15252/Steak after a long day

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Steak after a long day
Date of Scene: 24 June 2023
Location: McAnally's Pub
Synopsis: Harry and Buffy run into each other at McAnally's Pub. Notes are compared and friedships renewed.
Cast of Characters: Harry Dresden, Buffy Summers

Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry is sitting at the bar. A bottle of the home brew is sitting on the surface beside him. Warm. Nothing for it. Ht takes a drink of the beer and waits for Mac to make up three steak sandwiches. One for here and two to go. The layout of the bar messing up magic enough that he is fairly relaxed in the place.
Buffy Summers has posed:
It had been a while since Buffy visited. Though she wasn't technically unwelcome, she also wasn't really the normal sort of clientele. Even if they didn't know she was the Slayer personally, the powered beings that frequented the place probably could tell she was something... Other. At the least.

But the Pub had rules and she always abided by them. Tonight would be no different. She came in and paused, giving a quick scan of the room before heading over toward the bar itself. She hopped on the seat, since it was a little above a level for her to just sit on.

She was in her working clothes. Black tank top, black leather pants, boots. Hair back in a ponytail tonight. A lightweight black jacket over it all, carrying the tools of the trade within.

"Hi, Mac!" said in a friendly tone. "Looking to get myself one of those steak sandwiches to help me get through my night. And a Coke." Because she was working. No alcohol when working. Not that it truly mattered since she didn't get affected by it like a human would.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Harry looks up from his beer, catching the sound of a familiar voice. He turns his head towards her and gives her a once over. Decisions. Part of him is uncertain what to say at first.

Finally he loks over her gear and offers politely,"Working later than usual Miss Summers?" Sure he called her Buffy in the past, but there has been some stories and he doesn't know if she remembers him or not, so might as well keep it professional for the time being and see where it leads.

One of the sandwiches hits the counter infront of him and so he concentrates on that for the moments. Chewy, yummy goodness. If only the beer was cold.
Buffy Summers has posed:
As Mac puts in her order, Buffy spins on her barstool to glance back at the room in general. Only to hear the voice from the the past. And the other end of the bar.

She turned to look that direction then smiled brightly. "Harry!" That would answer the question if she remembered him. Although then the smile faded slightly as she realized it had been a while. Well, a while for her. She had no idea how long it had really been. And there were complications now. So. Many. Complications.

Yet, she opted to err on the side of being her and she hopped off her barstool. A quick trip down the length of the bar and she took a seat two stools over from him. Meaning she left one empty between them. To give that space and not seem too friendly in case.

"How've you been? I feel like it's been forever. Has...it been forever?" Sort of easing into that.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Mindful of her reaction, Harry waits and watches. When she gets up and comes down the bar to join him, he takes it as a good sign. He turns towards her a little bit to talk easier and nods,"It's been a long time." he agrees with her.

"I went to Tibet and a few other places chasing one of those damned coins only to come up short." he explains,"So I came back and realized some shady things have been going on in my absence." A shrug and he admits,"I think you've been talking with my apprentice Molly of late. She's on a hunt to help you figure something out. Not sure what she found, but she intended to come see you after."

He considers again,"I know you and Thomas hit a rough spot. It happens. If you need my help you just call. If you need his you can probably call, but certainly me. Let's be friendly as we can and not too awkward." He takes a bite of his sandwich and after chasing it with his beer he notes the bag,"Any luck tonight?"
Buffy Summers has posed:
When he verifies it has been a long time, there is a moment of relief on Buffy's face and her shoulders relax ever so slightly. She's gotten to where that is a state of being, that tension, when she's not around people she has already established the current state of their history.

"Yeah, all sorts of weirdness." And there is a sadness on her face when he mentions her and Thomas. "I...can't remember him. Like at all." She looks up as her order is delivered but doesn't rush to take a bite. Once Mac has moved away again, she focuses back on Harry. "I was dealing with a lot of confusion and was needing to feel...safe? Like in a place I knew with people I knew. So I had run off back to the apartment I remembered, that I shared with Willow. Only to learn I hadn't lived there in a while. She even had new roommates." She shakes her head and shrugs. "I thought it might hurt him...more? If I was around. Since he remembered and had feelings that I don't now. I don't know. Probably just stupid."

She took a sip of her drink and gave herself a little shake-it-off sort of wiggle of her hands then gave another small smile. "As for tonight, got a couple of vamps earlier. Got the line on a demon down in the sewers but I am not up to that tonight. Need to do some more research on it first. Be sure I'm not getting into something over my head." Then a little impishness to that smile. "And I mean putting off that smell for an extra day is appealing too."
Harry Dresden has posed:
"There's a whole in my memory as well, similar, but according to Molly not the same." he explains,"In my case I can't remember Murphy. Sometimes I can't remember her name even. I get the confusion and Thomas is complicated when you do remeber him."

He takes another bite of his food and chews thoughtfully. Once it is down he admits,"I am glad you remember me. I haven't see you since I got back and haven't seen Willow in more than passing." He thinks about what he says next,"It is a hard choice. You made the one that took care of you. I can't hate you for that. Eventually Thomas will heal up and move on."

"Sounds like a good tally." he tells her about the vampire hit collection,"A few less of them, Courted or not, is a good thing." A drink of his beer and he smiles around the lip of the bottle for a second,"If you need help let me know. As for the smell...I get it. I am always of a mind, what smells worse? The place I am in or the smell that comes back out with me."
Buffy Summers has posed:
"Right?! Have to wash your hair like twenty times with the most frou-frou smelling shampoo ever. Though, I did find that if you use tomato juice, like you do for dogs that get hit by a skunk? That seems to speed up the process."

She started to pick up her sandiwch then realized that might be odd information to know. "Googled it once." Then she settled in to eat her sandwich which was as divine as she remembered. There was a low sound of happiness from her at the flavor then she chewed and swallowed before continuing. Momma Joyce had taught her manners!

"That sucks you have a hole in yours. It's only a specific person though? Like you remember the stuff that happened around them but they just aren't there?" Karrin she knew as well. And it was strange to think Harry didn't remember her. "Why would someone target her only in your mind?" And now she was focusing on something other than herself and that's where she did best.
Harry Dresden has posed:
He laughs,"Last time I was in the sewer I contemplated shaving my head. A large, troll like fae clipped my knee and I went all the way down and all the way under. He didn't think much of the fireball that greeted him as I came back up. Thankfully I didn't get any in my mouth."

Happier things for that. Harry takes another bite of his sandwich and nods while seeing Buffy enjoy hers. After another bite and a drink he admits,"I don't know. I'm not the only ones with missing chunks of memory. We'll see. Faith thinks she and Spike hunted soemthing down that migh tbe responsible for problems like mine anyway. I guess we'll see."

Thinking about what she said he nods,"It does suck because everyone tells me she and I loved each other. I can't remember. She's been gone from here a while, but I can't remember enough to even try to look for her. I don't think it was a target so much as a random thing and that was my luck."
Buffy Summers has posed:
"Spike?" Because he was sort of a Scooby. On the outside as well though since they didn't always let him in on things as much as they should. Buffy had been trying to work on that recently. To be more accepting that maybe he wasn't as bad as he'd once been. Or maybe she was just gullible.

"He didn't mention anything like that. I'll have to ask him about it next time I see him." Was he keeping things from her? Or just didn't realize? Or had she forgotten something else. That was the worst part with the lost memories. Not knowing if it owuld happen again, or already had.

"That's what I was told about Thomas." And Buffy bit her lip a moment, looking at her sandwich and just letting it rest there in her hands instead of taking another bite yet. Then something came to her mind. "We've researched a lot of memory stuff and come up blank. Hopefully Molly might have some ideas. Or this Spike lead now. Though..." A look over at him. "Do you think it's something related to love in some way? Though it is taking different forms so maybe not. Since you don't remember her specifically and I just don't remember anything for about a two year span."
Harry Dresden has posed:
"I don't know what those two are doing. She asked me for a way to help track something and I arranged two sets of glasses that tracked people with memory holes. I think they are on to something and we are going to have to look into it at some time." he confides.

"I don't know Spike very well, but I gert the impression he plays his cards close to his chest when he wants to. A bit rough around the edges, but aren't we all." That's about the extent of his thoughts there. He takes the last bite of his sandwich and chews thoughtfully, washing it down before he speaks again.

"You remember Murphy and I. I remember Thomas and you. I'm not swearing either relationship was a healthy one, but you don't always pick the ones you love." He frowns thoughtfully and hmms,"I might have an idea, but I will have to tap into a newer resource. Your cell number still the same? I might have Molly call you if I come up with something." He considers her words and admits,"It seems like a good possiblity. The question becomes what happens when either of us get our memories back? Karrin left with no warning or forwarding address and while I wasn't looking for it, I found someone recently. Two years is a large gap for sure."
Buffy Summers has posed:
"I'm glad you found someone. I'm..." She shrugged apologetically. "Not looking. Not until things are figured out more. And I hope Thomas finds some happiness. I mean, not like he has any shortage of takers, I'm sure," she tried to joke.

There was a nod though. "To answer your question, yes. Same phone number. So you can reach me. I'll be looking forward to hearing from Molly. I know Willow mentioned she spoke to her recently but we didn't have time to really catchup and let me get filled in."
Harry Dresden has posed:
"Sometimes it happens, most times it happens, when you least suspect it and never who you expect either." he replies and takes the last drink of his beer,"Thomas will get on with his life eventually. Like you said, plenty of takers."

He stands up, collecting his do go order and paying for his meal and Buffy's,"My contribution to the fight tonight." he explains,"I need to get back home, feed Molly and feed Mouse. Come by the office if you like. Thomas is there some, but not all the time."
Buffy Summers has posed:
"You didn't have to do that but thank you," Buffy said sincerely as she gave another smile. A nod to his invitation. "I'll be sure to do that. I'll try not to be such a stranger. Hopefully we can get all this..." She tapped her temple. "Figured out soon."

Then she had a thought. A little frown. "Though getting them back could be complicated too. Damn." A forced shake of her head, a smile pasted back on her face. "We'll worry about that bridge when we burn it.

"It was good seeing you again, Harry."
Harry Dresden has posed:
He settles his duster on his shoulders and gives her a nod,"My thinking. It's better to know than not. It will not be fun, but I hate being in the dark. It might cause us both a lot of heartache, but I am a pull the band aid off quick sort of guy." He winks at tells her,"My pleasure. I haven't seen you in a while, least I can do is feed the Slayer and send her back out into the mess." He gives her a once over and tells her,"You're looking good Buffy. Take care and I'll see you soon." With that he turns and heads for the door.