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Meeting Spidey
Date of Scene: 11 June 2023
Location: Isolated roof top
Synopsis: Firestar needed an old friend and called upon the most amazing of them.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Spider-Man

Firestar has posed:
     Firestar flies through the night. There is a grim determination on her face. She doesn't have urgency about her, but she is moving pretty fast. When she sees the agreed upon roof top she pulls up short to get a look over the place to make sure it is secure enough. After a quick circle she lands on the roof. She has a plastic bag in her hand and she sets it down. She opens a styrofoam container and reveals a large portion of homemade spaghetti becase somebody forgets to eat.
Spider-Man has posed:
There are times that the rooftops of New York City feel like a second home to Peter Parker -- at least they do since that fateful day when he first gained his spider-like abilities. At times it seems there is hardly a rooftop anywhere in the five borroughs that he hasn't perched upon at some point over the last few years. Whether to check out the happenings on the streets before or -- as is the case this evening -- for meetings with fellow costumed types, they do always prove terribly convenient.

While he might not be able to fly, he can do the next best thing, web-swinging his way through the city, his body at times contorting in seemingly impossible fashion as he twists and turns, building momentum with those swings before literally flying through the air before firing off the next of his webline. Either way, he makes good time, landing in a crouch on the ledge only a half-dozen feet away from Firestar.

And no more than three minutes later to boot. It's practically a red letter day.

"Ah yes, the rooftop meal. I know it well," he says sagely, a hint of the smile that surely must be in place beneath that mask conveyed in his voice alone.
Firestar has posed:
Firestar smirks and motions to the food,"Get to it." she tells him playfully,"I know you haven't eaten since breakfast and maybe not even then." she motions food.

I wish I could say this is a social visit, but I need someone with more science knowledge than me." she explains,"We've run into something and most of the big brains are on hiatus. If it were physics or radiation I wouldn't worry, but it involves so much more."
Spider-Man has posed:
Hey, he's not exactly broke until his next paycheck rolls in. He has at least fifteen dollars to his name. Plus change. Don't forget the change. But that, combined with a pretty busy schedule does mean that Peter does indeed miss the odd meal or three. So while he hates to steal any of her late night dinner, his stomach has very different ideas. At least on this occasion.

"I mean, I'd hate to impose..." he says, even as he pads over and sits himself down by her, legs casually dangling over the side of the building, kicking idly. And for someone who would hate to impose, he rolls that mask up over the bottom half of his face pretty darned quickly so that he can sneak some of that pasta.

After he has had a bite or two, he seems in a much better state of mind, glancing her way once more and nodding his head. "Hey, if I can lend a hand you know I will. Lay it on me," he offers up immediately.
Firestar has posed:
She snorts softly and sighs,"You were born an imposition Parker, you're lucky I love you." she teases mildly and goes to sit on the edge of the building as well,"We have some sort of alien life force, it's messing with some of our kid's minds. We've managed to block it a few times, but still not sure how to be rid of it. Tonight, after we're done I am going up to have a look to see if there is anything in sight of the planet."

     She shakes her head,"This is outside my world of understanding."
Spider-Man has posed:
"It is my one defense against starvation and deprivation. My completely adorable nature," Peter agrees, flashing a brief grin.

But only a brief one because soon enough he is devoring a share of that spaghetti as if it is the greatest thing he's ever tasted. Despite that seeming fixation, it is also clear that he is still very much listening as he shovels that food away, nodding slowly.

"Aliens. Why did it have to be aliens?" Spider-man asks rhetorically, giving a small shake of his head. He has not had the best of luck dealing with alien entities himself. It understandably makes him a little wary. "It could be biological. Telepathic communication and more, though I would imagine your lot would be pretty good at being able to suss that sort of thing out," he muses. "Chemical would be the other likely possibility. The right scents, it could mess with brain chemistry I suppose. Or heck, it could be something entirely different."

"Quite the little conundrum you have there," he admits.
Firestar has posed:
She shakes her head and sighs,"Humility too." she adds to what he is saying,"As for aliens, assuming that it is, I guess we're just lucky I guess." She listens to what he is telling her and she nods,"This is why I wanted to reach out and see if you could help." she admits and rests her shoulder agains his,"So yeah. We've got a mess. If you are willing to help me out with it I have to let them know ahead of time. There are some folks at the mansion that don't know you well and might not want to be wandering out of costume."
Spider-Man has posed:
"I am a wonder of virtues to be sure. You are amazingly lucky to know me," Peter agrees, managing to keep a straight face -- mostly -- only a hint of the corners of his mouth curving upwards to give him away.

Showing a little caution, a little discretion around one's non-costumed identity is certainly something he can appreciate -- more than most really. There are times when his life might have been a little easier if he was willing to go public, but the potential threat to those he cares about has always outweighed any potential benefits that might come of it in the end. So he can definitely sympathize.

"I completely understand," Peter says immediately. "I'm definitely willing to lend a hand and see what we can find out," he agrees without hesitation. "You give me the time and place and I'll be there," he promises. Knowing him he might be a few minutes later, or run into some complication on the way. But he'll get there.
Firestar has posed:
Angelica chuckles softly and shakes her head,"Thanks Pete. You're the best." she murmurs softly and leans over to kiss his cheek. She nudges him again and looks over the city,"Do you remember when this was just a game of roughing up a few two bit thugs and going back to get a late meal at Aunt May's?"

She looks up at the sky and she asks,"Do you know where we might be able to get a telescope to see out furthur than Pluto? I would be good to see past the asteroid belt, but the furthur the better."
Spider-Man has posed:
Leaning over, he nudges her with one arm, flashing a grin her way. "You looked like you could use a little bit of a mood lightener," he agrees quietly before turning his gaze out over the city spread out around them, giving a little shake of his head. "It's definitely not how it used to be, that much is for sure. It seems the stakes are getting raised all the time," he agrees quietly. "And hey, be careful. All this talk about raiding Aunt May's fridge is going to set my tummy to rumbling again," he teases gently, trying not to let himself -- or her -- fall into a darker mood.

"As to a telescope... I might be able to borrow something portable and powerful enough from Reed Richards. He's usually good for a loan and if anyone is going to have something that powerful it's going to be him," Spidey admits thoughtfully. "Otherwise we'll need to hit one of the local planetariums. To see out that far with any real clarity you're going to need a big telescope. There's a few around the city at all."
Firestar has posed:
She smiles when he nudges her,"Sorry Pete. Just a lot going on. One of three of our own tried to take me and two other out. We were in the Danger Room and I thought they were illusions at first. When they got overly aggressive I really let one have it." she explains.

"Unfortunately, that one was real. He is OK, but that could have been worse." she explains,"So yeah. Trying to stay up." She looks over the city and she asks,"You mind asking Dr. Richards? I don't know him. I will fly up when we're done and see what the naked eye can see, but I would rather see trouble coming from far away as possible."
Spider-Man has posed:
Listening to her, Peter grows a little solemn once more, setting the fork back down and instead reaching over to take her hand, giving it a reassuring little squeeze in sympathy. "Sounds rough, but at least everyone came through alright. Still, I can see why you would be so concerned about the whole situation," he agrees quietly. Having people you know turn on you suddenly and without warning? Talk about unnerving.

"Sounds like a plan to me. I'll swing over to the Four Freedom Plaza after this and stop by. Hopefully Reed and the others aren't off exploring another dimension or something and that he actually has something that will fit the bill. Something hand-held," he adds wryly. Portability is a big plus.
Firestar has posed:
She squeezes his hand when he takes hers. She nods and agrees,"It was not great. I was fine with everything, until I realized he was a real person." She sighs,"That piece you gave me has came in handy a lot." She tells him,"I wear it on a chain all the time around my neck."

She finally nods in agreement,"OK. Check that out and send me a text. I will arrange the arrival for you." she comments. While she sounds ready to leave, she doesn't move at all. She leans on his shoulder a little more and sighs,"We need to find Bobby and just visit with Aunt May or something normal some day."
Spider-Man has posed:
"I get it," he agrees quietly. "You're entitled to take a little bit of time to come to terms after something like that," he insists gently before a very faint smile slides over his expression. "No need to be a hero," he teases lightly, more then happy to offer his shoulder. Heavens know that he has needed one more times then he can count.

"I'll do that. One way or another you'll know if I can lay my hands on a high-tech telescope or if we have to go with something a little more mundane. At the least I can get us into the local planetarium. The good thing about being a nerd is I have nerd friends in plenty of low, but sometimes handy places," he assures her, tilting his head to lay his cheek against her hair. "Hey, sounds like a great idea to me. And I know Aunt May would be thrilled for us all to drop by."
Firestar has posed:
"I managed to get around it, but I had help." she agrees and closes her eyes, just listening to the city and the breathing of her oldest and likely best friend.

Opening her eyes she looks up at the skies and admits,"Probably not going to get there by sitting here huh?" she mutters,"Whet her we find Bobby or not, you and me to Aunt May's. Soon. Maybe next weekend?"
Spider-Man has posed:
Giving a quiet laugh, Peter squeezes her hand once more. "You probably won't spot anything from this rooftop, at least nothing out in the vastness of space," he admits with a smile. "But I'm pretty okay with the company, so there's that. I might be a little biased though," he points out. There is also the fact that, joke as he might, he is something of a stickler for meeting his responsibilities, no matter what else is going on. It's damned inconvenient at times, but it might have been the most important lesson instilled in him by his Aunt and Uncle and it does seem to stick. "And you're on. Next weekend, you and me will hit up Aunt May for a meal and then maybe rock the old neighborhood," he says, tone upbeat.
Firestar has posed:
"All right. Sounds like I should get to it." she agrees soflty and slowly withdraws from him. She starts to stand and tells him,"I will text you in the next two hours to let you know I am back. If I don't contact you, ping this mumber." she scribbles one down,"Lose it after I contact you though. Mostly I want you to have someone to contact, to let them know there is a problem."

She stands up and offers him a hand up,"I will see you next weekend old friend." she tells him,"Be safe out there. Call me if you need me."
Spider-Man has posed:
Taking her hand in his own, Spidey clambors easily to his feet, even on the narrow ledge of the building. Looking over the number she offers, he nods his understand. "Got it. But I had better not need it. You get back here safe," he says with mock-sternness, wagging a finger at her before tugging his mask back into place, leaving his features shrouded once more.

"And I'll text you once I've checked out the sitch with the Fantasti-scope or whatever name Reed probably gave it," he promises, irreverent once more. "Don't forget, next weekend. Queens or bust," he says, flicking a playful salute her way before abruptly leaping from his perch. For a moment he is out of sight, presumably dropping towards the street below. Then there is a whoop, and thwip and he arches back into view at the end of his webline, swinging his way back towards the heart of the city.
Firestar has posed:
It is difficult parting with him. They don't see each other enough, but that is life,"I'll be back before you know it." she assures him. Watching him swing away she shakes her head,"What might have been." she mutters to herself, a soft laugh. She looks up towards the sky and exhales slowly.

Rising up into the night, she builds speed almost instantly and is soaring from view withing a minute.