15250/She's Really Not Crazy...It Just Looks That Way!!

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She's Really Not Crazy...It Just Looks That Way
Date of Scene: 24 June 2023
Location: Darlington Park, Sunnydale
Synopsis: Faith bumps into another ranger while fighting invisible demons. Faith is only slightly nuts.
Cast of Characters: Faith Lehane, Green Ranger

Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>So yeah, it's like, a park, at night. Not much to see here except for a couple sitting in the grass, canoodling. And a scruffy looking homeless guy sleeping on a bench. Oh, and a punk girl dressed in a short white tshirt that shows off her mid riff, very torn black jeans and a denim jacket lurking about looking sus. Oh, and she's wearing weird shades that sometimes glint green in the moonlight. Looks like she's searching for something, definitely sus. And why's she carrying a wooden stake? That's definitely suspicious! Buuut you know, maybe she's just another weirdo. Or something...
Green Ranger has posed:\<br\>Nearby the park, at its edge, knelt a young man, his brown hair tied back into a ponytail. There was the rattle of the tire iron clanging against the sidewalk. A donut was nearby, not the eating kind, but the spare tire variety, and there was a mature Asian American standing, watching over, as he worked to change out the flat tire for the spare donut. "This'll be done in a moment, and you'll be able to get a replacement tomorrow," since it was so late.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane stalks through the park, hands clenched around her stake as if her life depended on it. It's pretty dark, so it make absolutely no sense to wear shades, but here she is.lActually, they don't look like normal shades somehow..As she pauses to focus on the sleeping homeless guy, she grins and stalks towards him..And in response, those shades seem to glow and him softly. It's subtle but it's there. Something out of the ordinary.\<br\>\<br\>"Aha...Found you!" she grins and leaps as if towards the sleeping guy..The two smooching teens don't seem to notice, too embroiled in their tongue twisting or whatever..The homeless guy seems deeply asleep but...But is she really about to stab him?! That stake sure is getting a little too close for comfort..
Green Ranger has posed:\<br\>It didn't take long to change a tire, and Tommy made short work of it. The new tire, only a donut, securely in place, he began to clean up, putting the tools back in the car's hidden cabinet, while the damaged tire would have to go in back. "You're all set, Ms. Gao," he stated as he casually wiped his hands of any grease stains with some hand sanitizer, a habit he had picked up years ago, and never quite rid himself of.\<br\>\<br\>He was dressed for a night jog, complete with an LED built into his headband. He began heading back to the park, only to hear some kind of commotion. Sensing possible danger, and not wanting to risk having to morph mid encounter, he would pull out his communicator, and state aloud, "it's morphin' time... Dragonzord!"\<br\>\<br\>A moment later, he was engulfed in green smoke, with electricity charged in the air. Where Tommy Oliver had stood, the Green Ranger now resided.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>CRACK! THUNK! she strikes her wooden stake with practiced precision in and around the bench that the guy is sleeping on..But oddly enough never actually touching him..Instead she practically dances and twirls around the bench, swinging her blade at an unseen attacker...Attackers..At one point, some invisible force grabs her and sends her flying over the back of the bench, briefly vanishing from view..\<br\>\<br\>The smooching couple pause at the sound of cracking branches, peering at the weird scuffle and scream, quickly fleeing the area...\<br\>\<br\>Well. That's certainly different..
Green Ranger has posed:\<br\>A young couple runs towards the Green Ranger, and at the sight of him, break off, both running around him. So much for their affection, when presented with a challenge, they split up. Before Tommy could consider it too long, he began to pick up his pace, heading in the direction they had fled from, only to see a woman fighting some... unseen force. It was dark, and hard to see, but there was some light, lampposts near the paths, and the ambient lights of a city. He reached for some dirt, and tossed it in the direction of the phantom or phantoms, hoping that he might be able to see the displacement.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>"Ughhhh..." she curses something unintelligible under her breath, surprisingly not even bruised after practically getting flipped over the back of the bench..What's wrong with the guy? He seems to be in some sort of deep sleep, or is something else going on here?\<br\>\<br\>"Seriously, you guys are starting to piss me off!" she snarls, ducking and sweeping her foot, causing an indent in the grass to appear. Another series of loud thunks are heard as she continue to punch and kick at unseen enemies.\<br\>\<br\>When the Green Ranger makes himself known she actually pauses and smirks, "Oooh, let me guess, You must be the Green Ranger, friend of the Oink one?" shaking her head, she doesn't bother with formalities but instead pulls out a second pair of sunglasses and tosses them to him?\<br\>\<br\>"Here put these on! Trust me, it'll all make sense soon as you do.." she smirks as she says that, clearly enjoying this bizarre little dance to the death..
Green Ranger has posed:\<br\>The Green Ranger made an emphatic gesture, turning his upper body and head to address the woman who had been flipped over the park bench, and identified him as the Green Ranger, "Well, yes, actually," he said, surprised to have been picked out by someone he didn't know. Catching the glasses, that'll be a challenge. He would have to hold them up with one hand, as his helmet prevented them from being attached.\<br\>\<br\>He would look through his helmet visor, and through the glasses, then without the glasses, seeing creatures, but only with the glasses present. The sophisticated computer system in his helmet tried to analyze the data, to replicate its effects, searching for a frequency, but it kept flashing 'searching' to no end.\<br\>\<br\>"Looks like I'm fighting one handed," and so one hand would held aloft, keeping the glasses in position as he would kick or strike out.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>There aren't too many creatures left, maybe five max..They look like classic movement, small, white skinned, quick with long claws and freakish in that they almost look human..Faith has her hands full with two, although three of them rush at The Green Ranger with claws and teeth outstretched as they try to swarm him.\<br\>\<br\>"Im guessing you're just as skilled as the Pink ranger so show me what you got!" she yells at him as she delivers a spinning kick to one of the demons, causing it to shriek in pain and crumple back before another leaps on her back from behind..
Green Ranger has posed:\<br\>It wasn't right to show off, that's not what Tommy was about in his martial arts training. However, this was a real life combat situation. One hand incapacitated, he would strike with a leopard punch at the oesophagus of one demon, twist kick another, and then hit the other in the face with a downward round or Brazilian kick. Okay, so maybe he was showing off a little. And using his ranger strength against these bestial creatures. "Maybe a smidge more skilled," he said to Faith, "but she's far more acrobatic than I."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane snarls, backing against a tree as the creature climbs on her back, slamming against the tree with such force that a loud crack is heard signifying the death of the one creature. Without skipping a beat she spins around and hurls her stake into the heart of the second fleeing creature, killing it within the next couple of seconds. Wiping the dust off her outfit, she peers around, focusing on The Green Ranger.\<br\>\<br\>"What the hell are you being so soft for? Finish em off!" she hurls another stake at one of the three demons attacking him and with a screech it falls to the ground unmoving.
Green Ranger has posed:\<br\>"What did these guys do?" Green Ranger asked, as one stopped moving. He had been working to knock them out, or at least prevent their attacks, but she was lethal, and he wasn't used to being lethal. Another one got up, and he knocked it back down, before placing a foot on its throat, but not pushing enough to strangle it, "just how do you know the Pink Ranger?"
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane cracks her neck, circling the two remaining slowly. They're pretty fast but Green Ranger is clearly a skilled fighter. One of them goes for a running leap, trying to latch onto his neck, trying to claw at his uniform while the other rushes at his feet from behind. A third, hidden in the shadows starts to rush at him before Faith kicks it away.\<br\>\<br\>"Memory Demons, not fricking human, killable." she smirks, delivering another brutal kick to the third demon, "We beat up some Vampires together and if I have to explain that then you're more naive than I thought." she snarks.
Green Ranger has posed:\<br\>Not that skilled, as the demon seemed to escape his submission hold with relative ease. And the other unconscious one seemed to regain its senses, and was joined by a previously unseen sixth one, given that three of the original five were already dead now. He dealt with them alongside her, letting her kill the demons, while he would rather just incapacitate them. Not knowing enough, he didn't fight her desire for bloodshed. "Real, or just energetic Goths?"
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane backs of, readying the next move. She arches a brow at him, "What's wrong, too cowardly to shed blood? Hurry up and kill 'em before they kill you!" she snarls, tearing into the next one now that he's incapacitated it, then finishes the last one. She's still breathing lightly as she peers around, making sure they're all dealt with, before pulling off the shades.\<br\>\<br\>"Woaahh, trippy!" she laughs, tucking them away, swaying as if a bit drunk on her feet. "You're pretty good, Green Ranger, but if you're too afraid to kill, they'll kill you first."
Green Ranger has posed:\<br\>Handing the borrowed shades out to her, his mask hid any expression. His suit also looked to be protective against slashes, bites, and well, most of the creatures she fought. "Thanks, you are too," complimenting her skill, while avoiding the talk of murder. "How'd you get those glasses? Was that all of them, are these a common... pest, around here?"
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane laughs at the description of the demons, shaking her head as she catches the glasses effortlessly, "First off, those ain't men, they ain't even human. They're demons incase it wasn't obvious. And they'll kill you if you don't kill 'em first."she shrugs.\<br\>\<br\>"Guess we got lucky today, but this isn't the end of them..They're not that strong, but they'll steal your memories, all of them, about who you are, about what you can do, about those you care about..They'll feed on em til you're nothing but an empty husk. That's why we're trying to locate their nest.."
Green Ranger has posed:\<br\>Green Ranger nodded his head inside the helmet, "we?" He asked, uncertain, but suspecting she had some kind of a team with her. She hadn't introduced herself, yet she knew who he was. And she knew a lot about these things. "Sounds like you've got it in hand?" It was his way asking if she needed any help. "Any beads on where the nest might be?"
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane grins, "Coyld always use extra hands, drop by the Bronze sometime, tell the Pink Ranger I said 'hi!'" she grins and winks, "The names Faith, I gotta go for now but it's been fun..Seeya!"nand wuth that she darts off into the night.