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Meeting a True Marvel
Date of Scene: 30 May 2023
Location: The Statue of Liberty, New York City
Synopsis: Superman has a conversation with an upcoming hero that shows a lot of promise.
Cast of Characters: Superman, Mary Marvel

Superman has posed:
Superman is flying through the skies when something -very- familiar catches his attention. A bolt of lightning coming down in the middle of the day. He flies at great speads and simply waits. When the smoke clear, he'll speak up, "I thought I recognized that lightning," and then there's a pause. He doesn't expect Mary.

Although the gears begin to turn in his head, "Hello. We should talk," and he offers a hand. "If you have the time," and he gives a big smile. Trying to be warm and welcoming, as he waits for Mary to respond to his question. Sky blue eyes watch her as Superman just waits.

It's a beautiful Summer Day in Brooklyn. They're in an alleyway and mostly alone. Eventually people will start looking. "I was in the neighborhood," he says honestly on that one.
Mary Marvel has posed:
College. Ugh. It can be a pain. Especially when one is trying to get settled in after leaving home for the first time. Still, the moving in is done, the parental units have been chased out. No roommates yet, as Mary's one of the earliest arrivals...which makes it easy for the young woman in question to slip out and into the nearby alley she'd spotted earlier as a good place to make a quick change.


And with the magic word, a bolt of magical lightning arcs down from the heavens and strikes the young woman, transforming her into a Champion of the Wizard Shazam.

When the brief burst of smoke clears, the being left behind is...not all that different, but still slightly changed. She looks, to put it as one wag once commented, 'airbrushed'.

Mary takes a moment to inspect herself a bit, looking over her costume...she's wearing the classic reds and golds with a white cape and a faintly glowing lightning bolt symbol on the chest, skirt and blouse with short boots. She's been absently pondering seeing about changing her color scheme, since she's getting a new start, as it were...which is why she is distracted enough to not notice Superman's arrival...right up until he speaks up, at which point she spins around and lets out a startled, "EEEEEEEK!"

A startled 'EEEEEEEK!' that doesn't end so much as trail off until it hits a tone the human voice can't actually produce at which point it looks like Mary's still TRYING to make the noise but can't...and her cheeks are going red to match her outfit from terminal embarassment.

She's was a huge fan of superheroes since she was a little girl...and here she just looked like an airhead in front of SUPERMAN.

Somewhere, in various places and planes across the multiverse, six arcane beings are currently doing their level best not to burst out laughing, she's sure.
Superman has posed:
Superman doesn't expect that "Eeeek!" Nothing is said about it. If anything it solidifies the hero's thinking on this split second decision. Sky blue eyes wait for her to compose herself before he speaks.

Honestly, he feels bad since she is blushing brightly and practically matches the uniform. And so he just keeps quiet. The gaze leveled on her and offering no reaction. It's like the whole moment didn't happen.

Only when when the complexion returns to the normal hues, will Superman speak. "I've been embarking on a project. I think you would be a good fit. Do you have a moment to discuss this," he says honestly, softly. The man will simply wait.

If she needs a moment to control herself again, Superman just does nothing. He'll act like any moment to regain composure never happened. Taht somehow Mary is -always- composed. The man doesn't stare, chuckle or anything else to further mortify. Everyone's a teenager once. Usually.
Mary Marvel has posed:
After a few moments, some prodding from Solomon gets Mary back on an even keel, whereupon she closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, visibly recomposes herself, then puts on a brilliant smile and says, "Ohmigosh!YesId-!" At which point Mary interrupts herself by slapping her hands over her mouth before she can go turbo supergeek. She takes another moment to visibly compose herself, then opens her mouth experimentally, waits a beat to make sure she doesn't go back into gush mode, then manages to get her 'serious' back on, "I'd be happy to, Superman." Frankly, she imagines he's probably seen a response not entirely unlike what she just went through almost countless times by now...which helps her get her inner fangirl under control.

She then looks around for a moment, frowns a bit, then says, "I take it you wanted to talk somewhere else, though? And how do you know I'd be a good fit?"
Superman has posed:
What actually cause Superman's composure to "Crack" is the slew of words strung together. It makes him grin. Honestly, it reminds him of Supergirl. And it makes him miss his cousin. Sky blue eyes looking at her while she composes. And then his face returns how it was. Watching her regain composure.

"Yes. I would like to head out toward any place you find to be comfortable," Superman offers, letting Mary Marvel control the situation. It's all about her comfort. Although, he does take a gamble, "You're doing fine by the way. You remind me of Supergirl," and that is a compliment from him. He's hoping this is an ice breaker.
Mary Marvel has posed:
Have you ever seen anyone do the face where you suck your lips in a bit so you can bite down a bit on them? Mary's does that face in response to Superman's comment. She's not going to geek out again, really. After a few moments, she then frowns slightly, pondering the problem, then she smiles, "I know just the place! Follow me!"

And with that, she flexes her knees slightly before rocketing up into the sky!

Once she's hit a thousand or so feet of altitude, she slows down a bit, then does a slow curve and rollover until she's heading somewhat northwest. Which, even if one didn't have super senses makes her destination pretty clear, as the Statue of Liberty is easily visible from this altitude, and Mary is heading right for it at a reasonable pace.
Superman has posed:
Superman just marvels, no pun, at his handywork. It's honestly the truth, and a compliment, he just goes out on a limb. He figured either Wonder Woman or Supergirl got put on a pedastel by Mary Marvel. All he did is lean into family. If that would have faile, a Wonder Woman compliment would have come out. Eventually.

Superman pushes off the ground and follows behind her. Now, he doesn't speed ahead or tr to push her. It's the first meeting. Mary is very excited and so this is all about her pace. And so he will arrive behind her. Whereever she lands, he will follow suit. Just letting the young hero get comfortable first.
Mary Marvel has posed:
Well let's be fair, while Diana is an icon that's spanned generations, Mary's reaction to the big red 'S' (yes, I know it's 'hope' but on Earth, that's an 'S') helped a lot figuring which way to jump with that comparison.

At the speeds Mary and Superman are capable of, it's a short flight even if they're not hurrying...and Mary soon comes to land in torch's effective little balcony around the 'flame'. Setting down gently, the younger superhero takes a moment as Superman comes in after her to quickly check herself over. She's always worried she'll hit a bug or something while flying despite the fact that the magicks that empower her apparently prevent that kind of thing from happening.

Satisfied all is as it should be, she turns a bit to smile at Superman before looking out at the city across the river, "So what can I help you with, Superman?"
Superman has posed:
Superman will sit himself down upon the railing. Sky blue eyes looking toward horizon. How everything looks like an almost endless sea of blue skies. "I was talking with Supergirl, leader of the Titans and Wonder Woman," he looks at her. "We're working on a joint effort between the two teams. I think you're probably a good candidate," he is going off of lineage. However, it's the same trust he would give a new Green Lantern.

"If you're interested in a joint project. It's probably a team getting training from both. It's still in the infancy," he offers Mary Marvel right there. "I don't want to see younger heroes go without training. This could beneift you and others like you," Superman says knowing this may cause her to explode. Having access to League -and- Titans. It's a lot to offer a superhero fangirl.

Sky blue eyes looking back to Mary. Just quietly watching to see how she's handling the news.
Mary Marvel has posed:
Oddly enough, Mary's FAR more composed now than before. Having had a few minutes to get over the surprise and a quick flight to create some mental separation, it's much easier now for her to lean into the Wisdom of Solomon to keep focused. Though to someone with super senses, she's still probably giving off enough microtells that it's not a huge leap of logic to deduce she's fangirling internally pretty hard. There's a very brief pause as Mary thinks through her response/struggles with her urge to squee (there's no reason it can't be both!) before she turns that million watt smile of hers back on Superman, "Well, I can say that I'm interested. Does this new team have a name yet?"
Superman has posed:
Superman doesn't expect the composure, but the microtells do confirm suspicions. Sky blue eyes look back to Mary. "No. It doesn't have a name. We were kicking around a few. 'Young Justice' has a ring to it, but we're still deciding. And I think Supergirl is in space. So, it's been hard to confer with the Titans in a official capacity," and then he makes a decision.

"There will be a league meeting soon. I will make sure you're there. You can meet some of the people that will take part in the program," he says and those eyes drift back just waiting for microtells or nerves to kick into overdrive.

"If you're okay with that," he'll add.
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary smiles...then something that was said ticks through her head and she frowns a bit. Unfortunately, she's one of those people who, when they frown, their cheeks puff out a bit (which makes her look more comical than mad), "Wait. 'Young' Justice? How old do you think I am?" She almost blurts out her age at that, but holds off for the moment. She doesn't look THAT young, does she?!

She looks down at herself, still frowning a bit in confusion. One of the big things about her transformation has always been how it's made her look like an adult...and even she's noticed how she's 'grown into' the role as it were. It's not the skirt...Supergirl wears a skirt...heck, Wonder Woman sometimes gets away with wearing what's effectively a SWIMSUIT...can't be the cape...the whole Super family wears capes...
Superman has posed:
"Not young. We're still thinking of name ideas. Something to honor both teams. It's to help usher in a new wave of heroes," Superman says and he looks at Mary Marvel, "As young as my cousin. She should be in college," he says adding that in there. That he doesn't view Mary as someone young.

"There is no name yet, so do not put stock into an adjective that may not exist," he knows that some people may take offense with that team name. It's just a placeholder. Whlie it is nice, it may not be appropriate. "The name comes last, but we did need something to call it," he explains his defense.
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary seems to relax a bit more at that. Frankly, if you'd been unsure of her probable age, her reaction to being called 'young' probably solidified any suspicions...as it pretty much the stereotypical 'I'm OFFICALLY an adult now!' reaction. Which, if Mary had been thinking about it, would be a giveaway. Heck, half the reason her champion form ages her up is so that people will take her more seriously...but sometimes she can't help giving away the game. Still, she nods and smiles again, "Well, I'm certainly interested. Do you guys have a timeframe, or are you still too early in the process for that?"
Superman has posed:
Superman suspects Mary is under 21, but definitely a legal adult. "We don't have a meeting yet. Is there a way I can contact you? Besides maybe sitting on the statue of Libery?" he asks with sky blue eyes looking at the woman. Right now, he's just trying to make sure that she is comfortable with the idea. "The meeting will be decided very soon. So, be ready," he gives her that warning, which may be more ominous sounding than expected.
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary thinks about that, then snorts a little, "Somehow I think that if you were to stand on the Statue of Liberty by yourself without saying anything, it would probably confuse a lot of people." She then frowns and starts thinking, because getting in touch with people IS a bit of a challenge, "...hrm...yeah, having you fly overhead shouting wouldn't work well, either...and I imagine you can't just hand out Justice League communicators willy-nilly."

She goes quiet for a few moments, then brightens up a bit, and starts looking around, "Paper, paper...need something to scribble on and with..."
Superman has posed:
Superman pauses for a moment. "One moment," and then he starts to float away fromt he statue. When he's a safe distance away he'll shoot toward the city. A moment later, he'll come flying ack with paper and pen for her. While he moves quickly, the pace slows when he comes back.

Moving back tot he statue, he has her the small pad of paper and pen. "Here you are," Superman gives her a nod and he waits. Sky blue eyes resume looking over the near endless skyline.
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary flies up and into the air so that she's closer when Superman comes back. After the shock of displaced air goes by, she absently blows an errant lock of hair out of her face, then takes the offered pen and paper and begins scribbling furiously. As she does, she absently narrates a bit, "Okay, so if I'm doing this right, it'll only work once since this is just paper, but that's all you really need. From what I'm told, this is INCREDIBLY simple stuff, not even really up to the level of basic spellwork...but if you give this to someone who's at least magically empowered, they should be able to activate this with just a bit of willpower and it'll ring a tone in my ear."

After a few more moments, she hands over what Superman will perhaps recognize as a circle that bears a fair resemblance to a Lesser Key of Solomon. (There's a good chance he's probably at least seen one before.) Basically activating that will cause the tone to be heard by her because of her connection to Solomon.
Superman has posed:
"A magical phone or blue tooth?" Superman says wanting to get the broadstrokes of this. Mary may notice that Superman and magic don't always go hand in hand. However, his name does show up in places like The Oblivion Bar, should she ever go.

"Alright. I will contact you with this once we have the details solidified," he says just looking it over. "Impressive," he says to the drawing knowing it's more than that. But it takes talent to be so detailed. It's something he wants to tip his hat off for.
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary wavewaves her hand, "Barely that. On the magic scale, this doesn't even qualify as being as complicated as 'hello world'." She assumes he's familiar enough with technology to recognize the name of the simplest programming exercise, "It's basically just the equivalent of ringing an existing doorbell." She knows that she can probably LEARN magic due to her status as Shazam's champion, but she's never been able to put in the kind of time she knows would be needed.

Still, she DOES have Solomon on tap, so really really basic things aren't too hard. And the only reason she put in the Lesser Key of Solomon is because A: It's a conceptual connection to Solomon that she shares and B: He's really proud of it and C: she learned how to scribble it a long time ago since it's a safe little bit of passive magic despite how complicated it looks. She blushes a bit at the praise, then nods, "I know." I mean, magic is one of Superman's famous 'weaknesses'. Which, granted, isn't really accurate...it's more that he's not able to casually ignore magic the way he can casually ignore physics. She then goes on, "Anyhow, Wonder Woman or any magic user on the League or in the Titans should have more than enough magic to activate that. It's REALLY simplistic stuff."
Superman has posed:
"It's still impressive to me," Superman admits. To him that has a lot of details. Sure, on a grad scale the magic may be minor. However, he has to give this credit. Practice hands created it from the ground up -and- quick. Yes, they have powers and it's cheating, sort of. He knows that his own drawing skills are not on par with that. Superman just respects Marvel's skill.

"I will use this to contact you when we're ready. I will warn you now, you may meet Wonder Woman ahead of schedule," maybe it's his way of saying "thanks" for even agreeing to come with him. Maybe it's just him wanting to be kind.

"Do you have any questions for me?" Superman will ask. Yes, it's possibly opening pandora's box. However, a good reporter will ask a few key questions to get further details out. And so, Superman does leave it so Mary Mavel can speak. Ask any questions she may have. About the team, the League or even fangirl questions, if she's brave enough to ask them.
Mary Marvel has posed:
The way that Mary grins a bit extra when Superman mentions meeting Wonder Woman lets him know that his guess was solidly on point. At your follow-up question, Mary takes a visible moment to ponder the question, "Did you have any kind of roster for who you want on this team you're asking me to be on?" Knowing who her future co-workers might be is always a good idea. And if she hears a name she doesn't recognize, that's merely someone to do some quick research on later this evening.
Superman has posed:
That's a question Superman doesn't picture. It's not one he doesn't have an answer for. There is one. "People like you. You're confident, coming into your own, but could probably use a little refinement. The refinement you can only get working with peers," he looks at Mary. "We're all still learning."

There's a pause, but the answer isn't done. "And people not like you. Picture how you were maybe not -just- after you got you powers. But after they felt familiar. The world's still pretty big, there's still a lot you can learn even if you don't want to admit it. I want people like that, too." There's a genuine pause and he begins to share a few private details.

"I went away for a while. Shame from past actions," he admits. "When I came back, I wanted to reconnect with everyone. I went across the globe a little bit. As I did, I realized there's a lot of heroes out there that could use help. Use friends. Others could use a little bit of a mentor. That's how this idea formed. I consider heroes like you, my cousin, Robin and a sea of others as the next generation of heroes. I want everyone to be so good at being heroes, they will do things people in my generation couldn't dream of. I don't want the next generation of heroes to step into their predecessor's mantles. I want them to -surpass- them," Superman says. He looks out toward the skies, "I'm not saying you have someone to surpass. But I want Mary Marvel to not only be the next Wonder Woman. I want your name to hold more reverence than the name Wonder Woman. That's my hope for this group," he says honestly on that one. Not sure how she would take being -better- than Wonder Woman. However, that's his goal. To set up the heroes that came after him, to do -far- better than him.
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary opens her mouth to speak, then shuts it and gets a bit thoughtful for a moment, "...better?" There's a beat, then she shakes her head a bit and smiles, "Big shoes to fill...at least you're not thinking small." After a moment, she squares herself up a little, then says, "I can't REALLY speak for the others I haven't met yet, but if they feel the way I do, they certainly won't want to let you down."

There's a few moments, then she gets a slightly strange look for a moment before looking slightly embarrassed, "...can I ask one other question?" She looks around as if checking to make sure there aren't any eavesdroppers nearby, "...given how fast you can fly, what's your favorite place in the world to stop for street food if you get hungry when you're out on patrol?"

It's perhaps a bit of an odd question...unless, that is, one has the super hearing necessary to hear her stomach growl softly.
Superman has posed:
Shaking his head, "I have talked to others about it. Robin, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, these would be people you're speaking to. You're the first person I've 'recruited,' and he will even use the air quotes. Sky blue eyes look at her, "I don't see it as recruiting, but I can't think of a better word for it."

He will nod, "I know you won't let me down. I have faith in you," Superman says and will nod to the lightning bolt on her chest. "That has lineage. I get the feeling you want to make that proud, but you're not afraid to make it your own either. We need more heroes like that, too," Superman says and he gives respect to a lot of lineage heroes.

He's about to say more, but the stomach growls. "Depends. What are you in the mood for?" Superman doens't need to eat, but he likes to. It's part of the human expierence. Also, food is very tasty. In some ways it's like one part habit, one part disguise and completely delicious.
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary's cheeks blush a bit at getting caught out being hungry. To be fair, while Mary is in 'champion' form, she doesn't particularly need to eat, either. Being able to forego that falls under the Stamina of Atlas, after all...but by the same token, Shazam's champions have always been a bit more of the 'foot in each world' kind of people. Perhaps by desgin.

Also, Mary forgot a bit of Wisdom that she'd picked up a long time ago...even if you don't HAVE to eat, doesn't mean your body won't tell you it WANTS to eat.

She then coughs to compose herself before saying, "...well, to be honest, I was kind of thinking something a bit different from New York street vendors? I mean, I can move fast enough that anything in a few hundred mile radius is pretty trivial...and, well, having been doing this a lot longer than me, you'd have had more opportunity to find those little out-of-the-way places that have the best stuff." The young woman gets a little wistful grin, "Like there's this one food truck that sets up on tuesday mornings over on West 28th street that has the BEST doughnuts if you get them fresh." Yes, she may be technically an adult, but she's still close enough to her teenage years that food is a bit of a motivator for her.
Superman has posed:
Thinking on for a bit. "I can get you something that pushes the edge of that," figuring out his location, Superman will point in a direction. "Burger joint in Albuquerque. It's called 'B2B Bistromy.' Sounds fancy, but a good burger joint. I get their homemade spicy ketchup, too," and then he thinks a little more on it. He'll point a little more upward, "Or if you don't want to go that far. There's a place in Centerville, Ohio called Bagger Dave's, that's incredibly similar. A bit closer and they offer a bacon jam for the burgers. Sounds weird, but Supergirl likes it," Superman says offering out two suggestions for her. "Those would be my suggestions," he says just tossing those out there for her.
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary slowly starts ascending, flying backwards a bit to keep looking in your direction as she does. She smiles, "Thanks. If you don't have anything else for me, I think I might probably should go get something to eat."

She'll wait a moment to make sure you don't have anything else, then with a wave, she rockets up and over. Looks like she's going to try out the bacon jam.