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Hangin by a thread
Date of Scene: 11 June 2023
Location: Way too high uuup
Synopsis: Ana is a complete derp, and needs saving. She's brought down from a dangling height by Nadia, who is far more awesome. Hush, we all know this to be true.
Cast of Characters: Arana, Wasp (Pym)

Arana has posed:
"Gah!" "Uck." "Halp.." The sounds come from up above the street, the city of NYC being too noisy for most people to take notice. But something is definitely afoot. And by afoot, I really really mean it. It's not often a writer gets this level of irony, either, so excuse me while I bask in it.

Ah, better.

So, what's happening is..



Anya is hanging by one foot, her line tangled around it, and her left shoulder out of place. She dislocated it in a training maneuver, and caught her foot in her grapple line, and it's AWESOME. Except for the fact that she's trapped, and has no idea how to get down.

Trying to kick loose, she winces at the pain. Lost all feeling in her trapped foot a few minutes ago, she's really hurting. And it's making her snippy.

No, I am not passing on that comment. It's not fit for...

Anya's in trouble. Please help?
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
The Wasp, no not that one, is on a hunt. Not for villains or crimes. But for something far more dangerous (to the budget of GIRL) property in New York.

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuh. But more seriously there are plenty of places on the list of potential lab locations. And almost all of them are a little bit... wrong. Too close to Gotham for security, too near New York for affordability, and too much like a supervillains lair for the old abandoned tube station.  Even if it did inspire plenty of talk about how the train tracks would be ideal for transporting a giant robot to protect the city....

But more importantly to the perilous position of Ana the best way she's found to get around the area is by flying. Wings making a mockery of New York traffic. And being a curious sort it doesn't take much shouting to draw her attention.

"Excuse me," she says in lightly Russian accented English. Pausing to hover in mid-air. "Are you okay?"

It is perhaps a strange question but, to be fair to the heroine in red & black, New York is full of strange people.
Arana has posed:
Ana has to wait a moment for her head to swing around before she can see who's talking. She spits out a bit of her own hair, that stuff -always- gets into her mouth, and then peers. "No, I'm fine," she mumbles, trying to get her leg free. "This is my weekend ritual. Get caught, lose a limb to gangrene.."

She can't manage it and jolts back, the motion making her yelp in pain. It's not pretty, but that has always been the acid test. If it's not pretty, it's real. I hear that's true about orgasms too, but that's NOT THE TOPIC right now.

She whimpers, then says softly, "I need help so bad." She'll fall pretty far if she's cut down, but at this point it looks like the better option. To her, anyway.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Have you considered taking up baking?" Nadia wonders. "It's probably a much safer hobby.... Oh! That was sarcasm, right?" She pauses and takes in the full situation, giving Ana an appraising look, checking out the array of cables and weight distribution. "Yes gangrene is probably a concern if you remain like that."

She nods to herself. Having finished her assessment.

"Don't worry this won't even be very difficult. I will just shrink you," she explains. "You'll slip right out of the cables. And I'll catch you when you come lose."

She flits under where Ana is hanging and holds her hands out. Aiming a device mounted on her wrist up. "Ready?"
Arana has posed:
She's still spinning, not really able to see what's going on as well as she'd like to. But that doesn't stop her ears from working. "Wait, shrink me?!" she blinks, then realizes that she is talking to a super of some sort. "Ignore that, totally shrink me chica. I live to shrink, and stuff."

That may in fact not be the case, but she's clearly given consent. Also she subvocalizes 'please hurry, it hurts so much' so yeah. Do the shooting thing.

Then, just as Nadia has the time to shoot, she also has the time to consider her life choices. "Wait will this shrink my clo.."

Too late.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"There's nothing to worry about," Nadia assures. "It's perfectly safe. I shrink myself all the time."

And she's only occasionally ended up in the microverse or hounded by people wanting to steal the secrets of Pym Particles. Perfectly safe.

Her hand raises up and the gauntlet device fires a carefully calibrated burst of Pym Particles. Enough to shrink Ana down to the size of a doll, but not enough that it also shrinks the cable wrapping around her. A precision strike. If perhaps an extremely disorientating one. The world suddenly getting huge and with it the distance she has to fall (relatively speaking) into the hands of the waiting Wasp below.

Thankfully the answer to that half spoken question is. Yes. Probably. Because when it comes to super science nothing is ever really /completely/ guaranteed. They could suddenly be struck by a falling bowl of petunia's after all.
Arana has posed:
Ending up doll-sized is the weirdest thing to happen to Ana for weeks. Which means that it is, in fact, disorienting and messes with her, and she'd likely be in real trouble if she wasn't falling into waiting hands. That sensation is funky, feeling the world become so very huge in a rushing motion, all at once. People can underestimate it but when you're a foot tall, the world is ...

It's really fricking big.

Ana plummets, but manages to keep from panicking. She actually seems pretty calm for her situation, Nadia might remember her own first time shrinking after all. And she lands in the hands, upside-down, but caught safely.

In fact, she lands so well that it's a bit of an outlier. Good balance probably.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Don't worry," Nadia says confidently. "I have reduced your mass so much that even if I dropped you it'd be impossible for you to reach terminal velocity unaided." This might be technically true, but perhaps not the sort of fact which is helpful for Ana now she's tiny and very high up. "Where would you like me to revert you to normal size? On a rooftop so you can recover your equipment?"

She holds her passenger up at face height. The better to see & hear her replies. It's also a good position from which to study the acrobatic, presumably off duty, superhero.

"Hi, I'm Nadia by the way. It's nice to meet you. I have a first aid kit if you need someone to take a look at your foot?"
Arana has posed:
The smaller voice of the smaller girl sounds like she's confused, and possibly a bit concerned. "Sounds good to me?" she says, which leaves Nadia the task of figuring out which of her own statements the girl's agreeing to. Then she helpfully adds, "I can't afford to replace the grapple." So she needs the gear back, okay.

Then she calls, as she's carried and looks around, "I might should maybe bind the ankle..." still leaning kind of heavily on the fingers holding her up. Which is not a fat joke damnit. And then she adds, more quietly, "Maybe take a bus home.."

It's clear that she's feeling a bit less heroic after that fiasco.
Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Being dropped sounds... Oh. Right I see," Nadia replies, opening the visor to reveal a face that's far younger than you might expect from someone flying around with a shrink ray. "Well that's no trouble at all." Her wings stop the flittering hover motion and she zips over towards where Ana's grapple is anchored. "You probably need to instal an emergency release that cuts the cable for emergencies."

She carefully puts Ana down on the rooftop. Away from the edge. "Now hold still while I revert you to normal size..." The wrist mounted device has a lot in common with some sort of energy weapon (because it is one too). Probably too much for anyone to feel entirely comfortable having it pointed at them.

But she doesn't give Ana any time for second thoughts. Zap!

"Can you get your shoe off?" she asks the newly restored Ana. Pulling a first aid kit out of seemingly thin air and offering it to her. "While you're getting patched up I'll fetch your grappling thingy. So take your time and do not rush yourself!"