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Dinner for 2
Date of Scene: 18 June 2023
Location: McAnally's Pub
Synopsis: Angelica went to Mac's to get a steak sandwich. In her visit she had a chance to meet and interact with Molly.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Molly Carpenter

Firestar has posed:
Angelica wanders into the pub with a smile. It's been a minute since last she was here, but familiarity plays across her face like a home coming. She takes a deep breath in, savoring the smells in the place. After that, she starts towads the counter. Unaware what the mystical ramifications are, she just seems to on a happy mission to get a sandwich and a home crafted brew.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly Carpenter, Wizard-in-Training and Biker-Chick-Extraordinaire (especially after her /super/ long round-the-US tour on her fully restored 1950s Indian Chief Black Hawk, which was parked outside, saddle bags and all), sits at the bar, picking at an order of loaded fries and nursing a room-temp bottle of Mac's brew.

Instead of hanging her jacket up on the back of the stool, she's still wearing it and looking not at all uncomfortable for it, even though it's definitely /not/ jacket weather inside the pub. But the sleeves are pushed up to her elbows, keeping them out of the way of her munching and helping avoid any accidental forays into melted cheese.

"Okay, so, one of the things that happened..."

Mac did not ask about any of the things that happened while she was away.

"Was that I pulled into this little town called Harmony Hollow, and while I was filling up with gas, I heard some locals talking about a Wishing Well Ceremony that they do every year. And, I'm not going to pass that up, right? So, an hour later, I'm tossing a coin into this two-hundred-year-old well... and you'd think it'd be full of them, right? Here's the thing... it /never/ hits the bottom.."
Firestar has posed:
Angelica moves towards the counter. She favors Mac with a smile and settles onto the seat. She has a small hand bag and lets it rest onthe counter next to her left hand, out of the way but easy to reach.

She waits her turn to be served and when her order is made it is a steak sandwich and bottle of the home brew of course. She looks the place over and then to Molly,"You bike outside?" she asks curiously,"The old Indian."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Mac grunts at Molly's story, nodding as he cleans a glass.

"I know, right?" asks the girl with the black-white-pink ombre bob cut, munching on a fry and barely swallowing before she starts talking again. "That's what I said. Weird."

Did Mac say it was weird? It didn't /sound/ like he said it was weird. But he does move over to tend to Angelica, when she sits down, nodding at her order and moving to prepare it with all of the geniality of a cow chewing cud.

The fact that he moves away is enough to draw Molly's attention to the newly arrived redhead, a playful grin curling her lips at the question asked. "Yep! Just got back from a cross-country yesterday. Do you ride?"
Firestar has posed:
Smiling, Angelica shakes her head,"Oh I don't ride. I keep thinking someday I will take the time to learn, but so far I haven't done it. I have a friend or two that really like bikes so I pick up some here and there along the way."

When her beer gets to her, she thanks him softly and takes a drink. There is a little wince as she is still getting used to the idea of warm beer. Still, it is good so she gets a drink,"Cross country tour sounds like fun. I wish I had the time to do that."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"Oh, you should! It's a blast. Wind therapy's the best. Don't get me wrong, it's great riding bi--being on the back of the bike, but it's a whole new experience when you're the one in control. Like sex, but like.. great sex that you don't feel guilty about in the morning," Molly explains, a twinkle of amusement in her eyes.

Mac, who had known Molly since she was too young for that to be legal, overtly stops listening to that last bit of the conversation and moves off to go run an order to a customer.. which was not something that Mac normally did.

"Oh, come on, Mac. It's not like you've never," she calls after him, but seems more pleased at having made him uncomfortable than anything. Then her eyes are back on Angelica and she's got another fry loaded with cheese and bacon bits in her hand.

"It is, at first. But, I was traveling for work, and it got /really/ old after a while." Then the fry disappears between her lips, chewed a few times and swallowed, chased by a swig of beer. "I'm Molly, by the way."
Firestar has posed:
A smirk slowly rises on Angelica's face as Molly talks about the riding and about riding bi--being on the back. She rests her arms on the bar and listens to her harass Mac and smiles at him as he moves off to take care of customers.

"Travelling for work tend to take the joy out of travelling." Angelica agrees,"I will look into maybe learning someday. I enjoy being up tine the clouds myself, but plane fuel is expensive." Like she needs that. Turning towards the other woman, Angelica offers a hand to shake,"Angelica to most, Angel to the rest. It's nice to meet you Molly."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly grabs for the napkin in her lap and wipes off the grease as best she can, then reaches over and takes the offered hand, giving it a pleasant squeeze and a little shake. "Nice to meet you, Ange," she says, choosing option three with a rebellious little wink. I mean, her hair is at least three different colors, if you didn't count the gradient. What did one expect? "And oh, yeah. Flying's not really a... thing, for me. Electronics have a /really/ bad habit of going wonky around me, which is fine when it's the radio in the car, but not so much when it's the engines of a jet liner at thirty-five-thousand feet."

Having completed the perfunctory introductions, however, she slides her too-large pile of loaded fries a little closer to her new bar companion. "Want any fries? I mean, I can put them away, but I've got /way/ too many to eat myself."
Firestar has posed:
The shake is one of cordial introduction, a shake of someone that puts just a hint of grip in it. No dead fish here. She smirks and tells you,"Well then. One new option." The smile gets a little wider and then curious,"What do you mean electronics get wonky around you? Like they stop working when you get near them?" Oh the questions that could folow.

For the moment though, oh loaded fries. She smiles and takes two carefully,"Thank you. Sorry. I spend a lot of time in science labs so when people say things that pique my interest I start asking questions. My grandmother would not be amused."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"It's sort of a.. magic thing, I guess," Molly says. "Or, at least, some magic. Apparently not /all/ magic?" She hadn't yet met Harry's new girlfriend, so that little tidbit about Zee's magic not doing the weird EMP thing was just that.. a tidbit.

"I'm a Wizard."


"Well.. /technically/ I'm a Wizard-in-Training, still, but that's just because my teacher treats me like I'm still a child."

She tilts her head a little and smiles in that exaggerated kill-me-now way.

Mac grunts, and Molly's eyes shift over to him.

"Oh, tell him if you want. It's not like Harry doesn't /know/ he treats me like a child."

Then Molls' gaze is back on Ange. "So, anyway, yeah. Harry Dresden and I do private investigations and magical investigations, if you ever need anything.. you know.. magical."
Firestar has posed:
While most people would balk at the idea of a wizard, Angelica only blinks and looks back at the door,"The office across the road?" she asks curiously,"I saw the sign that said wizard. I've been curious, but never wandered over there." she admits.

"Well if I ever need help I will ask for you. I understand only too well someone teaching you not letting you grow up. I have dealt with it off and on all my life. So you can't be around technology or you blow it up?"

There is no sign of her taking notes, but she is gathereing everything she can from the conversation. Her gaze is intense as she listens, taking another fry. Whatever else, Molly has found her curiosity button and she is staring at her, well steady gaze anyway.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"That's the one," Molly says with a proud little smirk. "I'm thinking of adding my name to it and seeing how long it takes him to notice."

Of course, the thought that someone might actually ask for /her/ makes her sit up a little straighter. Wait a second. We were getting closer to changing the sign to Dresden and Carpenter, Practicing Wizards with every passing moment. Or, at least, that's what the glint in the biker girl's eyes seemed to say.

"Pretty much that. It's like an EMP thing. It's worse when I reach for power, and it makes it super inconvenient because cell-phones are a no-go. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a payphone in this day and age? Or /any/ landline, for that matter?"

Molly snags another fry and pops it into her mouth, just as Mac picks up an old fashioned rotary phone from behind the counter.

"Yeah, well, you get a lot more magical traffic through here than most places, Mac. Try finding one in Martinsville, Iowa. You can't. Do you know how I know? I /tried/."

She rolls her eyes and looks back to Angelica. "On the other hand, sometimes it can be super convenient. Need a sudden power surge to pop some sensitive electronics? Just grab a whole bunch of power and... pop." She even does the little 'pop' gesture with her hands.
Firestar has posed:
"Well. Girls havfe to take care of each other right?" she asks when she seems surprised that she'd ask for her,"I mean I don't have a beef with the other one, but I am getting to know you. I tend to take business to the ones I am getting to know. Hopefully I won't ever have to worry about that sort of thing."

"An instant EMP. That is at once awesome and terrifying, especially if someone generates it herself." Angelica muses,"You guys aren't worried about people trying to exploit your loved ones? No secret identity?" A smirk and she gets more fries. The phone gets a raised brow and then her sandwich arrives,"Thank you." Her attention back to Molly,"Phone booths are a thing of the past it seems. Super heroes have to find somewhere else to change clothes."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"Absolutely. Just like Beyonce says. Who run the world?"


Molly smiles. She wasn't exactly a poster model for feminist activism. Not on the order of someone like Carol Danvers. But her mother raised seven children and could beat the crap out of most men, and Molly herself could get the advantage on /most/ men in a pinch. Maybe not Harry... or Thomas. But definitely Butters. All that had to count for something, right?

"Our families?" The words come out of Molly's lips in an incredulous laugh. "No. They can take care of themselves. And it's not like we're blowing out entire cities or anything. I'm sure there are easier ways than risking the literal holy wrath that would follow if they tried to pull a stunt like that. Pretty sure they sell EMPs in briefcases that would be easier to get ahold of and more reliable in terms of range."

Molly shrugs and grins.

"I'm way more concerned with the next thing that's going to come out of the Nevernever than I am somebody wanting me to blow up their laptop for them. Dude. Just.. smash it."
Firestar has posed:
She listens to the other woman talk for a moment, starting to get her sandwich where she can eat it. She takes a bite, nodding and listening. Once it is down she chases it with the brew.

"Most of the people I consider family are stronger and tougher than me, but I know a lot of the super hero types protect their identity to protect family. Your family sounds interesting though. It's good to not have to worry I suspect."

She pauses and her head moves to the side a little bit,"What's the NeverNever?" she wonders curiously.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"Yeah. We're all sort of... in it together. I guess that makes it easier." The girl with the multi-hued hair rolls her eyes. "Some days."

Molly doesn't seem interested in rushing the conversation or forcing Ange to hurry up and eat. She seems perfectly content to let there be natural pauses while she munches on a fry or takes a drink from her own bottle.

"Oh, it's... a lot of things. It's our word for Faerie, but there's a bunch of stuff in there that's not pixies and unicorns, you know? I mean, even the pixies aren't really what you'd think they are. Some of them can be pretty vicious. Some of them are okay, though." How /was/ Toot doing, anyway? She'd have to check and make sure Harry was keeping him in pizza.

Then it's her turn to tilt her head, looking over at the other woman. "So what about you? What do you do?"
Firestar has posed:
She is taking another bite when Molly mentions fairies and the things that go with them. She doesn't take a bite, but rather pauses and looks at her confused,"I'm sorry. What again?" she asks really confused.

She blinks and lets that sink in and she adds,"Oh me? I teach Physics at Xavier's Institute on a supplemental contract and I will be starting NYU in the fall to continue my education in, well physics. I have had a lot of life experience with Physics and Radiation both, so I decided to get the rest of it. Half way there before I ever walk into the first class."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly waves a hand dismissively, laughing softly. "Don't worry about it. It's enough to say that.. I'm less worried about the things I /know/ are out there than the things I don't. You /teach/ physics, then? So, you got, like, the looks /and/ the brains.. which doesn't seem fair. But, whatever." There's a playful glint in her eye when she says it, though -- a casual, passing compliment that wasn't intended to derail the rest of the conversation.

"So.. Xavier's Institute. That's the X-Men, right? I try to stay up on the news, but it's hard when TVs fritz out. So, I mostly glance at the papers every once in a while." A beat. "Does that mean you're an X-Man? I mean.. X-Woman?... X-Person? I guess I've never thought about what the properly inclusive word is."
Firestar has posed:
A raise of her brow and she nods slowly,"Ok." She might hit Molly up later about the NeverNever denziens, but for now she lets it be. She nods when Molly asks about her teaching and then laughs softly at the brains and beauty,"I actually had a man ask me once what it was like being a red haired Barbie with brains. It wasn't the worst pick up line ever, but it wasn't good enough to get a date either."

Molly talking about the mansion and the X-Men surprises her a little bit and she shakes her head,"Not a member of the X-Men per say." she replies when she sees there isn't too many nearby,"I know them and I interact, but I am a member of Alpha Flight's team, the New Warriors. Well I was, but moving back home killed that a little." She laughs softly and shrugs,"Most of the members I know just relate to X-Men, nobody really gets on a gender bender about it. Mutants tend to care more about each other than what gender someone is."
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"Oh. /Ew/. Yeah. That's creepy. He needs to be careful with that. Some of us would take that as an insult," Molly quips, grabbing another fry and using it like a baton to emphasize her point before she turns it back to her mouth to munch on as she listens.

Then there's the mention of Alpha Flight and the New Warriors. "Oh, yeah. You're over my head with that." At least she has the decency to look a little sheepish. "I've kind of had my head buried in the sand for the last /eternity/ on that trip, though. It's probably time for me to check back in and see what all has been happening while I've been gone. Apparently, there's been lots. Even around here."

She opens her jacket and reaches into an inner pocket, pulling out a card. Harry's card. But, they only had the one phone. And it at least served as a reminder. She set it on the counter and slid it over.

"I don't have any card with my name on them, but you can always just call the number and ask for me, if you get Harry. One of us tries to stay by the phone, and speaking of which, I should be getting back. It was really nice meeting you! You're a way better conversationalist than Mac."

Mac grunts, and Molly smiles sweetly at him.
Firestar has posed:
A smile and she tells Molly,"Think of Alpha Flight like...X-Men north. They are based in Canada, but don't have official connections. Just a way to explain,"They have various types though, not exclusive to mutants. The New Warriors are like the junior team."

She reaches over and takes the card from Molly and nods,"I will keep that in mind. It was nice meeting you." she tells her. A smile touches her lips as Molly takes a dig at Mac,"Take care out there." she offers and then settles in to get to her sandwich.