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Danger Room Session: Alpha15364CZ
Date of Scene: 18 June 2020
Location: Danger Room - X-Men Base
Synopsis: The X-Men have a Danger Room Session against a potential future Sentinel. Explosions happened!
Cast of Characters: Cyclops, Nightingale, Pixie, Phoenix, Wolverine, Warpath

Cyclops has posed:
Just because classes are out and the summer is here, doesn't mean every day will be a summer vacation. Scott, aka, Cyclops, put together a impromptu Danger Room Session. He tagged all of the X-Men, and accidently put Shannon on it. Outlook has terrible autofill issues. When she replied that she was 'in', he let it slide and decided to let it play out. Worse case she ends up in the med-bay again.

COME IN COSTUME. That was bolded and highlighted. Followed by: EVEN YOU LOGAN.

Dressed in his blue and gold uniform, standing next to Jean, Scott is waiting with folded arms within the large, spherical holo-room. He glances down to his built in watch at times. Two minutes to go. Lord help anyone if they're late.

Nightingale has posed:
     It was rare enough that Shannon got to wear her 'bumblebees'. Even more rare that it was a requirement for a Danger Room session. So when the call went out, and the stipulation was made crystal clear, she was not one to disobey. She makes her way through the doors in her 'bees, with her hair pulled back in a bun to keep it out of her face, and make it less of a target. Something told her this was not going to be your average session. She remains quiet, trying to keep her chin up with pride; would she be able to hold her own on this one? The gremlins were one thing, that was born of necessity. But how would she fare this time?

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn is only too eager to show up for her very first session as an official Xman. Dressed in her own variant of the Gold and Blue costume, which is really just a deep blue dress with a large gold 'X' across the chest, matching gold utility belt hanging loosely at the waist and gold lace up boots to complete the look.

Black-streaked pink hair is left to fall lossely about her shoulders, dragonfly wings glistening an eager fire red/hot pink today as she steps into the room, peering around with a smile.

"I'm here!"

Phoenix has posed:
Jean was there at her usual place at Scott's right hand, sporting her green and gold Phoenix suit because she was going to be different and who was going to argue with her? She was not super excited that he accidentally looped in a student, but the girl should be capable. She's been in battle before, and at least here she was among friends. She's standing there with her arms folded loosely over her chest, the gold-encased fingers of one hand absently tapping on her opposing forearm.

As she spots student and former student arrive, there's a quick and covert half a smile that touches on her face and those tapping fingers raise in a little wiggle of a wave.

Wolverine has posed:
Costume? Yeah right. Instead, Logan shows up in a blue flannel shirt, with the sleeves rolled up over his elbows. A pair of denim boot-cut jeans belted off at the waist, and set of hiking boots. As he stands to wait for Scott's disapproval he chews on one of his cigars, which he lights before clamping it between his teeth once again.

Warpath has posed:
     The giant Native American arrives wearing his costume. He hasn't worn it for a while, but he humors the request. Rolling his shoulders a few times he looks over the danger room area and those that are gathering. Shannon's presence gets a raised brow, but he does offer her a nods as well as the others that are gathered.

Cyclops has posed:
Giving a slow nod of his head to both Shannon and Megan, Scott gives an obvious disapproving look towards Logan. As soon as he lights that cigar, a small robot arm pops out of the wall and extinguishes it with a spritz of foam from a tiny tube. It's all automated at this point. Charles has made it clear, no smoking in the DR.

Reaching up to pinch at his brows a bit, he gives a small shake of his head before he looks over to James. He gets an approving nod. It's nice that at least /one/ X-Man here can respect his leadership. His nostrils flare for a moment, giving a glance over to Jean. She can probably feel his frustration welling up between them.

"Right. Thank you all for coming, even you, Miss Lance. I added you to the invite by accident due to a typo, but since you accepted it, I figure I may as well let you join in. I suppose I can use this session to determine how well Cannonball has been performing as your instructor." AKA, don't screw up or Sam is in the dog house.

He eyes Logan once more before he clears his throat. "Beast has relayed some data to me about a possible new type of Sentinel that is being built in the Ukraine. It's a highly intelligent A.I. model with adaptive technology. We were able to obtain some of the schematics and I built a prototype in the Danger Room so that we can determine what we may potentially be up against. This is a rough draft, but it is still dangerous."

As he presses a few buttons on his commlink strapped to his wrist, the world goes black, then re-opens into an empty verison of Times Square.

"The goal is to try and eliminate it with minimal damage to both yourselves and your environment, then we will analyze the data as a team during vod review tomorrow."

Nightingale has posed:
     Each that comes in wearing the blue and gold only makes her feel that much smaller, reminding her that she has that much less experience than any of them. It is all Shannon can do to continue to stand up tall and proud, though inside she is squirming. But thankfully, she is not the only one not quite fitting in with the rest--her lips curl upwards in something of a smile as she spots the mansion's resident curmudgeon in his variant of a 'costume'.

     Well, at least she wasn't alone.

     Not that she was alone either way, really. These were friends. No, family. Each one of them had either trained with her or, heaven forbid, gone into battle with her before. She wouldn't be here if they thought her incapable or not ready for it.

     And that was one thing she /could/ be proud of.

     The smile of pride, however brief, fades quickly. Sentinels. Worse, adaptive ones. She remembered all too well what some of the more advanced ones did to Kitty. Her brows furrow, and her arms cross over her chest. "Is there any indication of null fields or rays on these, Mr. Summers?"

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn stifles a giggle at the 'typo' bit, and with Logan's 'costume' or lack thereof. Seriously, they're making it hard for her to take this seriously! But she does her best to hide her chuckles with a clearing of her throat, hands clasped behind her back as she patiently waits.

A curious brow is quirked towards Scott as he mentions a new Sentinel, which aren't exactly her forte, but Megan has learned to be creative when it comes to Sentinels.

Glancing at Shanon she smiles and nods to her. "Hey there, looking pretty sharp! I'm surprised you're not already an Xman, guess it's just the age that's a barrier."

Plus, she's got waaay more field experience than most other students. Mention of null fields does cause her to frown a bit though. She hadn't experienced any like that last time.

Phoenix has posed:

The word alone looks like it sets every hair Jean has on edge, like she was a cat in a room full of malevolent, sentient rocking chairs. The fingers of her hand curl inward before she lowers her arms to her sides. Her eyes turn to their surroundings as Times Square comes into view, already looking to be absorbing any changes, vantage points, bolt holes, and likely dead ends. You maneuver, or you die.

She's got one ear turned towards the questions, but she lets Scott field those. Down here, she's not the Headmistress. She's an X-Man, and she's already studying how to get the other ones (plus one) back in one piece as she paces a few steps away from their leader.

Wolverine has posed:
With a grumble, Logan tosses the now ruined cigar to the floor and steps on it. "So what?" Logan speaks up. "A giant tinker toy made by a country that still thinks it's on the peak of technology." Logan snarls as he crosses his arms over his chest.

Warpath has posed:
     There is the brief look of annoyance at the mention of a Sentinel. As soon as the room sets into place James starts to look over the area, assessment mode starts automatically. He narrows his gaze at something in a nearby alley and nods.

     A moment later he considers where the others are positioned and doesn't really seem to have any questions right now. Either they are being answered or he is interested in what is more interested in the first encounter to start running hands on tactical instead.

Cyclops has posed:
"When we are in a professional setting, call me Cyclops." Scott says to Shannon. Then, to answer her question, he says, "Yes. Among other things. The adaptive technology they possess memorizes and can potentially mimic your powers. They are able to destabalize on a molecular level to grow or shrink in size, which also allows them to self-heal in a way."

As he rubs a hand along his stubbled face, he says, "Think of the T-1000 from the Terminator series. An unstoppable killing machine that learns from it's mistakes. These things are no where near production, but I felt it would not hurt to try and test out a potential simulation."

"Pixie and Nightengale, you two will provide intelligence to the team via your comm links. You are /not/ to engage in combat if you can help it."

"Wolverine and Warpath, you two will be the front line damage dealers. Phoenix and myself will support you from the backline with ranged attacks. In the case that one of us goes down, Phoenix will cover Nightengale while she will either attempt to heal or pull a body to cover. Wolverine is excluded from that scenario as his healing factor will be faster than her own ability."

He takes a moment to assess that they understand, then pushes a button on his wrist-device.

There is a rumble from the sky a red light can be seen approaching from orbit, then lands with a heavy thud, cracking the street below it. It's pure black with a bright, glowing circle in the middle of it's chest that whirls around with plasma energy. Instead of the large, bulky red robot, this is a sleek and mobile looking robot that stands six stories high.


There is barely a moment of hesitation as it's chest fires off a white hot plasma beam towards the team, tearing through the street and detonating several cars as they explode.

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon's cheeks color at the mild admonition, and she nods. Best not to make a big thing of it. At the news that yes, there were null fields very possible on this, her brows furrow still further. Worse, this thing could change size, mimic powers, and more? A whole slew of questions raced through her mind, but there was no time to ask them here and now. They would have to be answered later--and, given that she was still a student, chances were very good the types of questions she was thinking, would probably not be answered anyways.

     "Copy that, Cyclops. Eyes in the sky." Dear god, that still felt so surreal. Briefly, as she listens to him delegating assignments to each in the group, she does allow herself a bit of a smile. Sam had been right. The best leaders knew the abilities of those they worked with, and how best to play to those strengths. And hers right now was flight.

     With a few strong downstrokes of her wings, she takes to the sky, gaining sufficient altitude in a minute or so to get a very good view of the area below. Her head is on a swivel, attention divided between the team members, the Sentinel--and innocents in the area. Surely they, too, counted in the minimal collateral damage requirement of this exercise?

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn bites her lip and shivers a bit. Okaay. She's definitely not dealt with adaptive Sentinels before. They sound pretty scary, and most of her powers tend to work better on flesh and blood.

Annnd, it gets worse with Terminator references. She just grimaces as she tries to imagine what that might look like. Megan simply nods to Cyclops, checking her comm link. "Got it!"

Glancing to Shannon briefly, she spreads her wings and takes to the skies to follow after her, scoping out the opposite side as her, moments before the giant Sentinel makes its presence known and shoots a painful looking beam towards the team.

Megan grits her teeth, spreading out her hands and summoning a portal to port away an exploding car or two that come crashing a little too close to the team for comfort.

Phoenix has posed:
"Understood." Jean says as she circles back around towards the group. Time to get to work.

She only gets those few moments from the arrival of the machine to the eruption of searing light to take in their new opponent. She may have seen the schematics, but paper, mini holograms, and computer models are nothing compared to a true rendering. Even her stomach may drop a notch at seeing that horrifying potential, though she keeps her face carefully schooled.

As the beam illuminates the Square like New Years, her hand goes up and forward with the immediate reaction of muscle memory. In the path of the blast, a magenta barrier appears like the rising curve of a sea wave from pavement. Its aim isn't to stop the beam - physics gets cranky about that - but reflect and redirect it to curve the plasma back towards its source.

Wolverine has posed:
With a shake of his head, he listens to Scott before glancing at Warpath. "Alright kid, you heard Ol' fearless there." Logan nods his head towards Cyclops. "Out job is t' kill em all and leave nothin' for them." he offers the large Navajo smirk as his claws pop out in the standard !SNIKT!

Warpath has posed:
     Watching the thing come down to the ground, Warpath scowls at it a little. They really do need to stop making these things. There is a side glance towards Logan and he smirks a little bit,"Let's see what it has." he mutters back and moves a side step quickly out of the way of the beam.

     Given his size it is easy to forget how fast the Apache powerhouse can move. He reaches down and takes up a rear axle from a car that only burns a little bit and stalks towards the machine. Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen.

Cyclops has posed:
Several cars that are launched towards the team gets teleported before they strike, landing off to the side with a loud crunch of burning metal. It appears the Pixie's quick thinking saved them from being trampled. The large Sentinel whips his hand out, transforming it into a whip like rope as it goes zipping into the sky after the rainbow winged mutant. Instead of striking it, it's knocked to the side from a red optic blast as Cyclops taps his smoking visor.

"Split up you two!" He calls up to the two fliers before he taps his visor again, tagging the sentinel in the left knee as it stumbles, which sets up Warpath easily to take on the right leg.

The blast that Phoenix re-directs sweeps in a nasty curve, striking the robot clear in the chest as it sparks and screeches loudly, tearing out it's chest cavity in a sizzling, melted manner. Within seconds, it seals itself up as it's eyes blink a few times in a glowing green.


Opening one of it's palms upwards, a large plasma blast surges out over Logan and Warpath's head towards Cyclops and Phoenix.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn meeps as she's suddenly - or nearly on the receiving end of a pursuing Sentinel arm. Fortunately Cyclops manages to strike it before it can do any real damage.

Still, Pixie increases her speed, buzzing around like the insectoid faerie that she is, spinning on a dime and darting opposite of Nightingale's trajectory, hoping to confuse the sentinel with rapid zigzag movements, leaving a contrail of bright pink glitter behind her. Yup, she sure sticks out like a sore thumb up there, and maybe that's the point, to confuse the Sentinel, if she can.

And that's when she sees the Sentinel aiming another blast towards Cyclops and Phoenix. "Cyclops! Phoenix! Incoming blast! Three O'Clock!" she calls out a warning, hopefully not too late.

Phoenix has posed:
Oh. Well, crap.

While Jean's aim proves spot on there's no time to celebrate. There's only the fleeting thought that at least its zeroed in on her as opposed to the kids, so that's something, even if one is yelling to her that a blast is incoming. With a quick mental warning to Cyclops, she summons up another telekinetic push. This one is meant to help shove Cyclops out of the path of the blast, while using the rebound force to boost her own leap in the opposite direction. It's not graceful, but it's faster than relying on standard human momentum.

Moments later, through the cloud of debris and melted pavement, the dust enshrouded and slightly smoking Jean goes skyward in a blazing corona of molten pink light. She doesn't often fly - it's energy consuming and takes a good chunk of her focus - but given that she roars out a challenging, "OVER HERE!" to the Sentinel, it sounds like she's playing the role of the distraction so that her teammates can go for the throat.

Wolverine has posed:
Action time! With his claws out, Logan gives off a snarl as he bursts into a run straight for the Sentinal. His style of attack keeps him close to the ground and moving. Best to keep 'Arnold' off-balance as he closes the distance. As he moves he tries to keep track of Warpath. Just so they don't come face to face by accident.

Warpath has posed:
     Once up to full running speed, Warpath can move at a velocity right at 100 mph. Needless to say the shot flew over his head without causing him to blink. There is an advantage to being almost impossible to hurt, but there is no sense to get burned for the sake of getting burned.

     One end of the axle lost the wheel and he grasps that end and squares up like a batter in a practice cage. He uses the velocity plus his strength to swing into the knee of the metal contruct. A roughly 250 pound bat collides with the front of the knee. The damage is assessed as he uses his momentum to go under the monsterous robot and consider what he and Logan have managed to do up close as well as Scott and Jean with their attacks. He doesn't stand still by any means, the Sentinels are a tricky lot.

Nightingale has posed:
     Somehow, in all of this, it just seemed a little bit too easy, as it were, to Shannon. Something was very, very wrong with this whole scenario. While keeping to an altitude just out of range of most of the Sentinel's weaponry, she heard it call out an 'omega level threat'--aka Phoenix. Yet, with all its supposed advances and AI learning, not to mention the possibility of null rays, she'd seen little to none of that in evidence.

     This could /not/ be good at all.

     It set off all kinds of warning bells in the back of her mind. Enough to tap her comms. "Folks, just sayin', I've got a bad feeling about this. This thing picked up on Phoenix, but it hasn't pulled out all the stops yet. Watch your six."

Cyclops has posed:
As Cyclops flies off to the side from Jean's TK blast, he tucks and rolls upon the ground until he pops back up to his feet in a dust fueled skid. The blast that sailed past them rips through a building, melting it down to slag in a series of explosions. That beam is /hot/. Taking a brief glance over towards Jean to make sure she's okay, he taps his visor again to send another optic blast square into the robot's chest, trying to split it's attention between himself and The Phoenix.

The glowing red head definitely catches it's attention as she appears to be the primary threat, and after a quick stagger, both of it's arms turn into long, liquid blades that shine with a razor's edge. It starts forward, pulling one of it's arms back, just to be met with The Wolverine's sharp claws that drive through it. Adamantium tears through the carbon fiber coated titanium, tearing the foot clean off as it thumps to one side. It doesn't get a moment as Warpath comes hauling in like a bull in a China shop, grand slamming the other leg with a devestating blow.

As the robot topples backwards and slams into the street, the ground rumbles in it's wake as it's glowing eyes flicker a few times. Slowly, the legs begin to self heal as long cables and liquid starts to form, looking to pull the dismembered limbs back.

Perhaps this 'is' too easy, as Shannon said.

"Continue to hit it from all sides! Don't give it a chance to repair! We need to put down it's power source!" Cyclops hollers out as he sends another red zot at the creature, blasting the chunk of removed leg to the side.

From within, there is a loud rumbling noise, followed by a pair of large, metallic bat wings sprouting from it's back as it looks to haul itself off the ground and become airbourne.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn's eyes widen as it starts to firm wings on its back. "Heey! Are you kidding me? No way! So we gotta take it down hard and fast huh?" she frowns and nods, eyes narrowed on those wings. Maybe she can at least hamper its mobility. "Well, here goes nothing...Sihal Novarum Chinoth!"

She yells, extending it out a palm towards the ground, focusing on opening a portal beneath of a fiery wreckage of one of the cars that got in its way earlier, then with her other hand she opens a second portal for the car to fall through, right on top of one or both of the wings that the sentinel starts to sprout..With any luck she can at least slow it down..Maybe?

Phoenix has posed:
Phoenix swings in closer to a nearby building to the Sentinel and alights on the roof's edge so she can redirect the bulk of her power. Stretching out her arms and setting her teeth together in a hard grit, she reaches out towards one of the warped steel beams of the blasted building. When it was straight, the beam may have been close to a hundred feet long and several tons in weight. It's not the biggest thing she's hoisted, but it's clearly taking all of her focus to lift and direct it with precision and sweat quickly glosses her forehead.

She moves the beam over the already damaged chest of the Sentinel and does a quick check to make sure there's no one below. With a quick psychic bellow to the team of, << Incoming from above! >> she releases her control of the beam. The pink glow fades, leaving gravity as the sole force working on nearly nine tons of metal from twelve floors up.

Wolverine has posed:
"Ain't playing fair, Slim!" Logan yells as he notices the robot repair itself. It isn't until it grows wings does Logan really frown. "You've got t' be shitting me!" he grumbles as he gets into a defensive/attack stance and starts to circle it, waiting for an opening.

Warpath has posed:
     Not being sure where the power source is really, Warpath opts for the head and worries about the details later. What is left of the car axle gets a two handed over head grip like the most primitive of clubs. Two hundred plus pounds of primitive club.
     Over head, two handed, downward swing to middle of the thing's head. A few repetive, very brutal swings and it seems to let the agression out more and more. Warpath is far from "seeing red" as he is in control, but he is letting the thing have all he's got right now.

Nightingale has posed:
     "Ah shit... Warpath, Wolverine, look out, this thing's about to take off! Cyclops, any shot of clipping this thing's wings?" She frowns deeply, considering her options. This thing was big, it was fast, and it was mean. Possibly the most intimidating target she'd faced to date. Would getting the Sentinel tangled with some live power lines do any good at shorting out its power source? Possibly, but there were two teammates in the immediate vicinity, and none of them would do any good dead.

     No, they needed a better look at the wings on that thing, and fast. Circling around behind the Sentinel, she attempts to get a better look at those bat-like appendages, to see if it had any flaws that could be exploited.

     Fight smarter, not harder.

Cyclops has posed:
The car that Pixie teleports out of thin air crashes into the robot, hammering it back down to the ground, followed by the long, steel beam that is driven into it's chest from The Phoenix. There is a loud screeching noise emitting from it at a high pitched frequency, one that is designed to hurt those who may have more heightened senses. Slamming it's bladed arms into the ground, they melt and turn into what appears like large pistons, trying to push itself back up and slide off the girder that is driven through it's chest.

Shannon can see that the large wings is built into the back of the robot, attached as if it grew out normally, much like her own. They are thick, metallic, and appear to be razor edged. As Warpath strikes it in the head, the large robot clanks backwards again, it's skull bouncing off the concrete to make a sizeable dent.


There is a hot blaze of red from the robot's eyes as it mirrors Cyclop's powers, blasting straight into the chest of the Apache and sending him flying a block away. Reaching up with one of it's hands, it grabs the large beam that sticks out of it's chest and gives it a tug as a familiar red telekinetic field wraps about it. Pulling it free, he starts to climb back to his feet, giving a large beat of it's wings.


Phoenix has posed:
Phoenix is sucking in air as she drops the beam, giving her head a violent shake to clear hair from her eyes as flexes her fingers. Unfortunately, there's no time to rest yet. The face of Phoenix seems to mirror that of Wolverine as she watches the metal abomination pull itself up like a warped, gargoyle reflection of its foes. Shitting them indeed.

She looks to the gaping wound still open in its chest and again reaches out with a hand. Her eyes close as she tries to block out visual distraction and instead feel with her powers. She tries to focus on the Sentinel's chest, the wires and gears and electronics that form body and nerves, and the power source that must be in there somewhere. When she finds what she thinks is a likely target, she begins to close her open, shaking hand. It may be right out of Indiana Jones, but Jean's not concerned about copyright laws. She just focuses on seizing and crushing anything that might stop the beast.

Wolverine has posed:
Oh no. This thing is going nowhere. It's time to stop pussy-footing around. As soon as its attention is on the others, Logan moves. First by flanking then by getting behind it. It's when the wings start to flap is the instant the angry Canadian makes his move. Quickly by closing the gap, then leaping onto it's back, sinking his claws right up to the knuckle. It only takes a few moments before Logan commences with the one thing he's known to be good at. Sheer utter violence. "Raaaawr!"

Warpath has posed:

     While Warpath has many abilties and talents, flight isn't one of them. He grits his teeth once as he flies, then does his best to do the last thing should be possible. Relax. Yes he's nigh on invulnerable, but it will probably smart when he hits whatever wall that stops him.
     Standing and taking off what is left of the upper part of his costume, he tosses it aside and mutters,"Remind me why the costumes." Mostly to himself of course since the others are off a ways. He shakes his head and looks up to see what the machine is doing again and starts to run back. It won't take long to get back once he starts running. More mindful of the eyes this time he prepares to jump head long into the machine unless a better opportunity presents itself.
     Hands slipping behind his back, each one returns with a large, heavy vibranium knife grapsed loosely for another round.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn meepers and darts back as the sentinel adapts and changes some more. "Darrrn, what's that thing even made of? And how do we defeat it if it keeps adapting? Heeey, want me to port it into a lake or something?" although with Logan and Warpath leaping onto it that's not a viable option at the time.

Pixie flutters higher into the sky, circling the sentinel more quickly, emitting another contrail of pink distracting pixie dust around her wings which glow furiously hot pink as she does her best to try and distract it while the others go in for attacks.

"Hey ugly! Let's see how well you can fly with those ugly attempt at wings!" she actually makes a face at it too.

Nightingale has posed:
     Great. Just great. Hoping like hell she's not about to step on Scott's toes, Shannon taps the comms again. "Heads up, this thing's about to take off. Got to keep it on the ground. Anyone close enough to pluck its wings?" Pause. "Or tangle its wings up with something?"

     Aaaaaand there goes Pixie off on a tangent. Although maybe she was on to something there. She keeps her fingers crossed, having to trust that her once-teammate knew what she was doing. For her own part, she just had to keep her distance and keep eyes in the sky, watching the Sentinel's every move like... well, like a hawk. Or a Nightingale.

Cyclops has posed:
As the large, shape changing Sentinel looks to take flight, it finds itself being held by Jean's TK field, feeling it's chest start to gape open. It's much like straight out of the Terminator movies. It's trying to self-heal in a liquid-metal fashion. There is a dozen blinking lights from within the gaping chest that Jean keeps exposed. There is another bright, wide optic blast from the machine as it strikes against her force field, looking to apply the same amount of deadly pressure.

With Wolverine on it's back, he makes wide open gaping wounds, slicing through one of the wing's trunks to let it fall to the ground with a sickening thud. Slowly, it begins to melt and pool around the legs of the robot, looking to slide back into it and reform. Warpath goes flying straight into the monster, looking to open the wound larger that Jean made earlier with his vibranium blades. There's more sparking and short circuiting as it's voice comes out in a static stammer.


With it's hot laser eyes once more winding it, it fires blindly through the pink haze that Pixie confuses it with, not able to see clearly through the cloud of hypno-dust. While the dust itself has no effect on it due to being a robot, it's impaired visually. His optic blasts wildly miss Warpath, but it strikes Cyclops as he was moving into position to support Jean.

There's a loud noise as the field leader goes flying, striking a building with a loud, sickening crunch as he crumples to the ground.


Struggling with Wolverine and Warpath going at it on both sides, it is allowing Jean to rip the wound open wider with her powers. The robot is on it's last legs now, shuddering and stumbling about as it's ability to self-heal is being disrupted by all the damage.

Phoenix has posed:
Target... disabled.

Jean knows this is just a simulation. At her core, she *knows* that. They've only been doing this since they were teenagers. But the Room excels at hyper-realism, and there is no faking the very real burn of adrenaline. She feels Cyclops go down and the bile rises and films her vision in red, fueled from years of hatred and seeing those she care about fall even under this simulacrum.

The light around Jean intensifies and the normal pink signature of her's is burned away in hellfire. Her teeth are bared like an animal as she thrusts both hands forward towards the Sentinel with curled fingers. Her power around the chest of the robot warps, looking for all the world like hazy talons of a diving hawk sinking into its prey. With a feral scream, she throws her hands apart in a clawing gesture, as if she fully intended to rip the Sentinel in twain or at least crack it apart and expose its innards to the warriors there on the front line.

Wolverine has posed:
Logan keeps up his savage onslaught. He's always hated these things. "C'mon kid rip this tin can open so we can finish this." For some reason, this training session has felt like its been going on for days. $r

Warpath has posed:
     Pausing only a moment to consider a spitting high power line, Jimmy muses for an instant and nods at something. Logan's comments get him back to his original plan for now and so he does, indeed, go into the machine, blades back into their scabbards for the moment.
     Grabbing one side of the rend that Jean and Logan have been creating, he displays the strength that he is know for, peeling the thing like a normal person peels a banana, exposing more. He considers and to the comm he growls,"I have an idea to get this done and over with, but I need everyone off of the thing to do it." He turns and races back towards the down and hopping power line.

Nightingale has posed:
Crap. Cyclops was down. Phoenix was likely seeing red by now, judging by how truly vicious her attack had become. Pixie was occupied distracting the Sentinel, while Wolverine and Warpath were waiting to strike. Simulation or no, the cost of this one was high.

     The rest of the team knew their business. It was time for Shannon to do hers.

     Tapping her comms, she tries first to reach Phoenix. "Phoenix, it's Nightingale. Just keep that beastie off of me, I'm going to make sure Cyclops is okay." With the Sentinel on its last legs, it gave her the opening, just the few seconds she needed to soar over it--out of range of Pixie's psychadelic powder--bank, and circle in for a landing next to Cyclops. She crouches down next to him, reaching for the brown leather pouch that's her constant companion, offering a light smile.

     "Hey. Just hold still, let me have a look at things, okay?"

     Without hesitating even a second, she closes her eyes, resting one hand briefly on the top of his skull, and the other near his sternum. Her breath becomes slow and even, a gentle warmth heralding the light tendril of thought that is the diagnostic phase of her gift.

     "Good news, you didn't crack your skull or your spine. Not picking up on anything internal. You got some busted ribs though. Just keep breathing as deeply as you can without severe pain."

     She draws her hands back, frowning slightly. On one hand, she could heal him right there. But there were still other teammates to consider. With Cyclops down, she felt it her duty to help bring them all home alive. She taps her comms. "Pixie, can you give Cyclops and I a portal out of range of that beastie?"

     Hopefully, Pixie could come through. Because if not, she was going to have to do this the hard way. Meantime, she gets a pair of gloves out of the brown leather pouch, some antiseptic wipes, and gauze for quick field wound dressings. At least those, she could take care of without using her powers, reduce what she would have to do later.

Pixie has posed:
"Heey! We're damaging it! Yay us!" exclaims an excited Pixie, but then she gasps as Cyke goes down. She really doesn't have to say it as Shan darts towards him.

Tapping her link, she nods to Shan. "Roger. Gimme a sec, I'll be right there!" and with the sentinel hopefully distracted still, she darts around the fight, making a beeline towards Cyclops and Shannon. "Sihal, Novarum Chinoth!" she yells, still a few yards away, and a portal opens at their feet, near enough at least that Nightingale will need only give him the slightest shove to get them both into it and to safety. "Go on, it should take you to that building over there, give you both time to recover!"

Pixie points to a building overlooking the fight, but far enough away to view the battle without being drawn into it. Should give them both some time to recover.

Cyclops has posed:
There is a blink of light as Shannon and Cyclops teleports to the position that Pixie created for them, well out of reach of any potential destruction. He is barely coherent as he lets out a pained groan. His head has a bloody gash upon it, and he looks to be a bit crumpled about the mid-section. His breathing is ragged, but steady.

With the three warriors of the X-Team tearing into the large robot, Jean's fiery talons guts the creature with a loud yanking noise. The half end comes apart from the bottom, tearing it in half as if it was made of paper. From there, all the guts and wires are exposed, shorting and sparking, though still very much alive.


The noise it makes is like shrieking metal upon metal, angry and annoying. It's clearly on it's last legs. Near by, the sparking electrical wire whips about on the ground nearby.

Phoenix has posed:
Surely she must hear Shannon as the winged girl zooms past, but there is no glimmer of recognition on the of Jean Grey. Her face is radiant and terrifying, full of blinded fury, at least until she jerks back with a violent shake of her head. "...no, no no no!" She hisses as she claws her hands across her head with a pained visage like something was trying to do to her skull like she'd just done to the Sentinel. The blinding glow of her power vanishes from around the robot and the roof as she loses her focus and drops down to her knees.

Looks like it'll be up to Warpath and Wolverine to finish the job.

Wolverine has posed:
Jamming his claws into the shoulders of the robot, Logan starts to twist them, damaging any kind of servo controlling the arms. It's a brutal act for sure. But be's making sure this thing is as defenseless as a new born kitten. "Keep it up, kid! Rip this sucker's heart out!"

Warpath has posed:
     Watching the line jump around for a few seconds, Warpath starts to time the way it moves. There is a risk, even for one as tough and strong as he is. Illusion or not it will not feel good to catch the live in of it. He finally gets the opportunity he wants and snaps the live wire into hand and starts back towards the fallen beast.
     There is always going to be a little discomfort, just being this close to the power, but he doesn't seem too bothered by it. He runs back towards the fallen robot and calls into the comm once more,"Jump clear a moment Logan. I want to melt this bastard once and for all."

Nightingale has posed:
     The building where Pixie deposited Shannon and Cyclops offers an excellent vantage point from which to view the battle from a safe distance. Unfortunately, this also means she glances over just in time to see Phoenix fall to her knees. In an instant, she's tapping her comms. "Phoenix?" she calls out, keeping her voice as calm and as level as she can. "Phoenix, please respond." She waits for a response, keeping one eye on her patient, and the other on the battle as it seems to be winding down.

Cyclops has posed:
As Warpath calls out to the team and rushes forward with his wiggling electrical cable, Wolverine leaps off the back of it, right as the sparking tip is shoved into the gaping holes of the chest cavity. There is an arc of blue light that sizzles the air, causing a number of fireworks and sparks to explode. The rest of the block goes out as all power is cut out quickly with a flicker.

The large robot gives a violent shudder, then collaposes with liquid metal pooling out wetly as it slumps forward. The flickering in it's eyes go dim. Defeated!

Up on the roof, Scott's eyes open from behind his visor, followed by a low grunt as the hologram begins to melt away to return them back to the Danger Room. Mission accomplished! There's a timer on the wall that shows the completion timer to gauge their progress. The rest of the data on the backend will be logged and saved for review later. As he pushes himself up to his feet, he clutches at his side with a loud, noisy huff. "Good job, team." He grunts out, though his eyes are straying over to Jean with concern.

<< Jean. You doing okay? >>

Phoenix has posed:
Scott's attempts to check on Jean are met with a searing flash in the front of his brain. Two great eyes like twin suns. A heart of incandescent fire straining at a gilded cage alight with Jean's power, even as it flakes away like ash. And the voice. Like Jean, but not. So loud. So terribly, horribly loud, reaching volumes the ear can't even process.

"...we are not doing this. Not now. Not here. Shut up, shut up..." Jean kneels there on the floor with her head in her hands, droplets of blood falling from her nose though there's not an injury to be seen. "I said NO!" Snarling, she slams her fists to the ground with enough force to split the skin of her knuckles. She stays there, hunched over on the ground, with her chest rising and falling heavily as she sucks in air. Her hair is a curtain of red falling around her, matching the red staining the blackened floor under her.

"...no." It's an answer and a plea.

Wolverine has posed:
After leaping off the robot Logan hit the floor hard. He waits there as the simulation ends before rolling over and getting to his feet, albeit slowly. "Aww shit." he grumbles as he stands up and stretches, popping a few joints. He stops and sniffs, smelling iron in the air. "All right who's hurt? Sound off!"

Warpath has posed:

     The battle over, the test complete, James tosses the power line aside so it can do whatever until the program clears completely. He rolls his shoulders a few times and looks at the slight discoloration of his skin where the blast hit him and shrugs.

     Looking around at the others he starts to assess the damage done to the rest of the team as well as the surrounding area of the "city". He snorts softly at something and looks to Logan, shaking his head to indicate he is not hurt.

Nightingale has posed:
     Hearing Logan call out, Shannon hops on the comms. "Nightingale. I'm fine, but Cyclops is down. Broken ribs and a couple nasty eggs on his head, but nothing internal thank god. Saw Phoenix go down, she's non-responsive on the comms. Do you have a bead on her?" She keeps her fingers crossed, hoping for the best.

Cyclops has posed:
"I'm fine." Scott assures as he rubs a hand along the top of his head, glancing down at the blood upon his fingers. "I've broken my ribs more times than I can count." He is wheezing though as he speaks. His concern though is focused on Jean. As he makes his way over to her in a hobble, he calls out to her in his mind.

<< Jean, it's over. Everything is fine. Take a deep breath and reel it in. >> He is calm and assuring. Most likely not the first time, definitely won't be the last. That's the purpose of these sessions. To test, stress and assess.

"Show is over everyone. Hit the showers. Tomorrow we will do a VOD review of this mission and go over what we did right and wrong and talk about how we can do it faster and more efficient. Great job, team."

As he reaches out he puts his hand gently on Jean's shoulder. "Jean, up and at 'em." He says softly to her.

Phoenix has posed:
Slowly, Jean gets up to her feet. Under his hand, Scott could feel her shaking. She gingerly drags her forearm across her face and smears the gold glove with crimson. All of her color must have went there, because there's none left in her face. "...yeah, yeah."

<< Scott, >> He'd hear in her head, fragile and throbbing with the impact of a monster headache. << I can't do this. I need to talk to him. >>

On the outside, she tries to stand up taller and not look so awful. Her lie comes out too easy, with the experience of a master empath, "I'm fine, really. Just over-extended myself. Still don't know the limits of these powers sometimes."

Wolverine has posed:
As Logan continues to stretch it out, he stops and glances at Scott and Jean. With a raised brow he wonders what's going on, however, he decides to remind the kids. "Ya heard Scooter, hit the showers. Now!" he barks out as he's the first one out of the room.

Warpath has posed:
     Nohing here to see folks. Move along. Jimmy considers Scott and Jean a moment and then glances towards Shannon. If she is looking his way he nods to her and then starts towards the exit as well. The ever talkative Apache doesn't say anything by way of departure and leaves the Danger Room and those in there behind.

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon gets to her feet and goes right after Cyclops. "Sir, if you don't mind, now that the situation's a bit less critical, please let me heal those ribs? I could do with a little extra rest anyways, and Phoenix needs you in one piece." Turning to Jean, she furrows her brows a little bit. "Is there anything I'd be able to do to help you...?" She did not like the look of that bleeding, now that she was a bit closer to really see it. But would a healing be for the better or worse, in Jean's case?

     She frowns and just shakes her head. "I'll hit the showers in a few minutes, Logan. I'm not gonna leave two teammates hurting."

Cyclops has posed:
"Jean is fine." Scott assures as he limps along after her, curling a hand into hers. "I'll see you in the medbay once I walk Jean back to her room. Like Logan said, hit the showers. Rinse off. I'll be fine." He says with a grunt in his throat.

The field leader even straightens up, despite the searing pain in his side. Show no weakness. It's only a few cracked ribs. Nothing a few bandages wouldn't solve otherwise to keep them tight.

"Tomorrow, we will do review. See you then."