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Green Ranger (Scenesys ID: 324)
"You know there was a moment back there when I almost gave up. But then I realised, it's not just the costume and powers that give me strength. It's who and what I am inside that really empowers me."
Full Name: Thomas "Tommy" Oliver
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Dominion of Canada
Residence: Oliver House (Angel Grove, Starling)
Education: University of Starling
Status: Approved
Groups: Power Rangers
Other Information
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 20 October 2008 Actor: Jason David Frank
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 97 kg (213 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Go Green Ranger Go!" by Ron Wasserman


Originally a mighty warrior of the Spartoi Sorcerer, Rita Repulsa, the Green Ranger has since been freed of her demonic influence. Now a member of the Power Rangers, Tommy Oliver wields the Dragon Dagger, commands the Dragonzord, and fights for peace, order, and good government. And if at all possible, he tries to avoid detention.

Current Player Approved: May 27, 2024



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This young Caucasian man is decidedly good looking, with his long brown hair that is often tied into a ponytail. He has brown eyes, and a handsome face. He's reached 180 cm, and still has the faint hope that he be growing. He has an athletic build, which can be clearly seen through his clothes. His skin is far from tanned, as befitting someone who's spent most of his life in the Pacific Northwest.

He habitually wears green, be it a shirt, jacket, pants, shorts, there is always some green on him, and it is usually accented with neutral colours, black, white, or grey, but occasionally he'll wear some other colours, but green is ever present. He's especially fond of dark green jeans, muscle shirts, and plaid shirts.

Picture: FZ0huQR.jpg

As the Green Ranger, he wears what appears to be a form-fitting body suit of a green, snakelike material. It stretches and contours to his body, featuring gold and white accents. His hands and forearms are covered by a pair of white gloves. His feet are covered by a similar pair of white boots. Situated around the middle of his waist, sits a pure white belt, with gold trim, which holds his morpher in the place of a belt buckle.

Unlike the other Rangers, Tommy's uniform is accessorised with the Dragon Shield. Gold in colour, it covers Tommy's upper chest and back. It is triangular in shape, with a large diamond section that lies in the centre of his chest. Two golden bracers compliment the Dragon Shield by sitting prominently on each of his biceps.

Finally, Tommy's uniform is topped off with a green helmet. The top of helmet is fashioned in a dragon-like shape, whose mouth surrounds the visored eyes of the helmet. Like the other rangers, the mouth piece of the helmet is covered by a silver moulded material which is fashioned in the shape of a mouth.

Reference: kINxr2G.jpg


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Tommy never knew his birth parents. He was one of the lucky ones. He didn't spend years in the system, moving from foster home to foster home, like his older brother. Instead, he was adopted as a baby and was raised by a loving family in Vancouver, British Columbia, never knowing about his family, or even that he had a brother. He had an ordinary childhood. He developed a love of dinosaurs at an early age, what child didn't, but his stuck with him into adolescence, and has remained a passion of his to this day - not that he likes to admit it.

He was bullied early on over his interest in those dinosaurs, and took up karate as a means of self-defence. It instilled within him a sense of discipline that has become a cornerstone to his psyche. During his freshman year in high school, Tommy and his family moved to Angel Grove in Starling, British. There, he entered a martial arts tournament (he had won quite a few of them already) and finally met someone who could stand up to him. The final against Jason Scott ended in a 4 - 4 draw.

Tommy quickly stepped in when the local bullies, Bulk and Skull, were harassing Kimberly Hart. As first encounters go, it was just about as good as it could have been with Kimberly. However, Rita Repulsa noticed Tommy's prowess and placed him under a magic spell. She gave him her Dragon Power Coin and he became her evil Green Ranger.

Under her spell, he visited the Command Centre, caused trouble for Zor-Don, Alpha 5, and most especially, the Power Rangers. He passed every test she put him under, even defeating the mighty Goldar, after which he had earned the Sword of Darkness.

But the Rangers discovered his identity, and were able to save him from Rita's influence. Recognising the damage he had done, he felt a terrible burden, but Jason assured him that it was Rita's doing, not his. They offered him a place among them as a Ranger, and he heartedly accepted. He still feels bad about what he did. But he tries not to dwell on it. All he can is strive to improve himself, to do well, and to pay the world back for his misdeeds.


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Tommy is deceptively simple. He is genuinely a good person. He is heroic and self-sacrificial. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. And because of that, he can be underestimated. He freely exposes so much of himself that it would be easily to dismiss it as all you see is all you get. But there is so much more to him.

He is absolutely determined when he sets his mind to a task. He has dedicated his life to honing his martial arts abilities, and that dedicated has paid off. He is an excellent fighter, having competed and won numerous tournaments.

He wears his hair long, has an earring, and is generally regarded as 'cool', but he is secretly a geek. He plays the flute, not the 'manliest' of instruments, is interested in history, and science, especially palaeontology.

And he adheres to the principle that you should hear twice as much as you say. He is a good listener, wise beyond his years, and quite observant. He's no master detective, but he does have a keen mind, and is able to use his intelligence to find out of the box solutions, most notably in battle, but it has many uses.


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Prolonged exposure to the Dragon Power Coin has granted Tommy superhuman durability. He can endure blows from the Putty Patrol, and other superhumanly strong beings, with limited effect. Prior to his expose, the Putties would have easily been able to defeat him. Even without the coin, he retains this enhanced durability, but over time that durability will diminish until he is once again at ordinary human levels.

The Dragon Power Coin grants Tommy superhuman healing. Broken bones heal in a matter of hours instead of weeks. Scars do not form from on his skin, and those he had before he gained the coin, have since healed completely. The coin continually heals and augments his physique, keeping him at near perfect levels. Prolonged exposure to the coin has resulted in enhanced healing even in its absence. However, without the coin, he would heal from broken bones in a matter of days, rather than hours. Over time that durability will diminish until he regains the coin, or is once again an ordinary human.


Prolonged exposure to the Dragon Power Coin has granted Tommy superhuman strength. He can crush bricks with, knock out Putties, perform incredible leaps, and scale steep cliffs, all with his bare hands, or in the case of leaps, feet. With the coin, and without having morphed, he has superhuman class 5 strength. Even without the coin, he retains this enhanced strength, but over time that durability will diminish until he is once again at ordinary human levels.


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Tommy's favourite class is history, from the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, to the Spanish, French, and British, he loves it all. He could watch history documentaries for hours about castles, architecture, weapons, ships, peoples, cities, cultures, and everything else. If he doesn't become a palaeontologist when he grows up, he'd like to become a history teacher.

Tommy is a natural leader. He is charismatic, confident, and wise. He's not the smartest person in the room, but he's good at a lot of things. People generally look to him for direction, and he's happy to give it. It's not a position he looks for. He defers to Jason, the Red Ranger, when he's around, though Tommy might actually be the better choice. But Tommy has too much respect for Jason to cause trouble. Should the situation call for it, Tommy is ready.

Martial Arts:
Tommy is both a dedicated martial artist and an accomplished one. He spends much of his free time practicing his art. He has advanced belts in karate, ninjutsu, and taekwondo, and has won many tournaments. He first met Jason Scott at just such a tournament. It ended in a draw. While under a dark influence, he fought all five Rangers, defeating them. While it has been speculated that Rita Repulsa's magic increased his power, the truth of it is that she removed his humanity. When not hindered by compassion for the welfare of his fellow man, Tommy is an exceptionally dangerous fighter.

Tommy is a decent, if not accomplished flautist. He loves to play the blues on his flute, and it is his personal goal to get through Nina Simone's Sinnerman on the flute, but he still hasn't managed it yet. His musical talent has proven invaluable as he can control the Dragonzord remotely by playing the Dragon Dagger as a flute.

Tommy is secretly obsessed with dinosaurs. For his 17th birthday, he visited Jurassic Park. It took all the money he had earned up to that point, much of it prize money from tournaments he had won, plus a sizable contribution from his parents, but he got to see real, live, dinosaurs; or at least reasonable facsimiles. He dreams of becoming a palaeontologist when he grows up, if there's much use for them, that is.

Power Ranger:

Tommy has undergone, and continues to undergo Power Ranger training from Zor-Don, Alpha 5, and previously, Rita Repulsa. They have taught him how to morph, harness his power, control the Dragonzord, strategy, tactics, alien knowledge, and so much more. Being the Green Ranger is a responsibility and he takes his training very seriously.


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Dragon Dagger:
Tommy uses the Dragon Dagger as a personal weapon. It is exceptionally sharp, able to slash, pierce, and strike. It can be used to focus green concussive blast energy. But most of all, it can be used as a flute to summon and control the Dragonzord. The Green Ranger can pilot Dragonzord from inside, but he prefers to direct the battle from an observational post. It is safer and gives him a better tactical understanding of the situation.

While it is Tommy's personal weapon, there is another reason he favours it so. If someone were to obtain the Dragon Dagger, they could theoretically gain control of the Dragonzord. As a result, he adheres to the principle that if it is always in hand, it is always safe. In the event that someone were to obtain the Dragon Dagger, were able to figure out how to use it to summon and control the Dragonzord, Tommy could still override it by accessing the cockpit directly, and then manually placing it in shutdown mode. This would immobilise the Dragonzord for a minimum of 12 hours, during which it would be vulnerable to all manner of threats, be it Rita Repulsa and her forces, the authorities, or the paparazzi. But it would give him the time needed to retrieve the Dragon Dagger, and reduce the threat posed by the Dragonzord. Tommy's search would be relentless.

Dragon Power Coin:
Tommy uses the Dragon Power Coin to morph into the Green Ranger. As the Green Ranger, his strength doubles, from his already enhanced superhuman class 5 strength, to superhuman class 10. His agility, reflexes, and speed are similarly enhanced. It increases his healing as well. Many of these enhancements are discussed in abilities, but exposure to coin grants him a certain level, possession grants him an even greater level. The armour he gains while morphed also protects him, enabling him to survive energy blasts that would kill an ordinary human.

Dragon Shield:
The Dragon Shield emits a low level protective force field around the Green Ranger, providing him with additional durability. It can be transferred to any willing Ranger, though Tommy most frequently uses it. Wearing it does not have any ill effects, such as power consumption.

The Dragonzord is 11.1 metres (36.5 feet) tall, weighs 49.8 tons, and has a maximum speed of 140 kilometres per hour. It is an absolute death machine, with missiles for fingertips, a tail with a diamond drill bit, and is almost as big as Megazord. It serves as a last line of defence for the Earth. In the countryside, it can operate in relative safety, but even there, its mere presence irrevocably alters the land, leaving a trail of flattened footprints. It is agile enough to operate in a city, but its weight makes that problematic. The few times it has been deployed, it managed to evade the authorities by teleporting back to its resting place in the Howe Sound. It is waterproof, easily able to operate at extreme pressures. It can also operate in space, provided it can be teleported there. And it can merge with the Mastodon, Sabretooth-Tiger, and Triceratops Dinozords to become Dragonzord Battle Mode; Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Sabretooth-Tiger, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus Dinozords to become Mega Dragonzord, or all five, plus Titanus to become Dino Ultrazord. It is largely powered by a fusion reactor, but augmented by solar energy.

Note: The Dragonzord will only appear in scenes approved by a member of staff.

Power Rangers:
Tommy is a Power Ranger. He has access to the Command Centre, Zor-Don, Alpha 5, and most importantly, his fellow Power Rangers. They fight as a team, just as Zor-Don's team did so many years ago. They are his comrades, and his family. Their bond gives him strength, something to fight for, and support, in combat, and in so many other ways.

Wrist Communicator:

Tommy wears a watch-like device called a Wrist Communicator. It was invented by Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger, and has also tapped into the morphing grid to create a teleporter. He can only teleport from his location to the Command Centre, but the Command Centre is capable of teleporting him elsewhere. In effect, he can teleport anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. But it's original purpose was as a means of remaining in contact, securely, with Zor-Don, Alpha 5, and his fellow rangers.


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Dragon Power Coin:
Tommy is special, coin or no coin. But he draws most of his powers from the Dragon Power Coin. Without it, his powers would diminish, until he was just an ordinary human being. He would remain an exceptional martial artist, courageous, and battle tested, but human. Tommy is a hero. The coin makes him into a superhero.

Green Candle:
Tommy doesn't know it yet, but his powers can be tied to a green candle. Once linked and lit, his powers would diminish until finally, they, like the candle, were extinguished. Rita Repulsa has the wax, the ingenuity, and the know how to perform this procedure. Zor-Don hopes that she never realises it.

Tommy is stubbornly honourable. He fights fairly. He holds back. He doesn't try to hurt people anymore than he has to. He keeps his word. Following a code of honour can be a wonderful thing, but when your enemies don't respect it, it can be a terrible weakness to be exploited. But he can't be any other way. He is who his life experiences have made him. And he is a good and honourable man.

Kimberly Hart:
Kimberly Hart is special to Tommy. She is more than just a classmate and a teammate. She means something to him. He does not know where it will lead, but he cares for her. He goes out of his way to protect her. He is at his most vulnerable when she is in danger, and she is in danger a lot of the time. If he had to make a decision between protecting her and protecting someone else, he would choose her, every time. She means far too much to him.

Rita Repulsa:
Tommy was once the subject of Rita Repulsa. She used her magics on him, turning him against his friends, made him commit evil deeds. She was also the last Green Ranger. She understands his power better than he does. Because of this, he has a special hatred for her that is greater than the rest of the Power Rangers. He has personal history with her, and feels an obligation to make up for his past deeds. Worst of all, she knows how to manipulate his powers for her own ends. He's terrified of what she might do if, or when, she ever gets her hands on him.

Secret Identity:

Tommy was a student at Angel Grove High School, and now attends the University of Starling. He has friends, a life, and thus far, has managed to keep his activities as the Green Ranger a secret. Rita Repulsa knows, as do a few others, but no one who does know has exposed his identity. That's a risk. And he has to go out of his way to guard his identity, coming up with excuses, sometimes farfetched, in order to keep it. If it ever got out, people would treat him differently. They might go after his friends and family. No good can come of it.


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