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Such a witchy idea.
Date of Scene: 23 June 2022
Location: Fontainebleu Antiques, Yonkers
Synopsis: Willow and Nick propose a time-warp rescue mission to Henri.
Cast of Characters: Hellequin, Willow Rosenberg, Phantasm (Drago)

Hellequin has posed:
As usual, the store is void of customers. One would wonder where Henri de Fontainebleau makes the fortune he spends on the most exquisite restaurants, the expensive Paris tailored clothes and the daily shipment of croissants directly from France. Ok, they might not be from France, but they sure come from a French bakery.

The new shipment of Medieval items had arrived a few days prior, and the weapons - falchions, long swords, axes and halberds can be found on their respective displays. Now it seems the more delicate and expensive items are ready to be unpacked.

Right now, Henri is busy arranging the brooches, bracelets and rings in the glass display. As usual, Medieval music can be heard in the background.

Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Willow told Nick, carefully, "Now when we're in there, let me break the idea to him?"

Not that she had a complete idea; just to borrow the coin and return to the place that they were previously. Henri made it seem fairly simple: they got Heloise; they put her on a mock trial (Willow's words); then they tied Heloise up to a stake..

Somewhere, preferably at the junction after the trial to the burning.. they - Nick and Willow - would rescue her.

Okay, she was a bit not sure how they would do it, but she was certain they would figure it out!

Walking into the shop.. again.. Willow gave Henri a little wave. And then, after Nick walked in, she took the OPEN sign and turned to CLOSED in the window. Willow means business.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
One thing's for certain. This plan has not been fully thought through. And yet Nick is here with Willow. Did he believe the plan would work? Probably not. But by now it's pretty much established by Willow that Henri hates her.

And she wants to be the voice of reason in this discussion. So if anyone asks, Nick is mainly here to make sure the worst offense Henri might make towards Willow is a laugh in her general direction.

So he's here.

Nick's attire is a bit different than the last time Henri saw him. Instead of church attire, he is wearing casual but generic looking jeans and a tee. His hair has still been pulled back but the top of his head has a ballcap upon it. Which, ends up being removed once they step indoors the shop of the nit picky supernatural hunter. A glance is given to the turned sign and Willow's wave before he turns his head to see the man. He gives a small tilt of the head in quiet acknowledgement of the man across the room.

Hellequin has posed:
Oh, she didn't linger long by his door this time before entering. Nonetheless, the skunk effect worked just fine, and Henri knew that Willow was nearby. The stench - to Henri anyway - is even amplified by Nick's presence. Is the antiquarian surprised by her visit? Hard to say, as the large Frenchman places the delicate broach on the display before turning to face his visitors.

"Even /I/ know how to use a telephone," Henri says, "I shall encourage you Willow to use it next time, so I can have coffee ready."

Well, he did not try to kill her the last time she dropped by to return his coin. The axe thrown at the wall was because of the discussion about the sow, not because of Willow.

The antiquarian nods at Nick, "Oh, et voila the minstrel. Once your companion is done lecturing me on things she does not know about," Henri says, a faint smile on his face, "I can show you a piece of musical instrument that might interest you."

Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Willow still didn't know if Henri was aware of Nick's magic using. But if none of them were going to mention it - neither would she!

..or so she thought!

"I didn't use the phone because I didn't want you to not listen to me." Besides she didn't know if she would have the courage between the phone call and when she would pick up the coin. No, it was better this way. "I've got a plan, but it depends on you letting us.." She and Nick, "..borrow that coin again."

She didn't even ask for a coffee! Just blurted out the half-assed plan. Either Willow is screwing up her courage, or.. No, she's screwing up her courage.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Hearing Henri's offer to show a musical instrument once Willow is done speaking with him, Nick ends up mirroring the faint smile. "If you have instruments here, I would not mind having a look." He admits.

Could be fun to add another instrument to the repetoire.

Pale eyes look over to Willow as she goes into her 'let us help you' sales pitch. The smile fades a bit as the reminder of why they're here points out the loss of life. Granted, a long long time ago.

"Willow caught me up on what happened." Nick adds in apologetically, "I'm sorry we weren't able to get her out. The thing with the coins happened so quickly."

Hellequin has posed:
There is annoyment visible on the antiquarian's face at the mention of borrowing his coin. The most - actually, only - object that he kept close to him over the centuries. There's something on his face, something more, that screams: over my dead body.

Still, Henri seemingly remains calm - at least for now. "What kind of impudence, Willow, possessed you to ask me such a thing? And what plan are you talking about, some other nefarious wretched endeavour inspired by the devil?" And again, his voice remains low and even, no, he's not mad or anything. If something, maybe he's a tad curious.

A smile is offered in return to Nick as the musician shows interest in the musical instrument. Genuine or not, the interest is obviously welcomed. "I believe you will like it," Henri says, walking behind the counter. For a moment, the antiquarian seems to be looking for something under the counter. It doesn't take time for him to retrieve a large crate covered with leather, which he places on the counter, opened.

"But first, let us hear this machination of yours, Willow."

Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Willow crinkles her nose when Henri goes from angry (he was even if he was quiet!) with her, to politely discussing with Nick all in the same breath.

"I .. I have an idea to help rescue Heloise, but I need the coin to take me back to the place where she was." No, she didn't really know how to rescue her, but she was pretty sure it would come to her. After all, she helped the Scoobies all the time! Being the brains of the crew had some perks!

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Curious eyes set upon the case that Henri sets down. But Willow's topic does come first. Nick looks over to the younger magic user, staying quiet as she gives the plan.

Step 1. Go back in time.
Step 2. ???
Step 3. Rescued!

Pretty solid.


Nick looks back over to Henri.

Hellequin has posed:
For some reason, the antiquarian seems to frown each time the name of his paramour is pronounced. It brings back a lot of memories to him, joyful for some, mostly very painful for others.

Leaving the crate unopened on the counter for now, Henri returns in front of the counter and, as usual, leans against it, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Willow," Henri states, his voice he hopes remaining neutral, "God decides who lives, and when they die. You know that. Death fell upon her centuries ago."

Still, the Frenchman is not saying absolutely no way. Which, in a way, might indicate some curiosity about the feat being possible.

Silent for a moment, thinking, the frown remained on Henri's face. Could it be possible? But most importantly, /should/ it be done. "It would be going against God's will." There, if Willow and Nick can convince Henri that God would approve, only then will he consider it. The fact is, you might have evolved in your views over the centuries - heck, even to the point of using a phone - it doesn't mean that your deepest beliefs have.

Willow Rosenberg has posed:

"The thing is.." Willow's brain is in motion. Think, Willow, think.. "You see, you even know she is innocent.. and.."

And she thinks of the one thing that she thinks may convince him. "The history book says she dies. Right? But, really, why? They would find her bones.. maybe? And if the fire was hot enough, they might think she was immolated. All you need to know is they think she dies, and her body /will/ eventually die.."

Willow doesn't know that that will make him believe. Speaking quietly, "Jehovah commands us to help one another in times of need. What better than that?"

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Besides, God also decides who comes back from death." Nick points out. Some guy... J name. "And just because God can do something on his own doesn't mean he will do it directly." Nick comments, "He may give small things to guide the way but we still have to put our own effort into them. A trial, if you will."

Hellequin has posed:
Oh, Henri is listening. Maybe deep down, he never accepted Heloise's unjust fate. But listening to Willow's and Nick's argument, the antiquarian is far from being convinced. After a moment, the man shakes his head, announcing, "Time for coffee."

Yes, what better time than now, to get some coffee, time to think. Besides, it's not like caffeine will deprive him of sleep! That said, still shaking his head as if to chase away some strange thoughts induced by his visitors, Henri vanishes in the back store, soon to return with cups of coffee.

The cups are placed on the counter, and the antiquarian takes one. "Biensur," he says, raising his chin in an arrogant gesture as he provides his own take on it. "If God permits it to be done, then it can be done. If we try and it succeeds, then He allows it." That is simple logic. If it works, then it means that it is not only fine with the Big Boss, but that it was also heavenly planned.

"But not here, not now," Henri adds, eyeing the clock on the wall. He'll have to die soon, and for some reason he'd prefer to do it in his living form.

With an inviting hand gesture, Henri invites Nick to open the crate on the counter.

Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Willow thinks he's said yes..?

Wait a minute..

"We're not taking you?" That's what he means. "I'm not putting you in the position where you are looking at your God's demands of you, or choosing something that is so very human. We don't want you.. I don't want you to have to choose?"

Yes, Henri had brought something out for Nick. Normally she'd be interested!

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"That sounds like, we try one time. If it works. Then great. If it doesn't. We accept it as it is." Nick looks to Willow, "Is that something you can agree to? If it doesn't work this time, that's it?"

Letting Willow consider her response, Nick uses the moment open up the interesting looking container.

There's a slight creak. "...Oooh." Nick studies what looks to be an intact Hurdy-Gurdy. "I definitely do not have one of these." Nick admits, looking to the hand crank that provides the sound and the keys that manipulate them into different notes. "Closest would be my my violin."

Hellequin has posed:
Raising an eyebrow, Henri stares at Willow for a moment. Not out of anger, but rather as if to check if she had suddenly grown a second head. Not taking him with them?

"Willow," Henri states, hesitating between being mad at the idea, or amused by what he's about to say, "This coin is not going anywhere without me. As the saying goes, /over my dead body/." Beats. "And you know that my dead body is quite lively. We will see to the details another day." And then, for the first time in a very long time, he adds, laughing, "I will die soon." It's probable that he rarely got to mention this to anyone, which is amusing to him.

That said, Henri takes a cup of coffee, enjoying the best brew available on the market, while he watches Nick opening the crate. There is a smirk on his lips as the comment about a violin. "This is not the oldest that I possess," the antiquarian states, "But it can still be played. Of course, being valuable, you might want to use it wisely and not carry it around like a mere guitar. I have heard some modern ones, but they are not exactly the same. Nothing beats the good old wooden ones. It is yours, if you want it."

Willow Rosenberg has posed:
For the first time, Willow knew what the other Scoobies felt like when /she/ tried to go along in the front lines. But, she also knows what that meant to Henri. Slowly she nods, "I guess.." Somehow this /will/ work out.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Oh something like this I'd probably keep for session work. Not touring." Nick agrees. He pauses, "I would love it. But, I'd have to find a suitable place to house it first." He pauses, smile fading "I'm kind of in an odd place when it comes to housing."