15211/Random Watchtower Encounters

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Random Watchtower Encounters
Date of Scene: 14 June 2023
Location: Observation Deck, Hall of Justice
Synopsis: Superman and Diana have a brief conversation about League business as Black Canary and Superboy happen past.
Cast of Characters: Wonder Woman, Superman, Superboy, Black Canary

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince sits in the observatory. Currently alone, she has controlled the overhead dome to function as a planetarium. Sitting comfortably, she has a tray with a selection of fruits, slices of cheese, some nuts and crackers. Most importantly? There are some croissants and jam to be enjoyed.

As she nibbles on some of the food, her eyes are focused on the holographic projection of Earth seeming to hover just overhead. The projected image slowly rotates, showing the oceans and continents and real-time displays of clouds and storms across the planet, even the flashes of lightning.

The almost serene smile on her face suggests she is quite content with even the simulated scenery.
Superman has posed:
Superman is in a different part of the Hall. Sky blue eyes run over a computer screen as he's doing some scans. Just looking through security feeds for a small handful of people. Kara, Conner, Bizarro and a small group of others. Most of the trails are coold. A few of them bring a small sigh to the hero. Not all of them are gone, so he wants to cling to that small sliver of hope.

Shutting down the machine, Superman quietly floats through the Hall and he expects the place empty. However, his path crosses the observation deck.

A small shock of that holographic cover catches his attention. Superman's feet touch the ground. Taking an easy pace, Superman walks into view. Seeing Wonder Woman look over the world makes him smile.

"I didn't expect to rrun into anyone else," he gives a soft yet genuine smile. "How are you and the world holding up today?" he asks genuinely.

Looking over all of the acctivity in real time, "It still makes you feel small, doesn't it?" he nods to the world. Knowing how vast and quiet it appears from the right distance.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Looking away from the projection of the very planet they are upon, Diana smiles toward Kal.


She watches him approach and nods. "I am well. The planet is as well as she can be." Nodding, she agrees, "It does. But also reminds me that I am a part of a much larger existence. It is.. comforting" she admits with a smile.

Gesturing, she invites him to sit and moves to place the tray of various treats where he might have some if he wishes.

"After a morning of meetings, it is nice to sit for a little bit and reflect upon the beauty of nature."
Superman has posed:
Superman smiles at Diana and he takes up the invite. Sitting next to her. "You should see it from space. Should you ever get a space suit, I'd happily take you out there," he says looking at the world. Not everyone can see the world like that. He thinks most should, if they can.

Taking some of the fruit. Savoring how it tastes, those sky blue eyes will drift toward to the croissants. He doesn't take one, but the kryptonian is thinking about it.

"I'm sorry you were in meetings. I was trying to track down some people," he sighs a little bit. "No luck on a few of them," Superman admits and goes back to look at the world. One of those missing is his cousin: Supergirl. She's left the planet before and the reason is a good one. A noble one, but that doesn't stop family from worrying.

"I ran into a newer hero. Mary Marvel. Heart's in the right place," and then he smirks a little bit. "Be careful. You're one of her favorite heroes. She might stop breathing for a moment," it's a genuinely positive reaction. Superman's just trying to warn Wonder Woman for when their paths will cross.

"She might be joining us at the meeting," he admits. "She wants to join that Joint Project with the Titans," this is how the pair have crossed paths.

A hand will extend past her to grab some more food. Taking a few more pieces, this time a couple of strawberries.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince listens to Clark as he shares his activities from earlier in the day. The warning about Mary Marvel is met with a smile.

"She would be a good addition to either team, really."

Taking a small cluster of grapes, she plucks one from the dried stem and eats it.

Looking back to the projection of the planet. "The meetings were productive, which is reassuring" she notes then adds, "Any time the leaders of nations communicate and more importantly listen it is very good for all of us."
Superman has posed:
"You could teach her a few things," Superman comments about Marvel. It's just food for thought with Diana. "She's ready to truly make a name for herself," and that's his honest opinion. A lot of heart and a desire to do the right thing.

A pensive look crosses Superman's face. "They're actually getting along?" he asks with genuine shock showing in his voice.

Superman wants the world to experience an indescribable peace. However, he knows egos are a hard thing to leave at the door.
Superboy has posed:
Superboy has been here only a few times.

Rarely has he been here with the main individuals present. He's wearing his uniform, the black bodysuit wit hthe red pipelining, all leading towards the Red 'S' on his chest. His hair is a shaggy mess on the top of his head, a healthy mop as blue eyes look forward. He clears his throat a little bit. "Superman. Wonder Woman."

His eyes search the place, as if he wasn't expecting what to expect.

"Am I interrupting anything?"
Black Canary has posed:
    I won't bow to the beast, never make peace
    It feasts only if you're gonna let it eat
    So the wife beater 'boutta get a beating on the beat
    I'ma get 'em at the home and the street
    Dead meat, delete, going off like a time bomb
    White heat, choke 'em out like a python
    Bonafide homicide, then we're gonna ride on
    Up into your mind and then we're gonna fight on

Nobody's ever in the Hall of Justice at this time of night. All the automation keeps everybody on call at need, so the old days of scanning TV and radio in the communications room are just ... well, over. Still, when in New Troy with the band, and when wanting to go somewhere other than another flea-bitten motel, the Hall was a good place to hang out for a while. Get some alone time.

Thus it is that Black Canary finds herself strutting through the empty halls, hammering out that rapidfire rap from an Indian group she's taken a shine to, mimicking the rapper's voice to perfection like God's own ghetto blaster, oblivious to the others in the Hall.

Of course the others aren't going to be oblivious to her, given the loud rap announcing her presence long before she walks past the observation deck door.

It takes a second or two for her voice to stop, faltering, raising in a question tone. She then reverses course, and walks backward to the entrance again to peek inside.

"Oh, wow. Wasn't expecting anybody!"
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince nods to Clark as Conner appears.

"Perhaps. If she is interested. I am always willing to help where I am able.'

Smiling to Conner, she shakes her head, "Hello Conner. No interruption. We are just talking and enjoying the views" she notes with a nod toward the planetary hologram over head.

"It's nice to see you. How have you been?" she wonders with a smile.

She was about to say something further when the sounds of singing come from the corridor.

As Dinah looks in, Diana offers a smile and wave. "Hello Dinah. You're singing well as always. You are welcome to join us if you like." She gestures to the tray of arrayed fruits and cheeses and pasteries to invite both of the newer arrivals to partake if they wish.