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Mary Marvel (Scenesys ID: 1054)
"Look, I don't want to hurt you, old guy, but if you don't put that yacht down I -will- kick your butt back to whatever backwater planet you came from. Huh? Who am I to talk to you like that? What a typical villainy thing to say. S H A Z A M !"
Full Name: Mary Willow Batson/Mary Bromfield
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: American
Residence: Brooklyn, New York City
Education: High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Mystic Arts (OOC), Titans
Other Information
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 24 January 2011 Actor: Maia Mitchell (Mary Batson)/Alexandria Daddario (Mary Marvel)
Height: 168 cm (5'6") Weight: 59/68 kg (130/150 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Assume she's likely in some kind of superhero shirt in the normal pic below. AKA a Superman shirt, or a Wonder Woman shirt, or something with the X-Men logo, etc...even if made off-brand and unofficially. (Also "Shazam Theme (feat. Mary Marvel) - Single")


As Mary Batson, she is a student just starting classes at NYU. Raised as a foster child in a loving, friendly home in the city, and a sweet, if lonely young woman. From an early age, she's been a huge fan of super heroes, and now she IS one! Due to pressures at home (a few close calls), she stepped away from the superhero scene for a few years, but now she's back...but stuck with the increasingly inaccurate name of Marvel GIRL. Baring the brilliant lightning bolt on her costume, she saves lives and fights evil! Now with the added complication of doing so while going to college.

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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This young woman looks like she is somewhere in her late teens or early twenties. Of average height, she's about 5'6" with long brown hair and matching brown eyes, with a general look of someone growing out of 'cute' and into 'pretty'. She tends towards current, trendy clothing. Skinny jeans and skater shoes are common, with lots of pinks and whites. She is usually wearing a simple, cute blouse top, or a superhero related t-shirt (A superman shirt, a Spiderman shirt, etc.). A pink hairband is often keeping her bangs from her warm eyes.
Mary Marvel:
This young woman is beautiful, and almost glowing with exuberance. She is a curvy, but nicely muscled 5'6", and looks to be somewhere in her early twenties or so. Her brown hair falls in waves and very light curls to the middle of her back, framing a pretty face with a nearly constant, brilliant smile. She is wearing a costume! A red tunic is kept tight about her waist with a golden belt, turning it into a sort of skirt. Gold trim runs around the hem and the sleeves, and a literally glowing and crackling lightning bolt is on the chest. She wears glowing gold bracers and boots as well, and a white and gold cape flutters behind her.


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Mary was separated from her twin brother at birth and ended up in the NYC foster system. Unlike so many unfortunates, however, she was adopted by the Bromfields when she was a child. She had spent a few years in rougher group homes, however, and it took her a bit to get used to people who ACTUALLY cared for her. Eventually, however, she settled in. The Bromfields adopted other kids, too, and she has come to see them as her sisters and brothers. The family is not wealthy, but makes enough to take care of the kids and live good lives.

Mary attends public school in Brooklyn, and she loves super heroes and super stuff. She reads and watches everything she can on the subject. She does alright in school. She gets by with good grades, but she isn't a genius. She has friends, but isn't insanely popular. Everything changes, however, when she received a stuffed tiger (Named Talking Tawny) in the mail. It spoke to her, convincing her to say her magic word. When she did it unlocked her potential, and she became MARY MARVEL. Since then she has been working to uncover the truth behind it all, and working to make her name as a hero...while graduating and finding a date for the dance! (AWKWARD!)


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Mary is a good person, but she is also a modern young woman. She isn't perfect, but she tries VERY hard. She is brave and bold and eternally compassionate. With her new powers she is ready to jump in the way of a meteor to save the life of another person, and will even try and help a villain if it means saving their life. (Not help them commit crime, but she WILL work to help them not be killed). She is still getting the hang of things, but she is truly trying to be worthy of her powers and what they mean.


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Courage of Achi:
When powered-up, Mary has access to the COURAGE OF ACHILLES!

This power is primarily psychological. She has superhuman levels of inner strength. She cannot be broken via torture or similar, and she can resist most forms of such manipulation. In addition, she has such incredible wells of will to draw on that she has never yet backed down from a challenge.

Power of Zeus:
While powered-up she has access to the POWER OF ZEUS!

Besides fueling her magic and such, the Power of Zeus improves her physical resistances, and grants resistance to most magical spells and attacks. INCREDIBLY powerful magic can still effect her, but most of it simply sloughs off. This is also how she travels to the Rock of Eternity, using her power-word to travel there via lightning. She can also use this lightning bolt as a weapon by calling her word and dodging the bolt, blasting someone. This magical lightning has other uses as well, including making apparati, healing her and fueling magic spells.

Speed of Mercury:
When powered-up, Mary has access to the SPEED OF MERCURY!

While not as fast as the flash, Mary is capable of flying or running at Mach 10 while in Earth's atmosphere, and can fly near the speed of light in space, allowing her to travel to other planets (And get involved in space rp!). She moves so fast that normal humans don't register her, to the point of seeming to appear out of nowhere. Her mind also processes things on a subliminal level, allowing her to adjust to her surroundings. This power also allows her to fly from sheer force of will, pushing herself through the air. She can travel from Earth to the Moon, but needs extra items to fly interstellarly, really. Hermes also gave her the ability to understand and use magic...but she has yet to master any spells or really use this...not that she will not down the road.

Stamina of Atlas:
When powered-up, she has access to the STAMINA OF ATLAS!

Mary is capable of taking unbelievable amounts of physical damage. Bullets mushroom and fall away (They do not ricochet), while knives and such simply bend or break. Cars fold around her and fire refuses to burn her or her costume. Her endurance and stamina is godly, and no known human thing can harm her. She is on levels of Kryptonians. Also, while powered-up, she has no need to breath, sleep or eat.

Strength of Herc:
While she is powered-up she has access to the STRENGTH OF HERCULES!

Seriously when she is Mary Marvel her strength parallels the most skilled of the Kryptonians, and similar. She is a top-tier hero when it comes to things like this. Her actual level of strength has never been measured scientifically, but she has lifted ships from the ocean, caught meteors, tossed semi's, etc.

Wisdom of Solomon:

When Mary is powered-up, she has access to the WISDOM OF SOLOMON!

She has access to extreme amounts of scholarly information accrued over millennia via the Rock of Eternity. She has photographic memory and incredible mental acuity. She can solve complicated math, figure out situations and problems (Much easier then she can as a mortal, anyways) to the point that her guesses are almost always correct. She has knowledge of all languages, alive and dead (And MANY alien languages, though not all), as well as minor clairvoyance. The wisdom will also guide her, almost like a mentor.


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Mary has completed primary education in the United States. While the utility of this is, in some circles, debateable, it DOES leave her with the basic level of academics one would expect of a young woman of somewhat above average intelligence. She can competently write papers, has decent reading comprehension levels, and can even do some basic calculus. Soon she will be taking collegiate-level courses to improve her knowledge.

Mary is a phenomenally good cook, especially where baking is concerned. Just one of those people who has a natural talent in an area. She'd be great on Masterchef.

Hero Lore:

She knows more about superheros then the average. She is a bit of a fangirl, in her own way. She might have a poster of Aquaman on her wall, right next to a few news articles of the X-Men. Maybe she kept a scrapbook of heroing, and she MIGHT post regularly on online forums as supergirlfan16. Maybe. She can call on this knowledge of both heroes and villains in a surprising number of ways.


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Foster Family:
Mary is a foster kid. Thankfully, she has an incredibly loving family. She has several other kids in the home, and two VERY loving parents. While the family isn't wealthy, they provide everything they can, and the kids tend not to want for too much. Life is pretty good with them, honestly. She has a home to go to, along with a warm bed, and emotional support from civilians when being a hero becomes too much. The other kids are aware of who she is, too, so they often go out of their way to keep her secret.

Marvel Family:
Much like the Superman Family, or the Batman Family, Mary's part of an extended group of heroes, involving Billy, herself, and Freddy. Not to mention Shazam himself. She can call on the others for aid and assistance if she finds herself in trouble over her head.

Rock of Eternity:

Mary has access to the Rock of Eternity, an interdimensional nexus point of magic. While she herself can't make use of that power, that's where she can meet Shazam, and ask for his help.

(Any aid from the actual Wizard must be cleared by Staff)


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Foster Family:
Sadly, being close to a good family ALSO puts them in jeopardy. If a villain found out her real identity, they would absolutely be a risk. She works hard to keep them safe.

The magic that transforms Mary comes in the form of a flash of lightning. While it's not consistent, it's been known to happen that lightning (generally either true natural lightning, or magical lightning) can transform her without her wanting to change. Superman's got his kryptonite, Martian Manhunter's got fire...the Marvels generally don't do well with lightning.

Secret Identity:
Like so many heroes, no one has any idea that Mary Bromfield = Mary Marvel. This means it can be hard for her to get away from her adult supervisors long enough for her to transform and go save the day...and she'll likely get in trouble for disappearing when she gets back.

Vocal Transformation:

In her normal form, Mary is an unpowered teenage girl. It's only if she can speak the word "Shazam" to transform that she gains all her powers. If someone can get her before she transforms, all they have to do is gag her to render her powerless. And anyone who can get her to say the word while empowered (via trickery, mind control, or whatever) can shut her powers off.


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Marvels and Titans April 16th, 2019 Captain Marvel takes his sister to see the sights and learn superheroing. They run into Stardust, who has her own ideas for novice capes, and invites Mary to the Titans Tower.
Mary's school report August 23rd, 2018 Summary needed


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