15170/The flyby over the Atlantic

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The flyby over the Atlantic
Date of Scene: 01 June 2023
Location: Out over the Atlantic
Synopsis: Mary and Angelica met each other on a night flight, trying to defrag from a long day.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Mary Marvel

Firestar has posed:
The head needs cleared? Time to fly. Angelica isn't really on a mission per say, just flying. She is close enough to the surface that the water flares up in her wake. There may be faster fliers in the air, but she knows how to make the best use of the speed she has, low and fast.
Mary Marvel has posed:
It's certainly true that flight helps clear the head. Of all the powers that the Wizard granted Mary as one of his Champions, she's reasonably certain that she enjoys flight the most. Especially after a long, stressful day of moving and getting used to living on her own after a lifetime in a VERY full household. Thus, Mary often tries to set aside a little time whenever possible to just fly and let the stress of the day bleed out as she drifts far above the surface.

Of course, living on the coast, drifting a bit out to sea isn'a an uncommon occurence.

Thus it is that Mary notices the spot of light moving low and fast, and, finding herself with little else to do, she smiles and goes to see what's going on. With the Speed of Hermes, catching up isn't TOO hard, and she easily matches pace with the other flyer a brief distance off to her right and waves, "Hullo, there!"
Firestar has posed:
Lost in her own thoughts, Angelica doesn't notice Mary just right off. There just might be a little moisture at the corner of her eye, but that might just be the water. Looking ahead has her attention, but there is another person nearby and she looks to her side.

She considers the other woman for a moment and a little bit of a smile touches her lips, returning the wave offered,"Hi." she offers cheerily and starts to slow down a little, not concerned with out pacing the one who caught her, but wind in the ears man make talking a challenge.

Finally, she comes to a stop and hovers for a moment above the water,"Looks like I'm not the only one that needs to get some air time tonight."
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary smiles a bit more brightly at the response, and as you slow, she flips around so that as you come to a stop, she's drifting slowly backwards for a few moments more. Deciding to flourish a bit, she dips the toe of one boot down to just barely touch the water so she looks like she's skating backwards for a moment before shifting to float before you.

The brunette nods, currently in the red and gold version of her uniform, "Oh, yes. I find that a bit of flying after a stressful day is just the perfect thing to relax." She looks out at the water and waves a hand, "There's a kind of zen to it sometimes...just you and the sea and the sky."

She trails off a moment, then shakes her head and smiles at you once more, "Oh, where's my head today? I'm -" She opens her mouth to introduce herself, then frowns and gets a pouty face (to her consternation, she's one of those people that unconsciously puffs their cheeks out when they get frowny). After a few moments, she sighs and shakes her head, "...well, I used to go by Marvel Girl...but that was a long time ago, it doesn't really fit anymore, and I think it's been taken by someone else."

By the end, she's tapping a finger to her lips, then she sighs and hangs her head, "Great. I'm going to have to try and come up with a new name again. I SUCK at that." One would think with the Wisdom of Solomon on tap, coming up with names would be easy...until you realize that the man in question was so unoriginal he named his two greatest magical contributions after HIMSELF.
Firestar has posed:
Firestar's own smile gets a bit wider as well, watching her antics with appreciation. She listens to the woman talk for a time, trying to take in what she is saying. A knowing look crosses her features when Mary talks about the zen of the night flight.

Looking up for a moment she agrees softly,"The night sky can be more welcoming than the sun at times. It's hard to explain, but I get the feeling you understand what I mean." Her smile brightens more and the normally shy Firestar finds herself taken with Mary and the things she is saying,"Finding your name came be a struggle at times. I'm Firestar. Believe me that didn't come to me overnight."

She raises a brow a little at the mention of the Wisdom of Solomon. Oh this one gets more intersting by the minute. The scientist can only be quiet for so long and she quesions,"A man makes the decision on a name and names them after himself." she muses,"Imagine that. I know a lot of good men, but even the best of them have a tendency to let their egos out to play too much."
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary blushes a little, not realizing that she'd said that last little bit out loud, then her expression runs through what's obviously a brief internal debate, which ends with her glaring off at some point of space nearby, "Oh HUSH, you old fuddy-duddy! You know she's right! You may have had many virtures but you, I, and the rest of them all know that HUMILITY wasn't one of them."

The red clad woman folds her arms over her chest and glares at empty space for a few moments more, then sighs and shakes her head before turning back to you, "Sorry about that. Sometimes my patrons get chatty on me." She asides and stage-whispers, "I think they're bored."
Firestar has posed:
Watching her having a conversation with herself by all appearances, Firestar cants her head to one side, almost looking like a dog that hears a high pitched sound. The smile might fade a little, just because she is trying to get it all straight in her head.

A slow blink and shake of her head and Firestar admits,"The idea of Patrons talking in my head, that's probably more than I would be able to handle." She considers the other woman for a moment and she nods to herself,"How about this." She offers her hand towards the other woman and tells her,"I'm Angelica." No last names and behind her mask the chances of her learning who she really is while possible isn't probable.
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary shakes her head, "Most of them are fairly passive, but Solomon provided Wisdom, so he likes to speak up more than the rest of them do." That said, she looks back and sees the offered hand, and she blinks a few times...and then she smiles that big smile of hers and takes the hand, "Mary. Pleased to meet you."

After a moment, she realizes you're a bit curious and/or wierded out by the whole byplay, "Sorry about that. Quick version? I'm empowered by several major magical beings due to a pact a wizard made with them." She pauses, then frowns slightly, "Which, I'll admit when saying it aloud sounds a lot wierder than it really is."
Firestar has posed:
"Pleasure to meet you Mary." Angelica tells you. After a few shakes she withdraws her hand and tries to wrap her head around what she is being told,"More than one voice? One talking a lot, the others less. Wow." she muses,"That sounds...well incredible and like it would cause me a lot of flying time for sure."

She isn't being mean, maybe teasing a little, but certainly curious about the young woman flying near her,"So at the risk of being too nosey and prying way too much...you have multiple people, magic sorts, in your mind with you. I think I like you Mary, if for no other reason because you are incredibly interesting."
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary pffts, "Like I said, most of them don't speak up much. Atlas, Hercules, and Achillies are generally pretty taciturn, but they've all spoken up once or twice. The same with Zeus, though I get the feeling with him it's less 'taciturn' and more 'paying attention to other things' and Hermes is just 'busy'. Like I said, though, Solomon is Wisdom, so having a bit of back and forth at times helps me process information." She shrugs, "I wasn't the one who came up with it." She then gives a playful little grin back, "So what about yourself?"
Firestar has posed:
A good student, Angelica is familiar with every name that Mary mentions. It is all a little overwhelming, but terribly interesting. She has a long moment of thought about what Mary says and almost misses her quesion,"So Greek and Christian beings all at once?" Ahh, there it is. She blinks and comes back to what was asked of her. She smiles a little again and shrugs,"Lucky me. I was born this way. Well, born to eventually become this way. My mutation allows me to manipulate radiation. Microwave radiation to be specific. Lets me fly, burn things, and even protect myself in space. Up there I can really let go and not worry about upsetting an entire ecosystem."
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary snrks a bit, "VERY OLD Wizard who apparently had lots of favors to call in." She then tilts her head and thinks things through, "Microwaves? Your flight must play hob with any cell phone towers you get too near..." A tapping of her lips again, "...I assume you can do MASERS if you want? What kind of wattage can you get? I can see how those would be a bit of a challenge to use. The thermal bloom alone has got to be something to behold."
Firestar has posed:
"Very old." she agrees at the idea of him calling the powers that distant of one another boggle her mind a little. The look of surprise on her face might be amusing for Mary as she realizes just how smart her new friend is. She carefully pulls the bright yellow suit down a bit at the bustline, revealing another suit under it,"This helps control the energy escaping me so that I don't burn out the cell towers or local radio stations." she explains,"It also keeps people mostly safe from the radiation levels that inevitably come with being me."

She puts the yellow suit back in place,"I don't like to use them, but yes. When I am cornered I can make keeping me there unpleasant." She shakes her head and admits,"I used to tell an old friend that we needed to study the wattage, but we never go to it. Like my flight speed, we just haven't tested the limits or established a base line to either ability."
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary ahs and smiles, "Ah, so you wear an inner Faraday Cage! That makes SO much more sense." She looks back in the general direction of land, "I'd wondered why that mean old Mister Jameson wasn't screaming about you being a menace, too...since I figured cell disruptions would probably set him off." There's then a nod, "Yeah, whenever possible, it's good to be able to put at least general numbers on one's abilities." She then frowns, "...though being fair to your friend, if you're able to generate a MASER that doesn't just scatter from atmospheric interference, I can see how finding equipment that can survive giving you good wattage numbers can be problematic."

The young woman goes into some thought. While the Wisdom of Solomon doesn't give her the kind of supergenius polymath invention abilities of say, Tony Stark, Lex Luthor, Reed Richards, or even Peter Parker, it DOES help with general knowledge...and often some lateral thinking. After a few moments, she snaps her fingers, "Got it!"

She turns and looks over at you, "I figured out how you can at least get some rough numbers. All you'll need is a known quantity of a reasonably homogenous material, like a big chunk of a known type of steel. Then all you'll need is one of those little infrared sensor guns you can get at any home improvement store these days. Get somewhere safe to test, take a reading of the metal, hit it with a MASER, then take another reading off of it. If you know the material and it's properties as well as the change in temperature you induce, then figuring out how much power you hit it with is just simple math. You should be able to at least get within a few significant digits!"
Firestar has posed:
She smirks at the mention of Jameson and shakes her head,"Oh I had my menace stage when I worked with Spider-Man in the past. I really wanted to burn the cigar in his mouth a time or two, but resisted the urge."

That smirk gets a little wider and she offers,"I will be teaching Physics in the fall. Maybe you should teach it and I will go fight the bad things." The ideas Mary presented to her cause her to run the numbers in her head. She blinks once and smirles warmly,"You're brillian Mary. You really should consider teaching."

As if to prove her earlier point, a phone chimes from within her long glove. She checks on it and frowns thoughtfully,"Looks like a friend wants to talk. Probably he's OK, but he's lost a lot of late. I'd better go cheeck on his."
Mary Marvel has posed:
Mary blushes a bit, but before she can respond about how she doesn't deserve the praise, your call comes in. She nods, "I'll leave you to it, then."

Floating back a bit, the young woman rolls her shoulders as if to work out a kink, then waves and winks, "Catch you around!" And with that, a streak, and a crack of displaced air, she goes zooming up off into the distance.
Firestar has posed:
Angelica watches the other one fly away and comments softly,"See you around Mary. Take care of yourself." Her attention moves back to the coast and she is soon flying at her top speed towards New York. No telling what is waiting for her, but grim determinations says she will see it through.