15191/One of these things is not like the other...

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One of these things is not like the other...
Date of Scene: 09 June 2023
Location: Lucifer's Penthouse, Melville
Synopsis: A little bit of experimentation and an earworm later...
Cast of Characters: Sinister, Lucifer

Sinister has posed:
Things have been gloriously quiet since the incidents in the sewers, undercity and storm drains of New York. The days are halcyon and filled with nothing eventful occurring at all, which to some, ends up with idle hands. Idle minds also, which can make mischief. So it is, that there's music playing in the penthouse, a little big band sound from the 1940's and 50's, lots of trumpets and trombones and crooners singing songs about Italy.

The couch is occupied by one Nathaniel Essex, who is remote viewing the little lab here, via a holoimager and sipping a long drink with ice in it, that might just be non-alcoholic for once. It MIGHT just be iced tea. On the holoimage, there's a mouse on its side in a tank, hyperventilating.
Lucifer has posed:
The big band sound of the 40's and 50's suddenly seems to come to a halt, and if one were playing on a record player, the record would have definitely scratched a bit. Then, all of a sudden, the sweeeeet voice of James Brown comes over the speakers with a "Whoa! I feel good!" And then there's Lucifer, dressed in only a white buttoned up sans the top button shirt and white socks. It may be the wrong song, but hot damn he's having fun with this.

Talk about idle minds.

"I knew that I would now..." He sings along, while footwork carries him from the kitchen to the living room. "I feeeel good....I knew that I would now..." Head bopping, bottle of something in one hand and a cigarette in the other. "So good!" Hip bump to the left. "So good!" Hip bump to the right. "I got you!" He points fingers to Nathaniel and then takes a drag off his cigarette while peeeeering at the screen. "What's wrong with that little mouse?" As the song continues in the background.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister's eyes glaze as he looks up at nowhere, through the holoimage as the music abruptly shifts. When the tunage begins, it's a good job that Lucifer has a good voice and solid moves, because just being in a shirt and socks makes the entire thing a bit... mind-fart inducing. He tilts his head slowly as he focuses, arching an eyebrow at the shuffle forth and shimmy of hips. "You've got an ear-worm and dancing feet it seeems..."

He leans away, a pantomimed gesture so that he can look down to the lack of pants, all the way up nekkid legs to shirt and drinks and cigarettes. "This is an entire decade out of my brainspace! So good! So good, now I got youuuu...." okay, mildly drawn along for the ride.

He smiles, looks longingly at the cigarette and at the mouse in holo again. "It is undergoink a ProCEEEEEdure. Which is not unlike a ManOOOOfer, liebling. A proceedure of which I have been the inventor."
Lucifer has posed:
Et voila! Lucifer can read minds! Somehow, from somewhere, he produces a silver case which floats over to Nathaniel so he can pluck one from there. Since Lucifer's hands are full, there's a lighter offered as well while Lucifer shimmies over to the bar to set the bottle down, pour a glass and hovers it beside himself.

"So what are you, a bloody tank commander now?" Trying to follow in some steps of British humor tho he's not sure if that's where Nathaniel was actually trying to go. "Anyway. I may be in a mood. To dance. To sing. To just..." He takes a deep breath and then lets it out slowly. "Bask in this time that is not busy for us. Even if it's a fleeting moment. I shall enjoy it immensely. Is the half nakedness too distracting? I can put pants on."
Sinister has posed:
"Nah, naval all the way. I've got a submersible in the mouse and it's doing its thing..." Sinister glances at the hyperventilating critter and back at the inquiry. It's in time to collect the cigarette case and lighter, making short work of the choice coffin nail. Oh, the joys of being immortal and immune to nearly every toxin known! And being able to regenerate, that doesn't hurt either. "Well... if I said yes, then I would be honest. But if I can't multitask and control myself, I wouldn't be me. I think you're good..."

Although MAAAAAAAAAAAYBE the mouse will be getting mildly less of his attention. Only, he takes a deep breath and places his empty palm on the couch beside himself, drawing it up slowly and formulating a homonculus Sin, in miniature. Mini-Sin looks up with teeny tiny red eyes and gesticulates in inquiry. "Watch the mouse." *nod* "And for goodness sake, tell me if something interesting happens." **Another nod** and large Sin looks back at Lucifer with a blank affect, then is all of a sudden wreathed in a sly half-smile with dimples.

"I give it another week, then you'll be telling me you're bored."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer lets out a laugh and gives a shake of his head. "You might be being quite generous with giving it a week, love." He says this as he plucks his glass from the air and takes a slow sip. Seeing that sly half-smile though has him grinning. "I'm thinking the beach tomorrow. But not just any beach. I think we should go visit our cliff-side house. We haven't been in a while and the weather's nice enough for it now." Thinking out loud, sort of, but also wanting Nathaniel's opinion of course. He does glance over to the holo-image with the mouse once more. "Is the mouse going to be okay or is that yet to be determined?"
Sinister has posed:
Mini-sin squeaks, its voice is so tiny. Hence the gestures, no doubt, as it's no bigger than a mouse itself. Sinister looks at it as it points at the image.

So it is that the Devil is graced with the mouse writhing a bit, then running for its food bowl, tracked by whatever motion sensors are attached to the camera. As it's stuffing its face, it doubles in size, kind of body part by body part, getting thicker of bone also. "Should be," Sinister seems quite cheerful at the result. "But only if it sustains itself. Here's to hoping that size compensation and relative area to volume ratio makes up for sudden explosive mitosis...."

He glancss back to the devil with a thoughtful suck on his cigarette, ash flicked and floating free to its tray. "The conneticut house could be fun. I haven't taken -those- legs out for a while. I'll have to see what I have in my wardrobe."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer blinks, watching the mouse for a moment and then he blinks again. "Why...did it just grow at an immense rate?" Asking this as he takes another drag off his cigarette, following that down with a swallow of whiskey. "Seems to be an alarming thing for it to be doing. Is this part of your experiments for the cure to the brood mess?"

Then they're talking about the house in Conneticut. "Mmn, maybe pack for a couple days worth? We can stop by the local shop and get some pantry staples and things for a few meals. We'll cook, relax, maybe go for a swim. Or a fly about." He smiles then.
Sinister has posed:
"Or, we could even go to the -movies- and see a picture show," Sinister murmurs with a soft gasp and wide eyes. "And pay extortionate amounts for junk food and the VIP treatment where they bring you wine in your seat..." another gasp! -- did the homonculus just laugh? There was a high pitched smurf-chuckle, for sure.

"But rest assured, it's supposed to undergo rapid cellular replication, yes. This is kind of a two-fer, in some respects, as I'm seeing if my formula can deliver another outcome also."

The mouse is quite chunky now and still eating. There's a distinct difference in the taxonomy and physiology of a rat over a mouse, but it looks... more ratlike.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer gasps and holds a hand to his chest. "The movies? Junk food? VIP TREATMENT?!" Then he smiles wide. "Yes. Yes to all of that. It sounds like a marvelous time." Then he glances back over to the homonculous who is watching the mouse, and then back to the mouse. Or...not..mouse?

"Is it a mouse or a rat?" He asks this while shifting to move closer to the holo-image. Sipping on his whiskey and finishing his cigarette. "My my...you do have some interesting tricks up your sleeve my love."

This coming from the man whose bare ass is sticking out while he's bent over some.
Sinister has posed:
Cue: the moment where the scienthist and his ultra-minime both look at the fullness of the moon at the same time. Dhistraction? When it's right there in hhis face, a little bit. The homonculus gestures a pumped fhist and vigorously nods, much to the vexation of Sinhister, who scowls at it. And back to the full moon. "Erm," the cigarette his transferred to the other side and with narry so much as a scrap of warning, that bum gets a pinch.

"At the moment, ah, I'd say that it was neither? The ideal would be eventually. Yes. I am trying something. Mercifully, I have a lot of knowledge into the genetics of rodents."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer yelps and gives a slight jump at that bum pinching before letting out a laugh to turn and playfully glare at Nathaniel. "Now now... just because it's all out in the open and such..." But that glare turns into a grin. "I can't. I liked it too much.." He dusts his finished cigarette and downs the rest of his whiskey.

"Well rodents are the best relation to humans to try things out on right? I mean, from a scientific point of view that's accurate isn't it? It's why rats are used commonly?" He thinks he read that somewhere. Or heard it from someone. A shrug then. "Weekend in Conneticut. Sounds like a winner to me."
Sinister has posed:
"Yes, it does. Weekend in Conneticut. You have to show a girl a good time, I need to be treated like the fine lady I am," Which just sounds so wrong, coming out of Nathaniel Essex' mouth. There's a grin full of teeth and a colgate 'ding' moment.

"But yes. It isn't so much in the genetics themselves, as their physiological responses. Rats and human enzymatic action, organ reaction to stimulus, all of that, is very close, for reasons that only evolution really knows." He glances down and up.

"I'm going to take a shower now. It depends on you, whether that shower is hot, or cold." He informs, leaving his mini-Sin to its own devices, which might not be a good idea, but there we go. He heads on into the bathroom humming 'I feel good' -- as he disappears, there's a curse. "Bloody earworm!"