15171/It was the Best Intentions...

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It was the Best Intentions...
Date of Scene: 01 June 2023
Location: Greenwich Village, Manhattan
Synopsis: Power Girl stops a rogue Mega Mouser which was hunting Rock Soldiers.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Power Girl

Shredder has posed:
Greenwich village is a nice spot. It is clean, it is affluent (mostly) and it is not far from great food and shopping. But today, it also has a problem. A historic building has started to shift. Something is very wrong. The four story 1875 construction is a tourist attraction, a museum to the shops of industrial era America that was once a factory which produced hammers.

A team of surveyors have gathered since the shift was felt about an hour ago, and the building was shut down. None of them have been able to figure out the reason for the problem, but the shift seems to be intensifying, and the building has gone from sturdy to the brink of collapse within the last hour. It certainly has to be something happening under the building, but good luck to whatever team has to navigate the system beneath the roads in this part of town.
Power Girl has posed:
Power Girl Funny how luck happens. She was here studying human history and various technologies. Since all her memories are Kryptonian, she's trying to learn how humans got to where they are! She uses her free time to visit historical places nd learn more!

Of course, like everybody, she got kicked out! But that doesn't mean she didn't come back as Power Girl! She floats above the building and quickly applies her xray vision ! one to find the source and two to look for places she can apply some items to help keep the building from falling apart!
Shredder has posed:
Beneath the building, there is movement. The thick metal layers make it unclear exactly what is moving around, for there are only spots that are visible with the X-Ray vision through old lead pipes and other similar things, but there is definitely something, and whatever it is, it's also metal. A sudden jolt strikes the building, and the southwest wall starts to crumble. The survey team below starts to scramble back, having not expected such a sudden collapse. Those bricks are definitely within range to land on a few of them!

Meanwhile, a white van, pristine and perfect, pulls up behind them, caring nothing for the traffic flow that's impeded. TCRI. Techno Cosmic Research Institute.
Power Girl has posed:
Power Girl Dosn't have time to look into what's making it.. She Zips forward with super speed and strength to grab the people out of the way and shore up the wall as best she can! She doesn't have time to think or try and find somebody else! right now getting people out and safe is top ! But she does look towards the van with a frown!
Shredder has posed:
The surveyors in the line of fire gasp and yelp with surprise at first, then relief as they realize that Power Girl is the one who has rescued them. They clear back from the building even as she tries to keep it shored up. Below, the mechanical...whatever it is continues to shift and move, tearing pipes from its large mass.

The van unloads, and out of the passenger side steps Baxter Stockman, the CEO of StockGen and TCRI. His dark skin and chiseled features are fairly well known around New York, where he's been part of several charity initiatives. A white lab coat is draped over a navi Armani suit, and he immediately starts barking orders to his subordinates who start to set up various technological devices. "We have to get the barrier in place before it gets free. Marcus, do you have a lock on the signal? We don't want the rock soldiers or the mega to get free. Always a surprise with these aliens..." he frowns beneath his neatly trimmed mustache.
Power Girl has posed:
Power Girl Once she can get everybody out and she's done what she can, She can tell this place is doomed so she does what she can to protect the precious objects in the place and then zips out.. Moving to float neat, this ceo " Hello, do you know what's going on? I heard you say, Alien and rock soldiers? "
Shredder has posed:
Dr. Stockman gives a look over Power Girl, perhaps not the same type she usually receives. It's one that seems to have a neutrality that edges toward annoyance. "Yes. Power Girl," he says. "We have developed a new weapon to help hunt the rock soldiers that are still rampant through the city since the incomplete victory in Queens last month." Rampant is definitely a strong word for it, only a handful have been reported in that time. "Rather than allow them to gain intel for their next assault-which is imminent I might add-we've used some of their acquired technology to create something to combat them. Unfortunately, they seem to have technology to aid them against it which has caused complications for the team which developed the countermeasure." There's a sideways glare of disapproval given to one of the other members.

Beneath as the shifting continues, there's a sudden rupture at the base of the structure, and a giant maw opens up, with a pair of rocky hands attempting to pry it further open from within. This is unsuccessful, and the hea emerges from the concrete, at least three times the size of a human.
Power Girl has posed:
Thiers a Zip! and the sound of incredible Impact like thousands of pounds of force impacting the top of that stone head! Enough power to LAUNCH it back down into the ground, maybe leave some damage, maybe not. She's never run into these guys, but she hit this one with enough force to break a building since it already did!

She looks back " How do I stop them? "
Shredder has posed:
Stockman frowns, casually watching the combat as he places his hands in the lab coat pockets. "Well, I suppose someone of your strength could certainly hit it hard enough to break it," he says, The hard metallic head takes dents, but it certainly is a touch piece of equipment, though it can't stay up above the surface as it goes back into the ground.

"But if it's all the same to you, I'd like to have my Mega Mouser back in one piece. We only have two of this model." He seems remarkably casual and lacking in concern for his personal safety in the matter even as his team seems to have a far more skiddish response to the loud hammering of the mouser.

The Mega Mouser chomps through a pipe below, and that one is a water main, as suddenly there is a bursting of water that starts to come bursting up from one of the drains at the curb. The mouser re-emerges again, breaking through the concrete with it's head and hopping onto the asphalt. It stands white and blue, about fifteen feet in height, the head far larger than the rest of it as it walks on two bird like legs. A pounding can be heard inside its jaw as something tries unsuccessfully to get out.
Power Girl has posed:
Power Girl Blinks as she watches it come back out and she lifts up her dukes, she frowns and looks back at him " Wait, this is yours? " she looks back " This thing is a robot? " She frowns " You and I are gonna have a chat about this after, " She says, looking back at the big machine.

She wants to yell at him right now, but that big robot is an issue, and it's damaging the city. She needs to put it down and fast!
Shredder has posed:
"Won't that be fun," Stockman answers with a deadpan. "It's coming," he says as she starts to turn back to the machine. The Mouser charges, using its large head as club, rearing to the side and swinging at her. It's target isn't her, though, it seems to be one of the stations that are being set up by Stockman's team.

"Marcus! Get that thing online and suppress the AI! How long can that possibly take?" Stockman growls at him. After all, it's been almost twenty seconds, surely that's enough time for such complicated operations.
Power Girl has posed:
Power Girl It won't get that chance because one thing about power girl is she's strong even for a Kryptonian, she's really strong, she was meant to kill Superman after all, so she Snaps forward and snaps her leg up in a very nice martial arts style! She's been watching and learning or Trying! . She has the power to move the moon so kicking this thing up into the air and grabbing it so she can launch it higher up and glare at the guy!

She will then fly into the air to smash into the bot she's not holding back now that she knows it's a robot! She is trying to smash it to bits with her incredible power!
Shredder has posed:
The Mouser bursts into the air, and clearly has no equipment to help it in flight, for it flails around helplessly. When she strikes it again in the air, the body shatters, the head popping free and tumbling back toward the earth. Of course, those with superhuman ears might hear a gravelly cry of fear coming from within as the head topples back toward the earth.

On the ground, Stockman lets out a sigh, watching his multi-million dollar robot be ripped to pieces.
Power Girl has posed:
Power Girl Launches herself downward to grab onto the head and hold onto it as she floats down and glares at the man who is clearly not upset about the damage he caused but the loss, reminds her way to much of lex, and that has her FAR madder then she should be " Well Explain yourself " she says sternly perhaps far more sternly than she should at this moment. As she floats holding the head.
Shredder has posed:
Baxter looks up at the floating woman, unintimidated by the fact that she could pound him to the ground in a heartbeat. "I don't owe you an explanation, Power Girl. I was doing what heroes around here have failed to do. And you owe me a 6.5 million dollar robot." With no power supply, the mouth starts to inch open as two rock soldiers within press with all their strength, creaking the mouth open.

"Now, if you'd like to get explanations, perhaps you should interrogate the actual enemy, two alien soldiers who have been part of both covert and not-so-covert assaults over the last year. We're still cleaning the air in several parts of the globe after the destruction they've caused. Maybe you could try getting information out of them as to where they are launching their attacks from so we can put an end to it."
Power Girl has posed:
Power Girl Grabs said soldiers and held them by their necks as she looked down at the man " Sure, after you pay for the damage your robot cost.. I'm sure it comes out to far more than it's worth, " She said simply. "Your self-interest and arrogance match somebody I know. I'd be careful, especially since your thin attempt at altruism is as fake and weak as his " .

She looks down, holding the soldiers " I will get my friends to help me, I'm sure you'll do the right thing and help with clean up," she says as she launches upwards into the air holding the minions as she goes to find J'hon.