!" she calls out to them cheerily. And if they're probably too far away to hear her, she waves to them too.

...Seriously Megs, WHY did you eat that super sugary drink earlier?

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Bright pink hair might be completely normal these days, and that was just fine. Heck, the young woman making her way towards the food court in the mall to plan out her shopping trip might otherwise look very, very normal, indeed. Dark blue jeans, wine-colored turtleneck tucked in neatly, with a brown leather belt and a simple silver-tone buckle. And, of course, a well-worn, well-loved, brown leather bag bedecked with various runes tied to her belt, her EDC or every day carry by the looks of it. Her blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and yes, even the thin glacial blue braid on the left side of her face with its three little silver beads seemed completely normal.

     What wasn't normal were the wings.

     You'd think most mutants would want to hide what they are. They'd want to hide signs of being different, to 'fit in'. Not this one. The large, snowy white, feathered angel wings are tucked in neatly behind her, folded in close to her back so they don't get in anyone's way.

     But there is no hiding them.

     She was out and proud. Minding her own business, granted, but out and proud.

     Her weakness, though, as wonderful as the smell of the cinnamon buns were, was Chinese food. But why couldn't she get both? So Shannon, the winged one, ambles on over towards the cinnamon buns first, simply for the reason that Panda Express seemed to be rather crowded at the moment.

     Unfortunately, this time, so was the cinnamon bun shop....

Doctor Strange has posed:
Although he was staring at the console in rapt attention, Strange picks up the "yelp" and the "easy" comments. Looking over his left shoulder at the two that had come into contact with each other, Strange frowns. Okay, he always frowns. The frown deepened.

Settling his eyes on one of the three in particular, not Kitty or Drake, but namely Pixie, Strange says out loud, "Why does she seem to show up everywhere I go? It was like a mystical convergence or else, the Norns are still upset with me for playing with their "Fate Strings" again." Deciding to walk over and say hello, he does just that. "Hello Ms. Gwynn." So far, he hadn't seen Shannon.

Volt has posed:
Hands seize to Megan's shoulders, but the grip is measured - controlled, secure, but not forceful. Just enough to keep the girl upright, and just long enough to make sure she has her balance again. Afterwards, the hands simply fall back to his sides. "S'okay," he assures with the breezy sort of nonchalance that might suggest people bump into him all the time. "I wasn't exactly using my peripherals, either. When those things," he juts a thumb over his shoulder to the cinnamon buns, "get involved, my vision gets all kinds'a tunnel-y."

She's in a cheery mood. Bumping into strangers doesn't break her stride at all, it seems. That's good. Refreshing, even. He knows how very much that sometimes /isn't/ the case. And normally, that thought wouldn't even occur to him were it not for the pointy ears and slightly unusual eyes. Seeing someone who may be a mutant brings up some negative memories.

Absolutely none of which he's going to make her problem.

"Can't say I'm too familiar with that one..," he admits in regards to the store, head ducking apologetically. "I usually hit the Salem Center, or that one that's kind'a underground. I can never remember the name of it. Crown Something? Whatever that mall is!"

Redirect! A wild brunette has appeared! Oh, she's pretty. And oddly authoritative? He never met, nor even glimpsed Kitty Pryde when he was with the Xavier group; she's a completely unknown entity to him. So the curious, but silent glance between her and the Elven-eared girl before him is nothing short of genuine.

A dapper fellow has joined the fray!

Now, his face is strikingly familiar; one he's seen a few times on the Titans database. But he's not confident enough in his memory to directly assume. A cape and possibly floating around would seal the deal for him, but in this moment, he's not going to interrupt. Well, apart from a teasing aside to Megan: "Popular girl, ah?"

At last, a new challenger to his title of 'Cinnamon Bun Addict King' has arrived. Though he's sure she's fully capable of turning heads well enough on her own, the presence of big, fluffy wings certainly tips the scales. In fact, those are what secures his focus for the first bit here. It's pretty damn audacious to be walking around with them, as if daring people to say or do something. And poke the social bear long enough, you'll get results. That said, he figures most people are feeling the same curiosity that he is now. Is she meta, or is she mutant? It makes a world of difference, and yet is so very nearly indistinguishable at a glance. Even under scrutiny, most of the time. Heck, most people assume /he's/ a meta simply due to his status as a superhero with the Titans.

Still. Bit of encouragement.

"Hey," he greets Shannon as she nears. "Nice, ah...," he motions awkwardly towards her, "..wings. Which is maybe the weirdest thing I've ever said." A boyish grin follows.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty shakes her head and looks to Pixie then Shannon. Two students. Great. Least it's after school hours...so she can't do much work wise to them. Which is both good and bad, because she seriously wants to have a sit down and a talk with Megs. Mostly since Kitty feels like, in her professional opinion, the pixie could honestly use a tiny bit of guiding. Not a whole lot, more just subtle, gentle nudges. Once in a while...though the same could be said for all the Xaiver's students at times. Still, she watches Megan carefully and reaches for her knitcap and pulls it off her head, rolling it up into a pocket.

Now her hair's wilder and more free. Ponytail and hair down? Yep. Brunette? Indeed.

She looks to Shannon with a nod and a wave. Kitty wonders what the winged girl's doing here. Still, she looks over the others...and voices that question.

"So what'r eyou all up to?" she asks, though by the time she's done asking, she's halfway to the line for the bun shop. Kitty really wants a cinnamon bun.

It's tempting to phase through the line...but...that'd be cheating and totally not a responsible use of her powers...

So she waits. Actually, no, she comes back over, her phone's sort of working. So what's a Kitty to do? Order takeout cinnamon buns, of course! Problem solved. Plus she gets to talk to her students and new friends while waiting on delivery. She even reaches back and unties her ponytail, too, hair spilling down her back.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     It wasn't unusual for Shannon to be stopped by someone either curious about her wings, or perhaps with less than savory intentions. She's oddly serene about the whole thing, really, perhaps even lightly amused by Drake's greeting. Ruffling her wings, she sketches something of a rather theatrical bow, smiling at him and unfurling one feathered appendage in his general direction. Yeah, those were real, alright. "Thank you," she replies, her alto voice silky and warm, but with a note of steel lurking beneath.

     It's not lost on her, either, who is in Drake's general vicinity. First, Megan, who she greets with a warm smile and a hug. "Hey, you...."

     But her voice trails off as the Sorcerer Supreme joins them. He and Kitty both are greeted with a light smile and a nod. Yeah, no, she wasn't getting into anything right now. Not out here in public. "Hello," she offers to both, taking a half-step back, and tucking her wings in behind her once more.

Doctor Strange has posed:
"Ms. Gwynn." Strange repeats, and with a nod, begins to look at the rest of the people that seem to have suddenly arrived as if by magic, Strange turns slightly, and regards the rest of the crew with a short smile. Next, he takes in Drake with an appraising look, and Shannon as well. "I am Doctor Stephen Strange. Always nice to meet new people, Mr...?"

Noticing Kitty Pryde, Stephen adds, "Ah. Ms. Pryde. I have met one of your students. She is quite talented and I may have to steal her from you for my new school." A sideways glance at Shannon, a smile, and then back to Kitty. "It would help with her "other" talents, not just her...inherited ones as a special child." He meant mutant, but hated that word.

"I do not mean to interrupt this meeting, if it is a "school" thing. After all, I am merely here to purchase a few new peices of "civilian attire" so to speak." Strange stands his ground, and doesn't get closer, or move away.

Volt has posed:
Ohdamn, it /is/ him! A bright smile illuminates Drake's features, attention at least temporarily stolen by the senior superhero. He's been in the business long enough to be confident in his place, but still young enough to look up to those who've had their hand in it longer. He can't exactly introduce himself as Volt, though, so that bright smile may yet have to remain a mystery. Even if he's being pretty straightforward with his identity here. The Titans tend to be more secretive. Nevertheless, the older gent is met with an energetic nod. "Riley. Drake Riley," he introduces, with zero expectation that his name would appear on any databases.

Well, except maybe a police database for misdemeanors, grand theft auto, and-.. well, hopefully no one's savvy on all that. It was from another time.

Kitty is busy tugging her locks loose, somehow emphasizing her looks. He hadn't had a chance to respond to her earlier, and what's more, he didn't feel like he should. He's not a part of her group, right? He's just a guy the pink-haired girl bumped into. But as she fiddles with her phone, he chimes in anyway with a lighthearted, mirthful, "Being a speedbump, apparently," to her.

At last, back to Shannon. She really should've been the primary recipient of his focus. "Welcome. If you're walkin' around with wings akimbo, I'm guessin' a secret identity isn't something you care about. So you probably get asked this a lot." Drake hesitates a moment to let her perhaps assume he's going to make a remark about mutant lineage or somesuch, only to southpaw it with, "You a superhero?"

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn squeaks when she sees a Shannon and if allowed, she gives her hugs, while carefully minding those wings. "Hii! Umm.." she bites her lip, glancing back to Drake and pouts, "Awwe, I hope they didn't go out of business? I mean it's been a while since I've been here.." she beams at Kitty, "Hii Kitty! I'm gearing up for a Spring concert that's gonna happen at Sam's club soon! But naturally I need a new costume for the Tinx!" whatever the heck that is!

To Dr. Strange, she beams too, although she looks a bit calmer and more thoughtful, "Doctor Strange! I have some important information to share with you! Err...But I guess it might be better to discuss it somewhere less..Public?" she bites her lip, "But I totally kicked ass against those lil' gremlins the other day, I did just like you told me to!" she beams.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty shakes her head at the speedbump remark. "Actually I was ordering food" Kitty says looking amused. "See,I've ordered food, so now waiting on it to get here"

With that she turns her attention to Shannon and Pixie again. Then she looks to Strange. "Who would you be stealing?" she asks. Kitty's genuienly curious....then Pixie catches her off guard.

"So, ..you got a concert? That's great" Kitty says with excitement in her voice. "So, let'ss see...you need a costume? I could help" Kitty adds looking pleased, watching them all as she turns slowly taking them all in.

Watching the line, Kitty turns back to Pixie then, looking overr the mall. Pixie gets a glance again as Kitty's fighting with her phone, looking over to the food court with a longing look for just a moment.

Doctor Strange has posed:
"Nice to meet you Riley Drake Riley." Strange smirks and turns to regard Kitty. "We will have to chat further in the future, where it is more discreet." With that, he turns and nods to Shannon with a smile. "Good to see you." Then, lastly, a smile for Megan. "We will speak further of Morgana and what has happened. Please, seek me out when you are ready. And well done."

Looking at each in turn, Strange nods his head to each, respectfully, and with a final turn, heads back down the hallway, whence he came, heading towards that suit shop he had been looking for.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     One eyebrow lofts, and Shannon just shakes her head. Her cheeks take on a light, lovely shade of rose. "I'm just a girl with an extra gift or two, that's all." If there was any sort of 'secret identity' to be learned about with this one, it was either hiding in plain sight, or nonexistant. She offers one hand to Drake, ducking her head. "Name's Shannon."

     Strange gets another sidelang glance, and a raised brow. The man could actually smile? Who would've thought? Kitty gets a smile and a nod, at the talk of the upcoming concert. "Just don't put us in something like an ugly bridesmaid's dress, m'kay? Please?"

     Aaaaand... then there's the talk of gremlins. The winged healer in training shakes her head, pinching the bridge of her nose. One of these days....

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles and nods to Drake, offering a hand and a cheerful smile, "Hi Drake! Nice to meet you, I'm Megan!" yup, just Megan, or Megs. Or 'That crazy pinkhaired girl' probably comes to mind too. "Awwe, well hopefully I can find Pop Topic, maybe they moved?"

She beams at Kitty, "Yeaaah! I LOVE cute costumes! My friends Kelli, Shelli and Mellie are gonna be in my band too, we're doing a fairy themed costume thinger!" who'da guessed?

To Strange, Megan just beams all the more, totally eager to please him, "Umm thanks! I'm so proud of myself! Err..Yeah about Morgana..Well, I guess I'll definitely follow up on that, it's quite a story! Ooh, are you looking for a cool costume too? I hope you can all come to the concert too, it'll be fun!"

Volt has posed:
To Kitty, Drake tries to course correct: "Nono, I meant earlier, with her bumping into- nevermind." Seemed a silly thing to dog. Besides the brunette is still working with her phone! And apparently helping with a costume? How curious.

He looks again to Megan with a newfound intrigue. Costuming is one of his favorite things about being a superhero! Not /the/ favorite thing, granted, but still up there on the list of perks! So naturally, his mind flits with the possibilities of what someone with her unique features might wear for a concert. And also, does she play an instrument? Sing? It's all so vague, but fascinating!

Wait, did she say gremlins? And information to be given in secret? The hand is tipping pretty hard right in front of him, and Drake is taken to leaning back a bit to get a better, evaluating look between each of those gathered. The pretty brunette has students. Dr. Strange's subtle cue towards Shannon didn't go unnoticed. What exactly is this...?

Megan's enthusiasm gets his full focus again. He takes her hand with a bemused smile and gives it a single, mild shake. "Pleasure's mine, Megan. Gotta keep me in the loop on this concert. Sounds legit." He's not just paying lip-service. A concert featuring an excitable, cute meta-mutant-whatever-she-is, costumed by the attractive brunette, and by merit of Shannon's wording, also attended by the sweet-seeming blonde?

Let's be real for a second. Drake's a superhero. He's also a guy. Of course he's interested.

At last, the aforementioned sweet-seeming blonde gets Drake's gaze, and her hand is finally taken. The hold is gentle, a little more subtle of a dip than what he'd given Megan. Her demure demeanor isn't lost on him. "Charmed," he greets, voice softening a touch towards her. "And it sounds kind'a like the cat's out of the bag," is added with a hint more impish playfulness to his tone. Megan may have spoiled their secret, or at least heavily implied association with her meant more than normal young adult shenanigans.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty goes to speak as, well,...she gets a dozen or so cinnamon roll boxes and is relieved of $35 and 22 cents. Looking at the boxes, she tears one open and takes a deep sniff. She's not trying to snort cinnamon rolls, she's more taking in the glorious smell of hot fresh baked cinnamon. So that's her cue to break off half a cinnamon roll and start munching away happily. This takes her out of the conversation. But her arms full of boxes that all smell of cinnamon is certainly a sign. See. That's the thing, She went to order two boxes. Twelve showed up.

Which is plenty for this gathering really. See. She can totally charge per cinnamon roll. That'd be a nice little income stream. Twelve boxes. Six rolls a box. Mmmmmm

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Demure turns to mildly amused, if a touch annoyed, a 'look' given to Megan as Drake holds Shannon's hand in greeting. "Meow." One word, but so expressive. And, in this case, loaded. "Really, though, all it takes to be a hero sometimes is to just have the courage to stand up and say 'no', to do the right thing when it's needed. So one could say that any one of us could be a hero at any given time." It also seemed, perhaps, as if she was used to covering for a slightly motormouthed Megan.

     Drake, however, was probably no fool. Indeed, the cat was out of the bag.

     While her hold on Drake's hand is warm and gentle, she is not quite so inclined for the moment to extricate herself. "She's quite right about the concert," the sweet-seeming blonde in question continues. "I'm not sure of the date, but it's slated to be over at Club Evolution in Bushwick. At least one group and one solo performance. Megan's quite the talented singer."

     There is no further time to discuss the concert or each performer's talents, as the cinnamon rolls arrive. Feeding frenzy, anyone? Her eyes light right up, and she actually -grins-. Oh, my.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles at Shannon, "You're too sweet." the right thing? Heh, let's hope she is.."So yeah, I think the concert will be totes fun! And Shannon here is an amazingly gifted and talented musician too! Cant wait to hear her play on stage!" she nods.

"Hmm, well Sam wanted us to do a little dress rehearsal first before ironing out a date, but let's just say it'll be soon! Keep in touch and I'll let you know!" she beams at Drake, "And yeah it'd be cool if you could come, and you too, Dr. Strange!"

She giggles and blushes at Shannon's praises. "Awwe!"

Waaaait, did someone say cinammon rolls!? Meep! Meg's eyes light right up, reaching for one. Or more. "Gimmeeee! I'm sooo hungry!"

Volt has posed:
The arrival of preposterous loads of cinnamon rolls goes unnoticed! Drake's attention is guided strictly between Shannon and Megan as they discuss the concert, as well as the subtleties of heroics. And Shannon is, indeed, correct. Drake isn't a fool. He's been around the block. But he can appreciate the way said sweet-seeming blonde is handling what's being said. And what isn't.

While his hand remains with hers, he spares another curious look to Megan. "A singer, eh? Never was too great at that, myself, but I'm sure you sound great."

The ping-pong ball of Drake's attention is ricochet'd back to Shannon at Megan's prompt. "What do you play? Guitar?"

In truth, he's a little more intrigued by the other things she's said. But he's certain to add, with a slight cant of his head, "I know Club Evolution. Know someone who DJ's there. You let me know when, and I'll be there."

His voice drops a little in volume, nearing a whisper. "Lots of heroes in the world, but not many who can call themselves super. Still, it's the willingness to do something that makes someone special. Not the powers." His head turns just faintly. "Know what I mean?"

Oh, looks like this group he's barged into (or barged into him?) has their cinnamon pastries. His hand slips from Shannon's, and he eases a step back to grant easier access. The relaxed, easy smile has found his face again. "Enjoy, guys!" Of course he isn't inviting himself. That'd be crazy rude.

Shadowcat has posed:
Looking over the group, Kitty chews and hands over a box to Megan, and looks to Shannon offering a box to her....and.....because why not, one to Drake too. Cinnamon rolls for all!

Kitty's like that, she's in one of her not so serious moods. Cause, hey...

Cinnamon rolls. See, see, Kitty can play nice with everyone else!

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Shannon just shakes her head, her cheeks flushing faintly rose, and the corners of her lips tugging upwards in a smile. "Piano's my primary instrument, and flute. And I compose music on the computer, plus sing alto." Indeed, before Drake releases her hands, the tips of her fingers -do- seem a little bit calloused--perhaps not enough to imply long practice, but enough to hint that yes, she's at least a student of the instrument.

     Regarding the matter of heroes, she just smiles. "I've been fortunate enough to not only meet one of my heroes, but to be raised by my two greatest ones. All three leave a lot to live up to. Hopefully, one day they'll be proud." She falls silent and steps back as Drake lets go of her hand, filling it instead with a box of cinnamon rolls. "Oh come on, there's more sweets here than we can eat on our own! Please, join us?"

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles at Kitty, "Oooh thanks! You're soo thoughtful..Should we look for a place to sit and eat these before searching for cute outfits for the concert? Are you gonna be there too, Kitty? It'll be fuuun!"

She is about to head towards someplace to sit and eat, but pauses at Drake, "Awwe c'mon, why dont you join us? It'll be fun! And that's pretty cool that you've been to Club Evolution before..It's an amazing place! I can't wait!"

Volt has posed:
Drake Riley started to protest, if for no other reason than modesty's sake. Because, to be real a second time, he came here for cinnamon rolls. So when a box is offered to him by the pretty brunette, he halts his retreat flat. "Ah- well-.." He glances first to Megan, and a grin edges the corners of his lips. "I guess I could..." Those vivid emerald eyes turn to Shannon, and the grin warms further. "Okay. Thank you," he says, with a finalizing nod to Kitty. After all, it was on her dime!

"Yeeaah, maybe finding somewhere to sit would be good. And you guys can tell me more about this concert you've got going. Or.. y'know, other things." A surreptitious glance is cast in Shannon's direction. There's a lot going on there. He doesn't blame her for being cagey, certainly in public. But he /is/ curious.

That said, all three of them are intriguing. And a glance soon follows to Megan, then Kitty. There's a lot to unpack here.