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Danger Room Session
Date of Scene: 05 April 2021
Location: Danger Room - X-Men Base
Synopsis: Scott runs a Danger Room session for the X-Men Core team for some light exercise. Kurt and Dani win a prize that could go terribly for everyone down the road.
Cast of Characters: Cyclops, Moonstar, Pixie, Beast, Warpath, Rogue, Nightcrawler

Cyclops has posed:
There is a Danger Room session scheduled for the team this evening. It is labled as 'light training'. It must mean that Cyclops is in a good mood tonight. The doors swish open to reveal the field leader in his blue and gold uniform along with his solid gold visor with the ruby quartz lens. He cracks his neck to one side, then glances down to the tablet in his hands as he starts to tap away at it. The room begins to swirl from cold metal walls to that of a bright and sunny day, along with a long expansive field with a bright, glistening pond right in the middle with a couple of trees here and there.

Are they having a training day or a picnic?

As he taps along the tablet a few more times, he adjusts the temperature to a cool 68 degrees. Perfect. He'll even add a hint of a breeze. With a firm nod of his head, he waits for the others to arrive.

Moonstar has posed:
Light training is just perfect for Dani Moonstar. She doesn't really need what one would consider heavy training. When there's heavy training, there's always risk of hurting someone. Light training.. much safer, in her opinion. Today, she is in her uniform, and is armed as she would be in the field. Uru sword, bow, and quiver of arrows. Standing at her side is Brightwind, as he is her partner in battle, and in more ways than one. The quiver and bow are both upon his saddle in special holders for them. The sword is belted at her waist.

Dani lifts a hand to pat the pegasus stallion's shoulder. She glances to Scott and raises a brow at his choice of settings. She leans against the pegasus, and waits to see what their Fearless Leader has in mind for tonight.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn strides into the DR, the youngest X-girl but no less effective or at least so she hopes not. Dressed in her black mini dress with a biker shorts, gold utility belt, boots and bracers, she's ready to...Face whatever it is they'll be facing today.

Hey, he said light training right? Pixie blinks a few times as the scene comes into view, wings fluttering a bit more quickly, glittering bright pink and green today. "Ooooh, pretty!" she exclaims, excitedly.

Beast has posed:
Henry McCoy arrives in his best in-the-field uniform, sans spectacles which are tucked in a folding case somewhere about his person. Dark blue vest, dark blue pands, big gold X on his belt, which has a few pouches around and about, no doubt with a few oddities and extras tucked in, just in case -- including hypospray and liquid bandaging. Barefoot and uncontained of limb, he nods to Dani, offering a bright and fang-filled smile as he moves up beside Scott and claps him lightly on the shoulder with a nod, folding his arms in waiting afterwards.

"AS long as it's not whack-a-mole we're up to here, should be good. I didn't bring my mallet."

Warpath has posed:
Walking into the Danger Room James pauses to look over the layout. He raises a brow curiously and steps the rest of the way in. He is dressed in his usual costume...well usual for something that tends to get shredded everytime he puts one on. His blades are secured on his back, easily accessible if need be. His attention moves to Beast for a moment and the stoic face breaks into a slight smirk before setting back to the usual grim determined face.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue slips in and immediately takes to the 'sky', flying a few laps above Summers' head before she finally moves to get closer to the ground but doesn't yet land. Wearing her usual green and gold full body suit with the X belt and her yellow gloves, she's mostly taking in who all is showing up to this sorded affair. For the moment, she seems to have no intention of landing as she hovers, but shifts to look like she's sitting in mid-air. Silent and somewhat stoic-faced since she's no idea what Summers has in store for them and there's a nice mix of people showing up for this training ordeal.

Nightcrawler has posed:
The door of the Danger Room opens, and Kurt peeks his head inside. Glowing yellow eyes take a quick look over those within the room, and one of his ears perks up slightly. His tail swishes mildly behind him, and there's a moment of pause from him. Then he moves to step fully within the room, his steps relatively quiet. He doesn't always teleport just because he can. Much like the others, he's in his uniform, and he lifts his right hand to idly tussle his hair as he starts to make his way towards where Dani's standing. There's a sword at his back, but no other weapons besides just the one.

Cyclops has posed:
As the team assembles, Cyclops takes a few moments to wait and see if anyone else is showing. He furrows his brows and glances at the tablet for a moment, then taps it once more as it disappears from his hands. "Good evening, team. Thank you for coming and being present. The last few months for us has been really rough and I figured this is a good time for us to get together and do something easy. Today's training is simple. We're going to do waves. Each wave will increase the difficulty and thus force you all to utilize your powers together. Consider it to be a game of tag of sorts. The moment you get 'tagged' by the enemy, you're out."

"Last one standing gets a mystery prize." His lips give a small twitch, on the edges of a smile before it smooths out once more. He gives a glance upwards to the control booth, then starts for the door. "I'll be observing. Good luck."

A few minutes tick by for him to get settled, then multiple holes open in the ground as sophisticated robots appear. Four of them, holding pulse rivals.

"Halt, mutants." They chirp out in the digital voice box that Sentinels would use. But these robots are most likely seven foot tall at the most, gangly and looking much like something out of Star Wars. Shock troops.

Moonstar has posed:
Dani Moonstar glances to, and then nods, to each member of the team as they arrive. Each one gets a nod. Then she turns her head to watch Scott. Brightwind stands perfectly still. His blue eyes are also on Scott. She listens attentively as he speaks on what they're going to be doing. Waves of enemies. She raises a brow at his 'last one standing gets a prize' spiel. That lip twitch? So not trusting whatever the prize might be.

Leaving the sword where it is, Dani mounts the pegasus with an easy grace. She pulls the bow and an arrow from her quiver. These are the special arrows she'd reversed engineered from those given to her by Clint. She sets the arrow to the string and waits for whatever the first bit is going to be. Robots. Her expression goes still at the Sentinals voice. Not keen, clearly. Dani takes a breath as she draws the string back. And releases on the exhale. The arrow goes straight for one of the robots, the one furthest to the right. The arrow streaks, straight on target, not deviating in the slightest. Upon impact, there's a small detonation to take out the robot. Small, just large enough to 'kill' the robot it had hit.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn bliiinks slowly, peering at Cyclops. "Uh, soo..We're playing dodgeball with waves?" Yknow, because they're in a nice sunny forest clearing. oh. Wait. He wasn't being literal. She frowns at the sight of robots. Well great, her one weakness. Darn metal creatures.

Still, if this is tag, all she needs to do is avoid them..Right? With that thought in mind, Pixie takes to the skies, hovering over them to survey the scene, to see what she can use against them perhaps.

Beast has posed:
"Well, drat. It -is- whack-a-mole then," Beast wrinkles his nose to the side and glances out of the corner of his eye at Scott, with a small moue pout, then is all cheerful in his bounce on his toes, clapping hands together as he does so. "Anna-Marie, James, I am going to cause some confusion with aim. I do hope you don't let my pert and fuzzy butt get clocked," -- he leaps forward, onto all fours and quite literally does gymnastic floorwork between two of the robots, designed to force them to track toward him and possibly each other as he sommersaults and arabesques, leaping straight up about ten foot as they fire. Moving targets are trickier!

Warpath has posed:
Warpath looks towards Beast briefly and then to Rogue. The robots become his main focus now,"High road, low road." he mutters in Rogue's general direction and draws a vibranuim blade from it's scabbard and dives into the leg of the one on the left, ripping the nearly unbreakable blade through the knee joint and out behind the back to sprint several stride away to see if it falls.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks back towards the sentinels that manifest into the room and then she glances down to Summers with a smirk and a 'really?' look on her face. Her attention briefly moves to Warpath and she nods her head to his words, stretching out as he manages to take out the knee joint of one sentinel. She moves to dive down, coming up from under as the sentinel as it begins to fall and she slams herself into the robot to put it out of commission and flings it the other direction.

Nightcrawler has posed:
There's a glance given towards Scott, and Kurt tilts his head faintly to one side. Listening, and his pointed ears wiggle a little bit. A game of tag? Well! That doesn't sound bad at all! And there's a prize, woo! His tail flicks, and then switches with interest at that. He quirks a toothy sort of grin and gives a nod to Scott, and then he glances over the others who are within the room as well.

Then his attention turns towards the robots that appear, and his glowing yellow gaze turns towards them. Studying them. He almost giggles. But he doesn't. Instead, he reaches to draw his sword, and then he BAMF's to appear in front and slightly above one of the robots, aiming to cut off its head with a swish of his sword.

He lands lightly, tumbling before BAMF'ing and reappearing, of all places, perched on Brightwind's rounded rump. And he reaches with his free hand to snag one of the handles at the back of the pegasus's saddle.

Cyclops has posed:
The first wave of robots go down cleanly and easily! Dani's arrow strikes the first in the chest, causing it to explode in a shatter of parts, followed by the blade of James into the next, Rogue's smash and back technique, and Kurt's pirate sword play!

The bits of robot disappear in a ripple of digital dust, then five more take their place. Two spawn in front of the team, two spawn behind them, and another off to the side.

"Halt, mutants!"

Once more the robots begin to advance, this time a bit faster as they move at a jogging speed. They raise their pulse rifles upwards, this time one firing at Megan in the sky as she appears to be the easiest target, while two start to firing upon Beast as he leaps about in his acrobatics. The rest will return fire on James and Rogue and try to track Dani and Kurt in the air as they are seated upon Brightwind.

From the control booth Scott watches, tapping along the deck at times as he calculates their response rate and records the data for team analysis later.

Moonstar has posed:
Dani Moonstar pulls another arrow from the quiver as Brightstar launches into the air. He spreads his large wings and takes them to circle above the field, somewhat opposite from Megan. She nocks the arrow to the string, and takes aim below without drawing the bow. Waiting to see how the field has changed in the brief time it took Brightstar to take them up. She notes Henry and the two shooting he's confusing. Warpath and Rogue.

There's a blink as the sound of Kurt's displaced air comes from behind her. Brightwind flicks an ear in the man's direction. The stallion dips his left wing and turns, banking over the field to give Dani a clear shot. Hold on, Kurt, or this could get slippery! Brightwind's rounded rump isn't exactly sticky.

From her higher vantage point, Dani sights on the robot to the side. She draws the string back and releases on the exhale again. This time, the arrow slams into the robot's face. There's another small explosion.

Brightwind dips the other way, making himself a harder target to hit as his path in the air is very nearly as erratic as Beast's is on the ground.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn is quite disappointed to see that there's not a lot of material to port at the bots. Not like it'll stop her from using other resources at her disposal. There is a pond, Afterall, although it's difficult to tell just how deep it is.

As a robot fires towards her, she twists and darts around in the air, trying to confuse it with well placed air acrobatics, then dives towards another robot, before pulling up at the last moment.

Of course she is playing a similar game to Beast, trying to get it to shoot at one of its robot allies instead of herself.

Beast has posed:
Henry McCoy grins as Warpath takes the intiative and Rogue follows up. Familiarity sometimes gives one the warm and fuzzies. It doesn't last though, as what goes up must come down and with the second wave taking the place of the first, his prodigous self flips in the air as he comes downward, so that he lands atop one of the robots that was firing him, feet on its shoulders, hands grasping its weapon and flings himself backwards. Robot in the air, bits of metal flipping end over end at the other one that was coming for him strong. "ANd the doctor picks up a spare!"

Now though, kipping up and running like a weasel toward the big fellow with the vibranium blade would be a good idea. "INcoming!" He yells, leaping over the top of Warpath so that hopefully a robot meets a pointy thing rather swiftly.

Warpath has posed:
Only a moment to admire their handiwork, Warpath nods to Rogue and raises the blade in a salute. Turning back to the new arrivals his usual grim face settles on the one closest to the vaulting beast. One pointy object to the face. His knife spins through the air and buries in the face of the one chasing the Beast. His left hand slips behind his back to draw his other vibranium blade and rolls his neck once.

Rogue has posed:
Still in the air, Rogue has a vantage point like the other fliers and soon hones in on the one lone sentinel trying to come up and blast her and her allies. She dodges easily and then dives once more towards the robot, reaching out to grab and lift the robot into the sky, taking it out a good several meters away from everyone else and then suplex's it into the ground. "Programmed or not, that's a dirty trick." She comments before taking to the skies again to rejoin the others - at least making sure they're all out of harms way for the moment.

Nightcrawler has posed:
When five more robots appear, Kurt does a quick scan to get an idea of their positions in relation to the rest of the team. The animal's rump doesn't need to be sticky in order for him to be able to stay on. His feet take care of that, at least in part. He reaches out with his tail to take hold of the other handle there at the back of the saddle, lingering for a bit of a ride.

He lets go with his hand, switches his sword hand easily, and then he lightly leaps from the rump of the pegasus, angling his fall for his feet to hit the front of the robot's shoulders as he cuts off his head before tumbling free and to the ground. There's a brief glance towards the robot that gets a knife to the face, and then he teleports again, back to Brightwind's rump.

Cyclops has posed:
As one robot gives chase after Megan, it continues to fire blast after blast into the sky, trying to tag the fairy in the air. It moves along in a clunky and clumsy manner. As it hits the muddy bank, it gives a slide and a flail, the blaster going off rapidly before it topples backwards into the pond and sinks to the bottom. Bzzt.

Kurt in his acrobatics easily dispatches another robot in a quick assassination attempt with his sword, slicing it's head off as it bounces along the soft grass until it comes to a stop. He teleports back just as quick as a laser beam just misses the spot he was standing on, scorching the grass.

Another robot hits the ground hard with a loud crack as Rogue slams it from overhead to the ground. Three down!

James once more cuts through a robot with ferocity, sending it the ground in a scatter of pieces and shortened out noises of 'squawk' and 'ouch'. When Beast does his acrobatics and topples the last robot to the ground, the five robots begin to dissolve again.

"This is too easy for you guys. I knew I should have went with the Nimrod." Scott's voice can be heard from the control panel. "I'll give one more round and crank up the intensity."

With that, seven robots now appear and they are aggressive. Immediately upon spawn they charge. Their aim is better and they are using more team tactics as they look to focus on those on the ground which are James and Beast. Thin the crowds.

Moonstar has posed:
Dani Moonstar doesn't really have anything she can toss toward Megan, or she likely would do so. Other than her sword, and no. That's not going anywhere. For the moment, with Brightwind dodging as he is, they're out of harms' way. Brightwind doesn't seem to mind the extra passenger. Nor does Dani. Not even when he's bamfing oof and back on again. "Kurt, you really gotta do something about that smell," she comments wryly as she searches for the next robot that's still alive and kicking.

As Nimrod is mentioned, Dani's lips quirk up. Amused. She draws another arrow and nocks it to the bow. As the robots of the second round are all dispatched, she waits until group number three appears. The string is drawn. Brightwind dips his wing and banks so she can get a better shot, and she releases. The robot furthest from the two on the ground goes up in a small exposion.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn laughs and points. "Hah! Eat dirt, freak!" of course she is no idiot and is already on the alert for more robots, expecting them to be more aggressive this time.

Still, Pixie keeps her distance, staying in the sky, weaving and darting and trying to get the robots' attention with her bright glittery wings.

"Hey! over here!" she calls, waving her arms. Which might just be a foolish move. If this is tag, everyone for themselves, it would be wiser to run and hide, but she likes to play nice, to play along with the team mates as it were. And isn't that what being an a X-man is all about?

With any luck, she will have lured at least some robots away, either way she is already focused on the ground beneath their feet, dark eyes narrowed in concentration as she murmurs those magical words that create a glowing pink teleportation platform at the feet of at least some bots hopefully.

"Sihal Novarum Chinoth!" and with another gesture towards the pond she will attempt to port them into the pond's watery depths.

Beast has posed:
Henry McCoy lands behind and beside Warpath as the body of the robot skitters in pieces between the two of them, tracking where it skids and disolves, only to be replaced by the 'violent squad' "...I sometimes forget how cockroachlike these things can be," he mutters, "...right then..." tactics, he'll follow James' lead, or rather coordinate a solid scramble and a vault kick at one of them at least, knees collapsing into a crouch as he lands, both hands coming in for a thorough mechanical evisceration.

Warpath has posed:
The party is getting serious. Weapons trained at Beast and Warpath makes things hotter for the ground troops. Dodging the weapon blasts leans down and picks up a fallen robot, pressing it over his head. The neutral face snarls and he throws the fallen robot at the new seven robots, trying to be mindful of anyone that might get in the way,"Heads up Beast! Incoming!" Subtle he isn't.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue comes back from knocking out the one to see a flock of more appear and seem to be better at what they're wanting to do. Course, the fact that they're going after the groundlings makes her smirk and dive down towards a random straggler to take it out from behind...by slamming herself into it's form from behind and crashing it into the ground.

Nightcrawler has posed:
There's a glance towards the now laser blasted piece of grass that he'd been occupying, and Kurt gives a brief whistle. That was close! Closer than he prefers to cut it, but it could have been worse. As the rest of the current wave of robots are dealt with, he relaxes for a brief moment. And then there's the next wave.

Kurt raises an eyebrow slightly as he looks to Dani, and then he grins, his pointed teeth showing. "Ah, meine dame, if there was something I could do about it, then I already would, ja? It is what it is, alas," he says, giving a wry chuckle. Much like with the previous robots, he uses his teleportation to his advantage in order to help with taking out this next wave along with his teammates.

Cyclops has posed:
As the round continues on, Pixie would be the first to get blasted in the air, causing her to fall down and hit the ground. Instead of a hard landing, it's soft and cushiony. At least Scott isn't about to break someone's arm in the danger room today. The robot has only a moment to celebrate before his companion gets teleported into the pond, followed by the sound of electrified bot.

As James and Beast enters the fray once more and start slashing through the robots, James gets tagged first by a stray blast before it's split in half by his blade. With Rogue diveboming another, she takes a pair of robots out, but takes a blast in the chest for her efforts.

For now, Beast on the ground is doing fairly well by himself, but as Dani fires down a few arrows to try and cause a distraction, one robot leads with his rifle and tags the blue fuzzy Beast in the back. Zot! Another arrow is fired down from above by Dani, followed by Kurt taking out a robot from behind, leaving the two of them as the champions of the Danger Room this evening.

As the simulation comes to an end, Scott peers out from the control panel with an amused look on his face. "You guys did great. The winners get to choose the next danger room simulation as well as the degree of difficulty. Aren't I generous? Did you guys have fun?"